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A bunch of Bunche (Seantrel is backup); spring game (and former greats) almost here

Malcolm Bunche redshirted last year at right guard, where he practiced during fall camp next to the nation's top recruit, tackle Seantrel Henderson.

Now, Bunche, listed as 6-7 and 328 pounds, is the starting left tackle -- with 6-8, 345-pound Henderson behind him.

UM coach Al Golden said Thursday that Bunche has had "a fantastic spring,'' and will stay at left tackle. Henderson has been sidelined this week with an undisclosed injury, and won't play in the spring game at noon Saturday at Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale.

"You don't mess around with that position,'' Golden said. "If they're over there, it's because they have the tools to do that. That's the one position on the offensive line, other than center, that you want to make sure you have the right guy there.''

Golden was asked how Bunche's status will affect Henderson and if that could result in Henderson moving back to the right side, where Jermaine Johnson plays. "It affects all those guys,'' he said. "We're just trying to find the right combination. ...The best five start and the best 10 travel.''


Guard Brandon Washington is a very endearing fellow. He's candid and down to earth and pretty much always pleasant. He also is a returning first-team All-Atlantic Coast Conference offensive lineman. Among his thoughts today:

* On his coach: "Al Golden is a wonderful guy. He knows a lot of football. ...He has gained everyone's trust on the team.''

* On the spring game: "I'm very excited.You know why, because I feel like I ain't got no teammates after today. I wanna take somebody's head off. I'm jacked up. I'm excited. I want to play with the passion Al Golden is looking for. I just want to go out there and rip somebody's head off and participate. I want to put on a show for everybody.''

* On his team, Team Green, for the spring game: "We're going to kick butt. We got the starting three from last year, with me, Tyler Horn and Harland Gunn -- probably the most explosive offensive linemen. We got tackles who are good enough -- I mean they're here at the University of Miami so that's good enough. Our backfield, we got Lamar Miller. We got two of the fastes guys at wideout in Travis Benjamin and Kendal Thompkins. We got Stephen Morris. We protect Stephen -- we block -- and we're good. Nobody can touch the quarterback.''

* On Malcolm Bunche being ahead of Seantrel Henderson at left tackle: "He shocked me. I thought for sure Seantrel would be in there. When [Bunche] told me he made the move from right guard to left tackle I was like, 'Well, he just left from being behind me to being behind Seantrel. It's going to be a few more years.' But I mean he fought hard and did what he had to do to get the position.''

* On how his grandmother's death recently has affected him: "I lost my grandma... and I felt down. I felt like, 'This is tough.' My grandma meant a lot to me.

"A couple days before she passed I went to her and I said I want to cut my hair. She said, 'Don't, that's the only way I can spot you.' And now she's gone. I don't know what to do -- keep it, cut it, get it done? I don't know what to do.''

*On whether he thinks he is underrated by the fans: "No, not at all. Fans are going to be fans. I mean, they’re here to cheer on the whole team. ...I’m just here to make a play. I mean, I just hope [fans] know that when Lamar Miller breaks down the sideline or Mike James breaks down the sideline it was because of the offensive line. And when Jacory completes a pass it was because he had the time, so I don’t get too discouraged about the fans [or] about, Do I get enough attention? Attention is nothing to me.''


Al Golden said he expects about 300 former UM football players to attend the spring game.

"I hope for [the current players'] sake that they understand there’s over 300 players back, from what I understand, clearly a who’s who. So I hope our guys are excited about that and they don’t feel pressure but they feel grateful to be a part of that lineage.

 "I’ve never seen that. I’ve been in college football for 21 years as a player and coach and I’ve never seen 300 football alumni anywhere that would come back. And obviously I have many colleagues in the business but I’ve never heard of that for a spring game. That is not a reflection on me at all. That is a reflection of the bond that those guys created and the family that is University of Miami football."


Jake Wieclaw kicked a 40-plus yard field goal during the last scrimmage, so Golden was asked if he is more comfortable about the kicking game now. "I'm slightly more comfortable,'' the coach replied. "I don't know what that means. I'm somewhere between worried and comfortable, which I think is called uncomfortable.''


Golden said he had "no problem'' with the way the teams were decided for the spring game -- through a draft by two UM fans (along with UM coordinators) who were allowed to pick the teams as the result of  an online auction.

"We had fun with it,'' Golden said. "If we have an excited fan base and an energetic fan base, as we do a student population, why wouldn’t we include them? We’ve included the faculty and employees this spring. We’ve included the students and that’s a way to include the fans in addition to the scrimmages and the spring game.''

Golden was told that some of the fans were concerned about who the players would line up with because of the draft, as opposed to if he had chosen the teams.

"Well, he said with a smile, "tell them to bitch at the guys who picked the teams, then.''


Linebackers Kevin Nelson and Jimmy Gaines were among the injured players sidelined Thursday and wearing red jerseys. Also injured: defensive tackle Olsen Pierre, who walked with crutches and had his right leg in what appeared to be a soft cast.









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Nice report. Thanks for the update.
Go Canes!

great job on keeping us informed Susan. Thanks and keep the info coming.

Can we draft Jamarcus Russell as a DT? We need some help there and that big biscuit might work.

Michael, it won't work. Jamarcus, was sipping on too much syrup. If he had to run the 40, I am guessing he would run at least a 5 minute time.

j'Marcus is SO big.."how big IS he?"....
That they now call his butt "Ja-PARK-this.

Sorry, best I can do at 10PM CST

+1 on the info Ms Degnan.
It's lonely here in Vandy-land (actually, the local Nashville team is ignored, All here are..shudder..TN Vols fans.
Ugly Orange.

Sounds great and Canes will rule. Good to see all of the former alums back in the program. If that is not motivation for the players, I don't know what is.

So will Randy Shannon be one the 300?

Ur oUt


golden is a cool cat. we are lucky to have him.

With this oline and tailbacks there should be no reason why we dont win the acc flirt with a good bcs game. Thats if this guy is good as advertised.

Haha - Al Golden is the man.

Golden tellin it like it is! Finally, a coach in control of his team. Is tomorrow here yet? Can't wait. If your a recruit, and starring at 300 former UM/NFL stars, why would you commit elsewhere. The product speaks for itself. GO CANES!!

That is ridiculous, all that time and effort being spent on the depth chart, making them sit in meeting according to their position on the depth chart, and they let two rich alumni pick the teams?

And this is supposed to get the "fans" involved? The only fans who get anything out of it are two rich guys, the rest of us have to watch a scrimmage between two teams that don't reflect where the team is at right now.

Unbelievable. How do kids get that large? 6-7 328? 6-8 345?

But it seems that Bunche has either outworked Seantrel, Seantrel continues to be hurt, or Seantrel so far hasn't lived up to the hype, and unfairly or not, the expectations of a consensus #1 recruit.

300 former players. That is beyond unprecendented. Recruits take heed. None of this takes place at Ohio State, Florida, FSu, or USC. Never. Sure troy Polamalu shoes up to USC. Sure Deion occasional shows up to FSU games. Sure Tim Teblown makes his appearance at the Dump every so often. But 300 former players at Lockart for a Spring game? that is just plain ridiculous. It shows that this is mroe than a football program. This is a family. The spring game will be one giant family reuinion.

Keep it in your pants "good on ya", not only is that not unprecedented for big state schools like Alabama and Ohio State but there isn't even a single UM former player at the spring game yet, it's just a number Golden through out there.

It is unprecedented. Never have you heard one shred of evidence that any of those other schools have done it, not the least being U of Trailerville. They throw a party and shower Teblow with statuettes when he shows up.

AT the U, where U is family, it is commonplace though not any less special. Turd fans take note.

wow. the 300 alumni is going to be like both sides of the NFL pro bowl team on the sideline.

It's commonplace and unprecedented? OK.

Not saying it's not great that Golden is actively involving former players, just that I wouldn't be so blown away by that number.

100% a canes fan by the way, gators trash talk isn't applicable.

Quick google search is all I have time for, but clearly not unprecedented:


300 former players?

Great should be quite the crowd - 750?

300 players = 9600 teeth.

Ben Hill Dump 30,000 'necks = 30,000 teeth

Posted by: Miramar Cane
Slither back to your hole, maggot

swampis adump. Had me rolling there laughing.

Tim L. That article says nothing. There is NO school not inflorida not anywhere that brings inas many alumni. maybe not consistently but this is the the U's heritage. The "other" schools like the Ohio States also bring alumni. Never said they didnt. But the U is notorious for keeping it in the family.

Posted by: good on ya

Article said 275 former OK State responded to the invite. At least they were sent invites and not just a number created by our used car salesman coach.

"I think there will be 20,449 fans in attendance for the spring game Saturday." See what I did there - I just made up a number like coach did.

OK, forget it, you're either retarded or messing with me.

It's the latter Tim L - just some gators fan who likes to hang around here and spout nonsense, easy to spot by the textbook contradictions and nonsensical ravings.

"300 former players. That is beyond unprecendented. Recruits take heed. None of this takes place at Ohio State, Florida, FSu, or USC. Never."

"There is NO school not inflorida not anywhere that brings inas many alumni."

"The "other" schools like the Ohio States also bring alumni. Never said they didnt."

Posted by: Michael

I will be there and will count the alumni. I have a ticker counter and everything. Will be wearing a The U invented Swagga shirt.

Tim L go back to the swamp and count how many former criminals come back to a spring game. Then we'll talk.

Don't forget you pu55ies. even with our subpar "facilities" and no stadium, UM has as many NCs as yOur sorry turds and noles combined.
In fact,

UM 5

dumb a55es

Wow, now I don't know what to think, I assumed "good on ya" was the gators fan - it's the classic move, spout out a bunch of contradictory and ignorantly enthusiastic nonsense about how everything UM does is the greatest of all time just to try to get UM fans to talk UM down.

I'm not going to bother figuring it out though.

It's Game Time. Can't wait to see it on TV then in living color at Lane Stadium. So far the last two times I've been there I felt like asking the coach for my m o n e y back. Hopefully this year will be worth it.

I felt like asking for my money back after that sandman intro - somehow way cooler on tv.

Worth the trips though because no matter what happens when UM plays Va Tech I will always know that their fans literally do the hokey pokey and turn themselves around. That's what they're all about,

79 Malcolm Bunche Class: RS Freshman
Hometown: Newark, Del.
High School: Newark HS
Height / Weight: 6-7 / 320
Position: Offensive Line
Milford Prep (N.Y.)
Prep Enrolled at Miami in January 2010 ... Rated as a four-star recruit by Rivals.com and the No. 8 prep school prospect in the nation regardless of position ... Ranked the No. 18 best offensive guard by Scout.com, No. 39 best offensive tackle by Rivals.com and No. 86 best offensive tackle by ESPN.com out of high school ... Originally signed a national letter of intent with Miami in the spring of 2009.

It's going to be a great spring game. It is great that an estimated 300 former players are attending. It's called supporting the Canes. What, do tell, is there to criticize?

To the rest of you whiners with your put down posts, step off and take it somewhere else. You are boring adolescents and polluters of a constructive dialogue between real fans with a brain. Get a life!

Most U fans criticize and complain about everything. Hypocrites. Amazing golden can do no wrong and doesnt have one win yet. And don't tell me we are headed in the right direction everyone is in the spring.

"It's going to be a great spring game. It is great that an estimated 300 former players are attending. It's called supporting the Canes. What, do tell, is there to criticize?"

Fantastic contribution dbc, I don't know where this blog would be without your brains and constructive dialogue. Wish I had a life like you. Tool.

No repor on the spring game yet?


I am honored to post on the same blog as you and so many other folks! Always great ideas and constructive input from true fans!

Go Canes!

Golden is trying to teach Seantrell a lesson. There's no way he's keeping a guy that huge on the bench.

Jacory Harris is terrible. At this point he's taking reps away from Stephen Morris. Someone steal that kid's helmet.

Tally, have U ever heard the phrase "the writing is on the wall" After almost a decade of mediocrity from two terrible head coaches we are headed back to the top. Everything Golden is doing is a blueprint for winning.

Thats what everyone said before Randy Shannon coached an actual game.

Last time I checked Jacorry had 2 ints. 2 in the red zone. I am sorry, I've supported him. But has this clown learned anything in 4 years? Morris is no better. Did jacorry watch Andre Luck inhis spring game at Stanford? Comparing 12 with Luck is like comparing Peyton manning at his peak with Luck.
They are that far apart! Have any of the coaches noted that neither Harris nor Morris can make the middle field throw or the throw into coverage in the end zone? They can't! So why keep on making them throw these? I'd rather come out with 3 points than an int and zero points.

But what is very very concerning is that j12 is a senior. He is playing against HIS team. And he throws these ints? Are you serious? One thing is to maybe not make the completion, or throw it out of bounds because ourcoverage is great or much improved versus last year (I doubt it). But he is still throwing INTS people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you effin kidding me? With these stud rbs, the UM coaches should now know this: DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT rely on these 2 "QBS" to make the throw into coverage, the zip throw in the end zone, or else there is a 75% chance it will be an int. Neither of them can read defenses, nand neither can look off the safety. period.

Coaches should just utilize the talentand let them make plays- Torreta said it best- throw a one yard slant, or throw it behind the line of scrimmage, and let the palymakers do their thing, like he used to do with Wesley Carroll. Run the rock 40 times a game. But please please please take the ball away from Jacorry.

And then, when Gray Crow comes in, see what he can do, and if he can listen, learn and stop throwing the stoopid ints, HE SHOULD start. jacorry had 4 yrs to learn and he obviously cannot and will never be a good QB.

Where you been "good on ya"? That's the plan. Balls going to the RBs hands and to the WRS on short slants, the playmakers are going to be making the plays this year.

Don't read anything into the plays they called or the teams they fielded during the spring game - that was just "fun for the fans", didn't you hear?


Can you get an accurate count of the 300 former players that were there? I saw the ghost of Jack Harding and Randall stamped my ticket but didnt see anyone else. I thought the tooth fairy would be there to promote fast and furious 7 but alas it was not what he was cooking. I did witness Uncle Luke collecting money for his campaign and that threw me off cause usually he hands out the money.


WHo said that about Shannon? I know I didn't. What I said back then was he should know how to win, being he played under Jimmy, and coached under Butch and saw what not to do under Coker. But alas the nimrod still screwed it up.

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