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Buchanan enters pre-trial diversion program

Hurricanes linebacker Ramon Buchanan has entered a pre-trial diversion program to clear him of the felony charges he was facing following an incident with police last month at a Coconut Grove nightclub.

Ramon Buchanan Joseph Rosenbaum, Buchanan's attorney, said the 21-year old University of Miami junior must complete 100 hours of community service, write letters of apology to two officers and donate $300 to charities under an agreement reached with the state attorney's office. Once he completes the program, his record will be cleared.

"He's a good kid who had a bad day. Officers agreed," Rosenbaum said. "He's already apologized to the officers involved. He personally sought them out and apologized, wrote them letters and was very remorseful. He's thankful he was able to resolve the case in this matter. Many cases are resolved this way as well. This was not unusual. This is how these cases are resolved if you have no priors."

Buchanan, who was reinstated by coach Al Golden two weeks after the incident, did not appear in court Monday. Rosenbaum said Buchanan has already started serving his community service hours at the City of Miami Police Department.

Buchanan was arrested at 1:33 a.m. March 18 at Fat Tuesday’s, a bar at Cocowalk in Coconut Grove. He was charged with three misdemeanors of trespassing after a warning, disorderly conduct, resisting an officer without violence and the felony charges of resisting an officer with violence and battery on a law enforcement officer. He also allegedly spat on and attempted to head butt an officer.

Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat warned Buchanan through his attorney on Monday that "instances like this could blow your career."

Buchanan, from Palm Bay, Fla., played in all 13 games last season, starting 10, and was fifth on the team with 54 tackles, including eight for losses. He also had an interception. He's expected to start for the Hurricanes at outside linebacker next season.

"It's a growing thing, it's life," Rosenbaum said. "I see it everyday. I see good people who have miscommunication with police. And it escalates and you're not going to win."


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BET ON IT: WHITE cops, BLACK athlete. One has one story, one has another. This is why Golden reinstated him...he is not sure what happened and both stories have holes in them. His decision was not based on the Cop's stories, nor Buchanan's. His decision was merely based on the fact that young people get drunk at colleges all over America and Buchanan is among those people. What a Miami Dade Cop says is about as believable as a UFO landing at the White House. Golden made the right decision and hopefully Buchanan can get back on track. If not, he knows where he will end up...FINISHED as a football player.

I see it all the time Living in Denver,im a bouncer at a night club i have seen alot of denver cops who over react,but also alot of people who cant follow directions and when told to sit down and shut till they ask for your side of the story,and it escalates glad to see him back on the team and get this behind him

Congrats on Buchanan beating the system because he plays for UM. UM and Shalala would have kicked a regular student out of school.

This sounds like a good resolution. Buchanan seems willing to make amends for his momentary loss of sense and the officers seem willing to believe he is a good kid who made a mistake. Get the service done, learn from it and move on. A lot of people, football players included, have to learn these lessons in a much harder way.

madibis- If you were a MD cop, and saw all of the daily and nightly trash that is out there including in "clubs" and all of the nastiness and thuggery, you'd have a short fuse as well.

It's a f-riigin jungle out there.

But I agree. Golden gave the kid a 2nd chance. Because he was a first offender. We'll see if he keeps his word. let him play. Move on.

Glad his lapse of judgment on St. Pattys day was forgiven. I once got road head from a fat Spanish girl. Horrible lapse of judgment. My wiener smelled like tacos for weeks.

not funny sick....your joke gets a minus 10, Really weak.

Miramar, do U ever have anything intelligent to contribute to this blog? Oh thats right silly me, U never have before. Ramon made a mistake, got drunk just like every other college kid does. Big Deal. Some of U jackwagons must think this is Provo Utah. Get a life.

Miramar Douche has never been out. Do you think a loser gets let into bars? And what would he do once in? Sit around by himself. You know not one woman would speak to him.

Then he goes home, jerks it, posts some gibberish on this site at 3 AM then falls asleep.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

I thought that miramar guy said he went to UM?

Students don't get kicked out of the university for being arrested! I have tons of friends who have gotten arrested for DUI or public intoxication, the university never finds out about that stuff.

You are so wrong miramar...a regular student no one would know about it...he would get arrested, get bailed out, go to court and get the same pretrial and no one would know a thing and it wouldn't be in the newspaper either..now whenever cookie looks the wrong way he will automatically assumed as having done it because now he has history...the public perception is that he is a dumb drunk...and that isn't fair because there are few people that have not been drunk and when you get drunk stupid stuff happens...he just needs to have someone sober with him next time.

Fact is, Buchanon's back on the team because if he isn't U are screwed at linebacker. The kid can play some other positions, too. We all make mistakes: Who here hasn't said or done sometin' dumb lately?

Whatever. So he will play. Great.

The bigger problem UM has is the QB position. here we have these dumba55es at QB. Morris maybe not as bad because he is still learning. But geeezus, the passes that these guys threw. I MEAN, NOT EVEN CLOSE! And please JAcorry-ites. Don't give me the "he's learning the offense" because no matter what, a good QB would not have thrown those passes. If nothing else, just humor us and DON'T THROW INTS IN THE F-GGIN END ZONE!

I agree with Tommy Streeter. Another Miami NW Bull bust. BUST. He is lazy and for how dang big he is, he is like a floppy noodle. Go after the danged rock, boi!

I am disgusted with the QBs on this team. teh last 5 years have been torture for Miami. Unprecedented. Unexplained. Don't tell me it was Coker's fault, because, a) Kyle Wright was the #1 HS player in the country. NOtjust at QB. HS PLAYER! b) Brock Berlin was either the #1 or 2 hs QB when he was recruited by Spurrier. c) Beleive it or not Kirby Freeman was also highly touted. More so than Stephen Morris. So wTF?

I say we should build a statue of Kenny Dorsey at the Gables. Why not? The 'turds did it for teblown and Kenny's record blows him away, and Alabama did it with Saban and he'll probably bolt soon!

Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman both played in the last 5 years dumbass.

Gosh, looks like we will have a futile year at QB. It will make the offense be more limited and control the ball with their running game. So what, there are so many DIV 1 schools without quality QB. But, I bet there aren't many with the stallions we have.

Just hope our defense is have decent and we never get behind by more than 2 touchdowns.

Good resolution. Notice there was never an intoxication charge. Seems like both sides lost their cool.

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