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Buchanan is back; Jacory and Stephen neck-and-neck.

As I'm sure you know by now, UM linebacker Ramon Buchanan is back. He was reinstated to the team by Coach Al Golden.

Here's the story about Buchanan

Ramon Buchanan It seems strange that he's been reinstated before the court date, but chances are Ramon will be put into a pretrial diversion program and the charges will eventually be dropped if he completes it. 

Do you think Buchanan should be suspended for any games, regardless of what happens in court? Just wondering.


Golden told us today that the quarterback competition between Jacory Harris and Stephen Morris is "awfully tight right now, and I don't know if there will be a resolution in the next nine or 10 days. It's more likely going to be August.''

  Golden said they were both "leading by example,'' and that he wants them both to be more vocal.

They'll be evaluated very closely during the next two scrimmages, but I doubt he names a starter until fall.


Saturday's scrimmage is at 10 a.m. at Traz Powell Stadium, Miami-Dade College North, 11380 NW 27th Ave., Miami. It's free. 




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Surprised he is reinstated before his hearing regardless of what insiders may know of the real story. Remember Golden preaching to them before Spring Break how important it was to align themselves with the right charactacters off the field. Not sure how this precedent plays out but it appears curious. Absolutely he should miss game(s)next year.

After reading what Buchanan said to the cops who arrested him, and reading about how he spat on them . . ..

I'd kick him off the team.

It's one thing to get in trouble with the law. It's another thing altogether to display such low character.

"I'm a UM football player!" Not any more, big-mouthed punk: not if I was the coach. Go play for some other team. Get out of here.

Golden's reinstating him is enough to turn me off to the whole team.

To be honest with you if Buchanan is found not guilty of anything or the charges are dropped then I say he shouldn't be suspended. If I would do anything it would be a half or not starting if found not guilty or the charges dropped. If guilty then what ever Golden deems to be a suitable punishment should be carried out. Thanks Susan for the update.

it seems like a smart move to reinstate him to me. should he be suspended? yes id go with two games max. but reinstating him exposes him to the team and he will have a feel for what is going on with the team. instead of being thrown into the mix three games with no practice time. plus golden said he met his requirements and the athletic department's(which would seem high with a guy trying to earn the ad job). i think it is a smarter move down the road for the canes and golden than keeping him off the field wouldve been.

No he should not be suspended. Maybe for the Bethune game. I love how fans place themselves in glass houses and pass judgement. All these people seeking public lynchings as if the kid owes them anything. As long as golden is satisfied with the in house process, I'm satisfied. UM should not try to please media or fans with these matters. Tons f schools handle things the same way golden is doing it. About time Miami does this. Enough with the schizophrenia. Kid made a mistake, he has leanred move on.

In Buchanan's case I don't think it's really relevant if he's found guilty or not, as far as I know no one disputes the details, Golden and everyone else knows what happened.

If Golden thinks a being a drunken ass and pushing a cop is reason enough for a suspension then he should go ahead and do it.

Personally I don't think being drunk in the grove is suspension-worthy but yelling "I'm a football player, I'll get out of it" definitely is. I'd sit him a game.

Is this a guy we want as a student athlete representing our team? This is not just a minor mistake. It's a character issue. Put him off the team.

This sounds like a story from the '80s, and back then no one would have cared.

My how times have changed.

His conduct was outrageous and unacceptable, and he deserves a harsh punishment. Golden needs to send a message that this type of conduct will not be tolerated.

On the other hand, as misplaced as it was I love Buchanan's pride in being a Cane, it's that kind of attitude about Miami football that will lead to a championship. It would just be nice if he could direct it toward winning football games.

He was drunk. People act crazy when they're drunk and do stupid things. Maybe it's an isolated incident, maybe it's a pattern. Time will tell. I'm sure he'll get pretrial intervention which hopefully will include some kind of substance abuse counseling/class. Should he also be suspended for a game? Probably. Should he also be reinstated onto the team so he can practice and learn the defense? I think so. If he screws up again, we know we've got a problem child on our hands. That may be the time to take stricter and more permanent action. If he and Golden are smart, they'll move for him to complete all of his pretrial requirements before the season starts. I wouldn't want this still hanging around come season.

He'll be suspended a few games most likely. This is a non-issue. He acted out and he will pay a price, he's just able to practice with the team, and his arraignment will decide the length of suspension. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Everyone makes mistakes! This is just a case of a guy going out, and experiencing what most people incure as a college experience. He went out had some fun. He may have done it to the extreme, but it was an islolated incident and doesn't reflect on this guys character. I would say punish him by suspending him a game or two, but punishing him by ruining his life is harsh. He made a mistake let him pay for it, and then leave him alone. if it was anyone else, even myself no one would have cared nonless made the paper. Let Buchanan make amends, pay his debt to society, and play the sport that he loves. Who are we to pass judgement on a guy that we do not know personaly. Good luck Ramon, get over this hiccup and move on. Best wishes to the U family this up coming season.

I wouldn't kick him off the team, what UM student hasn't been drunk and stupid in the Grove? I know I was plenty of times. Suspend him a few games and move on.

The whole "everyone makes a mistake" excuse is ridiculous to me. In that case, let's just let off all the rapists, child abusers, murderers, etc. They're just people that made mistakes! I'm obviously not comparing what Cookie did worse crimes. However, I've been drunk in the Grove PLENTY, and I never had an altercation with police officer, let alone spit on anyone. If he's never had problems before and has done everything right since, then he should be allowed to stay on the team. But he definitely SHOULD NOT be reinstated before the trial and should be suspended at least a few games. To the casual fan this may not be much of a factor, but this is my alma mater. My resume says University of Miami on it. I do not ever want to be associated with that type of behavior. And yes, football players should be held to a higher standard because 1) they're getting a free ride, and 2) in most cases would not stand any chance at getting into a school with academics like the U.

He is a kid and this is his 1st mistake that I have heard of, so kicked off team...No. Suspended a game or 2 yes. If he spat on a cop or stated the infamous line that all sports guys and movie stars say "Do U know who I am"?!!, he positively needs to be suspended a couple of games. I would also put him on double secret probation as regards any other issues.

Give it a rest, people.
Also, I'm sure there are MANY stipulations involved with his being reinstated...which probably include his not being involved in any such incidents EVER AGAIN!

So, stop with the judging of people.
Some of you fans act as though you've never done anything wrong. I'm sure you have...difference is, YOU DOING SOMETHING WRONG DOESN'T GET FRONT PAGE NEWS!

I hope Buchanan has learned his lesson and is moving on in the right direction now, especially that he's been given another chance!!

yo cane fan ? who u gonna hire when ur newist present corch leaves U in 2 years ?


Ur Golden Buddie's D-Cordinatoration NitWit Lioness ? takes ova just like 5 years ago ?

see U in 2014 when U finally get it ... maybe

how's that Golf team a doin ?

he's riiiet ...

Buchanan deserves to be kicked off the team. This quick reinstatement sends a message that it is OK to be charged with 3 misdemeanors and 2 felonies. That may be fine in Gainesville or Tallahassee, but it shouldn't be in Coral Gables.

Uhhhhh did any of you nitwits see the date 1:30

Did any of you nitwits see the date? 1:30 AM on MARCH 18. He had been put celebrating St. Patties Day

Damn iPhone keeps sending it... Who here hasn't been wasted on St Patricks day!? Hes a 21 year old college kid!!!! His first offense ever! Just STFU and get over it. Jesus Christ. And to the hick who wrote that indecipherable riddle a few comments down. What are YOU gonna do when Charlie keels over from a clogged artery half way through the season. You think unproven Muschump can handle that? Doubt it.

If he did and said what the paper reported than I believe the young man needs to be made accountable and sit a mandatory 2 games. I like that Golden reinstated to the team because he is after all a teammate of others and I don't doubt that the team is in essence his extended family. And it should take more than been being beligerant one night for a family to kick you to the curb for good.

Pretrial diversion, is still enough to get an LPR deported from the U.S. (insert immigration joke here). It certainly should be enough to have him removed from the team. I'm a huge fan, but that kind of behavior should not be tolerated.

The kid made a mistake, he should not be suspended. I am sure you've made plenty of mistakes, heck I made a few when I was down there years ago. Boys will be boys, let him play. If he gets suspended it should be for the first half of the Bethune game, after that let him loose.

Guys, I was an Assistant State Attorney (Prosecutor) in Miami for years and I can tell you from personal experience that these charges are no big deal. They sound awful but are really not that bad. The important thing is that this young man regrets his behavior and makes sure he never repeats it. That is the purpose of the pre-trial diversion program. If he finishes the program, the case will be dismissed (Nolle Pros). This is offered to folks who have no previous criminal record. It acts as a one-time get-out-of-jail card and is typically offered to normal people that happened to make a mistake and are not expected to become repeat criminal offenders. Golden absolutely did the right thing in re-instating the player.

I would definitely suspend this guy, he disrespected the school and the team as well as the police officers who dealt with him. Charges will be dropped because the police have more important stuff to deal with but the university should definitely suspend this guy, this is not the attitude that is needed at the University of Miami if this team is trying to return to national prominence.

Welcome him back. This is an educational opportunity for him.

@ Susan I see on rivals.com or miami.scout.com where they have an article on Jamal Reid. I would like to know what's going on with him. I don't see his name on the roster so i'm wondering if he's still on the team.

If he really screamed out that "He's a UM football player, and that he will beat this" he needs to be made an example of because he disrespected the U and the program. Furthermore, he supposedly allegedly "battered" an officer and spit at them. The battery could have been simply bumping into the officer, or blocking with his arm.

He definitely should be punished. An example needs to be made of him, but he should not be kicked off the team. He needs to learn his lesson, pay his dues, and hopefully learn from this, and Golden should tell his team, thatthis cannot and will not be tolerated.

recall in the 90s, a similar thing happened with James Burgess (also a linebacker). He was punished as well. Lamar Thomas also had an incident like this. I hope this isn't signs of things to come, because as far as I am concerned, this gropu hasnt done Jack yet but go 7-6, 9-4, 7-6 and have lost the last 3 bowls, and humililated themselves on the field.

So players, STFU and do something before you start acting up. Dang it!


Looks like he is listed on the roster to me.

If this had happened to a Gator player under Urban Meyer, everyone on this blog would be screaming bloody murder. It's funny to see how stories change when the shoe is on the other foot.

Canesfan81: Yes, Jamal Reid is on the roster and he is on the team. Coach Golden said yesterday that he is competing for his spot just like everybody else. He didn't say much in particular about him.

He said he was "in the mix'' and getting opportunities like the other players.

When asked Thursday by The Miami Herald what he had to do to work his way back up, Reid answered with one word: "Playbook.''

And really, what did Buchanon REALLY do? In the end he told off a cop, something everyone does every day of their lives when they get stopped for a speeding ticket, jaywalking, etc. Give me a break, its not like he shot someone or anything. Let the kid play so we can win. You think Nick Saben or any other top coach at a top program would suspend one his top LB's for an extended period? NO! You saw what happens morality plays a part in things ***cue Randy Shannon***. Just win and win big, 7-6 does not cut it. Within reason of course, I don't care how its done, just win. This episode is certainly within reason.

The real problem here people is jacory is a senior and still hasn't become a vocal leader. Learders are born and its more than obvious Jacory doesn't have the leadership qualities to be a UM QB. I want a Ken Dorsey type leader QB at the U. Until this happens were not BCS bound!

Golden Al did the right thing by reinstating him. He is gonna pay for his mistake and that will be that. Maybe he will be suspended, maybe not. At any rate, those of you calling for him to be kicked off the team are really reaching with your holier than thou attitude. Ramon has NEVER been in trouble before and this was out of character for him. I wouldnt believe the supposed details of this incident as it wouldnt be the first time an officer of the law did a little "creative writing" to trump up an arrest report. I believe both sides could be a little at fault for how it turned out and how it was portrayed. If Coach Golden is satisfied with the young man's efforts so far to resolve this issue then that is good enough for me.

Buchanon should be GONE. He is the perfect guy to make into an example, he sucks and he wont be missed.

Mr. R is the first person to make any sense! First time ever in trouble. Didn't shoot anyone or get caught with a kilo of cocaine.

Innocent until PROVEN guilty. Or is this Afghanistan?

Innocent until PROVEN guilty. Exactly or unless your a cane player and uncle luke pays for you to get out of it.

Just read the lizards have f-16s flying over their stadium for their spring game during the national anthem while we tour high school stadiums. I betcha when Uncle Luke is mayor he will get us a pimped out hot air balloon.

Buchanon was absolutely wrong in the sense that as a college football player who will suffer more for his actions than the average citizen, he should have known better. But considering that most police are ego maniacal jerks on a power trip over the might of a badge, he likely was provoked into his actions through the usual disrespect of citizens on behalf of these so-called Officers Of The Law!
If the police were who they are supposed to be, they would garner (without hesitation) the respect that they as a result of their long legacy of buffoonery and misconduct have to result to wrestling or beating the average citizen into giving them!
Leave the young man alone, and let him have the opportunity to rectify this questionable situation!

In this country you are innocent until proven guility. We have no idea what the cop said to him. Was it a white racist cop that called him th N word? We do not know! I would not suspend him. We won our National Championships with a THUG Mentality. Time to get that Mentality back. GO CANES

I wish some of you would realize what being a football player is. Some of y'all act like they play house and have tea. If you are a mean, football machine you will be right on the line of the law and sometime cross it. You have to have some anger issues. Period.

And the cop probably deserved it. I can't tell you the number of cops that let ray badge go to their head. Thinking they're even above the law.

Let's just be thankful they were there to "protect and serve" the Cookie.

We honestly can't comment cause we weren't there.

And the grad that talked about free ride...Pa-lease. These kids bring more money to this school than you ever will. They're modern gladiators. Get use to it. You wouldn't last a minute on the football field. Gotta be mean, hungry and angry. Cause if you go out there soft like you want our players to be, you'll be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Just wish more of our players had that fire Cookie displayed even though he was drunk.

Bring it to the field Cookie!


Boy there's a lot of judges here. Some of the 'judges' on this stream have probably done some crazy crap in college but DID NOT get kicked out of school, or LOSE YOUR JOB, or lose your opportunity to make things right. This is the kid's first offense. HE DEFINITELY DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE!!

Thugs don't get drunk and out of control at Fat freaking Tuesday and tell a cop "I'm a UM football player, I'll get out of it".

Was marve kicked off the team for his incicdent?

360 cane you are so FOS, I can smell you from here.

How much does Ramon bring to the U? I personally don't go to games to see him in particular. Buthe does get a free ride of a 38,000/ yr education (do the math X4-5 yrs), plus free exposure, and including room and board. So please don't tell me he doesnt get a free ride, b/c he does.

I agree though, that some cops letthe badge go to their head, but drebin, another dumb a55 on this blog, speculates that maybe someone the the N word out there. Come on. Please. Then why didnt Ramon come out and say that that's what happened? What if it was the otehr way around and he called the cop a "spi-c" or "hon-key"

Hey= I'll tell you this, I have anger issues as well, but first , I ain't stupid enough to act up on a cop. that's just plain stupid. drunk or not, I am all about yes sir, no ma'am. No officer, yes officer.

He was plain dumb, careless, and he not only spit on the police (allegedly) but also spit on the U. That said, he desevres due process, a second chance to make amends, and that is that.

But don't tell me he doesn't get a free ride, and don't tell me "he is just a kid". because he is a man and was drinking and stupiefying himself in public all the while dragging the name of the U alongside him!

How is it a free ride? Football players get a shot at the NFL, but that's it. They aren't allowed to get $38,000 a year educations or a degree that they can make money with because they don't have the time due to their football commitments.

They're all advised to major in either the humanities (no job), criminology (police academy is only a year), or sports medicine (which will get you the same job taping ankles that you could get after a semester in community college).

Comment got blocked. Silly B word.

What it said was talking about THE U documentary, and how we were calling OU players "beeyotches" at the coin toss. Hopefully this shows some of you what the attitude was when we were winning all those 'ships. We didn't win them playing patty cake like some of y'all think it's done. Gotta have criminals on your team to win. It's just the way it is. Accept it instead of fighting it. That's simply how football is won because it is a gladiator sport. See multiple past 'ships then research those teams arrest records then get back to me.



It was that 90 Octane drink I bet. lol

This is for championships from yesterdays post. championships i totally agree with you on the fact that the head coach is the captain of ship and not the other way around. If you had been reading the past post i have been saying that all year if randy didnt fire whipple then he should be fired. There were numerous occasions were i saw randy getting on to whipple about his coaching or lack there of. The first time was the emrald bowl right before the half were whipple let all kind of time run off the clock before not calling a timeout. One more play we could have been in fg range. we lost that game 17-24. could a feild goal have made a difference? second time was in chapel hill when we played nc where jacory threw three picks on the same identical play to barney and another one to the safety. Randy cussed out everyone on the feild for not calling one of those ints a forward lateral. They quickly went to commercial while talking to the refs. he also got in to whipple for the horrible play calling at home against clemson that same year. Lastly he looked at whipple with a disgusted look in the usf game right before he was fired. why even run a pass play in that situation when we were already in fg range and two timeouts left. in each of those occasions they always give u a glimpse of the coach when something goes wrong. it seemed to me as if randy wanted to fire whipple but felt like he couldnt. i always felt like they brought whipple in because of his extensive resume and that he didnt have to listen to randy because he knew he wasnt going any where. How could randy fire nix for doing a better job than whipple. Before the unc game this year randy came out and said we want to run the ball close to 50 time this week. we one the game easily why not stick to the blue print the rest of the year? what dc wants an offense thats prone to three and outs and a bunch of ints. the defense was descent when they did not have to stay on the feild all day.

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