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Buchanan is back; Jacory and Stephen neck-and-neck.

As I'm sure you know by now, UM linebacker Ramon Buchanan is back. He was reinstated to the team by Coach Al Golden.

Here's the story about Buchanan

Ramon Buchanan It seems strange that he's been reinstated before the court date, but chances are Ramon will be put into a pretrial diversion program and the charges will eventually be dropped if he completes it. 

Do you think Buchanan should be suspended for any games, regardless of what happens in court? Just wondering.


Golden told us today that the quarterback competition between Jacory Harris and Stephen Morris is "awfully tight right now, and I don't know if there will be a resolution in the next nine or 10 days. It's more likely going to be August.''

  Golden said they were both "leading by example,'' and that he wants them both to be more vocal.

They'll be evaluated very closely during the next two scrimmages, but I doubt he names a starter until fall.


Saturday's scrimmage is at 10 a.m. at Traz Powell Stadium, Miami-Dade College North, 11380 NW 27th Ave., Miami. It's free. 




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Well, being that it's a team sport and the TEAM brings in the money, Cookie is part of that team.

All Cookie displayed was his giant ego which is something most athletes have. You are coached to think you are better than anyone else therefore Cookie simply thought he was better than the law. He's getting his humble pie.

But at least he was right. He is a U football player and he is getting out of it, huh?

Championships u also said randy wasnt a good dc. randy had some bad games but what dc hasnt. he also had some stellar defensive performances in the 2000 sugar bowl against florida. i was in the NO when mickinney knocked ot alex brown down on burbon and set the tone for that game. they held spurier to 20 points that night. If i recall they shut out pent state the following year. Um held gun toting claret to 37 yards in the game before they went in to two overtimes and he scored 2 tds. yes krenzal rushed for almost 100 yards but they held them to 17 points before the flag. Is that not a good game against a good ostate team? In the o3 orange bowl we held a fla state team to 14 points. I guess teams hold state to 14 points all the time. What about the next year when the held a potent fla offense to 10 points. i guess that not a good defensive game also. yeah we had some blowouts but i garantee that it was not all defense. how many defensive tds did uva score when they closed down the OB? What about the national championship year we held nebraska to 14 points and less than 175 total offense. Its easy to call out the bad performances but im just calling it like i see it.

Make up your minds! When you had a team of alleged questionable players who were winning championships, and making negative headlines, you openly complained as the rest of the country. Now, all I here is we want championships and excuses for bad behavior from players. We had a coach who tried to balance both and got fired for his troubles. Make up your minds cane fans, do you want winning at any cost or winning with respect. The new NCAA champs are currently under a huge cloud of questions about rule violations and athlete pay offs, and UF about student arrests. Do You Really Want To Return To This? Im sure true cane lovers don't.

You also mentioned marve and schiano? I remeber when lavar and penn state came to miami and chauncy fields broke our heart on an 80 yard bomb to win the game. why because schiano was blitzing all game and they burned us for it big time. Please dont get me started with mcnabb and syracuse. Mcnabb is still running. Schiano had some horrible games too. Like i said what dc hasnt. Schiano hasnt done anything in 10 years at rutgers other than be a breath or two over 500. Thats real good for 10 long years. Now on to Marve im from tampa and actually liked marve. Still in my opinion he only played well in one game that i saw and that was against wake forest in 08. He also played a fairly descent game a against fla that year even with the ints. I wonder if he hadnt been suspended and handed the starting qb job for the first game would he have played better against fla? That was another mistake i thought randy made. Do you remember marve throwing that pick six against gtech that night in atlanta. i think he was like 2 for 9 and no more than 30 yards. please dont see j12's faults and call him garbage and praise marve. They are like what and what to me. One of my post might not show and that happens often. Lets hope golden takes us where we need to be and let the past be just that.

Fagan: Yeah, ok, be thugs, or act like thugs whatever, but effen win something before you act like fools. That was one point I read earlier.

Another thing- please Eudocimus. There you go again with uninformed comments. Plpease you sound so dumb.

There are hundreds, maybe thopusands of studnet athletes, INCLUDING football players who actually give a dang about their free, YES FREE education and actually value it. Jonathan Vilma is an example, Joaquin Gonzalez is another. Myron Rolle? Please. Football players can find time. georgia Tech had a player who was a rocket engineer for Gods sakes. It doesnt just have to be cooking classes, criminology or "undergraduate studies".

It is a free ride. The final tab is close $150,000, NOT including free exposure on TV, free sports gear, free food and travel. I know many kids who couldn't get into UM based solely on academics. It is one of the toughest Univ to get into in the SEast. THAT is why it should be considered a privilege to attend the U and wear its colors.

Why should we be tougher on him than the gaytors would be? In Gainesville we wouldn't have even heard about an incident like this. Head coach in a college town moonlights as chief of police for all intents and purposes. I don't like the behavior but we have to be realistic. No other elite school in the country would have kicked him off the team.

My brother in law is a Miami-Dade cop, and he told me "the arresting officer, likes to ignite and not diffuse situations, he likes to arrest the world" Not excusing Buchanon's behavior, just a thought.

I wouldn't believe anything I read in the police report. That report was written to make the officer look good. I'll just have to trust the Coach for now. We'll all hear what really happened eventually.

I love how all of these fans are going to make a determination that because a police report was written in a certain fashion, we should all take it as the gospel. I'm not saying that Buchanon did nothing wrong, but the only folks who know what happen that night were there. As with anything else, when there are two sides to a story, the truth is usually somewhere in the middle.

Golden threw a player off the team at Temple for an arrest, so I'd say that if he let Buchanan back on the team, he has the information he needs and is satisfied. He's in a tight spot and can't afford to have slip-ups or damage the program's reputation.

Personally, I think Vince Lombardi was dead wrong when he said, "Winning isn't everything; it's the only thing."

Winning is neither everything nor the only thing.

In my experience, character and morality are both everything and the only things. If, just to win, we abandon our quest for higher moral character, then we've won nothing. All we've done is show ourselves to be more sleazy and dishonest than the other inhuman beings willing to surrender everything just to get what they want, like so many animals in the jungle.

When papa said, "Nice guys finish last," I answered, "No, dad, nice guys aren't even in the race."

If we have to sell our souls to "win" the prize, then, believe me, it is no prize.

College football has always had its sleaze factor, but now it's at the saturation point: alunni rapantly sneaking money to players; coaches cheating and lying; players' families and communities drunk on hero worship, with dollar signs in their eyes (and I've witnessed this first hand). The sleaziest teams win, and the fans and the media hold them up like heroes.

No, no, and no again: I want no part of that. Seeing my favorite team win under those conditions only disappoints me. If that's what the rest of the fans want, so be it. But that's not for me.

Nobody is perfect. Nobody is without moral failure. But to accept and even encourage moral failure--to redefine "wrong" as "right"--as a means to "winning" is, in my experience, a huge, costly and tragic error: a fatal flaw that in the long term will spell any individual's, any organization's and any country's downfall.

Anybody, young and drunk or not, who thinks that because he's a football player he can spit on a police officer, and who thinks that because he's a football player he's above the law, is a moral slob and has no place on any team for which I'll cheer.

Tell Buchanan to pack his bags. Lots of other teams--the ones willing to do anything to "win"--will take him.

"Winning" isn't what makes us exceptional. Fighting for what's right makes us exceptional.

Everyone is reacting to the situation like they have all the facts. Most often what is initially reported isn't what ends up as the published and established truth.

While I am a staunch supporter of local, state and federal law enforcement officers, in local situations I have seen officers escalate a situation with an individual and embellish the events that transpired in their reports.

The defendant in this case Buchanon has a right to tell his story and that's why we have courts, due process and the other guarantees we have in the Constitution. People are still considered innocent until proven guilty. (Except on blogs of course!)

No one on this board has the information Golden and the U administration have and their decision is based on the information they have and we don't.

Blog opinions are a good outlet for fans but bloggers most often get it wrong because we only have a part of the picture.

It is easy to give opinions based on partial truth, to judge someone with out all the information.

How do we know that he won't be suspended or what the consequences will ultimately and finally be? We don't

So we get on our soapbox and muster up all the self righteous indignation we can and yell
and holler for Ramon to be made an example of.

How many of us have ever been in need of forgiveness and how many second chances have you had in your lifetime?

Just saying..............

For the GAYTURD fans crying about equal punishment for UM players and coverage...

The Herald would need to open a new column to list the names, crimes, and disposition of the crime to cover all the garbage your UFelons have been committing.

Go huddle with your all your redneck buddies, along with your toothless white trash cousins you bang and leave OUR section, the UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU section alone.

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