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Canes release post-spring depth chart (updated)

CORAL GABLES – UM released it's post-spring depth chart Monday evening. Starters are listed first.

QB: Jacory Harris OR Stephen Morris, Spencer Whipple
HB: Lamar Miller, Mike James, Storm Johnson
WR: LaRon Byrd, Tommy Streeter
WR: Travis Benjamin, Allen Hurns OR Kendall Thompkins
LT: Malcolm Bunche, Seantrel Henderson
LG: Harland Gunn, Brandon Linder
C: Tyler Horn, Shane McDermott
RG: Brandon Washington, Jared Wheeler
RT: Jermaine Johnson OR Ben Jones
TE: Blake Ayles OR John Calhoun OR Chase Ford OR Clive Walford OR Cory White

DE: Adewale Ojomo, Marcus Robinson
DT: Micanor Regis, Curtis Porter
DT: Marcus Forston, Luther Robinson
DE: Olivier Vernon, Andrew Smith
OLB: Ramon Buchanan, Travis Williams
MLB: Jimmy Gaines OR Jordan Futch
OLB: Sean Spence, Jordan Futch
CB: Lee Chambers, Brandon McGee
CB: JoJo Nicolas, Thomas Finnie
FS: Vaughn Telemaque, Andrew Swasey OR Kacy Rodgers
SS: Ray Ray Armstrong, Eduardo Clements, A.J. Highsmith

KR: Travis Benjamin, Davon Johnson
PR: Travis Benjamin
K: Jake Wieclaw, Alex Irastorza
P: Jake Wieclaw, Cameron Dean
FG: Jake Wieclaw, Ben Hopfinger
LS: Chris Ivory
SS: Chris Ivory, Tyler Horn
H: Spencer Whipple, Jacory Harris


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Lamar < James?

The TE situation?

Why put these out if the spring game really didn't change anything? How many 'starters' didn't even participate?

The fans were participating, they got to watch an online auction.

Manny/Susan - you're sure about Mike James over Lamar Miller?!

Shocked by seeing Lee Chambers over guys like McGee and Payne, good for him.

If was sold on Bunche he would go ahead and move Henderson to the other side now, especially if it's a toss up between Jones and Johnson right now. More likely he's hoping Henderson steps up and takes it in the summer. I just hope those two players are starting tackles next year, they're the two best.

* If Golden

Manny/Susan - you're sure about Mike James over Lamar Miller?!

Posted by: Eudocimus | April 18, 2011 at 09:42 PM

A: Turns out the first depth chart I posted was the previous one. This is the updated version.

If you ask me Clive Walford has made more of an impact than the other TE's. Other than that, it seems about as good as it's gotten in the last 4 months. Too bad Stephen Morris didn't stake his claim at the spring game. Everything else is more or less falling into place as best as we can expect but that qb situation just continues to nag. Oh well! Guess we're all in for some surprises this fall!

I wouldn’t be surprised to see 1,200 + yards out of Miller this season. He’s smooth in and out of cuts, has great vision and nobody on the field can match his speed. I think James will help us out a lot when it comes to protecting the quarterbacks and becoming a receiver out of the backfield, though.

My questions with the depth chart: Where does Aldarius Johnson fit into the offense when he returns to full health? Getting playing time over Byrd, Benjamin or Streeter will be hard to do, and Hurns is someone who continues to impress. Thompkins is no slouch either.

If or when we switch to a 3-4 front in some games – which I’m rather excited about – who becomes our rush outside linebacker? If I had to guess, they’d be Marcus Robinson, Olivier Vernon and Anthony Chikkillo. If Spence isn’t moved to middle in those situations, I’d obviously like to see him on the field still, though.

As far as a nose, you’re guess is as good as mine, but I’d have to say Curtis Porter fits the mold.

I’m excited to see Wake Forest transfer Michael Williams step in come fall camp. I think in the end the starters on the outside could be Nicolas and Williams.

As far as spring depth charts go, I can’t be mad about the transition and how it all turned out this spring. We’ll done!

J12...21 out of 55 for 123yds w 3int n 1 td rb's total 145yds and a L or 4 out of 7 for 155yds 0int n 3td rb's total 275yds and a W breathe deep and you can can smell an NC in that sweet humid air...GO Canes RB use your community service hours well small price to pay for n new you

This "depth chart" particularly the Offense, is a joke.

I also don't like how Golden has kept mum about the QBs poor play in the spring game. Especially the ints.

I hope he doesnt play the silence game. But I am willing to see how Jacorry and Morris develop and improve in the next 4 1/2 months prior to the Maryland game. 4 1 /2 months. That's all thats left. Laar Miller should be the featured back and be handed the ball 20 times a game. Storm another 15, James another 15. That's 50 running plays. They do that succesfully, and I will see you all at the BCS.

My beloved U, what in the world are you talking about? golden playing silent??? al golden has given the media more info than randy shannon did during his 4 years. Everyone knows the QB's are not standing out, that was made clear after the spring game

My questions with the depth chart: Where does Aldarius Johnson fit into the offense when he returns to full health? Getting playing time over Byrd, Benjamin or Streeter will be hard to do, and Hurns is someone who continues to impress. Thompkins is no slouch either.

Hey Drew I thought about this too...It may be too late for him to step it up in the fall and get some PT since he missed all of Spring...those guys you listed have put in the work all spring....what do you think about Aldarius redshirting and becoming the go-to guy next season when laron and travis leave??

Don't sell him short judge, Thompkins is a tremendous slouch.

And let's especially understand Golden can only play with what was handed to him. He honestly can't start building HIS team next year.

As is the case in any offense, wether it is wishbone, pro style or spread QB play is always the key. If the "U" gets good QB play from either Harris or Morris this team will be better than last year. If not then it will be very similar to last season. Lack of depth at key positions plus poor QB play could make things tough in 2011.

I like the depth chart, although there are areas of discussion at certain positions. Good comments here. I think Coach Golden is trying to motivate Seantrel, and I hope he steps up. He could be the guy at RT. Lots of talented kids who are question marks, for example, Aldarius Johnson.

For Coach Golden, it will be who works hard and has the passion. That is the correct approach.

Regarding QB, we have what we have. Tate Forcier will be a star at Miami next year. The kid has attitude and talent, true Cane traits.

For now, ball control time. Lots of running with 3 great RBs, short passes, use the TE, ball control and keep a tough D fresh. The D must play with D'Onofrio passion. I like our DEs. Downfield shots on O when the box is stacked as a defensive scheme for the game.

Don't you long for that Cane dominance and ferocity, combined with a taste of swagger?

It is coming and it is a winner! Go Canes!

7-5 OR 8-4 ?

Either way Ur still Irrelevant and sUck ...

The bottom is still down there somewhere ...

Don't like this Depth Chart Crap at all. What's the point of it at this time. The kid's know who is playing better that's all that is important.

johnny- not true. Fisch said after the first half of the spring game, when the QBS had already thrown for 4 ints, that " Jacorry Harris was doing very well" . ARE you kidding me?

While it's not the end of the world, we UM fans are paranoid and have been "damaged" after last seasons'd debacle of interceptions and J12's horrendous play. My point is, There should be no QB starter named yet. NONE. All 3 have had mediocre springs. Let them play it out until the week before the Maryland game. Let them compete. Who ever screws up the least, gets it. Unlike Stanford, TCU, Boise State, UM's offense will be built around the running game. With the 3 studs that we have, there should be no question what Um must do next season- run the ball 50 times a game. Take the ball away from the QBs and the lazy WRs. Control the clock, pound and demolish opposing Defenses.

A lot of national Champs in the past have had average passing, but great running games and defense. Smart coaching can work with what UM has. Mainly need to play smarter at QB with fewer dumb decisions and less trying to make big plays that aren't there. And receivers need to step up also, and fight for the ball. May not be a natl champ season, but it will likely be a lot better than last season with fewer embarrassments. Hopefully ACC champ and then BCS bowl. That would be a fantastic season all things considered and Coach Golden would be hailed appropriately as a hero.

From other discussion - Ken Dorsey wasn't a physically gifted QB, but he was perfect for UM at that time and made so few mistakes. He darn near led the Canes to 3 straight natl championships, if not for the bad call in one and the stupid choice of FSU over UM in other season.

Red Shirt Aldarius Johnson at WR. The Competition for him to return after not having a full spring is too great he would get 10-15 catches at Most This season and he is a talent. He comes back in 2012 hell see more field time. 3 Guys on Defense who will have Big Years Forston at DT, Spence at OLB and either Ray Ray at SS or Ojomo at DE. Miller and Tommy Streeter will be Crucial for our Offensive Success this year. O Line is Deep and talented everyone talks about Seantral and Bunche and rightfully so but I saw Brandon Washington at OG and Man he is gonna be an All-American this year you Wait and See! Lastly, my surprise player of the year in my opinion will be ( If he stays Healthy ) Jordan Futch that guy knows its his last year and will leave it all out on the field in practice and during the games. Golden is Bringing us back! Go Canes!

j12 should not be the starter regardless of what he does from here forward. he is terrible. he has a weak arm, poor judgment and he dresses up like erkle. he is not cane material. put him on the practice squad. morris is better.

I'm hoping Lamar is not injury prone and that Streeter learns to fight for the ball..

It's blatantly obvious that many of you didn't attend the spring game. The receivers didn't show up. Laron Byrd was injured, Travis Benjamin was injured shortly after the start of the scrimmage and Aldarius didn't play either. Add to the fact that 2 of the receivers were wearing yellow no contact jerseys and there wasn't a wide assortment of passing routes and that equals vanilla.

The two interceptions thrown by Morris were bad. He's a great talent and I look forward to seeing him develop, but trust me, we DO NOT want him starting this year. He doesn't trust his reads yet and has a tendency to stare down his receivers.

As for Jacory of the 2 interceptions he threw, 1 was obviously his fault. The other was a pass taken away from Tommy Streeter, in the endzone, who had a 7 inch height advantage over the defensive back. Add to the fact that Streeter dropped another possible touchdown and we have more of the same from last year: mistakes by the receivers that turn into unfortunate turnovers and mistakes by the qb.

Neither quarterback seemed supremely confident in what they're seeing, which is to be expected given the fact that they're in a brand new offense. Let's wait and see what the summer holds.

Guess it wasn't Randy the problem with Jamal Reid. I thought he had a bright future going into last season.

Looks like we're going to be sitting around waiting for Wandy's Wusses to leave just like we waited around for Koker's Klowns to depart. This is what two straight chitty coaches will do for your program. Just hope we have some decent players by 2013. I hate to lose to the 'Turds again.

Cane fan is again Mr Jacorry apologist. Dude. he had 2 ints and one in the red zone. I dont care if its spring ball. Humor us! Dont throw ints! at least we could have gone into fall without that knowledge, of J12 throwing 2 more ints against his own team! Yes you are right. he still has no confidence. He can't read defenses and can't look off safeties. He is a senior. He is not a soph like Morris.

On another note, Brandon Harris got all of this advice and someone "hyped" out of the U because he was convinced he was a first rounder. Sporting News has him going in the 3rd round. the diff between a first round DB and a 3rd rounder is millions. And that is not the only service that has him going below the 2nd round or late 2nd. Bad mistake, BH. Unless you are ok being thought of one of the bunch, instead of coming back this year and really proving yourself, you screwed up. Especially after that pathetic ND game. They keep showing Michael Floyds receptions, and over and over he is burning Harris. And to know that a Wisconsin d-back, and a Boise state d-back is going before you... embarassing! Should have stayed another year.

U need to get the TE situation in order, as this position can dictate the rest of the offensive scheme. If U are smart, you already have in mind who is first and second at this position.

Think about it: Miller, James and Storm. Then Benjamin, Bryd and letz say, Thompkins. I don't think you'll see big contributions from Streeter or Johnson. RS switched Sam Sheilds to defense, why I don't know, but RS saw something there. Johnson and Streeter might have to be position-switched, like RS use to do.

My beloved U - U are buggin... so BH made a bad decision by leave school early? are you for real, ok lets say he goes in the second round and has and avarage salary of 2 million a year, verses 4-5 million he would have gotten as a 1st rounder. lets say he goes 3 round and has an avagage salary of 1.5 million a year.
you telling me that better than staying in school and risking injury... don't be selfish and just think about the school, think about the kids as well...
look at Sam Shields, he is playing for the minimun right now... tell me what his second contract will be like?
unless you are at top 15 pic, you are not playing for your 1st contract, you are playing for the second one.
Do you BHarris, and go be a baller in the NFL...

Hey, don't count Brandon Harris out yet, there was an article in the Baltimore Sun some weeks back about the Ravens being interested in him - if they like him they'd take him late in the first, they're not really hurting at any position that they would have to draft for need.

He's right down the Patriots alley too - Belichick loves him some U.

cool cat - Streeter is 6' 5" and Aldarius is a 6'2" and slow footed. it's usually the quick little rbs and wrs you can convert to defensive back.

Eudo, don't even waste your time with that dummy if he doesn't know that.

championships- go f yourself. You have somehing to say, be a man. Not a pu55y gator. pkell disagreed with me on BH, fine. I accept his opinion. Same with Eudo. fine.

Go chase yourself you loser

Soldy: How long have you been sick...?
Have you ever thought of therapy or medicine to help you, because you obviously have a big problem.

How sad it must be, BEING YOU...having to go onto a UM article site and spewing your garbage.

You'd better HOPE that I don't find out who you are or where you live!!

UMike | April 20, 2011 at 12:53 AM

longtime ... U ?

Ur record next year ?

Gators at best 8-4 ...

Ur excUse again for 7-5 ?

come on. U have near 10 years experience now my fellow Idiot.

You'd better HOPE that I don't find out who you are or where you live!!

Posted by: UMike | April 20, 2011 at 12:53 AM

U sure ?

bring Ur 15k fan base with U ...

The Pig a/k/a Soldy is the same boring douche on a 4 year stint on this blog.

Pig, 8-4 for a team loaded with alleged 5 stars, playing in a full house, at a school bereft of ethics but with all the facilities possible? That is a colossal failure. Compound that with all the garbage you hbe posted about the Gatard trash and there is only one conclusion: you are a virgin douchebag.

Tell us again how Maryland or (insert any Cane opponent) will dominate. But watch out for those Miss. State Bulldogs from the scum-sucking SEc. I hear they petitioned to be the permanent Gatard Homecoming opponent.

Nola Soldy? Douchebag?

My Beloved U, you idiot...B Harris is expected to go 1st round 31st pick to the Steelers u dummass

I am little concern about our DT depth. We only have 4 guys their and they all have been injury prone during there careers. Where is Jeremey Lewis? Who else do we have coming in?
CB a little scary we have 2 former RB their. Hopefully Dallas Crawford or Grooms can help right away.. Obvioulsy DE, RB, OL is our strength!

Wow, same gator troll on here at 11am, and at 3am the next day. Guy not only has no life, but gets no sleep.

And we know that Gainesville, despite it being backwards in many areas, is in the same timezone as Miami. So there goes the excuse that he is in California or something like that.

Same lack of information at 11am and 3am, too. Guy has that four year racist obsession worn into a real rut, with nothing new coming out.

Meanwhile, the formerly third ranked Gators are in full collapse mode, their fans are in full denial mode, and their players are in full "lie to the cops" mode.

"Really officer, she GAVE me that credit card as she was dying in the street, I figured it was in her will."

"Really officer, we broke into all those cars looking for my wallet."

"Really officer, I wasn't shooting my AK47 at that guy I punched, I thought a bear was attacking and I wanted to help."

"Really officer, I was telling her that it is time to diet, she is putting on the pounds."

"Really officer, I thought the drug test was SUPPOSED to come back positive, so I studied for it all night with Aaron Hernandez with a bong and a baggie."

Yep, just like this Curse/Soldy/Miramar/nameoftheday gets on here lying about how tough he is, but then disappears when offered to meet up in person. You know, like how their team acts tough but cancels games and series so they can face Montana State ladies college.

Ungar, you are right. The same old Pig posting the same old garbage. He fancies himself a triathlete, a scholar and a world-traveller, yet somehow manages to do all that, hold down the grave-yard shift at Costco and post on all the Canes blogs at all hours.

Is that delusional? He is just a dumb Pig.

Interesting Highsmith moves to safety

Posted by: Same ol' Pig

It's more then one and from what I read on twitter, it's actually multiple UM students in Eaton dorm who like to make fun of non UM grads who police the blogs but don't attend games.

My "so called" beloved U, are u so stupid that U can't see that I already said what I had to say. So go blow your boyfriend, Tebow, and leave the blog to real Cane fans not morons that keep saying "how do U get fired after 4 years?" jerkoff.

Championships. If your brain was any smaller, and you would be any stoopider, you still would be no smarter than an amoeba. You are a jacka55 of ginat proportions. What was your point in insulting my post, genius? I siad Brandon harris was dumb for turning pro. Someone said not so, he'd rather take a 4th round than stay in school.I feel, had BH really felt he was a 4th rouind, he would have stayed. regardless, I respect the two opinions (pkell and Eudo). But nooo- Your stoopid a55 had to butt in. Well, butt out you moron!

Same with your boyfriend caneslltheway. You two are so stoopid, you belong with each other, in front of the trailer's 25 inch Tv eating cheetos off of each other's laps while staring at your popster of Tim tebow. Sigh! So romantic.

Posted by: Same ol' Pig

It's more then one and from what I read on twitter, it's actually multiple UM students in Eaton dorm who like to make fun of non UM grads who police the blogs but don't attend games.

Posted by: Just sayin | April 20, 2011 at 12:07 PM

That is the latest claim, but the IP address is from Gainesville, Shands to be more specific. And the idea that it is four people, posting in exactly the same style, is irrelevant. It is either one guy with three weak followers, one guy with three other schizo personalities, one guy pretending that he has three friends (let's call them Larry, Curly, and Mo) or one guy spreading misinformation to distract from his sick obsession.

For what it's worth, I think championships was talking about my response to cool cat about the WRs and not the one about Brandon Harris.

Regarding DT depth - they only show 4 deep on the charts but Lewis is still around. That's it for the big boys though, none of the d ends are much bigger than 260 so the depth there doesn't much help in the middle.


Nice research on the bogus posters on here.

So, they didn't have the academics to get into UM.

Such bitterness. no?

Posted by: Steve | April 20, 2011 at 01:46 PM

Nice try, Gadget.

So since the Sherminator is a sophisticated sex robot sent back through time, is he going to go back to the future and hire Wooden?

Miramar Douche, if he could go back in time, he would kill your mother and father so there would be no chance of you being born.

You still suck, Pig.

Posted by: Curse Pig still a fat loser

If he did that he would be arrested a la Minority Report (which is not the Sherminator's basketball coach wish list.)

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