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Day Two in the books... Five Canes get drafted (more to come Saturday!)


The tension must have been excruciating for all those Hurricanes waiting... and waiting... and waiting Thursday, and then for more than an hour Friday, to be chosen in the NFL Draft.

I know it was tense for me, sitting there watching pick after pick, and wondering, "WHEN is a UM player going to get some love?''

I felt bad for cornerback Brandon Harris and receiver Leonard Hankerson, but I knew that the pain of waiting (and in Hankerson's case, in my opinion, being bypassed way too long) would eventually turn into the jubilation of being wanted. I've seen it happen before -- many times (except, of course, when tailback Clinton Portis -- one of my favorite characters -- left his own draft party early in disgust before he was chosen 51st overall by Denver in the 2002 draft.)

After all that, UM ended up with five players drafted -- the most so far, along with LSU, in this year's draft.


"He was frustrated seeing so many picks go by,'' said Brandon Harris' older brother and former UM All-American runner Tim Harris. "We told him the past two days that wherever he landed it would be the best spot for him to be successful. We knew today was going to be the day, it was just about where he'd go. To be on a team with five former Hurricanes (Chris Myers, Andre Johnson, Rashad Butler, Eric Winston and Darryl Sharpton), you feel like it's the perfect spot.

"Guys like Andre Johnson and Darryl Sharpton, who grew up in Miami just like Brandon. And my dad [former UM football assistant Tim Harris Sr.] coached Andre Johnson when he played at Miami High during his early years there. We've been friends with the Sharptons since we all ran on the same track team since Brandon was about 6 years old.''

Harris was in a hotel with about 25 friends and family members, including his closest teammates: Sean Spence, Travis Benjamin, Marcus Forston and Davon Johnson.

Once he got picked, Harris was a new man. He's ecstatic to be a Texan.


    Some thought Hankerson would go Thursday. Most thought he'd go Friday -- but not in the third round. Hankerson was wiped out emotionally by the time he got picked by the Redskins.

    He told me he was very nervous and upset before he finally got the call from the Redskins.

    "It was very tough seeing seven other receivers get drafted before me,'' Hank said. "Now I can't wait to get on the field and prove those teams [that bypassed me] wrong. Once they called my name after all those long hours, after feeling like I was never going to get picked, the tears just came.''

  Hank promised to work as hard as he could to make the Redskins proud. He hopes former Canes receiver Santana Moss stays with the team so that they could play together.

  Hank has never been to Washington, D.C.


    I spoke to cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke, his mom (briefly) and his grandfather. Ecstatic might be an understatment. 

    "Oh my goodness, we're having a good time!" said Jerome Lovett, his grandfather. "God has blessed this family and have teards of joy. Everybody was jumping up and down, hugging each other and just praising God.''

    "They called him on the phone. They talked. Then he jumped up and raised his outstretched arm and shouted, 'I'm ready to be a Raider! I'm ready to be a Raider!' Everybody stood up and started hugging and crying. Once he saw it on TV, tears started flowing. We cried on each other's shoulders. This was a long time coming.''

Van Dyke told me that just before he got the call from a Raiders official (he couldn't even remember who because he said he was too excited), he got a text from "someboody I don't know saying 'congrats.' I'm like, 'Who is this from?' Five minutes later, I was so happy."

Van Dyke said he is booked for a flight to Oakland Saturday morning to meet the media.

 > ESPN analyst Mel Kiper Jr.  was especially hard on Brandon Harris. He called him a disappointment and underachiever in 2010 and said he was an inconsistent player. He said he regressed, that he didn't show "run supportability,'' that he missed tackles in the open field, that he "freezes some in coverage.'' Kiper called him a "roll-of-the-dice pick. He needs to step it up.''

Fellow analyst Jon Gruden jumped right back at Kiper. "You sounded grouchy right there, Me,'' Gruden said. "Brandon Harris can play nickel and he can play corner. I realize he needs to play more physical. The whole Hurricanes [team] didn't play up to their standards. But this guy has talent.''

I didn't speak to defensive end Allen Bailey (22nd pick in third round ), but I'm a big fan of his and wish him the best in Kansas City. Also didn't speak to offensive tackle Orlando Franklin (14th pick in second round -- 46th overall). Kiper said of Franklin: "He maybe could have been a top 15, top 20 pick if he had played up to the level of his talent.''

Stay tuned for tomorrow's draft coverage on Day Three. More should be drafted from UM, including linebacker Colin McCarthy and Damien Berry and/or Graig Cooper. Maybe others will be picked, as well.


P.S. By the way, how about Al Golden having two of his former Temple Owls drafted so far -- one in the first round? I say that bodes well for the Canes. He obviously gets the most out of his guys, or so it seems.





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McCarthy = too much hype

Van Dyke never been to cali??? umm, did he forget they played cal like 3 years ago in the Emerald Bowl, or was he not part of the travel team that year???

Haha!! So right Oakland 40-yard dash! Maybe the memory was so bad he repressed it.

let me start by saying I think that Morris has more potential than j12. I think at this point Morris should be given the job. j12 has been a bust, but let's not forget how all of you were begging for him to be the starter after he had the comeback win against Duke in 2008. Nobody wanted Marve and he eventually left and j12 was handed the rock. rewind to the start of 2009 when j12 was a legit Heisman contender. all you bandwagoner's couldn't give him the award quick enough. then he broke his thumb early in the N Carolina game and 4 picks later you wanted to hang the kid. He has not been the same guy since that game. The majority of his picks have occurred after that injury. Before the injury we were a stretch the field first passing team which was working. after the injury, the ball was not coming out of his hand correctly and he could no longer make the throw...but whipple kept calling for it..at the time, we had a terrible o line and couldn't run the ball...this is 2009 still..he played the last 3 quarters of the season with a broken thumb..now in 2010, I thought the injury had healed..the thumb to me was no longer an excuse...but was the shoulder an issue? remember, he almost beat Wisconsin with one arm..I think the OSU game crushed his confidence and also caused whipple to change the way he called the game for j12..with all that being said, the kid is a changed player, for the worse, and he is not capable of playing the way he did at the start of his sophomore year when we were all counting the NC's he would win for us during his 4 years..s Morris will be a beast for us..he has nfl size and talent but does not see the field well in underneath routes. he can throw the out and the long ball but he cannot see the linebacker on seam routes or curls in a 2-10 yd route..if you want to bang on our players, keep it real and hit all of them..b harris was overrated and didn't even come up with a handful of int's while he was here..very overrated and not physical like our corners in the past..g cooper was a joke..the guy tripped over himself more than a guy with 2 left feet..aldarius is a clown..since his freshman year he has been a joke..DVD was a joke..Fortson has underachieved..the list goes on and on..how about we all focus on our new TEAM..this is the Golden are and all of these kids are going to reach heights that never thought possible..and don't kid yourselves about what we can achieve this year..we have the talent and the depth on both sides of the ball to win every game. we will run the ball for 250 a game this year..we will stop the run this year..Golden coaches the game like Bill Cowher..Pitt won a superbowl with their qb going 10 for 21 with 100 yds..don't turn it over and play great defense..our offense will find a way to score enough to win close games. you can't put a number on how many games we lost because our coaching staff was out smarted by the other teams staff..time management, intelligence, football iq, x and o's, etc..those days are over. our kids will be better prepared and smarter than they have ever been..you don't need 4-5 star recruits at every position to win the ACC or a national championship..look at wake 5-6 years ago, bc a couple of years ago, V TECH EVERY YEAR..when our kids get smarter, that will = 2-3 more wins..simple math says that gets us to 10 wins..and with the talent we have and will continue to get, that means ACC Titles and NC's....so get on board the BIG AL TRAIN and leave your player and program bashing rhetoric at home..war the Golden Age..he has arrived in his rightful place and will ascend our glorious program back amongst the royalty of the college football world

The thing about Hurricane players, you can bypass them, draft them in late rounds, or sign em' as free agents, bottomline, they're just as good as any 1st round talents, if not better, time and time again once they get to the league, they prove everybody wrong, and their effect is felt no matter how you acquire them.

Underachiever in college, sure, maybe???

Become factors in the pros, you can bet your A**!

Look for multiple hurricane 1st rounders next year!

o canes, the most players selected in the first 3 rounds! Astonishing.

Great article as well as you partaking in the comments. I admire for your interaction and knowlede of the sport.

Oh and by the way nice smile, keep smiling.

This draft so far!!!!!

The talking heads are a joke. I can't remember if it was either Mike Moyock of Kiper that said DVD had a better season than Harris. Really? GTFOH. Props to both though.

A question about Orlando Franklin: as a 5th-year senior he was covered in 2010 by CBSSports and other draft coverage sites as potentially available to be drafted without declaring as an underclassman last year (as was Matt Bosher), but would his rights have been treated like an old-school "future pick" and remained with the NFL team that took him for two years if he was drafted last year? Canes QB Craig Erickson and RB Mel Bratton are in a small group that of players that were put back into the draft pool after a holdout year, while former Cane draft picks Mike Hudock, Tom Kearns, Frank Smith, Vester Newcomb, Bob Werl, Rowland Benson, Joe Krutalis, Tony Yovicsin, Ray Lardani, and John Sisk, Jr. were all taken as futures in the pre-union days when a team would keep your rights forever. I know it would be a bigger risk to take a guy today in the 7th round as a future compared with a lower 12th (or, say, 20th or 29th) round future pick like in the old days. Plus if a player was good enough to be drafted, he probably wouldn't hang around for a 5th year in college, but could the Broncos or another team have taken Orlando Franklin last year and kept his rights until the next draft in 2012? Anybody?
Susan & Manny, thanks for the great coverage. Go Canes! Casino, Westminster, Colorado

Good morning Casino: I'm thinking the answer is "No.'' I haven't heard of that happening since I've been covering. I'll find out and let you know later. :)


JIM MORRIS THE SAVIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He made it happen last night!!!! Woooooooo.... Thank God he came back from his "infection" and started coaching team again against teams with an RPI of 200.

Nice coverage of the draft so far. Thank you.
We see a theme here, at least in the eyes of some. Our guys have been underachievers to some extent. Again, as has been determined by now, they had subpar coaching and poor motivators. I hope they blossom in the NFL.

Don't get why Hank was chosen 79th, but believe that he will surprise a lot of folks. Congratulations to all the draftees!

Under Coach Golden, we will see the kind of intensity and passion that Canes fans long for. If not, a kid will sit on the bench. The culture is changing and respect is returning to the U. We will see kids hit their potential and, I hope, finish their eligibility.

Then, look out ACC! And you too, NFL!

Can't believe I am saying this but I agree with "Jimbo Fisher" about Morris. He gets all of these accolades, blah blha, blah. He gets a free pass is what he gets. tell me when was the last time this team consistently beat a top ten team? I swear. He loses this FSU series, and he has to get put on the hot seat. This is ridiculous. he is all talk.

As far as the draft, great article Susan.

UM, LSU- 5 drafted players. UM had more drafted players than either FSU or UF. The telling stat however, is that Temple had 2 drafted before UM had their second. To me, it says a ton about how poorly coached these players were. Although I dislike Kiper, and can't imgaine how he gets paid for being wrong 70% of the time, he was right on Brandon Harris. I mean, athleticicism aside, what did he do at UM? Did anyone watch the USF game, ahen a walk-on freshman QB passed his way downfield all the while burning the likes of Harris? Or the Notre Dame game? When he was made to look like a highschooler by michael Floyd? THAT ALONE would have made me want to stay, to learn more and to make up for my deficiencies, and solidify my 1st round status. Instead, I am sure he got bad advice. Seriously. i don't care what Eudocimus says that he will make money as a late 2nd rounder anyway. yeah, but if he sacrificed one more year, he would have definitely improved. Instead, he regressed his senior year and was all hype. Hype that HE alone believed. And the injury argument doesnt fly. had he won a NC, led UM in ints, won the ACC or had a huge game against Notre Dame, then maybe. What was he thinking turning pro? NFL receivers are going to eat him up!

Hankerson, I can't believe. HE did prove himself. I though for sure he'd be 1st round or early second.

Charles B. Good diatribe. A bit wordy, but I agree with everything.

Curse Pig. Bitter cause he can't shove Double D's into an A cup.

Hey Charles B: U make some good points, but you gotta remember that players learn things from their coaches. Go back to Nix, U wanna call some body a joke, it is truly Nix. Not everything is RS's fault. He was restricted in a lot of ways from bringing in developmental coaches, b/c the U don't wanna pay nobody. U can have all the big name recruits U want, but thatz just half of the equation. RS did not bring this program down. He helped it.

J12 is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. RS played him for a reason. J12 beat out Marve, hands-down for a reason. Remember that dual? Marve showed no guts and left.

U won't be too much better on the field with Goldy: I ask U" What can Goldy do that RS could not? B Harris could play and he was smart. he left b/c of the uncertainty. I am personally disappointed in Aldarius.

Golden can Win thats what he can do that Shannon could not do. Just stay tuned in this fall and see it for yourself.

i bet the dolphing can use coop. they need a returner on punts and kickoff they were amongs the worst team the past 2 years in field position. but for the dolphins coaching staff not wanting to draft local talent is amusing, knowing tha they have to first hand chance to view and evaluate all the talent coming out of south fla. and for u canes hater keep on hateing our undrafted players become nfl stars ask green bay and all the rest of the nfl teams with canes players.

ZHere is what golden will do he will get his tema to play hard. Ziami isnt 7-6 because of no talent. There 7-6 because of lack of effort. This team will be in much better shape and play harder of they wont play. U may no be able to coach talent but u can coach effort and miami sorely lacked that. Oh they paid that dc that went to ok state pretty good money for an assistant. They paid whipple well also the fact was they weren't getting the job done as coaches but there is also an alarming lack of depth at some very important positions on this team

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