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Golden expects Canes' QB competition to reach mid August

Sooner or later, Jacory Harris or Stephen Morris is going to do something to separate themselves and win the starting quarterback job at the University of Miami. But as far as coach Al Golden is concerned, he said Thursday he doesn't expect that to happen until mid August.

Golden talked about his quarterback situation and a few other things during the ACC Spring Football Teleconference Thursday.

Al Golden But we'll start with what he said about his QBs: "I'm really not leaning," Golden said when asked if someone was leading for the job. "I thought both of them did a good job. We had over 300 scrimmage reps and I think we only totaled five or six interceptions. The emphasis has been on finding the check throws, making better decisions with the ball. I think both of those guys did that. They both showed better command of the huddle, better leadership. They both made plays down the field in terms of explosive plays. This will go right up until the middle of August in terms of who we are going to select at that time and then build our offense around them. Clearly the competition has a long way to go."

As he talked about most of the spring, Golden said the team's primary goals for this coming season are to eliminate the things that beat them in 2010. Those would be turnovers and penalties.

"We have to get back to being a really good football team and that starts with eliminating the things that cause you to lose," Golden said. "I think we were 117th in penalties and 119th in turnovers. Those two things we have to correct so we can win. I think we have to continue to make good decisions in the community, not having any distractions academicaly. Those are four areas you can control that cause distractions and cause you to lose. If we can do that, move forward, I think we'll be in good shape."

Golden said he thought the team improved it's conditioning during the spring and was much more physical, "but the conditioning, tempo and mental toughness is not where it needs to be."

"I thought we made a lot of progress," Golden said. "I know that journey is going to be a long one. But I was very pleased with the effort we made. We didn't get much resistance in the part of the players. They bought into it and really improved... I think we're a more physical team. We changed the way we practiced, a lot more phyiscal, a lot more thudding. We had three good physical scrimmages in the heat. Overall, I thought our penalties were down. Our turnovers were better."

Still, there are plenty of things left to work on over the summer. Once fall camp begins, Golden said two things UM has to do is build depth on defense and get more from the wide receiver position.

"We have a long way to go at wideout just because of the injuries we had," Golden said. "We didn't quite get to evaluate or improve our wideouts as much as I would have hoped."

> Senior-to-be Lee Chambers ended the spring at the top of the depth chart at cornerback. Golden said he likes the physical presence Chambers, a former running back, brings the position.

""I'm really pleased with him," Golden said. "He's a big, strong, physical kid for a corner. He came on strong. He plays physical. I thought he really came on the last two weeks doing all the things we thought he could do from a physical standpoint, movement standpoint, lateral mobility. He really picked up the defense well. What we didn't know was how physical he was going to be. He really gave us a boost in terms of being a physical corner not only with his jams but with his tackling. We're excited about Lee. He has a little poise about him. He's been around the block. We're excited about how that position is beginning to take shape there."

Here is the entire interview with Golden from Thursday's teleconference.



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"I think we ONLY totaled five or six interceptions"


Considering Jacory had 15 picks in 270 attempts last season, I'd say that's a significant improvement.

Gotta love the swamp lizard in disguise (AKA miramar cane) sitting on the edge of his seat and on constant alert for the next Miami blog to post. If that isnt flattering, I dont know what is...

i seantrel going to be cleared for UM vs UM? that would be Miami vs Maryland!

4 out of the 6 ints came in the Spring game, in a scenario, situation or environment that came closest to a game, with a larger spectator base, and scrutiny. It was under more pressure, and it came close to simulating game time, and they (the QBs and the WRs) s-u-c-k-ed!. Kudos to Golden to continue the evaluating process, because neither of these QBs is even close, and I wouldnt trust either of them with the ball to save our lives. I will say this, Stephen Morris, with the passion he showed agiant ND, almost bring us back, nearly getting into a fight, screaming in the sidelines, and chucking the ball with the 2 minute drill several times impressed me and he should have the advantage over Ja-picky.

OK, U know what U have to do: Player development is what U need. Kehoe can handle the OL. The ER's will come around, but don't put a lot of stock in Johnson. I still have hopes for Streeter, but U must use him at TE, WR, and in slot positions. U see, the problem u have is poor player development. As much as it hurts me to say it, i fault RS for that. But, maybe he had his own vision for certain players. since he's gone u'll never know.

This team should not lose more than 2 games. Winning Formula: storm, Miller, james. Long and short to Thompkins, TB and Byrd, with Streeter in there somehow.

D will show up and so will OL. Question: Do U give J12 the benefit of the doubt?

We need to RUN RUN RUN the ball.

Then swing out passes to the RUNNING BACK

Then short dump passes out front to the RUNNING BACK

Then with MORRIS in there, bootleg for a QB SCRAMBLE to pick up the first down

Then maybe ONCE EVERY 20 plays, sling it to a 10-15yrd out pattern.


Neither QB deserves the privilege of throwing it deep until they can move their team with short and medium passes with extreme efficiency.


AG should tell Jacory: "If you throw just one pass over 15 yards, i'm gonna bench you for the rest of your senior year..."

Is Whipple being given any shot at all? He is a smart kid with the ability to manage a game by getting the ball into the hands of our playmakers, and not losing the game my making poor decisions that result in turnovers that have plaqued our two other QB's

REgarding Whipple:

I believe AG is cunning enough that he wouldn't let you know if he thought Whipple were the next Heisman candidate....

I can just tell by those Canesports videos of the coaches going over film that AG is SMART in that cunning way.

He good something like 200-300 ex-canes to show up for the last spring practice.

I think we all need to be ACCEPT RIGHT NOW: CANES ARE NOT WINNING THE NC IN 2011. But we should improve, maybe 9-3 or 8-4 depending on how many picks Jacory throws.

But give AG time, maybe 3-4 yrs, we will win an NC again.

to bleedorangeandgreen I agree 100%. have they given this kid a chance or not? You run the ball again and again, throw short to RB swing passes to RB and play tough defense. JH has had 3 yrs and their has been zero improvement-a fact just look up the numbers. did coach G see the same spring game that I saw?? My goodness JH or SM where not even adequate

Golden expects Canes' QB competition to reach mid August
Translation: They both suck!!!!!

Al Golden said: "We had over 300 scrimmage reps and I think we only totaled five or six interceptions." Let's break this down, shall we ...

Out of those 300, less than half were passing plays. And out of those, a significant number were to RBs in the backfield. It's hard to throw picks on run plays and on short backfield passes, but I'mm sure Jacory could find a way.

Let's say that about 120 of the 300 reps were pass plays beyond the line of scrimmage. If 6 were picks, that means roughly 5% of the downfield passes were picks.

If you throw 40 passes a game, that's 2 picks a game and 26 picks in a 13-game season. Sounds like we're right around where we started. Oiii, where's my blood pressure medicine ...

Al Golden said: "We had over 300 scrimmage reps and I think we only totaled five or six interceptions." Let's break this down, shall we ...

Out of those 300, less than half were passing plays. And out of those, a significant number were to RBs in the backfield. It's hard to throw picks on run plays and on short backfield passes, but I'mm sure Jacory could find a way.

Let's say that about 120 of the 300 reps were pass plays beyond the line of scrimmage. If 6 were picks, that means roughly 5% of the downfield passes were picks.

If you throw 40 passes a game, that's 2 picks a game and 26 picks in a 13-game season. Sounds like we're right around where we started. Oiii, where's my blood pressure medicine ...

The winner to start at QB will be the one who figures out that the competition is taking place between the ears.

I think we all see that S17 is the man....but for some reason he hasn't separated himself. he was flat at the spring game. J12, for what it's worth, HAS improved, although not enough for our standards or to match the talent at the rest of the team. IMO, S17 is the man for the job but he truly hasn't outperformed J12 in the scrimmages, so how can he defensibly be given the starter position? I wouldn't give it to him at this point either. So the qb competition continues. In the long run, I agree with West Coast Cane, although I see an NC in 2 to 3 years. AG is playing the hand he has been dealt, and quite adeptly I will say for what he's been given. When we get a solid qb, the rest will fall in place.

It doesnt seem like many of u watched the spring game. whipple is terrible even worse than his pops. Garbage

I am happy to hear the good things about Lee Chambers. This kid has gone about things the right way. Instead of turning tail and transferring (not saying that every transfer situation is due to a kid not having the integrity to stay in the program) he humbly accepted a position change, a humbling experience for any kid who may have been the best at their position throughout 3 or 4 years of high school in their state (matter of fact, Chambers was the best running back coming out of Mississippi when he was recruited) and is excelling. I wish him all the best.

It seems to me that if the 2 QBs are this close goinginto the summer then it makes more sense to go with Morris. He brings a fiery attitude and has more upside by seasons end. Even if J12 was playing better he is frail and is a hit from upsetting the teams progress.

Also - J12 has shown that he is more of a practice player than a gamer. All the rave reviews on his improvement before ND and then "CHOKE!" Game gone by quarter 2 - that has to be a concern for Golden.

I love this guy!
Go Canes!

50 career touchdowns but your a practice player. LOL
Jacory has a real QB coach now. Who ever wins the job will be well coached and ready to lead the team. Our receivers have a lot to blame too on interceptions. You have too attack the football.

I totally agree with Westcoast cane and central fl cane.

robert c- Just because he has 50 Tds doesnt mean he is any good. He has also thrown a zillion ints many of which were crucial in losing key games. DId you forget the int agiants USF? Or the 3 ints against Notre Dame? The college football world laughs at Um because of J12. Most people know that he s-ks. But I do agree it is inhis hands (and inhis head) to compete and regain the undisputed starting job back. I mean, think about it- recall the ND game, and the USF games. he looked lost onthe sideline.Yeah he was upset, but he had no fire inhis belly. Morris came in with fire and swag and was too little too late. Same against UVa.

I am not saying he is the second coming of Kenny Dorsey,but as long as he keeps his head on straight, learns and doesnt turn the ball over, I feel he is better than J12, who unfortunately but in my opinion, damaged goods

This speaks volumes about Harris. Hes a Senior with a lot of experience but still can't seperate from Morris. It's time to move on from Harris.

I don't understand why Al Golden is struggling between the two quarterbacks. We all know at the end of the day he is going to choose Jacory to start, and Jacory will just have to prove himself during the games the keep the starting position. END OF STORY!

make Jacory Harris the 2nd qb or alternate the two,during the first couple of games or when the first interception is thrown go with the next qb we just can't afford to leave a qb in the game that has thrown 3 interceptions in one game and it's the 4th quarter...really?

jacory harris was a dream of randy shannon's that turned into a nightmare, yes he has a couple of records that he has broken, he made some great throws, but at the end of the season the true-freshman was exceptional with the pressure that he had to face i would like to see him start and jacory harris be his back up...just because you saw a "star" in J12 it just didn't shine as bright as it could have..that's my opinion...lesson learned

Golden said only 6 or 7 interceptions out of 300 reps. That may sound good but consider this. When did those interceptions take place...during the practice sessions or during the scrimmage? If they still happen in game time situations then nothing has been corrected. Who cares if they are perfect in practice, we need it to be equally so in the game situation.

I keep reading comparisons to Kenny Dorsey. No disrespect towards any players or bloggers but there is no comparison. Kenny did not have the physical tools of Jacory or Stephen. He was slower than Jacory and stephen and did not possess their arm strength. The difference was between his ears. Through mental preparation (study) he was ready for each game and understood defensive schemes and knew his own offense like the back of his hand. I don't know that Jacory or Stephen possess the mental aquity to be successful. Why else do they keep making the same mistakes over and over?

I hate interceptions!

Totally agree with spike exept on a couple of points- My "call name" is kenny Dorsey for President, but I haven't compared KD to J12 or SM. I have compared him to Tebow. His record speaks for itself. As a starter, he lost two games. 2. In 3 years. The first, he was rattled (obviously) by a good U Wash team at one of the loudest most boisterous stadiums in the country, and yet, he nearly brought UM back and lost by only 5 points, but ran out of time. The second, sure was not his best game but besides the highway robbery by Terry Porter, he was bamboozled by a very good Ohio State defense that blitzed the --- out of him (something we should have done to Krenzel, but didn't inexplicably).

I disagree that Jacorry has a stronger arm than Dorsey.

But you are right. KD was a football nerd. He studied, studied, studied. He immersed himself in game film, and tape. He studied opponents. He was very smart with the football. Jacorry on the other hand, fromwhat I hear hasnt done much of that. And if he has, then his problem is between his ears. You can't teach that, but if he was disciplined, he could have made up for lacking intelligence by working harder. And id he is intelligent, then he has been lazy and/or stubborn. I don't know, but how do throw so many truly BAD passes and interceptions at such key moments? Those Ohio State ints were baffling and the USF int was bizarre.

I don't care who starts in 2011, so long as they can hand off to running backs 40 times per game. Neither QB is elite and neither is accurate...So we have two QB's of equal capabilities. It could be worse, we could have Jacory or Stephen alone. UM should have gone after a JUCO QB, thanks RS>

I have long thought the problem with both QBs is between their ears. I would think that either has the physical tools, some strengths and weaknesses for each. Comparison to Dorsey don't make sense though. Dorsey's lack of arm strength against the opponents he had 'back then" don't compare to the type of athletes that the current QBs will face next year. No slap at Dorsey....just that the competition is soooo much better now. However...neither one of the two guys today have his "smarts".

U guys are idiots. Its official Miami has the dumbest fans in the country. It has to be racism that accounts for the moronic analysis I get tortured with when I read these silly comments. RS was a stubborn coach who neeed HC experience before swimming with the sharks. How many guys has he gotten to the league? 1st round. Now he wasn't even a good dc? I know he was too in love with man coverage and no blitzing but give me a break. Now all the innuendo about the intelligence of our quarterbacks who have been poorly coached and developed before the new administration but whether J12 or morris start both will look like new men come fall as long as they get their footwork under control and not let the clowns known as the Miami fanbase get in their heads when things dont go so well. Ken Dorsey? I love him and miss him but lets be real. Only two losses as a starter? He turned around to hand the ball to clinton portis and willis mcgahee probowlers. He threw the ball to santana moss, reggie wayne, jeremy shocky, andre johnson, kellen winslow jr among others. All the while being protedted by bryant mckinnie. Damn that was a long list of pro bowlers. I wonder how the quarterbacks would have played in 2010 with that support? And Larry Coker as OC ?great coach crappy recruiter. Stop all the bs and let these guys grow. They learned an entirely knew playbook this spring yes again. Thats how many times for Jacory? No wonder he lacks confidence and consistency. Who is successful with 3 new playbooks in 4 years? Yep thats right nobody. How about showing up at games and coming out of the pocket to compete with the gayturds semenholes and all the other inbred programs with 90000 at EVERY game state of the art facilities and million dollar coaches. 12-0 or 0-12 this is how they get the recruits that we used to and um doesnt want to paint the walls? PATHETIC! The past is gone! College football is a new animal and if we dont get right seasons like 2010 will be our new " glory days". Scary. Just ask yourself a question. Look at what the gayturds did in 2010. The team stunk and trailer trash was disgruntled but still not the venom and foolishness and racism yes racism we heard from our own camp. Where would you go to school if you were a 18 year old 5 star? A 3/4 empty stadium where you bedome hitler of oj simpson for a bad game and yes oj is innocent read iago in brentwood if you are literate but judging the dribble hear i doubt the intelligence to read is there. Or would you rather play for 90000 toothless hicks who worship you with free shoes and all? That was a rhetorical questin by the way.

ok i know jacorry ain't performing, but think back to the glory days of ken dorsey and remember something. i think he was throwing to santana moss and reggie wayne. remember them two and who was the back up-----andre johnson. not making excuses for j12 but in the past three years did he have dominant receivers like that. if ken dorsey was the qb now, he'd be on the bench behind jacorry.

kissimmee kane you are a idiot. Go look at the utube videos of dorsey and the throws he made on the money in tight coverage. J12 will never be as good as dorsey was in high school. Havent looked at the actual numbers but J12 has thrown more picks in 1 season than dorsey did total at the U. Shouldnt compare a player who plays like a scared kid in the pocket to a true champion like dorsey the king of college qb's.

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