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Golden wants more fire -- "play like a champion,'' he says. (And new depth chart)

This much seems certain early on in the Al Golden era: he's not going to settle for his players giving just what they think is enough to get by. No way. He wants passion, he wants energy, he wants that extra intensity -- and work -- that turn a good player into a great one.

It's impressive how he has no qualms about changing the depth chart on a regular basis, based on how he feels players performed, not on how they should perform according to their star power.

"One of the things I told the coaches on Sunday when I came in and watched the whole [scrimmage film], is I want the depth chart to reflect performance, not potential,'' Golden told us before practice Tuesday. "A lot of coaches get fired waiting for someone with potential to develop. I want it based on performance. That's our depth chart, and clearly there's battles within that depth chart that we see every day here.''

It must feel good to know that even if you aren't considered a big name, you are being treated equally -- or better -- if you perform equally or better. That said, Golden complained about UM's conditioning level at this time. He said his players are in better condition than they were previously, but not good enough.

"That's a challenge for the team this week -- can we prepare, can we play with Miami toughness and will we start to play with energy and passion? That's really the challenge leaving that field at noon and being on Traz Powell [Stadium for the next scrimmage] at 10 O'Clock Saturday."

Golden said his team didn't play with the type of tempo he wanted at last week's scrimmage at Spanish River High. He said they were in "too much of a survival mode.''

I asked him to explain.

"Not trying to be the best, not trying to play like a champion, not trying to play with energy  -- just trying to survive the series or survive the play,'' he said. "We've got to get out of that."

Golden was pleased "that there weren't a lot of operational mishaps'' last weekend. "We didn't have a lot of fumbled snaps, not a lot of delay of games, not a lot of penalties. All that was good. That's part of being a little bit more disciplined.''

Some changes on the new depth chart, based on the coaches'  observations from last Saturday's scrimmage:

Jordan Futch * Linebacker Jordan Futch, who was listed as the backup to outside starter Sean Spence last week, was elevated to co-starter with Jimmy Gaines in the middle on the new depth chart released Tuesday. Golden said he really was impressed with Futch, in person and on film.

"Sweet Jesus,'' Futch said to me when I told him he had been elevated to first-teamer. (You've got to love Jordan -- great kid, great heart. He's got the passion for sure, and he can hit.)

* Mike James, who shared first-team honors with Storm Johnson and Lamar Miller, is now all by himself on top -- followed by Miller and Johnson.

* Malcolm Bunche has surpassed Seantrel Henderson as first-team left tackle.

* Shane McDermott now shares first-team duties with center Tyler Horn.

* Five tight ends are listed in alphabetical order because they're all neck-and-neck.

* Adewale Ojomo, who had a great scrimmage, is back at the starting spot at right defensive end.

* Olsen Pierre was listed at defensive end last week and is now at tackle as a co-first-teamer with Luther Robinson.

* Thomas Finnie is now listed as third-team corner, behind starter Brandon McGee and No. 2 Lee Chambers.



QB Jacory Harris or Stephen Morris, Spencer Whipple

RB Mike James, Lamar Miller, Storm Johnson

WR LaRon Byrd, Tommy Streeter

WR Travis Benjamin, Allen Hurns, Kendal Thompkins

LT Malcolm Bunche, Seantrel Henderson

LG Harland Gunn or Brandon Linder

C Tyler Horn or Shane McDermott

RG Brandon Washington, Jared Wheeler or Jermaine Barton

RT Jermaine Johnson, Ben Jones

TE (in alpha order) Blake Ayles, John Calhoun, Chase Ford, Clive Walford, Cory White


DE Adewale Ojomo, Olivier Vernon

DT Micanor Regis, Curtis Porter

DT Luther Robinson or Olsen Pierre

DE Andrew Smith, Marcus Robinson

OLB Travis Williams, CJ Holton

MLB Jimmy Gaines or Jordan Futch

OLB Sean Spence, Kelvin Cain

CB Brandon McGee, Lee Chambers, Thomas Finnie

FS Vaughn Telemaque, Andrew Swasey or Kacy Rodgers

SS Ray-Ray Armstrong, Tyrone Cornileus, A.J. Highsmith

CB JoJo Nicolas, Keion Payne or Eduardo Clements


K Jake Wieclaw, Alex Irastorza

P Jake Wieclaw, Cameron Dean, Alex Irastorza

KR Travis Benjamin, Lamar Miller

PR Travis Benjamin, Kendal Thompkins

LS Chris Ivory, Billy Sanders, Andrew Tallman

SS Chris Ivory, Tyler Horn

H Spencer Whipple, Jacory Harris






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Coach Golden and his high school stadium tour reminds me of the snake oil elixir salesperson going from town to town in the old west.

I've never seen a Golden-coached game, I'm wondering if the backups are pretty much locked in by their specific positions on the left or right side of the field or if he tends to play the best player available?

Like if Vernon's looking much better than Robinson, and Andrew Smith goes down, who's getting put in?

Hey, I want the U to have excellent academic credentials like the Harvard's, Stanford's and UFlorida's of the world.

Which of those schools is an academic fraud and does not belong anywhere within 6000 alpha numeric characters if the other two?

Do you know, Michael? Do you? Do you?

To the gator fan who posted earlier about Willie Bailey switching his commitment to Florida from Miami , your post was erased by the Herald but here is the truth on Bailey :

No biggie that he switched , watched him play at Hallandale High and I was not impressed , he is being touted so high for his height and speed . On a footbal level he did not stand out at all and did not make any big plays in his high schools big games and there were a few against slow "white" boys . Hallandale plays in a lower division than the Northwestern, Dillard , St. Thomas, Central ect... If he was that good believe me he would have transfered or been recruited to one of the big schools , recruiting is huge down here in S. Florida for high school sports if your that good ! Again, like I said no biggie ! Gators you can have him , sorry but the proof is in the pudding !

We realy shouldn't resort to name calling guys.

it would just be good to see my canes rule once more, its been way to long and im hungry for a national championship

Some of y'all don't see it. Golden is totally workin it. He's pushing, pushing, pushing these guys. Effort, attitude, conditioning, and performance all count. Every week is a new opportunity to be #1. What a genius motivator! 2011 season will definitely be better than 2010. What's MOST exciting is what I expect in 2012 if all this intensity, attitude, and high expectation keeps up. Golden is a championship man, and it's obvious he knows how to build a championship team. I can't believe we were able to land him before some other team scooped him up. He is an incredible visionary, and yet doesn't miss a detail. Miami needs to keep the cashflow comin to hold on to this one...

When has UM ever lost to Duke?

Coach GOlden Formula of watching film and letting their practices determine the depth chart is definitely working. You can tell because Futch is finding his way on the field as much as Spence is. The only differences is Spence is IQ smart while FUTCH has all the physical tools as SPENCE if not maybe more. If only Arthur Brown really bled orange and green he would definitely see the field all day long.

EK, it is sad that we lost Arthur. Can't blame the kid since Shannon was the problem with him seeing the field.

Great to see Futch up top,
and Mike James.
Golden cultivates leaders.
Can't wait for Saturday.

Did you all ever see a.b. on the field he was some garbage. the scrimmage he played in the tailbacks ran for 200 hundred yards or more right up his alley. dude played eight man football in kansas and neither him or his brother or the two back up qbs wanted to compete. Thats shannon fault to i guess. if not for randy um probably would be on suspension by now. He isnt coaching anymore why is he still being brought up.

And just how do you rationalize that Randy kept us from being suspended from something. The only thing Randy did was waste talent and never developed it. If it wasn't for Randy we would have won an ACC title by now. Face the facts the dude sucked. The guy ran those two backups away so his boy Jacory could start with no competition. Just like he ran Marve away. And it isn't like he ever made any player better under his reign as head coach nor as DC. Its funny how Jon Beason and Sam Shields, Tav Gooden and others were average at best under him and then they get a little coaching from people that actually know what they are doing and they are All Pro's all of a sudden. It doesn't matter if a kid played 8 man or 11 man football if they have talent and are coached correctly they become big time players. I bet those guys that are drafted out of Temple weren't 5 star recruits that played a certain type of football in HS but they went and played for Golden got coached up and are now either in the NFL or going to be drafted this April.

I don't see forston on here is he the person golden was talking about not living up to potential just trying to survive

Forston has a lower extremity.

I don't think Golden has put anyone from Temple into the NFL. Muhammad Wilkerson is going to be the first Temple guy in a while, he counts as Golden's.

Championships you're crazy... Beason and Gooden balled here... How can you call Beason average here when he was a 1st round pick??? Get out of here... Shannon didnt fare well but players like A. Brown wasnt good... Stop the nonsense... He ran off the back up qbs but now 1 is playing safety at memphis and the other is 3rd string at Rice... Get out here!!! Man...

U Dumbasse Cane fans better hope ole Frank sUceeds @ MizU ...

and he will ... why ? U wonder ?

U wouldn't get it.

Congrats Coach, your family is far far better off ...

Dude you are crazy. If you want to say he was not a good head coach, great. To say Randy was not a good DC, you are just blind and bitter or both. YES, Randy did not coach up the team and the team under performed under his watch, but the guy was a very good DC. I don't care what ANYONE says. Randy Shannon will always be a Miami Hurricane. He did not work out as a HC and had to be replaced, it was time for a change. Let's get the usual excuse out of the way, "well, Randy had all that talent, that's why he was a good DC" Really? Name me a coach who won with out talent? Phil Jackson right, well Pat Riley never had talent, Jimmy Johnson never had talent either, well how about Chuck Noll? Randy is not in the class of any of these coaches, but see how silly that argument is. Should we give back all the NC's that Randy was involved with as a player and an assistant, since some of our fans want nothing to do with him. That's the problem with lots of 'Canes fans, if someone fails, instead of saying that it did not work out, lets move on, they can't let it go. They have to hate even the way the person ties their shoes. Randy is gone and deserves to be, but he has done more for UM football than anyone who gets on this board and won't let him go in peace.

Ur A.D. again ?

same ol same ol huh Arty ?


be in touch Art ...

Seems like the Pig had time to post during the graveyard shift as Costco security.

You hate your life, Pig? Huh?

You wouldn't understand. Now, pick me up a Quran and let's go to Trailerville for a barbecue.

I have to think the potential comment by Coach Golden encompasses Seantrel and a few others, but certainly Seantrel. He's the most hyped player we've had in here since Arthur Brown. Seantrel has a world of potential, the sky's the limit, NFL first rounder and the big pay-day, but Seantrel seems very soft-spoken and humble thus far. Maybe his mild-mannered attitude carries out onto the football field where-as Al seems to be looking for aggressive players who attack and ravage rather than submit. I can only think that right now Mal Bunche wants it more than Seantrel. Seantrel and others need to go out there and take their positions. Earn them. Nobody gets nothing for free anymore. The right of passage is proven performance, not perceived ranking. It's just a matter of how bad does each individual player want it. That's my take on it.

What can you say about Mike James? He's not the most hyped RB we have, they all could be great, but he's a lunch-pail kind of back that brings it each and every day and for that he's at the top of the heap. Gotta love this guy. Shows you that hard work and performance wins out over potential and hype.

I love this attitude that Al and coaches are bringing. They're never gonna be satisfied. They're never gonna rest on their laurels. They're always looking for improvement. This team will attack and dictate rather than react and sit back as has been the case all too often in recent years. We may not "out-talent" the opposition on paper, but we'll "out-work" the opposition on the practice field and that will translate to the playing field on game days. That work ethic and mentality will win us games.

I love an attitude where a team doesn't give an inch. They take feet and it's relentless balls to the walls each and every down until there's a W in the win column. They do whatever it takes within the framework of the rules to beat down the opponent. They're hungry and nothing satisfies their appetite. That is what the coach and the staff are trying to instill. Some of our players appear to be jumping on the bandwagon; a few are still scratching their heads trying to figure it all out. They'll get there. It's just going to take them a little longer to understand that this is the only way to earn and win a national championship.

Championships is al:

Not only did the former HC think that Taylor Cook was unworthybas being "the" signal caller in an elite program, whipple would not even discuss how bad kid was a QB when he was passed over by a true Freshman.

Oh Cane4Lyf, btw, Taylor Cook is no longer a QB at Rice U, where Cook returned in his hometown to play.
He's now a converted tight end & punter at Rice. Even still, it's Randy fault that Cook did not develop as that elite QB
at 6ft 7 240lbs, dag it's Randy... Randy... Randy

anybody know wut happened to jamal reid??...he was a standout last spring.,then poof..gone?...

Cane4life, "U" hit the nail on the head! Shannon was a good DC but as a HC, it was over his head. Doesn't mean one failure should cancel out all his good qualities. Good job Golden. Get my Canes minds,bodies & attitudes back into CANE shape! Keep taking pages outta J.J.'s book. I'm goin down with the ship. Only problem is this N'L championSHIP will take off and sail in due time. GO CANES!!!!!

Where is Forston? Is he hurt?

Where is Forston? Is he hurt?

Posted by: Justin | April 06, 2011 at 12:25 PM

Yup, he's out until spring...I also want to know what happened to Jamal Reid.


who cares about Willie Bailey switching to UF. Who needs him? we have Dallas Crawford, Finnie, etc who will be here for a while.

Who is Willie Bailey anyway?

Al Golden was asked about competing in recruiting with schools like UF who consistently sell out their home games.

"I know this - we have a better chance of filling our stadium than Gainesville has of putting an international city right outside its city limits."

He could also have said:

"We have a better chance of filling our stadium than Gainesville has of getting rid of the raw sewage stench."

It's great to have College Football Live back on. Not sure if I can stomach Meyer being on there though.

He also could have said:

"We have a better chance of filling our stadium than Gainesville has of getting rid of the massive incest and trailer trash problem."

Alright first off I Shannon was an average coordinator who inherited a defense that was full of well trained talent and all he had to do the first few years was not screw it up much like Coker the first couple of years as head coach. The players he had the first few years were trained and coordinated by Schiano and knew what to do. Beason, and Gooden "balled" while they were here is a bunch of crap. They were average to above average players by Miami standards while here. The only one that was balling on defense was Kenny Phillips then. Cook was a true freshman so he could not have been overtaken by a true freshman unless you are talkin about AJ Cooks redshirt year. Now does anybody with a brain honestly think a 6ft at best Safety really beat out a 6 ft 7 240 lb QB with a rocket arm that was rated higher in some recruiting sites coming out of high school than Jacory Harris. Get a grip.
Now this supposed argument that Randy was such a great coordinator because his defenses were loaded with talent. Well that is true and it is true that you have to have a certain amount talent to win. But this team now is so loaded with talent and Randy year after year didn't make them better that tells anybody rational that his defenses were so great because Schiano trained them and he flat out couldn't coach the guys that came in to replace them or the guys he has recruited since becoming a head coach.
Lets look at what Randy screwed up
Allienated local high school coaches
Played the favorite game
Couldn't game plan
Didn't make sure they ate properly and lifted properly to develop talent.
Said Duke was a tough place to play

I think I will take my chances supporting a guy like Golden that knows what he's doing instead of a stooge that wants everyone to think he does.
If he is as great a coordinator as you say then why didn't Texas want him or another top flight school? All I saw who were interested was Maryland and UCLA. They are not exactly the cream of the NCAA crop.

Love seeing some of the names (like Streeter) making a move and the competition at every position. It's early and the Spring is a time that everyone is undefeated and can beat anyone, but you have to feel good about the energy being generated by this Coaching Staff. No crazy suspensions for missing a class while at another class. We know some may be suspended for game one, but the fair thing is that those players already know. No pulling the plug a week out. Strict leadership handled w/respect to the players. This will lead to accountability and better play from the team. Ready to buy my "Golden Era" Tshirt from All Canes!

A little more basketball…UM Hall of Famer Rick Berry on the Sid Rosenberg show.


if championships is all that matters how do you win one? not that i have ever one one but im sure i have been a lot closer than you have. you sound as if you one of those people who have never played anything but a computer screen. i will say again that randy did everything he could do to get fired. Hiring whipple was the first. the worst oc we ever had and im a philly fan as well so i know his background. we threw 27 ints on the same playaction pass play. i guess randy called the offensive plays ha? we had ten tackles for loss at the o state game and and ran the ball 12 times for 96 yards only to go back to lob and bob. Randy had fired nix and should have fired whipple. He is in the nfl again so was it because of his play calling? i think not. not to make excuses for randy because he did not get the job done. As far as marve how did he run marve off when he gave him the job while he was suspended. jacory had to come in and bail him out of every game. do you remember being down by 17 points at duke when marve was starting. jacory saved him that game as well. you are obviously a cane fan but your thoughts are jaded. Randy has done more for the U on and off the field than any of you could dream of let him go in peace. a wonder how long u will give golden since he has all the talent. how many games does he have to win. we will truly see if championships is all that matters.

How long will we have to bash Shannon???? The dude is gone!!!

Golden is doing his thing now...u cant help but know we will be better than 7-6, by far.

DNix 8-5 in front of 75k of our international city's residence.

Randy did not take any of the DC jobs out there, not because he could not get them or would not have been offered them, but because of his contract. It is a FACT that Mack Brown wanted to hire him in '07 as a DC, but Randy got the HC job. He is well respected as a DC. The reason he did not take any DC job or maybe why some schools did not offer him is due to his contract with the "U". See this is how it works....if Randy takes any DC job, the "U" does not have to pay him 1.2 million. The highest paid DC last year was Will Muschamp at $900,000. See that is 300K less than Randy is due to get. The average DC makes $250K. I don't care what anyone on here say's , you would be a fool to lose 1 million dollars. Before some of the know it all's say "well, Randy should want to get back on the horse again and prove everyone wrong", please get outta here with that crap!! Randy is doing the right thing and what any sensible person would do. He needs to take a year or two off and then look at his options. Maybe after that, he will be freed up and not lose all that money. Quick question, are you going to get an invitation to the '87, '91 or '01 national championship anniversary banquets? (Jeopardy music playing in the background) Either way, Randy will always be a 'Cane!!! I look forward to organization and game plan that Coach Golden has put together. He has a plan to bring UM back to where we should be and I am behind him 100%. Go Canes!!!!!

Cane4Life - excellent post. U got it right on Randy. It didn't work out, but some of the "fan " base act like he stole something. Randy Shannon left this program in MUCH better shape than when he took over. No question about it. yes, we all thought and wanted to win more. Randy is a great guy and coach and he will get other chances - and he is a CANE. that said, I love what Golden and his coaches are bringing. There is enough talent to win big, but it will always come down to a couple of close games. I think we can get over the top this year. We are close, but need everything to go well. All About The U!

Tally, just so you know I have won championships before and not on a screen or on some gaming system. I agree that the playcalling of Whipple was suspect and down right ignorant. But the fact is Shannon was the head coach and he pulls the strings. I know for me as a head coach my butt is on the line and last time I checked Whipple worked for him not the other way around so don't go saying that Shannon could not have stopped Whipple. Shannon was just as responsible as Whipple was. Now as far as Marve, yeah I remember the duke game. I also remember that game and countless others in which Marve couldn't even look wrong and Shannon was yanking him. As a Qb he has to know he has his coaches confidence and cannot be looking over his shoulder every play wondering if he is going to get pulled. Anybody with a bit of Football IQ knows that. And everybody could see that Shannon wanted Jacory to start from day one and he was going to get his way Marve be damned. The only reason Stephen Morris got a chance to play this year was Candy Randy knew if he didn't start winning his Ars was grass. Marve had more mobility and a much stronger arm than Jacory ever will have. The kid was a freshman starting for crying out loud. Bottom line Shannon got what he wanted in Harris being his starter and running the other guys away the downside was it cost the idiot his job.
Now as for Golden, the thing Tally is its more than wins and loses its more about how you win and lose as well as the direction the team is going in. Take Butch Davis for example, he got waxed by FSU but then every year you could see progress being made and every year we got closer and closer to beating FSU until we did it. I really feel by what I have seen from Golden and staff the direction of our team is going to lead to Titles. Its hard to say how many games we will win this year with implementing a new system on all sides of the ball but I tell you this much we will not get pushed around like a bunch of softees this year, nor will be beat ourselves by being out of position on defense. I can see Jacory more than likely starting but not throwing the ints like he has the last 3 years cause Golden will not have it.


Shannon obviously wasn't head coach material but you're getting a little carried away in taking the jaded local media's word as gospel.

He alienated all the local high school coaches? That's why all the players on the local high school that won the national championship came to play for him?

He didn't know how to condition his players? That's why the fastest player at the combine was a cane and Allen Bailey looks like a damn action figure?

And you're trying to say that he ruined Robert Mavre? If you'll recall Shannon had a structured substitution pattern that he came up with before games and stuck to until he decided on Harris. And I said this about Chad Henne last year - if Mavre lost his nerve because he didn't have his coach's confidence, then he's a loser, period.

Shannon was a terrible head coach and a maddening figurehead for the fans, but he's still a cane, he still did good things as a coordinator, and he will get a good coordinating position when he has to start working again.

Eudo, I am stating what I saw from Shannon. I could care less what the local media says. They have nothing to do with it.

I said he alienated local highschool coaches not all of them and he did. Thank God Golden is repairing the relationship.

He didn't know how to condition players and he didn't. Just because you are fast doesn't mean you can play football effectively. Yeah Allen Bailey looks like a Tarzan action figure but he played like Jane of the Jungle Barbie getting pushed around like a girl by other teams. Just cause U look the part doesn't mean U can get the job done and he didn't.

I'm not trying to say he ran Marve off He did. Now to say he ruined Marve is ridiculous because Marve had enough sense to get away before he could. I didn't say he ruined Marve. Yeah he had the structured substitution pattern and yes he stook by it. Playing QB is different than playing WR, TB, or any other position. If Marve was the starter he should have stuck with the guy and not yanked him just to follow a stupid pattern. That position is the one on the field that you have to have 1 guy be the guy. QBs are alot like kickers, in that they have to know that they are the guy. Shannon knew what he was doing by sabatoging Marve and in the end Shannon got what was coming to him. A pink slip. Now don't get me wrong Marve was not squeeky clean either. He did some stupid stuff that just helped Shannons case for Harris. But really if U are the coach are U going to pick a guy that has mobility, a laser arm, or are U going to go with a string bean that can't throw a bar of soap and needs a psychologist on the sideline to help him cope with things.

I never said he wasn't a Cane. What does that have to do with his performance? He sucked period. Heck if somebody in my family does something stupid and they have to hear about it, I tell them straight up, don't come to me crying about it. U are what U are family or not. He was like I said average to above average as a DC. But I remember Ohio St taking him to school in that Fiesta Bowl with a slow QB who couldn't throw a spiral for nothing and one running back. Then I saw Petrino and Stephen LeFlores eat his lunch. He didn't make any adjustments or any thing just relied on the talent. Then Petrino did eat him alive at Louisville that year. Then there is the LSU game. There is a whole list of games where he had superior talent by a 100 miles and another offensive coordinator ate him up. Shannon was and is overhyped as a DC. I just call it like it is. And don't bother bringing out how the defense ranked under him cause I know what the stats say. Stats always look good when U don't play anybody or when U play a big name team they are down that year like Florida under Zook.

Maybe he will get a good coordinating position somewhere. I wish the guy the best, but just cause he is a Cane doesn't mean that I am going to turn a blind eye to him screwing my team up. Personally I thought he did a pretty good job as an analyst on ESPN. Randy looked like he knew what he was talking about.

Championships- I actually agree with what you said about RS- The most obvious example of how overrated he was (is) as a DC was when UM played LSU-

I was there. Um started the game aggressive, and was pressuring sacked their QB ( I think Flynn), and actually looked good in the beginning. But Jimbo Fisher actually ADJUSTED, and instead of passing, realized that Um had an aggressive blitzing D so he started running the ball with Flynn and handing it to Addai. As he adjusted, Shannon kept sending people in and out and they began totally looking in disarray. They were lost (why?) because their DC had no response and didnt know what to do. He was outclassed and outcoached and out thought. Period. Rather than Kehoe and Warner getting fired that week, Shannon should have been fired. But shaneh neh wouldnt dare fire a black man with a so-called rep. So Kehoe and Warner (no thanks to how bad Kyle Wright was) took the fall.

He is average at best as a DC. Horrendous as HC. What were they thinking when they hired him??

As far as UF being down under Zook, I dont buy it. They were actually fairly good, Chris Leak had not hit his stride yet, but Um had too many play makers (Roscoe parrish, Hester, etc).

Lets all move on now. Its a Golden era. Time to get real here. Play Miami ball. Golden knows what that means.

So now Shannon was not fired because he is a black man. WOW!!! I guess you should never hire a black coach or assistant coach, because you can never get rid of them. Well, lets see how that worked out for Mike Singeltary, Shannon, Perry Clark, Mike Woodson, Romeo Cromel, Byron Scott, etc. See all of those guys were hired and were fired and all except Byron Scott did under perform and were let go. There are also numerous white coaches who are hired and don't cut the mustard and are let go. See Gtr this, it has nothing to do with color, it has to do with performance. Gtr this, you sound like Al Campanis did back on Nightline in th '80's, a complete and utter moron.. What size sheet do you wear, small, medium or large?

manchestr- truth hurts dips$t. I call it as I see it. And for your d-mb a55 to compare shannon's situation in 2005 with totally irrelevenat situations is pathetic.

So you disagree, j-k off, so disagree. Truth is, many here thought his firing was race based. Well, I thought keeping him in 2005 was race based. Unless you have a better theory on why Kehoe was fired yet the Dc was kept after LSU put 40 on a supposed top 10 UM team, then, simply put,


If you know UM football and the inner workings of the program you would know that the reason that Kehoe (who was just a scapegoat in this and never deserved to be fired in the first place) and Werner (who was not a great OC in my opinion, but was also a scapegoat) were let go was due to their lack of not moving with the times as regards recruiting. There was no Twitter at the time, but texting was the new way that coaches would reach out to recruits. The NCAA has since changed the rules as regards texting, but at the time coaches were able to text away. Neither one really wanted to go that route as far as recruiting and Coker used that against them and fired them. Championships, TallyCane, Cane4Life and all the others were having an intelligent conversation and stating there views. You are the only individual who brought race into the "conversation". Reading between the lines of your comment as regards black coaches, a school or organization should never hire one because if you get them in, you can never let them go. That is asinine! As I can see by your dialogue ,or lack thereof, instead of intellectually getting your point across, you have to name call. No problem, some of us can't debate on a cerebral basis.

'Championship' did you post the info regarding Randy & the area coaches before the media? If not, it damn sure seem like you are going by what the media is saying.. hahaha

mancester united- given that YOU began the immature pi55ant name-calling after you disagreed with my post, maybe, you should go back and listen to MJ's "man in the mirror" and change your ways.

Your full of bs to say that Kehoe and werner were fired due to recruiting. Hester a bad recruit? Kyle wright? The gatorade national footballer of the year? Tyrone Moss, widely regarded as the Number 2 rb in the nation? Now, how about Defensive recruiting from 2003 on? Let's talk.

Seriously who is your source? Please.

I never said that a black coach should never be hired because he can never be fired. Yes, that is YOU reading between the lines.

For the record, Ty Willingham, in my opinion was unfairly fired. Totally.
read between these lines :stfuandacceptothers'opinionsevenifyoudisagree.

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