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Golden wants more fire -- "play like a champion,'' he says. (And new depth chart)

This much seems certain early on in the Al Golden era: he's not going to settle for his players giving just what they think is enough to get by. No way. He wants passion, he wants energy, he wants that extra intensity -- and work -- that turn a good player into a great one.

It's impressive how he has no qualms about changing the depth chart on a regular basis, based on how he feels players performed, not on how they should perform according to their star power.

"One of the things I told the coaches on Sunday when I came in and watched the whole [scrimmage film], is I want the depth chart to reflect performance, not potential,'' Golden told us before practice Tuesday. "A lot of coaches get fired waiting for someone with potential to develop. I want it based on performance. That's our depth chart, and clearly there's battles within that depth chart that we see every day here.''

It must feel good to know that even if you aren't considered a big name, you are being treated equally -- or better -- if you perform equally or better. That said, Golden complained about UM's conditioning level at this time. He said his players are in better condition than they were previously, but not good enough.

"That's a challenge for the team this week -- can we prepare, can we play with Miami toughness and will we start to play with energy and passion? That's really the challenge leaving that field at noon and being on Traz Powell [Stadium for the next scrimmage] at 10 O'Clock Saturday."

Golden said his team didn't play with the type of tempo he wanted at last week's scrimmage at Spanish River High. He said they were in "too much of a survival mode.''

I asked him to explain.

"Not trying to be the best, not trying to play like a champion, not trying to play with energy  -- just trying to survive the series or survive the play,'' he said. "We've got to get out of that."

Golden was pleased "that there weren't a lot of operational mishaps'' last weekend. "We didn't have a lot of fumbled snaps, not a lot of delay of games, not a lot of penalties. All that was good. That's part of being a little bit more disciplined.''

Some changes on the new depth chart, based on the coaches'  observations from last Saturday's scrimmage:

Jordan Futch * Linebacker Jordan Futch, who was listed as the backup to outside starter Sean Spence last week, was elevated to co-starter with Jimmy Gaines in the middle on the new depth chart released Tuesday. Golden said he really was impressed with Futch, in person and on film.

"Sweet Jesus,'' Futch said to me when I told him he had been elevated to first-teamer. (You've got to love Jordan -- great kid, great heart. He's got the passion for sure, and he can hit.)

* Mike James, who shared first-team honors with Storm Johnson and Lamar Miller, is now all by himself on top -- followed by Miller and Johnson.

* Malcolm Bunche has surpassed Seantrel Henderson as first-team left tackle.

* Shane McDermott now shares first-team duties with center Tyler Horn.

* Five tight ends are listed in alphabetical order because they're all neck-and-neck.

* Adewale Ojomo, who had a great scrimmage, is back at the starting spot at right defensive end.

* Olsen Pierre was listed at defensive end last week and is now at tackle as a co-first-teamer with Luther Robinson.

* Thomas Finnie is now listed as third-team corner, behind starter Brandon McGee and No. 2 Lee Chambers.



QB Jacory Harris or Stephen Morris, Spencer Whipple

RB Mike James, Lamar Miller, Storm Johnson

WR LaRon Byrd, Tommy Streeter

WR Travis Benjamin, Allen Hurns, Kendal Thompkins

LT Malcolm Bunche, Seantrel Henderson

LG Harland Gunn or Brandon Linder

C Tyler Horn or Shane McDermott

RG Brandon Washington, Jared Wheeler or Jermaine Barton

RT Jermaine Johnson, Ben Jones

TE (in alpha order) Blake Ayles, John Calhoun, Chase Ford, Clive Walford, Cory White


DE Adewale Ojomo, Olivier Vernon

DT Micanor Regis, Curtis Porter

DT Luther Robinson or Olsen Pierre

DE Andrew Smith, Marcus Robinson

OLB Travis Williams, CJ Holton

MLB Jimmy Gaines or Jordan Futch

OLB Sean Spence, Kelvin Cain

CB Brandon McGee, Lee Chambers, Thomas Finnie

FS Vaughn Telemaque, Andrew Swasey or Kacy Rodgers

SS Ray-Ray Armstrong, Tyrone Cornileus, A.J. Highsmith

CB JoJo Nicolas, Keion Payne or Eduardo Clements


K Jake Wieclaw, Alex Irastorza

P Jake Wieclaw, Cameron Dean, Alex Irastorza

KR Travis Benjamin, Lamar Miller

PR Travis Benjamin, Kendal Thompkins

LS Chris Ivory, Billy Sanders, Andrew Tallman

SS Chris Ivory, Tyler Horn

H Spencer Whipple, Jacory Harris






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Golden wants players to play with more fire. And to play like champions. That is in a nutshell, one of the #1 problems Miami has had for about 4 yrs running now. Ever since the last game UM played for Coker, where they came out flat against Nevada, against an NFler QB, in 30 degree whether, but put their UM hats on with Kenny Phillips' leadership, and pulled out their last bowl win, I have not seen any fire in these Hurricanes. No ba(LL)s. No fire. No guts. No energy. No swag. There I said it. Even Golden has noticed it. While there is loads of talent here, they need to come out with Hurricane pride, the likes we havent seen in years. They need to come out and put nasty hits on Defense, Ol needs to block their a55es off. rbs need to run like madmen. Seriously. And the secondary (and lbs) need to start taking the ball away (an M.O. of all past defenses).

And when they do play with fire, these current players need to stay consistent and not allow themselves to get deflated if they say, get down, or behind, and then essentially give up. they need to play like every game is a bowl game. They need to start running the score up. they need to start scoring in the redzone (always).

How can you not have swag with an international city in your backyard? With this international flavor of Miami we should be recruiting japanese sumo wrestler for DEs, shot putters from Germany as nose guards, kickers from brasil, and wedge busters from mexico. This cadre of global players would fill up the seats at Sun Life and truly think that's what Golden was getting at. Dare I say they CAN NOT get sumo wrestlers in that cesspool in gainesville to play DE so don't even try it.

I am excited, hopefully Golden will become the next Jimmy Johnson... I really can not wait for the game against OSU!!! REVENGE WILL BE SWEET!!!

Offering opinions as to any UM coaches’ short comings in a mature manor is fair game.

The issue is the crude name calling and lack of respect demonstrated by some on this board aimed at Randy Shannon and other former UM coaches’.

In the case of Randy, this garbage is particularly offensive knowing his invaluable contributions to several national championships that some "fans" are now trying to discount.

Even former UM players were suggesting his tenure as head coach had run its course, yet none of those players attacked Randy regarding his past accomplishments as they know the man and without him Miami would have a lesser legacy than it enjoys today.

Anyone claiming to be a Canes fan that calls Randy names or discounts the man for what he has brought to the "U" simply does not get what the program has been about over the last 30 plus years and should be ignored.

Finally and most importantly, Randy Shannon is the poster child of someone who has persevered through an upbringing that would have crushed a mere mortal man. Despite the enormous challenges he has faced that are well documented he rose to the pinnacle of college football. Yes, he's been knocked down and lost a job that had to mean the world to him. And one can only imagine the hurt and pain he is suffering through over this loss. But, I promise you that this man will get up and fight harder than ever and you have not heard the last of Randy Shannon. While some of us are wasting time on a message board I guarantee you that Randy Shannon is working tirelessly to find ways to better himself. He is the epitome of... "It's a Cane thing--you wouldn't understand!"

I am with you on what Coach Golden is out to make real. And the need for fire and full-on effort.
Go Canes!

There is a good exchange happening here. But it sure does get nasty from time to time!

You know, the failure of Coach Shannon to make UM a major force was very traumatic for many. Our expectations and hopes were high, since he was a true Cane, he had some tough defenses , he overcame much adversity, he was a Miami and UM native, etc. It could have been a great story, and it hurts many folks that it did not happen, no?

So, we keep trying to work it through via various discussions and posts.

All we can do is wish him well, and if need be, make an objective analysis of his performance. Some of us need to understand the WHY?

As others have said, it is the Golden era now, and all indications are that things will be better. You gotta love the intensity these coaches are bringing to the table. In time, if not right away, we will see that most players at the U are talented AND play with total heart and passion. This will be a huge change from the last several years, and one that we will welcome.

Go Canes! We are with you!

Does Muschamp say, "Play like Trailertrash today!"

Championships - I think others have pretty much covered it but just a quick line item response:

* Local media has everything to do with fans perception, it's not like you went around and talked to local HS coaches yourself, you just read what was in the papers like everyone else. I bet if we looked through the past three years of this blog before Manny's mention of Randy alienating HS coaches we wouldn't find a single complaint from you on the subject.

* Fine on the conditioning but they retained the same strength coach, I think the truth is probably somewhere between Shannon knowing absolutely nothing about conditioning and Golden being a conditioning master like he's being portrayed lately in this paper.

* And we just have a fundamental difference on Mavre, I don't think he's some superstar Shannon chased off and I don't think any quarterback with a winning mentality could be ruined by splitting time or being benched. You think Vinny Testaverde or Ken Dorsey would have been ruined if they had been benched at some point as sophmores? The favoritism with Harris was indicative of a larger problem but Mavre was a loser and remains a loser, Shannon didn't do that to him.

* Shannon's being a true cane has nothing to do with his performance but it should buy him a certain amount of respect in the eyes of true canes fans. He doesn't deserve to be called "Candy Randy" by a hurricanes fan.

Ramon Buchanan's back with the team, hopefully he can keep himself away from the grove for a while.

these are the same starters that randy shannon had last year. i don't see the difference.

Look did I say that I went around checking what the high school coaches were saying? NO. They quoted what the high school coaches said. There is a big difference in quoting someone and making a story about what someone thinks the coaches think.

If shannon doesn't know anything about conditioning then that should tell anybody that he is too dumb to be our coach. First of all wasn't he a player. Wasn't he an assistant and then a DC and he doesn't know anything about conditioning. Let me let you in on a little secret, the strength and conditioning coach gets his marching orders from the head man and for 4 years it was that nimrod and before that it was from egghead Coker. So it isn't like Swassey had free reign over the conditioning program. If he did then Shannon is the stupidest coach to ever have a head coaching job at a major university. I bet you this much we don't get pushed around like a bunch of girls this year.

I didn't say Marve was a superstar but he definitely had and has more potiential than Harris ever has. Have you ever played QB? I have and let me tell you something either you are the starter or not. That flipflopping mess never works. Just imagine Tom Brady and Peyton Manning being on the same team their rookie years and some dipstick keeps flipflopping them just to keep up with a chart. I can see that working real good.
In Dorsey's case Butch made the decision for him. He got rid of Kenny kelly after Dorsey's freshman year. Remember the bowl game against Ga Tech and how hot Kelly was. Then he pulled him for Dorsey who really stunk up the rest of the game. I think Dorsey started out 0 for 6 or something and everyone including me was thinking what the crap is he doing. He wanted Dorsey to be the guy over Kelly and luckily for him it worked out. I wouldn't say Marve is a loser though. I would say he was too smart to continually get screwed over by a head coach that doesnt know jack squat. And if Marve is a loser then what does that make Jacory? I never saw Marve go run to the sideline and go to his little happy place. It was all good when he was the hero and Shannon was screwing marve up. But now he's got to fight to win the job.

Yeah Randy was and is a Cane, I can dig that. But the fact is he sucked as a head coach and was an average DC, not the Ray Rhodes, Dom Capers or Greg Schiano some of you make him out to be. And as a player he was an average to above average LB that was the equivilent of Darryl Spencer of the Posse with Lamar Thomas, Horace Copeland and Kevin William. He was at the right time at the right place to make him look good thats it. He deserves just what he gets Candy Randy Cane Shannon.

202, U know I don't keep a written log of what I post on here to keep track of stuff like that. But I am positive I did from quotes. Now just what makes U think for one single moment that I give a S#1T what U think or anybody else for that matter thinks. HA HA HA

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