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Report: UM targeting George Mason's Larranaga

New UM athletic director Shawn Eichorst said Tuesday he was just beginning his search for a new men's basketball coach. But according to CBSSports.com Senior Writer Gary Parrish, that search may not take very long.

Citing multiple sources, Parrish reported George Mason's Jim Larranaga has had serious discussions with UM officials about its coaching vacancy and said the 61-year old has become UM's top coaching target. He also added he's not sure whether Larranaga is seriously interested or simply leveraging for more money from George Mason, which he took to the Final Four in 2006.

According to USA Today, Larranaga made a little more than $700,000 last season and signed a contract extension last year that would keep him at George Mason through 2015-2016.

We know UM has already contacted University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee coach Rob Jeter about the job as well. Jeter, 41, has been at Wisconsin-Milwaukee for five years and has a 101-89 record. His team went 19-14 this season and won the Horizon League regular season title.


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This has "bad hire" written all over it. I'm not a huge b ball fan but a 61 yr old coach!? who want's to play for that? my abuela, that's who!

Mr new AD, you're off to a bad and slow start.

This is an excellent choice. With this coach, we will be to draw upon the fans from century village to help fill th BUC.

is there anyone inside the program who knows what the f*** theyre doing? honestly... larranaga? i cant believe the ineptitude of the administration... a 61 year old coach is supposed to spark life and energy into this program and fanbase!? youve got to be f***ing kidding me... martin and pearl are sitting there for the taking. its no wonder our athletics suck right now.


He will probably bring back the old basketball "short" shorts.

If this is the case please send back Mr. Eichorst to Wisconsin.

If you think Larranaga can't excite the fan base you have no BB knowledge. Ask Jim V about him. Or ask coaches and fans in the mid Atlantic area about him, or even as Billy Donovan about him. He beat Larranaga in the Final 4 in 2006. He also went to the NCAA this year beating Villanova in the 1st round, he's won 450 games in his career, and was coach of the year this year, and national coach of the year in 2006. BTW Frank Martin has never made it to a final 4.

Oppps sorry, I meant to say ask Dickie V.

If the team wins, people will start showing up. We don't need some clown for a coach to attract attention. This guy has a great resume and is a proven winner.

I'm not much of a b-ball fan either, but Eichorst may be a Wisconsin clone of Donna, aka a liberal, and keep in mind, liberals do not like keeping score in games. It's not fair, and destroys losers self images. We can't have that now can we?

a wayward gaturd assumes various aliases to sow dissension ...
pay no mind ...
pain in the ass ...





Everything changed that Monday. George Mason's basketball team had just advanced to the 2006 Final Four, as a No. 11 seed that many observers thought shouldn't have made the NCAA tournament in the first place. But now, after the Patriots beat top-seeded Connecticut in the Elite Eight, they were college basketball's darlings.

Coach Jim Larranaga let CBS cameras follow his team the next week — the only coach in that Final Four to be so open.
-- times-dispatch


It's not the chronological age that makes a coach or person old. It's their outlook on life, health and how they relate to their players. Some guy's are old at 45, some are young at 70. I seem to remember some guy named Jim Calhoun that recently won a National Championship and he is almost 69 years of age.

We need a coach like Pearl or Martin. Let's get some energy going. Not a laid back coach.


Do you think Golden will have a day at ESPN like Muschump? That really gives FU and unfair advantage in recruiting.


Coach K is 64 years old. Winning will fill the BUC.

Maybe Coach Larranaga can get a sponsorship deal with La Granja?


I bet half of you clowns would have loved Jimmy Johnson to come back and coach the football team, well guess what he is 68 years old. Age aint S*IT

Bob McNesby!! THE BOB MCNESBY!! Heh how are ya doin? So they let you out the joint!! That's great Bob how long before they lock you up again this time?

Martin and Pearl have NEVER made it to the final 4, They've never been national coach of the year, how many conference titles have they had. Now Martin has player transferring out, and being suspended. Yeah get Martin, yeah get Pearl, who will have an NCAA so cause letter in his file. A show cause letter mean the University that hires him must show cause to the NCAA as to why they would hire him, and what steps they are going to take to monitor the program. The NCAA can also impose recruiting sanction on Pearl at the new place of employment. Real smart to hire him.

What is Miami doing tring to be cheap and save a few dollars? Soon no good coach would want to coach this team. Cough up some cash and hire a young coach 45 or youner. This dude is 61 yrs old, what are they looking for a stop gap coach?

Sanford, try learning how to spell it's TRYING not "tring"

For all of the sabelo todos in Miami that are bashing Larranaga, put your sticks away. This guy is one hell of a coach. He can recruit well, given that is at a CAA school. But, on the court, the guy is excellent (just where Haith fell short). I am a UM fan from Miami now living in Fairfax VA. I almost hate to see Jim Larranaga leave GMU because of what he has done here, enrollment is up at the school because of the BBall program. The only place I would ever want to see him go is UM, and I thought of it right away when Haith left. Don't hate on this guy, take a CANE's word on this, he would be a FIND for the University of Miami and we would all be happy to have him.

Who cares? UM will never be competitive in basketball in the ACC. College basketball is all about wooing those one and done superstars, Miami will never ever be able to compete with state schools for those guys.

As for Michael, the rocket scientist who posted above, you must be a GAYTOR! What kind of an comparison are you proposing with saying that the Gators beat GMU in the final four? SO what, that's like saying that a crippled Goliath finally was able to crush David! Florida won 2 championships in a row, that was a great team, and they beat a little old school out of the CAA with about 5% of the budget that Florida has and less than 20% of the students! And, by the way, Larranaga's team had jus beaten UCONN in the elite eight...no small feat. This guy is an excellent, national level hire if UM can get him (and don't assume that they can). UM is not an elite BBall program, I love the school and I went there!! Jim Larranaga is just the kind of guy that they need to take them to the national stage. THEN maybe they can get the young studs that you think are clamoring for this job.

Michael, you probably could not play for your abuela. That is settled, just what do you know about this possible hire? Or you just want to run your mouth?

and we are going to call K State and ask permission to talk to their coach right?????
come on if we are serious about our basketball team then why are we not looking seriously in more than one place (I do not count Milwauk-Wisc as a serious approach.)

ADB, what are you talking about that's exactly what I'm saying. The guy is a great coach. Reread my post. Miami would be lucky to get this guy. The only reason why I brought up UF is because after George Mason made it to the final 4 that's who beat them. The guy did a fabulous job. I don't know how you read my post. He's a great coach, and a Dickie V confidant.

A 62 year old, read my post he's won 450 games, been to the final 4, national coach of the year, also coached at Bowling Green where he won a MAC championship, great recruiter, great game day coach, what else does a school need. So what of he's 61.

There's no coach that UM could hire that's going to bring the desire & pride that Frank Martin would. Bring him home or they'll lose the few hoops fans they do have. How stupid are those fux in da front office? LMFAO!

Has this AD lost his mind! You have a former Miami coach who is a up incoming coach, high energy, great recruiter , has passion to the game and will get in your face if he has to. Wisconsin coach is not impressive. Frank will fill those empty seats, AD your career here will be short.

Dis U is a fuckin joke

Now larrranga?

I will never spend another dollar on um sports

A terrific coach and a first class human being. He would be a great addition to Miami's athletic program.

Just because you don't know who Larranaga doesn't mean he's not a good coach. In fact he may be able to turn this program around. How many games has Martin won vs Larranaga. Just because martin scream at his kids, hits them a looks crazy on the sidelines doesn't mean he can coach.

Yeah get a decent mid major coach!! or a assistant from a big program!

My 2 cents worth. I'm 5 monthsd short of being 61. I worked for a major co. for over 22 years. They thought I was too old to sell & represent thier co. I left rather than getting the axe. I now work for a competitor that knew me and now I'm kicking butt and taking #'s. Just becasuse this BB coach is 61 & you all do not want him give me a break. If he stays for 4-6 years and takes us places no coach has before that's all that matters. I loive in NC & everyone here thinks U of Miami is a joke. Nothing would please me more than to have a new coach that could generate a winning attitude in players. It's time for Miami to start kicking butt and taking #'s too. Who knows what the future will bring. Fill the stands, get the best recruits possible, get a winning outlook and all things are possible. ONE LAST ITEM...HAPPY EASTER TO EVERYONE Waqlk with the grace of God and all things are possible. Thanks you

Georgia Cane what are you talking about that UW coach isn't impressive. He's gone to the sweet 16 3 times, the elite 8 once. He was 25-9, and 24-9 the last 2 years, 31-5 in 2008. His overall record is 242 & 91 at UW. That seems to be pretty impressive don't you think.

I like the idea of at least targeting a guy that knows how to win and does it with less talent. Imagine what he could do with our players. In any event this is a huge upgrade from what we had should we get the guy.

Jim Larranaga would be a GREAT choice for UM! Sure, a young guy with a strong track record (see VCU coach) would be great. But Jim is a winner and this team needs a good father type to organize and guide them, not another big brother .

Jim will not accept status quo losing and just not quite making it. Watch him work if he comes on board! We have some nice talent to shape, and Jim can do the job!

Go Canes!

This has "bad hire" written all over it. I'm not a huge b ball fan

Posted by: twitter.com/HiDEFF | April 21, 2011 at 02:18 PM

Then why are you commenting on something you even state yourself you know nothing about? You are an @sshole.

Maybe Coach Larranaga can get a sponsorship deal with La Granja?


Posted by: the shadow knows | April 21, 2011 at 04:10 PM

Not only does that make absolutely no sense it very well may be the most unfunniest joke in history. You seriously should think about hanging yourself.

Who cares!!!

U are U

the last 10 Years til 2020 U will continue to be so ...

Ur next Beisbol Coach ?

Muschump? 7-5 with alleged Coach of the Decade? It's all downhill.

Hola, Soldy? Douchebag?

Anyone criticizing this potential hire is a loser and knows nothing about BB. Coach L is a great coach and this is a solid hire and the new AD is off to a great start. I live in Fairfax, VA and everyone knows how great of a coach Larranaga is. Some of the fans pulled the same nonsense criticism of Golden's hire and look how great thats turned out so far. Get your head out of your arses and stop acting like a bunch of douche's. Coach L is the real deal and is a great get for Miami and a huge loss for GMU if it happens. The U's sports programs are on the way up and if this happens the BB and football team are on their way up.

if you know anything about Jim Larranaga or truly follow college basketball then you know this would be a good hire. He's a big time coach, teacher, and a huge improvement over Frank Haith.

i still am holding out hope for Frank Martin cause he's a Miami guy and also a helluva coach. But this as a big time hire. We could have got stuck with a Frank Haith/Tommy Amaker career mediocre coach again.

plus if you really want to know how good a guy is then check out the reaction from the people who are fans of George Mason or follow the DC area basketball teams. they are all hoping Larranaga is just trying to get more money cause they know how good of a coach he is. think about the reaction we had when Haith left - everyone was happy as heII.

Great point Esteban. All reactions in the DC area (where I live) are of disappointment and regret. Everyone hopes coach L doesn't go to the U and stays at GMU. If this happens you will immediately see an improvement over Frank Haith and Martin has nothing on Larranaga. When Martin takes his team to the final four and does it with class like Larranaga then you can mention Martin in the same breath with Larranaga.

Are you all kidding? Anything will be an imporvement over Frank Haith. Watch him run his next program to the ground.

TheWhat, i don't worry about winning with class. More fun to be classless anyway. Martin has only been a head coach like 5 years. He'll have a Final Four on his resume soon enough - Elite 8 for now which isn't bad at all.

i'm always partial to Miami guys tho. born and raised and after college went right back until the last few years (also in the dc area currently).

but with all that said, i was and still am more than happy that Larranaga's looking like he might be the new coach. When they reported Amaker as a possible replacement...deep breaths...I can't even put it into words.

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