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Report: UM targeting George Mason's Larranaga

New UM athletic director Shawn Eichorst said Tuesday he was just beginning his search for a new men's basketball coach. But according to CBSSports.com Senior Writer Gary Parrish, that search may not take very long.

Citing multiple sources, Parrish reported George Mason's Jim Larranaga has had serious discussions with UM officials about its coaching vacancy and said the 61-year old has become UM's top coaching target. He also added he's not sure whether Larranaga is seriously interested or simply leveraging for more money from George Mason, which he took to the Final Four in 2006.

According to USA Today, Larranaga made a little more than $700,000 last season and signed a contract extension last year that would keep him at George Mason through 2015-2016.

We know UM has already contacted University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee coach Rob Jeter about the job as well. Jeter, 41, has been at Wisconsin-Milwaukee for five years and has a 101-89 record. His team went 19-14 this season and won the Horizon League regular season title.


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Larranaga is about to get a big pay raise from George Mason. He didn't leave them for his alma mater Providence, he won't leave them for Miami.

Esteban and TheWhat (and...ok, Michael) all make good points. There are a lot of UM bloggers out there criticizing Larranaga because they have no clue who he is. All they know is that he comes from mid-major. I'm a lifelong Cane fan from Miami now living in Fairfax, VA as well (hola TheWhat). Larranaga is revered here, he has taken the "midmajor" GMU to more NCAA tournaments than UM has gone to recently. This year they were an at large, not just a team that got in by winning some small conf. tourney. This man is a classy guy, a good communicator who will be well liked at Miami and one hell of a BBall gameday coach. He schemed up a win over UConn in 2006 with nobody over 6'8" on his team! Let's hope that we can get Jim Larranaga and welcome him to the U. As a Fairfax resident and follower of GMU hoops as well, I know they will miss him big time.

George Mason’s Jim Larranaga has agreed in principle to become the next men’s basketball coach at Miami, a source told CBSSports.com on Friday.

An official announcement is expected soon.
– gary parrish


There's no coach that UM could hire that's going to bring the desire & pride that Frank Martin would. Bring him home or they'll lose the few hoops fans they do have. How stupid are those fux in da front office? LMFAO!

Posted by: CoCane | April 21, 2011 at 06:57 PM


basketball coach we're measuring for a straightjacket: kansas state's frank martin
-- playboy


Woodstrock Says:
April 22nd, 2011 at 6:16 am
Another discount hire for UM.

On the surface this move makes little sense considering Jim Larranaga had rejected overtures from power-conference schools before. Combine that with the fact that the core of his 27-win team was returning, and there’s no obvious reason for Larranaga to leave one of the best CAA jobs for one of the worst ACC jobs … except for money.
– gary parrish


Chill out. I live in Virginia and this man CAN COACH, motivates his players and is a first class guy. Have faith.

Woodstrock Says:
April 22nd, 2011 at 6:16 am
What happened to talk of hiring some young up-and-comer?

Roy Allen Williams (born August 1, 1950) is head coach of the men’s basketball team at the University of North Carolina. … he is third all-time in the NCAA for winning percentage.
– wiki

Michael William “Mike” Krzyzewski (born February 13, 1947) is the men’s college basketball coach of the Duke Blue Devils. … he has totaled 900 career victories making him the most winning active coach
– wiki

James Camble Calhoun (born May 10, 1942) is the head coach of the University of Connecticut’s men’s basketball team. … at 68, the oldest coach to win an NCAA Division I men’s basketball title.
– wiki


Per a friend with an inside source, Larranaga’s on a charter right now to sign with the Canes. $1.2 mil/year.

GREAT HIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GREAT HIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GREAT HIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

U Con's coach is well into his 60s and won the 2010 National Championship. With age, comes experience. UCon kids still want to play for the old ball coach. I like the hire.

Not bad!!

Do you want a younger coach who barely gets U to NIT ?
Or older coach who gets an inferior team to the Final Four ?
Don't be stupid U fans !!!

Here's one that belatedly came to mind: "GREAT"!

LOL...all the experts on this board, no matter the sport....where have you been all of Miami's athletic life, how in the world did they ever win a game without all this sage advice and expert coaching analysis?

When the U was 4-7 everyone wanted to get rid of Morris, now 15-5 in the ACC and 27-13, 23-6 since the bad start and a series win over UNC on the road and now he has suddenly remembered how to coach? All the naysayers about Golden and now everyone acts like they were on his bandwagon from the start!

Some of you are just pathetic!

Without Martin the U is already consigned to more mediocrity and losing seasons? Palease!

The U got it right again and when Larranaga produces an exciting, athletic and winning team everyone will say what a great choice and they knew it all along. LOL

Blogs are so far from the real world and what is really happening that it is laughable and sad at the same time. Just saying..

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