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Scrimmage #2 almost here; and QBs, be careful tomorrow!

The countdown is on for Scrimmage #2, this one at 10 a.m. Saturday, April 9, at the north campus of Miami-Dade College. Parking opens at 8 a.m. and the gates open at 8:30. Traz Powell Stadium is at 11380 NW 27th Ave. The scrimmage is free and open to the public. Bring your sunscreen!

Guarantee you that the defense is going to be pumped for this one, as head coach Al Golden and defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio made it clear this week that players weren't as well-conditioned as they would have liked, and, basically, weren't playing with the fire and emotion they want.

"We're not playing with the toughness we need, both mental and physical toughness,'' Golden said. "We have to get more ownership from the units and particular positions.''

Golden was asked Thursday if he were comfortable with the defensive tackle position, and he said, "I'm not comfortable yet. We need more guys to step up there. We don't have quite the depth we need at that position, which is obviously a glaring issue... Clearly there's an opportunity for guys to step up."

The depth chart lists DTs Luther Robinson or Olsen Pierre at first team on one side and Micanor Regis (followed by Curtis Porter) on the other side.


Quarterbacks, who will presumably wear all white again Saturday, are absolutely off limits. But you can bet that those linebackers and linemen (and DBs, for that matter) will be looking for a sack -- and to stop the running game that decimated the defense last Saturday at the Spanish River High scrimmage.

This week I asked linebacker Jordan Futch the most fun part of scrimmages. "Making tackles and sacks,'' he said.

  I then asked him "How weird is it not being able to touch the quarterback?''

Futch: "Oh, it sort of sucks. It sucks more for them than for me, because they can't get touched now, and then they get hit in the game and it's a shocker for them. But it's OK, because it's our natural instinct to just knock the quarterback out.''

Translation: Good thing, actually, that we can't touch the quarterback.

Golden said Thursday that the Canes will probably mix in more deep passes at the Traz Powell scrimmage, "but a lot of it will be dictated by what Coach D'Onofrio calls. I'm more concerned about the decision-making process -- and are they distributing the ball accordingly?"

Shane signing I asked center Shane McDermott if it would be a little bit tougher Saturday protecting the quarterbacks, since the defense is motivated to do better.

He laughed. "It'll be a little bit tougher,'' he said. "But we'll block them.''

I asked guard Brandon Washington the same thing. "The defense feels like they didn't win last week's scrimmage,'' he said, "so I know they're going to come out harder. That means we're going to have to play even harder than we did last week.''

Brandon washington Here's a nice photo of Brandon when he played at Miami Northwestern High.

NOTE: Condolences are in order for Brandon Washington, another standup guy, who said his grandmother died a week and a half ago. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Brandon and his family.










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let's do this! let's get it on, and show us the tough running game, setting up tight end over the middle or deep ball that are not intercepeted. Let's see the DLINE step up and make them earn every inch...Mr Washington, my condolences to you and your family...make Gandma proud and pancake somebody! God Blees all my Cane brethren!

Sorry for your loss, Brandon. She's in a better place, and has her eyes on you.

Glad you're a Cane. We ARE family. (UM alum)

Traz Powell High school = international city?

And our guys aren't conditioned well enough?

Disaster all over.

Miramar Cane, aka fake curse. Go back to your trailerpark, get your sister ready for a hot night in gainesville at the armadillo BBQ and make sure your mother hangs your dirty underwear on the line and your sister takes a shower after banjos get done playing.

Posted by: The Curse of Steve Addazio

Good one! yyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnn

What time is the tail gate at traz powell?

Hey, Susan! I, and everyone else, clearly understood what Futch meant.

Your so called translation was WRONG, CLOWN!!!!

good on ya - "uninformed comments" huh?

Yea, Jon Vilma and Joaquin Gonzalez were finance majors, and I'll give you another -Bryant McKinnie was a Marine Science / Bio double major.

It can be done but the University does everything it can to discourage players from getting real degrees, these guys are ALL sociology, humanities, communications, or sports medicine majors. Those are not degrees that will make you competitive in the real job market.

They try to hide this information so the only place you'll be able to find everyone's majors is in that annual media guide, but trust me, out of the 90 or so kids on the football team you won't find 10 who will come away from UM with real degrees.

Not to beleaguer the subject but to say that these kids are given free rides and $40,000 a year educations is just not true - they work hard on the football field for their worthless degrees.

God bless you Brandon. Make your grandmother proud out there. GO CANES!

Sorry for your loss Brandon. The knowledge, love and stories that a Grandparent has is invaluable. I lost my Grandmother 3 weeks ago and the thing I will miss most is her knowledge and stories of the past. Focus on your faith, your remaining family, your books and the field and all will work out for you. All the best for Saturday and the upcoming season.

Sending good thoughts to you and your family, Brandon. Continue to make your grandmother proud!

Calling All SpUds ...

U dopes click on it twice yet ?

U'll watch Driskil at High Noon today ...

where r U ?

say again

Eudocimus implies that humanities and sociology degrees are similar to communications and sports medicine degrees in their level of difficulty and preparation for a competitive job market, and that many football players major in these areas.

First, I highly doubt that many football players are majoring in areas like English, Philosophy, History, Religious Studies, and Political Science, i.e. the humanities. I have never seen any taking these courses for anything other than general education requirements. This is probably because these are extremely research and writing intensive majors, which means they are a lot of work. Second, despite the fact that these are extremely good majors for students interested in understanding themselves, their culture, and their world, they are also actually quite good at preparing people for the job market. Philosophy majors, for instance, score better than nearly any other major, including vaunted Finance and Business majors, on the tests required for graduate study, such as the LSAT, GRE, and GMAT. Since graduate degrees are usually needed for the very best jobs it is safe to say that these degrees are quite good at preparing a student for the job market.

This team is starting to get it. Anyone on Canesport ought to access the article about Coach Franklin's Defensive line philosophy: real men regardless of adversity, don't make excuses. Wish that Fake Miramar Cane aka Fake Curse was a real man so she too could take up that philosophy.
She's now been banned from the Post and the SS so expect lots of visits here until Manny or Susan get it.

Brian - check again, Sociology is the single most common major after Undecided.

*in my waterboy voice* the []_[] can do it ayee!!!! And my condolences go out to b.wash and fam.

Hey Miramar, your new Timmy Teeblow had what 39 yards passing? Trailertrashtown USA nearly suicidal after the woeful qb performance by Driskel, and Brantley was even worse.
Wow, I guess Urban Liar knew what he was doing when he fled the scenes of the crimes (32 aRRESTED GATURDS during his tenure).
Gooo Gaaaators! LMAOROF!

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