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Scrimmage #2: Street steppin' out and looking good; Futch is "old school" Cane


  I have a feeling that this will be the year for UM receiver Tommy Streeter -- nicknamed "Street" -- to step out on that new, better route. Streeter, indeed, seems to finally be finding his way.

  Streeter finished Saturday's scrimmage at Traz Powell Stadium with six catches for 98 yards and two touchdowns -- including a 45-yarder. He made some real nice catches. After one of them, near the end of the scrimmage, he ran out of bounds right past me and was laughing and hollering and whooping it up as he sprinted with the ball.

  Street told us this story after the scrimmage (with a big smile):

  "The other day the coaches played a video in the meeting room. They had pranked us on April Fool’s [Day]. They showed me on video. They asked me, ‘What should we expect out of you this week?’

   And on film I said, ‘Go deep! Every game. Every game. Every game.’’

   Then, as soon as that was concluded, they showed a film of me not catching the deep ball. So I wanted to come out here and shut their mouths.''

   Streeter said he and his teammates wanted to enjoy themselves without feeling too much pressure. Apparently, according to more than one player, coaches have been stressing the simple idea of playing like you love the game.

   "We’re trying to get back to the passion aspect of the game and not thinking so much, but reacting and having fun out here and just playing with that real passion,'' Streeter said.

   He was asked what it felt like to have such a great scrimmage. "It feels good,'' replied the 6-5, 215-pound junior out of Miami Northwestern High. "It just shows what I’m capable of, but I’ve got a long way to go. There are a lot of plays I wasn’t happy with today that I left on the field. I don’t want to be one of those guys who show glimpses of greatness. I just want to try to work hard and be consistent and show it all the time.''


   Jordan Futch seems to have secured a place in the middle at linebacker with some more outstanding play in this scrimmage. That's not to say he's going to end up starting, because Jimmy Gaines (interception, three tackles and a great attitude) is also impressing coaches in the middle, and Kelvin Cain had seven tackles (one for a loss) Saturday.

   Futch, however, plays with such passion and intensity and joy that it's hard not to notice him. He finished with six tackles (two for losses) and two sacks Saturday. Futch slammed tailback Storm Johnson so hard on one play that Johnson went down on his back as if he had been hit by a freight train. It was kind of scary, and exciting at the same time.

    After the hit, Futch did an Old Canes type of swagger-dance. The crowd went nuts. 

    "I call it the 'Old School,' Futch said. Coach Golden has really been wanting us to come out and have fun and  [former Cane] Alonzo [Highsmith] is out here. He spoke to us yesterday. He really put the pressure on us to have some fun. I know Coach [Micheal] Barrow used to do the dance, sort of like this here, so I said, ‘I’m going to give me a little bit.’

    Golden, like everyone else, has noticed.

     "Yeah, that’s what we’re looking for,'' Golden said of Futch. "He keeps doing what he’s doing and we’re going to find a spot for him. He plays with energy, he’s tough, he’s rugged, he’s smart. I don’t know how it’s going to shake out here in the next three practices and then going into training camp, but Jordan looks like when the lights come, on he’s producing right now.''




S. Johnson, 13 for 75, 2 TD

L. Miller, 14 for 63

M. James, 5 for 33

D. Hall, 5 for 30, 2 TD

M. Hagens, 5 for 26


J. Harris, 18 of 26 (.692) for 237 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT

S. Morris, 9 of 14 (.643( for 146 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT

S. Whipple, 4 of 6 (.667) for 56 yards


C. Ford, 3 for 112 yards (long of 56)

T. Streeter, 6 for 98 yards and 2 TD (long of 45)

T. Benjamin, 2 for 61 yards and one touchdown (long of 50)

S. O'Dare, 4 for 56 yards

L. Byrd (he hurt his left knee and after a long time, limped off the field; Golden thinks it's going to be OK but we don't know for sure. Good thing is he wasn't carted off and didn't use crutches. He will be examined further by doctors, obviously) 3 for 31 yards (long of 20)

C. Walford, 3 for 31 yards (long of 19)

S. Johnson, 3 for 10 yards (long of 9)

M. James, 1 for 9 yards

J. Calhoun, 1 for 7 yards

D. Hall, 1 for 3 yards


S. Spence, 7 tackles

K. Cain, 7 tackles

A. Craig, 7 tackles and forced fumble

R. Armstrong, 6 tackles

J. Futch, 6 tackles, 2 sacks

K. Payne, 6 tackles

O. Vernon, 5 tackles, 2 sacks

A. Swasey, 5 tackles

L. Chambers, 5 tackles

Players with one sack apiece: Luther Robinson, Travis Williams, Olsen Pierre, Ramon Buchanan (yes, he played, but wasn't allowed to talk to us; he had three tackles); Adewale Ojomo, and Marcus Robinson.

One more injury, though it happened last week at practice and not at the scrimmage: safety Vaughn Telemaque showed up Saturday with a neck brace. He likely won't be playing again for a while.





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Stats look pretty good!

But, who are: S. O'Dare and A. Craig? They must be walk-ons.

I saw Vaughn on the sideline with a neck brace. Do we have any information what happened and the severity?

Sounds great. Love the fact that Futch is bringing the old Cane attitude back to the team that has sorely been missing.

Futch and Streeter shining in the same scrimmage. It's about time!

Go Canes!

I think a simple NICE says it all

Florida Gator QB John Brantley, completed only 4-of-14 passes for 45 yards with an INT and no TD's in the blue and orange spring game.

Jacory Harris went 18 of 26 (.692) for 237 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT against a much stronger defense than Brantley faced. Stephen Morris went 9 of 14 (.643) for 146 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT and our combined QB output was 383 yards with 3 TD's and 2 INT's.

Go Canes!

Sad to think of all that talent wasted during Shannon's tenure. Watch these Canes win it all this year, watch the recent graduates dominate the NFL.

Can we please always remember the formula for UM success? A relatively unknown, hungry coach from outside of the program. When Golden leaves in four years, we'll need to follow it.

Just Dance!

Who's John Brantley? N/M he plays for the Gators, thats probably why I don't know who he is.

You can find Brantley's game in the dumpster...he really sucks.

Apparently every QB Uf brings in is the second coming...

Why are we worried about Florida? F*&^ them! lol @ the guy that said we are winning it all this year. Bring down the expectations a little bit.. I hope you are right though!

Great to here about Streeter and Fuitch. We will need those two to do big things this year. What's up with the USC transfer TE Blake Ayles. How come he has no catches? Is he hurt? I really thought a change of venue would assist him in reaching his potential coming out of high school.

You can't reveal all your tricks.

I remember Michael Barrow flailing his arms after he laid out Tamarick Vanover coming over the middle in the HUGE Canes-FSU game in 1992. Nowadays it's an "excessive celebration" penalty, arrest the player, put him an jail for daring to show any emotion.
Oone of the two best hits I have evr seen in NCAA football. The other was when USC's Ray Maualuga wiped out the UCLA QB on a sideline helmet to helmet hit. Both hits were in huge games with national championship implications. I am still undecided in which hit was more lethal. The UCLA QB got up right away, Tamarick Vanover was down for a few minutes. But USC lost that game, the Canes won, preserving the long home winning sreak that eventually became a NCAA record.

Vilma's hit in the Rose Bowl against a Nebraska running back is worthy of mention along with the Barrow hit. A cornstalk was seen growing on the Rose Bowl turf a few days after that hit. LOL

Michael Barrow was such a great LB.... I don't think he ever got his fair due in Hurricanes Football lore because he was preceded, surrounded, and followed by other Canes greats during his time at UM.... and he's a naturally nice guy with a low key personality.

It was a privilege being a friend of his during my days at UM. The guy's got a heart of gold.

I remember running into him during my Med School years when i was visiting the Coral Gables campus, and now he was a Millionaire in the NFL.... It was funny, i was coming down to check out spring practice and the guy was sitting in his blacked out Escalade eating some Burger King and i said, "Hey Mike! You remember me?" (it had been at least 2-3 yrs since we last chatted), and he responded, "Hell yeah man! What's up Chris!?"

I told him i was in med school working my ass off and enjoying watching him play on Sundays. His response was this, "man that's great! Keep that up man, whatchu doin' is so much more important than what i do for a livin'. They pay all this money to play ball, but it's people like you that do the good in this world..."

I was flattered of course, but i told him, "well, i have a feeling you've got a lot to contribute besides being a great football player." We said our goodbyes and i haven't seen him since. That was probably around 1994 or 95.

Mike Barrow, again, is that quiet, low key guy at UM now training the next generation of greats there. And just because the media doesn't focus much on him, don't doubt for one minute he isn't instilling some good work and human ethics into the current players. And when he wants to motivate, all he's got to do is pull up the old clips of his hits, like the one on Tamarrick Vanover, and show these current boys how it's done.

I hope to visit for a scrimmage again some day and catch up with Coach Barrow..

Its awesome everybody is starting to compare plays made now to plays of old. Congrats to coach golden starting to bring smiles on the faces of canes fans. Love the football that is being played now by the U. Sounds like the qb's are playing smart, and skill players are making plays again. Cant wait for the regular season to start. GO CANES!!!!!!!

Stephanie, No official injury word or prognosis on VT, but in one of the post-scrimmage interviews I saw on video or read about yesterday, Sean Spence indicated that VT would be fine. Let's hope that's the case.

Conditioning. I read from someone who attended the scrimmage that the OL looked like they were "dragging ass" a bit yesterday. I wasn't there, so I don't know, but we have to hope that during the period after spring training is complete, and into the summer before fall camp, that our players work hard to achieve a level of strength and conditioning fitness that can carry them through five non-stop quarters of football running at 100% effort every down.

Winning. UTough and the will to win can win us games this year even when the balance of talent is weighted in the opposition's favor. Here again, the onus is squarely on our players to earn their championship. Nothing's for free; they have to pay their price through hard work and lots of dedication and sweat, not lots of talk. We've seen that before; talk gets you no where fast. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. The coaches have installed the right mindset, but it's up to these players to run with it at full throttle. Some are; a few aren't YET. The true winners and champions are born when players "collectively as a team" take the initiative to do all the right things on their own without a coach continuously watching, preaching, or prodding them.

anonymous cane, I remember that hit Jonathan Vilma laid on the Nebraska player. I remember that player crumbling to the ground. Yes, that hit was in the national championship game, but at the time the hit was made, the game was no longer in doubt, so there wasn;t the same emotion from a pumped up crowd. When Michaal Barrow laid out Tamarick Vanover, the Canes were fighting for their lives, fighting to keep their long home winning streak intact and fighting desperately for a national title shot. FSU had begun to take over that game, the Canes were fighting for their lives. Jus beofre that huge hit, Pat Riley made the biggest play in his entire UM career by sacking Charlie Ward for a 8 yard loss. So they crowd was in a frenzy at that point. That Pat Riley sack came just after the Canes went ahead on a lucky, desperation TD pass from Gino Torretta to Lamar Thomas. FSU got the ball right back and was poised to go right down the field to score again when Michaal Barrow made that huge hit.
I wonder how much Luther Campbell paid him for that hit.

Would like to see the DL/DT's leading in tackles and sacks. I'm sure ya'll would too?

one of the reasons people passed on tebow was how terrible he was when you made him move to his right, mayock, kiper and mcshea all said he really struggles going that way, when sec coordinators were able to make him do that those were the games they lost, as great as he was that was what nfl player personnel people were worried about and as most people can see he will be average at best , brantley is a guy that is a great pocket passer but is horrendous when you make him move, all our florida quarterbacks have issues including manuel who in the past has made one bad decision after another , like jacory,

One of the biggest mistakes Shannon made was not getting J12 to surgery early enough to practice in spring.

Another great hit, in a game I was at in the Orange Bowl, was when George Mira Jr. laid out Tim Brown trying to make a catch on a square in pattern. Needless to say, he didn't make the catch and he didn't even sniff another pass the rest of the game. My blood was boiling the rest of the game after that shot. I'm sure ready for the 'Canes of old to return!

[]_[] Go 'Canes!!!

I found this 2 minute clip on youtube about that game. Just goes to show how the 'Canes of old didn't take any smack from anyone. The bigger the game, the better they play!!!


Seems appropriate given the story above so I'll pass on a debate I was having the other night with some buddies - who is the greatest UM linebacker of all time?

Criteria is whatever you want except that only their time at UM is being judged, e.g. it ain't Ray Lewis.

I started with Dan Morgan and was talked into Ted Hendricks - others in the mix were Barrow, Winston Moss, Jessie Armstead, and Jons Vilma and Beason.

anonymous cane, I remember that hit Jonathan Vilma laid on the Nebraska player. I remember that player crumbling to the ground. Yes, that hit was in the national championship game, but at the time the hit was made, the game was no longer in doubt, so there wasn;t the same emotion from a pumped up crowd.


If Cane fandom recalls. That Rose Bowl game was LITERALLY a home game for the Herbie Cornhusker. Say it ain't so.

In fact, the crowd was NINETY PERCENT ( 90% ) full of those small town country pumkin Lil' Red minions. Get outta' here.

Eudo two you left out who need be in that discussion. Darrin Smith and one of my all time favorite Canes Nate Webster...guy was an absoulute tackling machine

I'm going back to the Jimmy Johnson era (when i was in school there and got to watch the Championships of the 80's and 90's and all the hard-core rivalry against Notre Dame and FSU.

Don't forget these greats:

1) Bernard "Tiger" Clark-- probably the most swagger-dancing Cane of them all
2) Mike Barrow, of course
3) Jesse Armstead
4) Ray Lewis

Ask Laron Byrd what it’s like to play on secondary high school fields when other NCAA teams are packing 45-75 k for their scrimmage, have jets flying over, and it’s on TV. It’s 2011 – the scrimmage can”t be on sun network.???
We have won 5 NCs in the past 30 years and we can’t get our high school stadium tour on TV? WTF???

Y'all forgot Vilma had TWO monster hits in that game against Nebraska. The one y'all mentioned on the RB. Y'all for the one on the TE...

TheSergeantMajor | April 10, 2011 at 11:41 AM

Sheesh Sarge, the above post is amazing. If you were paid by the cliche you'd own half of Miami. LOL
Still, I love the sentiment, and YES, you are 100% correct that talk is cheap, and results speak louder (paraphrased to avoid unnecessary cliches...lol)

WestCoastCane...that was terrific story you shared with us.
I preceded you by a few years...well, maybe more than a few, and I had the same good feelings about a local standout Ted Hendricks..THE MAD STORK, who i had a chance to honor, by presenting him with an Orange Key (I had been similarly honored...music).
Ted was an A student through his years at UM. Can't remember his major, but it was advanced.
He may be one of the 5 best to ever play at UM, and a GREAT guy.

I think all these guys have so much pressure on them, and we can't discount the legacy they must live up to.
I have a feeling Al will help them succeed. 9-3 and an ACC championship game APPEARANCE would be a great way to begin.

Am I wrong, or was it actually Vilma that got laid out that game?

manny, Susan...this is great stuff, especially for those of us living out of state.
Keep it comin'!!

Does Donna Shalala look a little like Golda Meir? Also Linda Robertson--another Herald writer--wrote this was a "Fickle town" for hiring a basketball coach. I would say it's not fickle it just knows to step over horse manure when it is spotted in the road.They better offer new "formerly" successful coach a lot of money to coach in a facility that could just as well be a phone booth.When the surviving former presidents of the USA have dinner together they outnumber peoplewatching the "u"

If Miami has smarter QB play, they should at least win the coastal division of the conference!

Thanks to everyone for some great Cane memories on this blog! I can feel that ferocity of yesteryear starting to emerge in new forms. Get on board!
Love the intensity of these coaches. They get it. And love the intensity of some of these kids. It is contagious, for players and fans!
Go Canes!

Great comments on here. This is the way it should be, where Canes fans can discuss the article and pose their own questions.

Armstead would be my pick for best Canes linebacker. Not due to the natural size, but due to him overcoming his lack of size, with brains and heart and effort.

Spring games don't effect our record, but they sure are effecting the excitement level before this season. Anyone wonder how upbeat this spring would have been if we had kept Shannon?

Westcoast cane and others- Barrow may be a nice guy but he is a horrible recruiter. Word is, he is a da--mend liar. he makes promises to recruits he can't keep and actually was in hot water this spring because of one particular incident with a linebacker that he tried to recruit.

You all forget Sean taylor's hits. Go on You Tube and you will see the kind of pain he elicited upon gators and Seminoles alike!

And by the way, what is up with that dump up I-75 called Trashville? Another 2 athletes arrested. I mean is there ever going to be anything done up in that garbage heap? Why would any parent want their kids to play there? the lack of coaching control of the kids, the lack of discipline, the lack of institutional self policeing is beyond words. Out of the 120 D-1 schools, this has to be the worse. It is embarasssing to the state of florida.

When are Florida athletes not in the news due to a criminal "event"? Seriously.

UM needs to find a way to get Jimmy Gaines, Jordan Futch and Sean Spence on the field at the same time. And then, there are the Kelvin Cains and others who can play some serious ball! These guys can all deliver a serious smackdown, waking the echoes of the LB greats at the U!

A nice problem to have.

I thought Kevin Nelson was the next Ray Lewis ?

Nate Webster and Bernard Clark - key omissions, my apologies.

Jessie Armstead may be the prototype for UM linebackers, a little undersized but fast, fast, fast.

Almost a shame to have Futch in the starting lineup if it keeps him from being a gunner and blocker on special teams! Hopefully some of the younger guys can step up and fill his shoes in that capacity!

My favorite UM linebacker play was Winston Moss chasing down an Oklahoma running back in the Orange Bowl all the way from the far sideline. Commentator Ara Parseghian was amazed. Great hustle play!

have jets flying over, and it’s on TV. It’s 2011 – the scrimmage can”t be on sun network.???
We have won 5 NCs in the past 30 years and we can’t get our high school stadium tour on TV? WTF???

Posted by: Miramar Cane
The only things flying over the swamp lizards scrimmage are the buzzards that feast on the putrid offensive play of Brantley, Weiss and co AND a little reminder from the folks in Tally of the absolute pasting the yellow-bellied reptiles took last year.

Parseghian was of the mindset that only Notre Dame
could do that sort of thing. He was the one who cried foul when JJ and the Canes scored so many points in the games they played when they were way ahead. Forgetting his own record of running up the score. But what do you expect from a ND Homer, just like Holtz in my opinion who only won the title because of a bad ref call in ND's 1 point win over the Canes in 88. A call the ref admitted he blew in an SI article btw.

Hard to keep the hate for Lou Holtz alive, he and Bobby Bowden evolved from detestable figures into folksy and generally adorable old men. Bowden more so because he always professes a supreme respect for UM, Holtz still trashes on us whenever he can.

Matter of fact it's not that hard, screw Dr. Lou and his awesome pep talks.

Eudo- Man, you had me boiling until you came back at the end with Lou Holtz. LOL.

Lou Holtz is the personification of the anti-cane. He dribbles and twitches and drools when the subject of Miami comes up. Despite the fact that Notre dame has had more arrests thanUM in the last 10 years, and his South Carolina team was involved in a nastier brawl against Clemson than the UM-FIU brawl, he cannot get himself to talk positively about Miami...ever. Lou Holtz benefitted form a major-league blown ref call. That call which gave them a 1 point win over Miami, essentially gave them the NC.Unfortunately, alongside him is Mark May, whose disregard and dislike for the Canes is so palpable, so obviuous,that their duo is literally the anti-cane duo.

Bowden has always been classy against Miami. He took losses in a very classsy way, and beat Um in a classy way. He never kicked a field goal to beat the spread like Urabn the Liar did.

According to Andy Katz Frank Martin is practically begging to come here and make basketball relevant and UM is doing everything it can to blow this.

Not sure what to expect from this years team but the expectations for the next three years just went throughout the roof. There is no reason we don't win 9 or 10 games this year but a national title is a little bit too much wishful thinking. There are too many teams that are reloading n we r rebuilding.

Is that the same Jordan Futch that got arrested at Fat Tuesday in the Groove????? Wow, old school Cane? Child Please...that dude is small. He needs to get in the gym.

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