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Shawn Eichorst (who?) is new UM AD; (Vaughn Telemaque update & a couple practice notes)

I admit, I knew nothing about Shawn Eichorst (IKE-horst) before I found out that he was close to being hired as the new UM athletic director.

Eichorst was announced today as UM's new athletic director to replace Kirby Hocutt.

In 2006 he joined the athletics program at Wisconsin, where UM president Donna Shalala was the former chancellor. Since 2009, Eichorst has been the deputy athletic director/chief operating officer. President Shalala is close with former Wisconsin football coach and current athletic director Barry Alvarez, so if he thinks Eichorst is great, she would value that opinion a great deal.

He's an attorney (law degree from Marquette in 1995), is a native of Lone Rock., Wis., and came to Wisconsin from South Carolina, where he served as senior associate athletics director for administration.

He played football (DB) for Wisconsin-Whitewater (1990 team captain) and graduated magna cum laude in business from UW-Whitewater in 1990.

"I am truly humbled and honored to have the tremendous opportunity to lead and build upon the University of Miami's rich tradition of excellence in athletics. Under President Donna Shalala's great vision, passion and leadership, the University of Miami has quickly developed into not only the best institution in the state of Florida, but one of the top research universities in the United States, said Eichorst in a UM release. "The success of our student-athletes - academically, athletically and socially - will always be our foremost objective and I am looking forward to working collaboratively with our coaches, staff, student-athletes, campus administration, faculty, board of trustees, donors, alumni, fans and community members to realize our full potential."

Quote from Shalala: "Shawn Eichorst has the skills, experience, and philosophy to elevate UM athletics and exceed our highest expectations.''

By the way, one of the things Eichorst is responsible for at Wisconsin is men's basketball.. Hmmmm. Maybe he'll try to persuade Wisconsin-MIlwaukee coach Rob Jeter -- a former Wisconsin assistant -- to interview for the UM job. Jeter is said to be interested in the UM job.

I'm wondering how much UM's own Tony Hernandez was considered. He's a very intelligent man, is a UM guy all the way, and a lawyer as well. Hernandez earned a Law Degree and a Bachelor's of Business Administration in Finance, both from the University of Miami. Tony was named the Deputy Director of Athletics for UM in August. He is an expert on compliance issues, and oversees that department. Tony has been groomed for years at UM, and everyone I know who knows him well thinks he is very good at what he does. He's a very nice man, to boot.

As far as Eichorst goes, I'm obviously withholding judgement because I've never met him and don't know anything about him other than what I've read.

Addendum: UM football coach Al Golden was one of the people who interviewed Eichorst, and said he approved of the hire. "I'm real excited about Shawn joining UM,'' Golden said. "He's energetic, he's exactly what we're looking for and he has been at South Carolina and Wisconsin and has great experience in athletic departments and certainly in terms of football. He wants to be here and obviously came really highly recommended from both [Wisconsin football coach] Brett Bielema and [Wisconsin athletic director] Barry Alvarez.


UM safety Vaughn Telemaque injured himself during Thursday's practice, and was transported by ambulance to the hospital. h

Telemaque, as you know, showed up to the scrimmage and was walking the sideline with a red jersey (for injured players) and a neck brace.

I heard from someone who was at Thursday's practice that coach Al Golden stopped the practice after Vaughn was hurt, and had his players make a circle around Vaughn and begin praying. Vaughn was strapped to a board and taken by ambulance.

Vaughn talked to reporters before today's practice, saying he hopes to be out of the brace by the end of the week.

 "I was pretty scared,'' he said. "It felt like a flashback of my freshman year. I'm just really excited it wasn't as serious, and I'll be back.''

  Pinched nerve? he was asked. "Something like that,'' he answered, explaining that as a freshman he had a "dead nerve'' in his shouler.

  Golden said Telemaque will “be fine. We always want to err on the side of caution when we’re dealing with the back or neck… so we are going to continue to sit him down this week.’’


  Golden was asked about TB Storm Johnson, who led the last scrimmage with 75 yards rushing and two touchdowns. Golden said (and made sure to tell us he had told Johnson this already), "if he doesn't improve his ball security and pass protection he's not going to be the starter. We need to really make progress on that here the next three practices.''

   Again, Golden lauded Jacory Harris as much improved, saying he's "impressed with the direction he's taking us right now. He's finding his checkdowns and hit some explosive strikes down the field'' during Saturday's scrimmage.

   But Golden also said Jacory still needs to improve in his "preparation, film study and being a student of the game.''

    He said he likes Stephen Morris' arm strength and the way he moves with the ball.

    He maintains Harris and Morris are in "a dead heat right now.''

    LT Seantrel Henderson was on the sideline with the injured players Tuesday.









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I was rooting for Tony to get the job.

I know they don't talk about most injuries but this one seems so serious, you'd think they'd want to let people know if he's OK or not.

Welcome to the U Family Eichorst! I'm prayin for Telemaque as well. Was hoping to see him pop somebody in the Spring Game this Saturday. My boy Dallas Crawford will be here shortly. We need D-Tackles bad in 2012 recruiting class. We need like 10.

Eichorst is Finkle!

Finkle is Eichorst!

The athletics program doesn't have a chance as long as Donna Shalala is around

Another puppet hire! Thanks puppet master! How much longer will Shalala be aloud to ruin UM Athletics?

All you people crying about Shalala hiring a Wisconsin guy for AD were praising her for hiring a UM guy in Randy Shannon and torching her for hiring Al Golden (until he opened his mouth at the press conference).

She's the president of the university, she's not strapping up and playing and she's not coaching the kids. Let it go.

Another Lilly White UM AD..in the middle of multi cultural Miami...what a shame once again UM, it officially ends today.

If he brings in a quality basketball coach and does a nice job and puts his heart into the U...Great Hire.

Nobody knows yet so you just have to trust the judgement of those in charge...oops so..

She's the president of the university and makes the ultimate decisions. It all starts from the top "Eudocimus", I can't remember a time when Miami was hiring everybody's backups.

I don't know the first thing about what makes a great AD, and noone else on this blog does either. I like the fact that he's overseen the construction of lots of multi-million dollar facilities, and he seems to have a good pedigree. Hochutt was great because of fund-raising, something I thought would be a big issue in this hire. I hope he's good at it as well.

How old is he?

Exactly, no offense Cane Fan but you don't remember anything about where Miami has hired its ADs from, no one does. Who came before Paul Dee? Who came before that? Who cares?

The important thing is that they hire and support a good football coach, and I think they've done that.

Sam Janovich was the AD before Dee. I think most real Canes fans would remember that.

Excuse me, ChicagoCane and Eudocimus. I happen to have been an AD before and Head Coach somewhere. I am a very concerned U Fan and bleed green and orange. Age and color doesn't matter; can they get the job done, IN MIAMI, is what matters. With no support from above, the programs are in trouble. It doesn't matter who you bring in.

There are two philosophies on hiring a top official at a University. One, you can go get the experienced person that's been there or done that or, and this is my preference, go to an outstanding university and hire their number 2 person. I assure you, the number 2 person does a lot of what makes the head person successful. Great hire in my book and the right philosophy for success.

NC Cane, you are absolutely wrong. It was not Jankovich. It was Dave Maggard. I would think most real Cane fans would remember that.

Are you one?

I was 6 years old when Paul Dee was hired.

And all due respect for experienced opinions Concerned but I don't think most UM fans care about our athletic programs, they just care about football. We've got a coach, he seems like a good one. And the football team has been wildly successful in the past with a lack of support and even all out sabotage from above.

Shalala is no worse for the program than Tad Foote was - she may not know what she's doing but I promise you she cares about how the team does. I was up in the presidents box a few years back (thursday night texas A&M game) and she couldn't bear to watch the big downs, she literally had to walk outside the room and wait until she heard the reaction.

Nervous eater too, downed four hotdogs before halftime.

True story.

Listen to that- To bring success "academically, athletically, and socially". Whaaaaaaaaaat?

It should be:

#1 Athletic success
#2 Academic success

Social success has nothing. Zero do do with it.

I already dont like this cheese head hand picked by the garden gnome who has destroyed the football program with her dreams of converting UM into a Duke or Stanford.

He'll last as long as Kirby Hocutt... That is, unless a NC is won.

And Telemaque... What the... What happened? A neck injury? How?

Damn the Harvard basketball coach turned us down.

Glad to hear Telemaque was up and about Saturday. These kids have to stay healthy this season. We won't be able to handle numerous injuries and be able to stay competitive this season.



FRANK MARTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad Amaker turned us down that would have been a bad hire. Hopefully Eichorst is now given the power to conduct his own search for head basketball coach which is what should have been done from the beginning. You hire an AD first and then you begin your search for a basketball coach. DUH!!!! Hopefully he interviews his own candidates and Frank Martin is one of them. He is the right guy for the job!!! Any one of the other names currently being floated would be bad hires. Mike Davis, Rob Jeter Give me a break!!! Go get Martin NOW!!!!

Really? This is the best that they could do? Really? This athletic department is going to $h!t.

His hometown is Lone Rock, WI (about 40 miles west of Madison). I've seen it incorrectly as Long Rock in a couple of places on this site.

a good hire, he'll do well, Tony is a good man but give him a little more time and he'll be ready for a similar post.

AndySlater Andy Slater
RT @espn4d Has any basketball coach ever turned down the ACC to stay in the Ivy League before? <<< what's that say about Univ of Miami?

The University of Miami has UF fans reading twitter posts for news on the University of Miami's basketball coaching search.

What's that say about the University of Florida?

Hey we hired Alfred E Newman

U know, Amaker turned U down. But U are the "Harvard of the South" right? It does not matter who coaches until U get an indoor stadium.

The U is simply not in a basketball town. Period. BTW: Jankovich wasn't bad. Looks like we got a Wisconsin connection going. That is not good.

U shoud've kept RS and why let Haith go? Think about it.

UM football coach Al Golden was one of the people who interviewed Eichorst, and said he approved of the hire.


Wonder if Goldie talked with him about what 3rd. rate Coach Eichole would hire when he bolts for Penn. State in 2 years ?

Should've kept RS and not let Haith go? Are U f-ing retarded. Why so they could keep screwing us up. Good ridence to the both of them.

Its good haith got another job they probably would have fired him. Why doesnt anyone talk about the terrible job morris is doing? Media hardly ever writes about them.

Anyone else think UM's new athletic director looks like the adult "Shermanator" from American Pie?


If Golden is excited with the hire then I think it was probably a good hire, but only time will tell.

Golden's got that great hard-nosed old school football attitude, and it's such a refreshing thing around here. It's great how he's challenging Storm to expand his skill set, not just become an explosive back.

And as for Harris vs. Morris...where's September when you need it, im craving some 'Canes football.

What's up with us getting another red head lol

Coach Golden led the team in prayer around Telemaque = #totalfancrush.

Tony Hernandez seems to be invaluable to the university. Although he wasn't chosen for the AD position, I hope he stays on in his current capacity.

Good news on Vaughn Telemaque.

Susan/Manny, Curious as to why Kevin Nelson's not on Saturday's spring game roster. Any reason? Still not in football shape maybe?

Hope he can make the U with his hands better than Shalalala

Eichorst is a young, smart guy with good credentials. Who cares what color he is, other than some of the whiners who post here?

For you complainers. what big-time job do YOU know of that doesn't require networking and connections> That's the way the world works!

And by the way, Wisconsin embarassed UM not long ago in a bowl game. It was men against boys. Maybe that will carry over, given our new coaches and AD.

Go Canes!

dbc- Wisconsin was the 2nd best team in the Big 10 and the only reasonyou could call it "embarassing" was because UM lost despite our greater speed, no thanks to another jacorry special. Nonetheless, they beat us by... 6 points. Were you there? Is a 6 pt win enough to qualify as Men vs boys? And what does that have to do with how UM or Wisconsin plays on the field? Did Eichorst suit up for the game?

Here is a name for 2012:

Fort Myers Bishop verot hs Jordan Diggs. 6-1 195 lb safety. Beast written all over him. The real deal. unless, UM coaches do their typical thing and sc-ew Fort Myers kids.

Jacorry Harris seems to be hitting on almost all cylinders this spring. What gives? Is his hand (thumb) healed? Is he more confident? Is he more relaxed/ Is this offense more to his liking (as opposed) to Whipple's ridiculous play-calling? Is this coaching staff truly going to bring out the best in this young man? I'll tell you, if J12 has a great season (limiting the ints predominantly), we can all finally confirm the "theories" of how poorly coached this team has been since 2008

True enough good on ya but remember that Jacory Harris has had two fantastic offseasons in a row.

Remember last year? He learned to throw the ball away and wasn't going to throw any more interceptions.

good on ya,

Fair enough.

When Miami played Wisconsin, we had the superior athletes. They dominated our team with intensity, focus and discipline, and better coaching (see repeated passes to tight end that we couldn't defend). Although we were faster and more athletic, it was not an advantage as it should have been. UM was nonchalant (watch that end under Golden, by the way) and didn't play with 1/2 of the intensity that Wisconsin did. It was men on the field versus boys in terms of attitude and passion to win, not size and speed.

And, athletic directors help set the tone in sports programs. Although our new AD was a Deputy, I am sure that he impacted coaches, player selection, fan support and the general vibe in the Athletic Department.

In that regard, Wisconsin athletics has been known for gritty play under Coach Alvarez and then Coach Bielema, and for disciplined, not "me first" play on the basketball court. ADs etc. don't suit up, but they help set the tone for their teams and what they bring to the field.

The Canes have been a team tht saunters up to the ball on offense, and may give half-hearted effort on the field. Watch that change with Golden, D'Onofrio, Kehoe et al. They will bring men of passion and intensity to the field, not NFL wannabees who don't play all out on every down. Wisconsin does. And with the right coaching and leadership of our athletic program, every UM athlete, in addition to many of our current kids, will as well.

No, I wasn't at that game, living several thousand miles away as I do. I have played football and watched football for a long time. And it doesn't take a genius to see when a team is dogging it, and coaches are not getting the best out of their players.

As always, one alum's opinion...

One thing we seemed to have learned from the Coker and Shannon eras was that you go with experienced coaches and leaders. Eichorst has been AD with two pretty successful athletic programs. I admire Hernandez for keeping the U's nose clean in compliance considering how UF and FSU couldnt. That is his expertise at this time and maybe some institution will want an AD for a cleanup..kinda like UNC.

Having a mentor like Barry Alvarez is a big thing to me...I think Shawn will be exceptional

Too bad but I hope it will turn out good though.

let's join our hands together to stop this kind of wrong doings. It may risk lives in the future if we just let them continue.

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