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Spring Game Rosters decided (Who do you think will win?)

Two UM alums who won an online auction sponsored by the university selected the teams (with help from UM's coordinators) for Saturday's spring game.

Jimmy Farrell, from Orlando, conferred with offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch.

Tony Alhadeff, from Weston, conferred with defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio.

Farrell picked first and chose quarterback Jacory Harris.

Alhadeff then chose running back Lamar Miller.

Farrell's next pick: linebacker Sean Spence.

Alhadeff's next pick: receiver Travis Benjamin.

HERE ARE THE ROSTERS (drumbeat.....)

ORANGE TEAM (Farrell/Fisch)

DB Ray-Ray Armstrong
WR Chad Barnes
OL Malcolm Bunche
WR LaRon Byrd
TE John Calhoun
DB Lee Chambers
DB Eduardo Clements
P/K Cameron Dean
DE Chris Dunckel
OL Jonathan Feliciano
DB Thomas Finnie
TE Chase Ford
LB James Gaines
DB Nathan Gholston
QB Jacory Harris
LB C.J. Holton
DB Kenneth Jackson
RB Mike James
OL Jermaine Johnson
RB Storm Johnson
LB Erik Lichter
OL Brandon Linder
OL Shane McDermott
DE David Perry
DE Olsen Pierre
DL Curtis Porter
DL Luther Robinson
DE Marcus Robinson
DB Kacy Rodgers
TE Billy Sanders
LB Sean Spence
WR Tommy Streeter
DE Matthew Sweet
TE Andrew Tallman
DB Jordan Tolson
OL Jared Wheeler
TE Cory White
P/K Jake Wieclaw
LB Travis Williams

GREEN TEAM (Alhadeff/D'Onofrio)

TE Blake Ayles
OL Jermaine Barton
WR Travis Benjamin
DL Jeffrey Brown
LB Ramon Buchanan
LB Kelvin Cain
DB Tyrone Cornelius
LB Akil Craig
DB Devont'a Davis
LB Jordan Futch
LB Sean Goldstein
OL Harland Gunn
RB Maurice Hagens
RB Darion Hall
DB Alonzo Highsmith
P/K Ben Hopfinger
OL Tyler Horn
P/K Alex Irastorza
LS Chris Ivory
DB Curt Johnsen
OL Ben Jones
DL Jeremy Lewis
OL Eduardo Lopez
DB Brandon McGee
RB Lamar Miller
QB Stephen Morris
DB JoJo Nicolas
WR Shawn O'Dare
DL Adewale Ojomo
DB Keion Payne
DL Micanor Regis
DB Jamal Reid
DB Andrew Swasey
WR Kendal Thompkins
RB David Thompson
DE Olivier Vernon
TE Clive Walford
OL Brandon Washington
QB Spencer Whipple

Any thoughts?

The spring game is at noon Saturday at Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale. Parking opens at 8:30 a.m. at the south side. Tailgating is allowed. Gates A and B open at 9:30 a.m. Golden Cane and Football Club reception is at 9:30 a.m.

An autograph session begins at 10 a.m.

560 WQAM radio will broadcast the game.

CSS will televise the game the next day at 5 p.m.

As you probably know by now, the Heat will open their playoffs at 3:30 p.m. Saturday (ABC). So I guess it will be a fun sports marathon Saturday for UM fans.








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What is this? the NHL all-star game?

We need this game to get back to winning SHIPS and we're letting people pick the teams?

Okay...why are we trying to be cute with this roster auction nonsense? Things like this look fine now, but lose the first game to Maryland and its this type of nonsense that will serve as a basis for people to start questioning Golden's decision making.

where is seantrel henderson?

Fans please come on here and defend golden about this. please tell us again how he has a back winning cships again before even coaching a game.

I have a thought Susan:

Obviously UM fans are going to be upset the spring game isn't being treated as an all-important opportunity to test very specifically chosen lineups and combinations, even if the coordinators did make most of the picks. Can you try to find out when this auction was held, whether it was before or after Al Golden was hired?

It probably matters to most UM fans.

Its a spring game you massive tools....chill the F out. Maybe he's trying to get fans involved since this team can only draw 10K fans cause the rest are on boards ripping them for any little thing. They will prepare for Maryland in the fall, you all-knowing Lombardi types. I bet Golden as coached a game or two more than you and I have.

This is hilarious. Next thing you know Uncle Luke is going to run for mayor.

That doesn't get the fans involved, it gets two big donors involved for an afternoon of fantasy football.

I'm not saying it's that big a deal or that the game even matters, just that most fans are unreasonable and aren't going to like it.

And I'm guessing that auction happened a while ago, I'm hoping that Ms. Miller Degnan can clear his name.

The auction happened on Golden's watch. He mentioned it a few weeks ago and yes he is trying to get some fan involvement with this program. People tend to forget that just a few short months ago fans and former Canes alike where left out in the dark concerning all things UM football. Be greatful that a new day (and new team) is rising!

Maybe if he gets the right fans involved they'll pony up for a stadium.

This is a dumb idea. I like hat Gold has done thus far but this is too much.

Eudocimus and others: This was a recent thing, but I doubt Coach Golden was the one who initiated it (probably marketing or folks on the periphery). He knew it was happening but said yesterday he really didn't know much about the details and would let us know after he found out.

However, it seems like he liked the idea. He mentioned that he thought it would be a fun thing for the fans.

I talked with D Coordinator Mark D'Onofrio yesterday, and he told me the scrimmage will be very simple and basic because it is being televised (shown next day) and too many eyes will see it.

He did say coaches expect the guys to get things done efficiently and quickly. Expect a base defense and simple offense -- nothing too tricky or strange or original.

Seantrel Henderson won't compete because he is injured (undisclosed). Some other guys you don't see on the rosters are also injured.

I will ask Coach Golden about the auction tomorrow.


I love the idea! Tired of the offense vs defense Shannon practice.. This is how the rest of the nations does the spring game.. I'm excited to see true competition! Go Canes!

Too many people will see the scrimmage? What happened to the days when we didn't care who saw what? We need to get back to when everyone knew what we were going to run and still could not stop it. Espnu has at least three spring games on daily.

The auction ended about 2 weeks ago. it started @ $500 for each team on hurricanesports.com

The teams seem pretty even, and we still have all of fall practice which won't involve fans making decisions so I don't care. As long as Golden changes the work ethic and attitude of this team , I really don't care if two alums pick the spring game teams.

And this is why I hate you people. Eudickinmyass is the biggest toolbag on this site. Just STFU and chill out. It's a spring game. Crying like a bunch of girls over a fun way to get fans involved. The auction was open to the public, not just donors. It was on the Canes all access site. I saw it 2 weeks ago. You act like they don't practice with these kids day in and day out. I'm sure they've seen every lineup and combination you could fathom. If you knew better you'd be coaching, not criticizing every decision the coach makes.

Personally I like this idea and way of doing the spring game. This way you get equal teams and great competition among the players which breeds great teams. I don't know if other teams do this or not but it makes a lot of sense. Some jerkoffs won't be happy with anything that coach Golden does but then again who cares what they like or not. I guarantee U one thing, this team will be alot better this year than any since the 02 team that was screwed out of the National Title.

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity. It’s a tremendous world-class institution, a world-class city. Talent-rich. I think people have a great passion for the University of Miami. I embrace the opportunity. I have been to a lot of different places. I think the key is to being positive to your approach and being committed to your organization. I am committed to the University of Miami.”


what else what U be looking forward to come Winter ?

Committed huh ?

U got that right U puppet

“I’m real excited about Shawn joining UM,” Golden said. “He’s energetic, he’s exactly what we’re looking for and he has been at South Carolina and Wisconsin and has great experience in athletic departments and certainly in terms of football. He wants to be here and obviously came really highly recommended.”

Added Eichorst: “The more I learned more about Al Golden … I couldn’t wait to get there. He is by far one of the most impressive coaches in this business. That really had a big bearing on taking the opportunity at Miami. When Barry Alvarez says a coach is special, that says something.”


U damn right Badger Boy ... U , Barry and Goldie can all have smores together in Happy Valley come 2013


U Cane fans that get it ...

R U really buying into this bUllSheet ?

The Canes have been a team tht saunters up to the ball on offense, and may give half-hearted effort on the field. Watch that change with Golden, D'Onofrio, Kehoe et al. They will bring men of passion and intensity to the field, not NFL wannabees who don't play all out on every down. Wisconsin does. And with the right coaching and leadership of our athletic program, every UM athlete, in addition to many of our current kids, will as well.

No, I wasn't at that game, living several thousand miles away as I do. I have played football and watched football for a long time. And it doesn't take a genius to see when a team is dogging it, and coaches are not getting the best out of their players.

As always, one alum's opinion...

Posted by: dbc | April 13, 2011 at 06:58 PM


U use a word like saunter to describe what Ur team has been doing the last 8 years and U still wonder why ?


but Uwe back correct ?

As Always U clUck

where is seantrel henderson?

Posted by: E K | April 13, 2011 at 08:52 PM


Well, it looks like the U will do anything to raise a $. It may be a good idea, it may be a bad idea, we will probably never know, but one thing is for sure, the spring game should be held in Miami, that's were the campus is, that is where the majority of the season ticket holders live. Plain and simple, get these season ticket holders, alums and supporters back on campus. Have the spring game at the soccer stadium, it would be standing room only and it would get everyone back on campus.....

60K student diploma mill, alleged five stars all over the roster, millions in booster money, and....... 7-5 and no QB or O-line depth.

...sound like some Podunk hillbilly institution anyone knows?

Yep, Miramar douche. And what's with the rhetorical questions dominating your posts? No original thoughts in that fat un-shampooed-in-2011 head of yours?

Where's Seantrel Henderson????????????

you guys are biittcchhinnng over a spring game??? wow...I like the 'green' team by the way....

I don't know why everyone is questioning the lineup. Isn't this how spring football is done, even in High School? The two coordinators pick teams like you would in the ole sandlot.

I'm pretty sure we've done this at least the past four years. Spreads the competition around, creates a challenge, etc.


Oops, I guess I should read the article! lol

Two alums, tow coordinators, who cares? You always pick teams in the spring. It's not the ones vs. the twos. You get plenty of that all the other days. It's fun to play against the guy you line up with.

Posted by: The Pig is still at it.

Not me....just got up and got class in a few.

Thanks Susan!

I didn't say it bothered me, just that it would bother most UM fans because sports fans in general are unreasonable.

It's like everyoe freaking out over Golden's vacation, everyone expects them to just go 100% all day every day.

All that thought being put into depth charts for practices and they let two strangers pick the teams? Just seems odd. But with the auction starting at $500, I'm sure whoever those guys are they're pretty knowledgeable fans.

you guys are retarted. who cares who picks the spring game roster. it's a way of getting fans involved and excited about UM Football again. I like the move.

Some Canes fans sicken me. Do you actually think the spring game actually matters come September? It has always been for the fans, hence the autograph session etc. Yes, they are going to compete but this is a show for the fans as much as it is for position battles. I see nothing wrong with the auction and think it's a creative way to get donations. I get frustrated reading some of the negative comments....from the same people of course. Some of you want to micromanage every detail of this program but yet you are the ones probably sitting at home on Saturdays. For once shut up and support the program and give Coach Golden a shot to turn this ship around.

It certainly is a departure from the usual 1's versus 1's, 2's versus 2's, 1's versus 2's format that we're used to. But, hey, it's SPRING BALL! Lighten up and go watch 'em play

Most of you hear who complain about what Golden did here are idiots....relax...it's SPRING!!!

Just win ships don't care how about anything else!!!!!!!!

I want Golden fired if he does not win an ACC ship this year!!!!!!!

I like it. I think it matches what a lot of teams around the country are doing these days. In the past we've done just offense vs. defense, but I don't think we got a chance to see guys play a lot. This way, I think we see how a lot of guys will play in a near full game experience.

As for who will win, here's what it looks the lineups will be based on what I've heard through the offseason so far:

QB: J. Harris
RB: S. Johnson/M. James
WR: L. Byrd
WR: T. Streeter
TE: C. Ford
OT: M. Bunche
OT: J. Johnson
OG: J. Wheeler
OG: B. Linder
OC: S. McDermott

DE: M. Robinson
DE: D. Perry
DT: C. Porter
DT: O. Pierre
LB: S. Spence
LB: J. Gaines
LB: T. Williams
CB: T. Finnie
CB: E. Clements
SS: R. Armstrong
FS: K. Rodgers

QB: S. Morris
RB: L. Miller/M. Hagens
WR: T. Benjamin
WR: K. Thomkins
TE: B. Ayles
OT: B. Jones
OT: J. Barton
OG: B. Washington
OG: H. Gunn
OC: T. Horn

DE: O. Vernon
DE: A. Ojomo
DT: M. Regis
DT: J. Lewis
LB: K. Cain
LB: J. Futch
LB: R. Buchanan
CB: B. McGee
CB: J. Nicolas
SS: J. Reid
FS: A. Swasey

I think it's interesting that the Orange Team - picked by Farrell and OC Jedd Fisch - has the better offense, while the Green team - picked by Alhadeff and DC Mark D'Onofrio - has the better defense.

All said and done, I think the Orange Team takes it. Looking forward to the game either way though!

I never imagined that the U had so many cry babies for fans. One thing I notice about UM fans from reading the boards is that they make a mountain out of a mole. As so many before me have stated. It's a spring game. The coach is trying to get the fans involved in hopes of getting more bodies into the stadium.

Coach Shannon didn't get the fans involved, you bitched about that. Coach Golden is attempting to get the fans involved and you are still bitching. What the F do you want?

Get over yourselves, stop complaining and support your team. The guy just came and you are not really giving him a chance to see the method behind his madness and already you're running your mouths needlessly.

Coach Golden, do you! Do what you feel is the best way to prepare those young men to perform on Saturdays. People will add their 2 cents whether or not you asked them for it. I am sure you know that by now.

I couldn't care one iota less how the staff chooses the SPRING GAME rosters. The Spring Game. As in on April 16, 2011. Not September. April. Get a grip.

I'll be at the game. Will U? Probably not. Jokesters.

I am stunned that someone would be upset by this. I think Green has the win, but it depends on the playcalling.

Since so many of these guys are battling for 1 or 2, it is MUCH better to have a mix of 1 and 2 players on each team, versus having 1 versus 1 and 2 versus 2. After all, these guys that are marked as 2s in some cases will be 1s when the season starts.

I wonder how the draft order worked out. Who picked the first QB, who picked the first RB, etc.

And I bet that next year's auction gets even bigger, with folks bidding big for the chance to be a Spring Game GM.

Cmon, guys, you KNOW you are just mad that you didn't win the auction.

More money for the program, more intrigue for the game, and more press coverage for the cutting edge fundraising idea.

Better than watching the first team offense struggle against the second team defense like UF fans had to go through. Now THAT was a horrible spring game based on the reports from Gator fans on twitter.

i agree
most of you all should stifle it
the spring game means nothing and is basically
for the fans. think about it, like when offense plays defense.


sit back. enjoy. check out the players

and stfu

Susan - is there anyway we can find out why UM dropped out of the top ten of Playboy's Top Party Schools? Is this just another blow to duh u all around or is this a cause/effect to our athletic program/celebrations?

As others have said, I think it's important that we keep this game in the proper perspective. It's a spring game, and while it serves as an important gauge to see where the team is now we must remember it's not September. How much do any of us know about what is really going on behind the scenes? Nothing. We shouldn't pass judgement on Golden for this just yet. The man literally has a plan to make this team a winner. Chill out and give him a chance. There's no reason why the team can't have a little fun with the spring game.

I had the chance to take part in the spring game "draft" as a guest of one of the auction winners, and it was an unbelievable experience. Sitting in with the coaches for an hour or so really was an opportunity I never thought I would have in my lifetime, and honestly, they're going to pick the teams anyways, so why not let a couple of solid alums/fans come in and be a part of it? Before Golden, this kind of access wasn't allowed, and I think he and his staff are doing a tremendous job of changing that culture, where you and I, the fans, will feel more connected to the program than ever before. It was a truly awesome experience and the spring game should be exciting on Saturday (by the way these guys were working on the practice field - both coaches and players, I expect serious competition from EVERYONE out there)! Over 200 current and ex-players will be on the sidelines watching the current 'Canes from what we heard on Tuesday...

I got Orange with Spence, James and Storm.

Where is Henderson, though?

Yea our fans need to sit back and just be fans which just consist of support and encouragement. Golden is the only chief and a lot of fans are acting like they are the chief and whenever you have a situation with too many chiefs and not enough indians its never a smooth process. Well anyways it should be a good game but I feel the Orange team should win. I like the Orange teams oline waaay better then the green teams oline. Orange team also have 2 out of the dynamic 3 rbs and have the big wideouts.

I am embarrassed that my fellow cane fans can't handle creativity in coaching. Everyone of them has their thumb on the "fire" button, ready to hit it at their slightest panic. Idiocy comes to mind.

it nothing wrong with it.

1 the U needs the fans to show up, that about 3 million a game for tickets, each home game.

2. the first few team that the canes play will not have a clue because they didnt see much at the spring game

3. the players should be able to have some fun, just so long as the fans are not calling the plays its ok.

4. people want to see what happens with this experiment, its getting attention , just as planed

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