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Run, Hurricanes, run! -- at first spring scrimmage.

About 3,000 UM fans showed up to Spanish River High School on a beautiful, but very hot Saturday morning in Boca Raton. Palm Beach County fans really came up big for the Canes. The capacity was 2,600, and there was standing room only.

Those UM running backs showed why coach Al Golden has three of them -- Mike James, Lamar Miller and Storm Johnson -- all listed as first-teamers. They are mighty good, can catch the ball out of the backfield, are evasive, strong, nimble and invaluable to what this team could achieve this fall.

Offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch getting the tailbacks involved with those short dump passes reminds me of the days that Willis McGahee would take a five-yard toss and turn it into a 60-yard gain.

Mike James had 14 carries for 89 yards and three catches for 35 yards, including a 16-yard touchdown reception from Harris.

Lamar Miller had nine carries for 58 yards, a 2-yard rushing touchdown and one catch for 9 yards.

Storm Johnson had 11 carries for 63 yards and four catches for 39 yards, including a 13-yard touchdown thrown by Morris.

The running game, which included Maurice Hagens and John Calhoun, combined for 234 yards on 41 carries -- a 5.7-yard-per carry average.

Jacory Harris completed 14 of 21 passes for 120 yards and the touchdown to Mike James. Jacory also ran for a 2-yard score.

Stephen Morris completed 7 of 13 passes for 93 yards and a 13-yard touchdown to Johnson. Morris ran for a 20-yard touchdown.

Travis Benjamin had four catches for 49 yards and two rushes for 26 yards -- including a nice 17-yard reverse.

Defensively, linebacker Jordan Futch led the team with nine tackles and two sacks, a real bright spot for Futch, who had switched to tight end before the bowl because he wasn't getting a real opportunity to play at linebacker. He's definitely back where he belongs.

Linebacker Sean Spence had eight tackles -- with three tackles for losses and two sacks.

Safety Vaughn Telemaque had seven tackles and one pass deflection on a beautifully thrown deep ball by Jacory Harris to LaRon Byrd just outside the goal line. It seems like Byrd should have come up with it, but we were across the field and pretty far away at an angle.

Defensive end Adewale Ojomo, who had gone from first team to second team in the latest depth chart, had a very strong outing, with six tackles (four for losses) and two sacks.

Travis Williams also had a very good day, with seven tackles (two for losses) and one sack.

It was tough to at times truly see how dominant the defense will be, as quarterbacks, who were the only players on the field with white uniforms, were not to be touched.

In the kicking department, Jake Wieclaw missed a 49-yard field goal attempt. The ball fell short. Walk-on Ben Hopfinger from St. Thomas Aquinas hit a 22-yard field goal. Good for Hopfinger. Hope he can hit the long ones. UM will get two kickers (one punter) in the fall, but the Canes are really hurting now in this area.

Also, Coach Golden praised tight end Clive Walford, who had a 19-yard catch. "Clive looks like he's going to be a factor for us at tight end, so that's exciting,'' Golden said. "He was a basketball kid that was made a tight end. What I'm seeing now is his strength and development. He's not 230 anymore, he's 250. He's more of a presence on the line of scrimmage. He's got really good ball skills.''

Walford is listed as 6-4 in height and will be a redshirt freshman. He played at Belle Glade Glades Central High School.

P.S. For Eudocimus: You're right about the depth chart. Sorry about that. I know it's too late now, but next time we get a new one, I'll get the full one up -- plus the changes.





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Run RUn . Thats the key to success

Thanks for the speedy update Susan. Wish I coulda been there!

Great turn out by Cane nation in the 561! Very impressive, there is a lot of good will out there for The U.

im glad to hear the defense had a great outing, but it sounds like the offensive line still needs to improve dramatically.ITS ALL ABOUT THE U!

no int's? am i seeing that right? with this team, nobody should more than 2 games, how has that not happened prior to this year?

thatz nobody should lose more than 2 games with this team, i dunno know how U manager to lose so many games

You're right, Cool Cat! No picks. Short passes!! Then run. Coach Golden said the Canes will take more shots down field, but he wanted to start out like this today.

Was it intense?! That's what I want to know...were they headbanging

Yes, they were. But honestly, when you can't touch the quarterback, it definitely changes the dynamic of the play. And they didn't kick off like in a real game. They'd start on the 45-yard line sometimes, or 35...

Did one of the QBs gain an edge on the starting job?

SamCane, Neither quarterback was spectacular. If they had to pick, they'd probably pick Jacory. Neither qb threw an interception. Jacory did fumble a snap. Right now, I'd say it's important the rbs stay healthy and the tight ends and receivers do a great job of blocking... Jacory said he'll take the yards for his team anyway he can get them, and if that means short passes and long runs, especially if they lead to tds, it'll work. UM needs help in its red-zone offense.

Needs redzone offense help? Don't forget QB, LB,CB, ST's, TE. Those all pretty much stink

Anything you can share on how our young secondary looked, Susan?

No picks, no fumbles, only one offsides penalty? Sounds like a HUGE improvement already over last year. I have confidence The U will make a respectable showing for next season. The talent was always there last year, but the fire and the fundamentals were not. Sounds like the O&G have improved on all three fronts. Glad to hear there was such a strong showing. Looking forward to the Spring Game. GO CANES!

theblacksheep: Vaughn Telemaque had a good day. He made a very nice play on a nicely thrown deep pass by Jacory to LaRon Byrd near the goal line. Someone (we couldn't figure it out; number wasn't on roster, might have been young Andrew Swasey but don't know) had a pass interference on a ball that could have been a touchdown in the end zone by Tommy Streeter. JoJo Nicolas had five tackles. Lee Chambers made a great play on a long pass into the end zone to Tommy Streeter, preventing the td.

210 yds rushing on 34 carries by he tail backs. That HAS to be the M.O. of this team, otherwise, to put it all on Morris and Harris is disaster.

Was it a great outing by our rbs and OL or did the DL and LBs struggle to stop the run just like last year?

I admit that these "scrimmages are all weighed for the offense,and Qbs can't be touched, and to showcase offensive firepower, but did anyone on D stand out?

Great to hear how the 'Canes played, especially the RB's. I look forward to the Spring Game on 04/16!!

The 'Canes lof the Glory years were actually run first, ya know. We'd soften them up, BAM, a crossing pattern in the deep zone to a Johnson, (earlier Irvin, etc.) Irvin could push off better then Randy Moss. LOL

The measure of THIS years team will be 200 yards rushing a game, not 100. The big boys, the OSU's, Oklahoma's, Alabama's regularly rush for 200 on their best days.

When it's OUR team, 6 yards and a cloud of dust ain't so bad.Ot boring, if we put up 6, not 3.
Oh wait, that's the DOLPHINS!! LOL

here here.

it was standing room only, nice job,with what i saw it is going to be 5 yards and a cloud of dust. these are 3 of the best backs you will see.massive o line, seantrel looks unbeleivable with the weight loss.remember when whipple woke up and went to the ground we led the nation the last 4 games at 221 per game. that is what happens when you stick to the plan.

run run run is all you here from everybody on the site. wow. last year against o state we had 12 rushes for 96 yards and stopped running the ball. maybe randy needed to go but to me whipple was worse than nix. How did he get a job back in the nfl? fans talk about the qb's throwing picks but we shouldnt have been throwing anyway. the games we won we had 40 to 50 rush attempts. The key to our success will be keyhoe.

I've always wondered why Tommy Streeter never got playtime in the last 3 years. Today I found out why. He was dropping passes, and his route running is not impressive at all. I do hope he gets better though. I personally think Whipple was completing the tougher passes today, compared to Jacory and Morris. The running game was excellent! We have a real stack of work horses back there. The defense was making plays. Not a bad day. In my opinion, the weakest link today were the receivers, nobody really stood out. But we have plenty of time to get better! GO CANES!

Susan thank you for the details! I really appreciate it! I can't to hear how the offense evolves over the spring.

I thought Laron Byrd really stood out.

Sounds good overall, but I'm surprised nobody commented on the kicking game. Short on 49 yds? FG's and field position is still a big part of the game.

with that many rushing yards - sounds like another sun bowl defense.

I am worried. If our defense can't pick off Jacory - who can they intercept?

FINALLY, how many times the last couple of years have we seen the running game gash opposing defenses,,, then Mr. Whipple got too smart for his own good and called for the long pass, only to have Scarecrow cough up the interception.

Just run the damn ball,,,,, we have the horses,,, always have.

We dodged a bullet not getting Chris Carter's kid here. The last thing I wanted was to have Chris Carter on campus trying to "help".

Stephen Morris has to start, we can't go back to Jacory at QB. Jacory has no patience, he just wants to chuck it around field. The kid has played a big part in some of our worst moments over the past 2 years. Enough already!

Run RUn . Thats the key to success

Posted by: Bigtigga | April 02, 2011 at 03:03 PM

Get Run on is the continuation of Ur 10 year demise ...

When Randy Shannon was head coach he started Jacory Harris over Stephen Morris. When Jeff Stoutland briefly took over the head job for the Canes and the vast majority of fans wanted Morris to start it was Harris who won the job. Offensive coordinators Nix and Whipple started Jacory. And now we have a new head coach and offensive coordinator and surprise, surprise, surprise Jacory, for at least the moment is starting once again.

Like it or not--I think it’s about time that we fans accept that Jacory is the best quarterback currently on the UM roster and instead of continuing to tear the kid down we should, as fans of the “U” at this point get behind him instead of constantly rehashing the past and bashing the kid for what “MAY” happen in the future.

Again 3 different head coaches, 3 different offensive coordinators all started Jacory at some point…maybe, just maybe those people know a little bit more about who should start than us message board all pros.

You are correct Canes Fan. To fans every number 2 QB is the best QB on the team because he's unseen. Morris actually had worse numbers that JH last year when he played. He does however have a much better arm.

J12 has always been a good qb since he was since high school. He was like 59 and 2 in a shotgun offense. Why didn't the oc's figure out how to use him instead of running the offense they were accustomed to running. Why put him in a playaction offense with his back to defense when you already now he has been reading defenses in a different way. During his fresh and sophomore year he was successful at coming back at the end of games because he was in the shotgun. We threw like 27 ints on the same playaction pass play to Benjamin. Who called that play j12 no whipple. Why keep running that play. Worst play in um history. We should have been running and throwing to the tailbacks instead of lobbing the ball down the field to the other team.

I agree Tally cane
J12 was not calling the plays. Whipple was. Whipple was (is) stubborn and rigid. To the very end he wanted J12 to chuck the ball down field and he probably directed Shannon's demise. Las play of the regular season (last call by Whipple) was the pass by J12 against USF on 3rd down, with UM leading by 3, with 2 minutes left in the game, on their side of the field. Why Why Why did he have J12 throw the ball? WHHHYYYYYYYYY?

Anyway, J12 stillhad to throw the ball and he did not know how ro read ds to save his life. proof also was the Notre dame game. But goingback evenfurther, do yu all remember 2009 when we beat oklahoma? The first couple of passes J12 threw were floppy ducks to Benjamain that he either under thrw or threw so badly that they were int'd? He still has to bear much of the responsibility.

Why J12 started when Nix was OC? Simple answer- marve s-ked even worse and there was nobody else. And the following year Morris was 3 months out from his high school prom. even last year, Morris as a freshman, had very little experience. But he still almost got us out of the UVa rut, and nearly brought us back against ND.

Coach Fisch: Please Please I beg you don't ask J12 to throw deep balls or balls down the middle. make him throw easy screens, or easy mid distance outs. Please. Just have him throw theball to rbs or hand it off to our studs. Every time he throws a pass I am looking for it to be picked. i can't help it. One more year of this torture! sigh!

good on ya:

At least we don't have that rag arm Brantley and the other 3 QB's the Gators had in their laughable rotation. Right?

I would gladly take Jacory over those junior high school flag team QB's...hell, I would take Whipple over those four Gator QB's who can't throw the ball in the ocean while standing on the shoreline.

I think JH sound probably start this year because of his experience. Buy don't put all the blame on Whipple's play calling. Every pass play has options and reads depending on the defense and how close the coverage is. If JH made the wrong decision on who to throw to, or made the wrong read, why is it the OC's fault. If a play is covered then the QB should check down. The fault for INT's should be evenly distributed between the QB and OC.

The U isnt going to see a good qb until golden gets one next year. J12 looks like a scared kid in the pocket that doesnt lead a team. Getting real tired of hearing how good he is. He just looked good next to marve thats it. By the way he threw a lot of short passes then to.

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