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VIDEO: Reaction to Larranaga hiring as UM coach

CORAL GABLES -- The Hurricanes introduced Jim Larranaga as its new basketball coach Friday night.

AUDIO: Larranaga introduced as UM's new basketball coach 

Here are a few video interviews following this evening's press conference:


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be indifferent about it.

Posted by: Hola Soldy Douchebag? | April 26, 2011 at 04:57 PM


be indifferent about it.

Posted by: Hola Soldy Douchebag? | April 26, 2011 at 04:57 PM


This part of your post makes absolutely no sense:

"with a make-believe fan base subsidized by the strong-arm of an unsuspecting student body..."

I don't really care what it means. Here's a thought: don't read the articles in FIU. Or don't read the Miami Herald. You are in control of your faculties unlike that Pig Curse/Soldy with his man-boobs. That Pig is a slave to his décolletage.

Hola, Arty. My man-boobeth runneth over. These Cane tards are missing out on my cleavage.

Dumb Pig.

Between Green's racism and Curse's self proclaimed man boobs, I am wondering if this blog is about sports at all.
Green, don't pick on fiu, pick on someone your own size. There are many nice kids that go to fiu. Maybe they can't get into the U or maybe their parent's can't afford it. No reason to denigrate fiu, many of which students root for the Canes. Why alienate an ally?


To All Gator Trolls .....

Isn't it time for role call at the Alachua County Detention Center? Your buddy Janoris wants a favor and you better give it to him. I hear him calling you now, or is it the two basketball players caught in felony burglary recently in St. Augustine? No matter... "they" are your daddy!

This blog is driving me crazy. There is no talk aboutUM football, and youhave the ususal suspects writing nonsense.

The hating pathetic Gator dumba55 and his jealous rants and ravings. The occasional FIU hater, and then those who are cane fans who jump at anything they disagree with with cowardly name calling. The latter, probably a sophomore fat english major sitting in his dorm at 2 am, spewing out his dumb diatribes.

And the Herald writers- can't they come up with more interesting articles? This one has been up for 4 days now! The topic itself is boring as h--l. Who cares about larranaga. Who cares about Eichorst. Bring us the football talk.

Second that - this blog is entirely dominated by a couple pathetic canes fans and one pathetic gators fan, you guys need to get a life, NOBODY but you cares about your dumbass name calling.

Soldy? Pig? Cane Clucks?

It's not funny. It's not even insulting anymore, it's been months and months of the same exact thing.

You guys are all a bunch of losers, and I know some of you UM fans are also posting the same nonsense on the Gators blog, it's just pathetic, they're not even our rivals!

You guys are preaching to the choir, nobody besides that loser gators fan and the loser UM fans who hang on his every word like this blog.

But here's some UM talk for actual human beings who might be reading - check out Michael Irvin's pregame speech before the spring game, it's on sunsentinels website and probably YouTube by now. Great stuff from an all time great hurricane.

Irvin's speech was DUMB looks like he is back on the Columbian White Gold. Also DUMB, I have seen like 10 mock drafts and Brandon Harris is only going in the first round in Omar Kelly's mock draft(along with Hankerson & Bailey which gives Omar no credibility). Brandon should have stayed here, worked hard, and challenge for an ACC Championship - He got some bad advice.

Brandon Harris is projected first round by Sporting News, and there are 6-7 canes projected to go. NOT including Coop

Is there anything worse than a self hating Cane fan? I think The U will end up with as many as three first rounders, and one or two second rounders.
In the meantime, we have FSWho coming into town for a huge three game series, and let's talk about the resurgent young Canes.

Never y0u mind its the Curse aka the Pig aka Miramar posting as a self hating Canes fan. Got me puerco.

Posted by: Kenny Dorsey for President

Just checked Sporting News no Brandon Harris in the first round as with espn, cbs, and si. He should have stayed. If Brandon isn't going in the first round then who? Nada Zip Zilch.This bad trend of non 1st rounders in the NFL draft continues! Maybe Jacory next year.

Here's the link -http://aol.sportingnews.com/nfl whoever told Brandon he was a first rounder gave him some really bad advice. Cost him a ton of money, poor kid.

Is there anything worse than a self hating Cane fan? I think The U will end up with as many as three first rounders, and one or two second rounders.

Posted by: canesrule 21 'ships | April 27, 2011 at 03:25 PM

DelUsion at it's worst ...

It doesn't matter what Michael Irvin said, it's how he said it. If you ever listen to Ray Lewis all he ever says are common sports cliches, but he has his teammates ready to sacrifice everything they have for the game.

Miramar cane is correct that UM will probably not have any first rounders this year (Brandon Harris is the only one with a remote chance canesrule) but wrong about Harris making a poor decision. If he's picked in the second round he'll be making 2 mil a year with a shorter contract until his first payday. If he went in the bottom of the first he'd be making 3-4 mil on a six year deal. Unless he was going to be a top 10 pick by staying another year he made the right choice.

Last call


DelUsion, Curse Pig? Delusion is thinking your man-boobs are hot. Or that they aren't noticed.

Suggestion: 8 million push-ups or get a push-up bra and just flaunt what you have.

You are a sick sad Pig.

Soldy, do you like his man-boobs?

shut up already, delusion is thinking you're funny or remotely interesting.'

you are as sick and sad as the pig.

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