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Baseball, tennis, track & field (with football players) & new senior associate AD

The UM baseball team did itself a huge favor by upsetting the No. 1 team in the nation last night -- the Virginia Cavaliers.

The 16th-ranked Canes (32-16, 17-7 ACC) scored five runs in the first inning and defeated UVA 6-2 in Charlottesville in front of a sellout crowd.

As UM baseball fans know, UM is only 4-9 against ranked teams this season, so this victory was very, very big. Kudos to the Canes, who beat arguably the top pitcher in college baseball and a sure first-rounder in the upcoming draft (Danny Hultzen). That was only the Cavs' SIXTH loss all season. They're 43-6 and 20-5 in ACC.

Last year I covered the series in Miami, and UM won the opener and lost the other two. If the Canes can win today at noon or in Sunday's finale, and wrap up the season nicely at home next week (followed by a decent showing in ACC tourney), they should feel much more secure about hosting a regional.

Today's game is the “ACC Game of the Week” televised on Fox Sports. Eric Whaley (7-3, 2.99 ERA) will pitch for the Hurricanes, while Virginia goes with Tyler Wilson (5-0, 2.85 ERA).

From UM sports information on Friday night's UM pitching performance.

B-RADical on the mound
Making his 13th start of the year – and his second against a top-ranked opponent, freshman left-hand pitcher Bryan Radziewski earned his eighth win of the year, and the first against a top five team. Radziewski pitched seven innings against the Cavaliers, allowing just two runs (one earned) on four hits scattered, one walk and striking out seven UVa batters.

For Radziewski, the performance was his seventh quality start of the year, while the Hurricanes moved to 10-3 on the season when he toes the rubber.


Congratulations to Paige Yaroshuk-Tews and Mario Rincon, two really fine coaches and people.


Yaroshuk-Tews won her 200th match Friday at UM when her women defeated FIU in the NCAA regional opener 4-0. UM plays Texas at the Neil Schiff Tennis Center on UM campus (it's right next to the Hecht Center) at 11 a.m. today for the right to advance to the Sweet 16 that begins late next week at Stanford in Palo Alto, Calif.

For those that don't know, the UM women are the nation's fifth-ranked team, making the Canes women's tennis team the highest ranked team of any UM sport.

I will be at UM covering tennis today.


UM's men also will play in an NCAA regional final today -- against the Florida Gators at 3 p.m. at Linder Stadium on the University of Florida’s campus. The Gators are ranked eighth.

UM advanced to the final by defeating Nebraska 4-3 on Friday. Freshman Gabriel Flores had a hard-fought match, winning 7-6 (8-6), 4-6 and 6-2 at the No. 5 position. Flores clinched the victory.

UM's singles victors: Flores, Christian Blocker, Eduardo Pavia and Diego Soto.


Devon Hill, a junior hurdler, outraced 11 other athletes at the North Florida Invitational in Jacksonville Friday in the 110-meter hurdles and will compete this afternoon in the final. Hill, an exceptional athlete, had his best time of the season and would have tied the school's all-time record had the result not been wind-aided. His time: 13.65 seconds.

Freshman Bassim El-Sabawi had a personal best in the 100-meter dash, finishing in 10.67 seconds.

As for the football players (had to get football in here!), (receiver) Travis Benjamin, (cornerback) Brandon McGee and (tailback) Lamar Miller will make up three of the four-member 4X100m relay team that competes today at 2 p.m. Hill or El-Sabawi will run the remaining leg as the Canes want to better their season-best time of 40.56 seconds so they can qualify for the NCAA East preliminary round, which will be at Indiana University May 26-28.


From UM Sports Information folks:

 Director of Athletics Shawn Eichorst announced the hiring of Steve Waterfield to the position of Senior Associate Athletic Director for Strategic Planning at the University of Miami.

"I am extremely pleased that Steve will be joining our senior management team at the U," said Eichorst. "I have had the great pleasure of working with him the past five years and he is one of the most talented and well-respected young administrators in college athletics."  

Waterfield will join the senior management team within the athletics department and will have the following primary responsibilities:

                - Sport oversight of men's and women's basketball
                - Strategic operations
                - Facilities and maintenance
                - Departmental policies and procedures
                - Capital projects and construction                
                - Sports medicine and drug testing

Waterfield joins UM after seven years at the University of Wisconsin (UW), where he served under Director of Athletics Barry Alvarez and with Eichorst on senior staff for three years.  Before departing UW, Waterfield was an associate athletics director for student services and oversaw compliance, academic services, sports medicine, drug testing, student-athlete discipline, departmental policies, coordinated department head meetings, direct sport oversight of men's and women's soccer and the men's and women's swimming and diving programs. Waterfield came to UW after spending five years as an assistant director of compliance at Ohio State University.




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Donna needs to learn how to stay off the whiskey. Anything Barry touches has to come here for some odd freaking reason.

Goes to show it's not what you know but who. Any presidents or CEOs out there want to go play a round of golf? lol

Another white mid western hire for UM. Thanks Donna as we fall fwd fast.....

I agree with the other posts. I can't stand anything in the big ten or that comes out of the big ten Once again Donna has shown no imagination or desire to do anything that is right for the U While I applaud her fund raising and improvements in the educational arena, she should stay out of the sports venue and hire someone with southeastern flair nor midwest boredom ( i am from Illinois)

Like SEC trash? Wasn't Urban from the Midwest? Charlie "12 chin" Weiss? Nick Satan?

Wisconsin has a great athletic program!! They have stability and structure, something that UM's athletic department needs. BTW, the white pasty guys that you all are ragging on usually can get something that UM's athletic department really needs......money. The new AD and all his hires are excellent at fund raising. That is the life blood of a small private school like UM. Are any of "U" guys that are posting on here who are criticizing these guys color or complexion doing anything to raise millions of dollars for your beloved "U"? Till the time that you do, leave the hiring to the people who are qualified and competent enough to do it. BTW, which QUALIFIED black, brown, red or yellow, non-pasty guys would "U" all like too see UM hire?..........crickets.

BTW- Before I am tagged a racist, I think that qualified minorities should be given the chance to be head coaches or have key positions in athletic programs. I am/was a staunch supporter of Coach Shannon. I hope that he becomes a HC again at a major school and is wonderfully successful. I hate to see how he is demonized by many 'Canes fans who just look at his shortcomings as a HC and try to belittle his time hear as a player, assistant and coordinator, Randy was part of 3 of UM's national championships. Coach Shannon IS UM football.

This is 2011, and some of you criticize a hire based on color?
If Donna was hiring pasty white folks from Wofford that would be one thing, but Wisconsin has had a terrific overall athletic program the last 15 years.
After all, considering the cheating so prevalent at OSU, and probably Michigan as well, it makes Wisconsin's record even more impressive.
They toyed with UM 2 years ago. I believe OUR coach may not have been pasty white, nor many of the players. The same can not be said for Wisconsin...nor Notre Dame for that matter.

Lets give the pasty white folks now in charge at UM a chance, without the smarmy comments, OK?

canes4life just because you supported Randy don't mean you are not a racist..heres a brown name that should have been hired at UM..Pete Garcia..


Na, he's a perfect fit over at Hialeah Community College.

The U always has the pick of the litter when it comes to personnel selection. who doesn't want to live at or near the City Beautiful, for the best University in the Southeast (as ranked by U.S. News and World Report), and to work with the wonderkind of private Universities, Donna Shalala? Welcome aboard Steve. We're leaving Barry's cupboards bare aren't we? He will have to get off the golf course and go into the office once in a while now.

NCAA baseball is a sham, it's played by second tier players, those not good enough to go directly to the pros. With all the restrictions they now place on practice time, any high school baseball player with dreams of wanting to play play pro baseball is nuts to go to college first.

how many championship have Wisc won in our life time?....(pick a sport)

What difference does it make as to what color or race is hired? None, the only thing that matters is can they get the job done. I'll tell you one thing about Wisconsin, they are competative in both basketball and football, the two largest money making sports in college athletics. Which is alot more than we have been in basketball and football lately.

So what happened to the UM interim AD?

The UM baseball team stinks.

Fire Morris.

To that person who thinks "NCAA baseball is a sham, it's played by second tier players, those not good enough to go directly to the pros".

If you were offered $500k to sign plus to have your college paid for if you return to college within 2 years after leaving baseball, does not realize that >90% never return to college and $500k, less the 38% taxes less the advisor fee of 4% or a total of 42% equates to a net of about $290k.
The kid is paid $1,100 per month to play rookie ball for 6 months and the other 6 months receives $0, his first 2 years.
Unless you’re a top 15 pick, you may go to A ball. Less than 1% drafted does.
After buying a car (EST’m $40k) he is left with about $250k in the bank. Today's interest rate of 2.5% APR will yield him $520 dollars per month.
Unless he gets a full time job the other 6 moths, he will have to rely on the $250k in the bank to pay for housing, food, utilities, gas and more....
He will eat through the $250k in no time.......If he get's hurt or doesn't make the show in 3-5 years and never plays again if he's lucky he may have $100k in the bank and no education to fall back on... Additionally, odds are he won't go to college when he leaves the game.
That's if you get a $500 signing bonus. Most do not! They live in the area of about $75k - $125k
In this market, good luck finding a job without an education..............
Less than 1% in the world that pursues to be a baseball player in the MLB really makes it........

Samoa, you are entitled to your opinion as am I, that's the beauty of this country. Just think before you act. Oh ya, that's on the #2 pencil. Remember those pencils when you were in school? I doubt you do.
Bryan Radziewski has guts and heart. If he continues his path, he will achieve greatness. If not in baseball, in a career because he will obtain a college education. Stay true Bryan....................


Chances are RUSSELL MARYLAND is going to the CF Hall of Fame!!

I though THE U had two more games against UVA. How come the Herald hasn't reported on them? Should report on everything win or lose, no?


After winning the opener at Virginia, UM lost the last two games of this past weekend's series. They lost each game by one run, 3-2 on Saturday and 5-4 on Sunday.

In the polls that just came out, Miami is ranked 16th by Baseball America (FIU jumped into the polls at No. 24 in Baseball America).

The Canes are ranked 22nd (up one spot from last week) in the USA Today/ESPN Coaches' poll; and 15th in Collegiate Baseball (up one spot from last week).

Miami (32-18) meets FAU (30-20) at 6 p.m. Tuesday at Alex Rodriguez Park.

This will be UM's final nonconference game. The Canes play Duke in a three-game series beginning Thursday, then get set for the ACC Tourney.


We should change our helmets to a "W". We should be called the "W". instead of the "U".

U should be called the stupid then instead of a Cane then.

We should change our helmets to a "W". We should be called the "W". instead of the "U".

Posted by: Georgia Cane | May 17, 2011 at 07:31 AM


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