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Canes DL Jeffrey Brown facing rape charges, suspended indefinitely


I have a feeling we've seen the last of Jeffrey Brown around UM.

If you're interested in ready the details on the police report regarding the incident, go to the story in MiamiHerald.com sports (it's also on the front page of the website now) and there's a link to the arrest report.


By Diana Moskovitz and Susan Miller Degnan
University of Miami redshirt freshman football player Jeffrey Brown was charged Wednesday with sexual battery by Coral Gables police.
Brown, a 19-year-old defensive lineman from Evanston, Il., surrendered himself to Coral Gables police Wednesday. 
Police said the charges were for an attack just before 4 a.m. Saturday at a dorm in the 5100 block of Ponce De Leon Boulevard. 
The woman had returned home to the dormitory, drunk and ill, according to an arrest affidavit. Brown came into her room, “under pretense he was concerned for her well being,” the affidavit said.
But while she slept, Brown raped her, the woman told police, even though she told him to stop, the affidavit said. She couldn’t physically fight him off due to her intoxication and because the lineman, listed by UM as 6-feet 3-inches and 295 pounds, was so much larger than her, police said. 
Police said that at first, Brown denied having sex with the woman but later recanted.
Late Wednesday, UM released a statement saying, “The University of Miami has become aware of the serious charges made against a student athlete, and he has been suspended indefinitely from the football program.”
UM would not comment about Brown’s status as a UM student.
Brown is the second UM football player arrested in less than two months. On March 18, Ramon Buchanan was charged with three misdemeanors and two felonies. 
Buchanan, 21, entered a pretrial diversion program last month. If he completes the program, the charges against him will be dropped.


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Who is this guy, 3rd string anyway. No loss. gaturd trash above, must be mating with his sister again.

Geez curse, you sound like a Gator apologist...

...great deflection...I think?!?

U keep this type of player behavior up and U just might get back up to the level of FSU and UF ...

Minus any Conference Championships of course.

Florida Atlantic University on Wednesday received a $2 million donation for the school’s new on-campus stadium from longtime supporters Richard and Barbara Schmidt.

FAU’s $70-million, 30,000-seat football stadium is more than 50 percent complete and on schedule to officially open on Oct. 15, according to FAU officials.


U can always dream Cane ClUcks …

He was a desperation recruit two years ago, we lost Todd Chandler and then signed this MAC quality player.

Sounds like two separate incidents involving 4 UM players.

UM doesn't need acting out type losers in its football program.

I hope that all these charges prove to be false.

If not, show them the door. This isn't the way for the U to "be back." Most kids keep their act together, and that is who the University and the fans deserve!

Dirty business . . .

Somebody's not telling the truth, and unfortunately, in this instance (no other witnesses), the whole truth will probably never be known except by the two people present during the act.

Nice going Candy Canes. Maybe now Michael Irvin will be happy, and Melvin Bratton can stop calling the U a "country club".

The Golden Era hasn't even started and the U is already falling apart.

Whether he did it or not, isn't the point. Witnesses said, "She was intoxicated," so he should have left her alone. Make suspension definite and move on. Have a nice life Mr. Brown.

To all you stupid idiots saying stuff like, "The U is falling apart" and other things like that:

No Gaturd brain, The fact that Golden is absolutely not hesitating to address these things, that he is being direct and not telling certain players they have no future here, hit the road and transfer.. These things show what a mess he walked into, what a con artist Shannon was and what a terrible culture and type of kid Shannon recruited and tolerated.

All this coming out and Golden cleaning house is a sign of the opposite of what you idiots are saying! Golden is QUICKLY turning this thing in the right direction. The future is awesome!!!

They are football players not saints. Compared the Florida we haven't done nothing wrong,

Posted by: Amar Mirza | May 04, 2011 at 10:39 PM


compared too ... huh ? what ? Amar ?

U've done nothing right since 2002 ...

no comparison

No !

Not making excuses for Brown the way Huntley Johnson does for Gaturd players, but here are some interesting facts:
1. The young woman was in Brown’s room about 3 a.m. Why?
2. She was so drunk in Brown’s room that she threw up. Why did she get that drunk? In Brown’s room?
3. She was so drunk he escorted her to her room.
4. Brown then went to her room after 3 a.m.: who let him in? Why?

I guess in my mind the key question is: did Brown admit that the alleged victim was asleep or that she resisted or said no to his advances? If he made these admissions, he is pretty much done. If he denied her contentions that she was asleep, or that she said no, or otherwise resisted, then it’s a he said she said.

The police report/arrest affidavit is usually slanted to the victim’s side, since the victim must be believed preliminarily at least. My more specific question is whether Brown admitted the above questions. If he did, then Golden should immediately kick him off the team, regardless of how the criminal case is disposed of.

We don’t want players like the Gaturd who threatened to kill a woman who had broken off a relationship and Urban Liar let him back on the team even after his arrest: one of the smurf backs, Demps or Rainey, forget which one. There was no question of the threat as the woman showed the text message to the police and then he showed up to carry out his threat outside her door. Or the offensive guard that coerced a young Gatorette into rough sex over a period of months then when she broke it off began stalking her, and was left on the team by Urban Liar. This is The U, we don’t condone that crap or prosecutors like Bill Cervone.

But if Brown did not make these admissions, then he deserves his day in court and the State must prove his guilt beyond and to exclusion of any reasonable doubt. Of course he should remain suspended from any team activities until the case is disposed of. My guess, just because the U is so squeaky clean, Golden will kick him off the team before all the facts are in.

21 ships- I agree, victim's alleged story is what is taken as truth initially, and the accused is left having to defend himself and prove his side, rather than the other way around. That is the travesty of the legal system- GUILTY until proven innocent. Dont give me any bs that its the other way around becaus eit isnt. Now, you have to take the fact that victims are usually powerless against the larger male, so they are given the benefit of the doubt.

But as the Duke Lacrosse player scandal proved, these stories are hardly as clean as they initially come out. The Duke players were INNOCENT all along, but their names, the lacrosse careers and their lives were destroyed by that false accusation.

If true, this is the kind of p-o-s that Shannon and Barrow, and Cassano recruited? Are you serious?

And gayturds coming here babbling? Are you joking?

This guy makes Rainey look like an angel. Rainey sent a stupid TEXT . This POS SCUMBAG physically raped a woman

How about the UF player that beat the hell out of his pregnant girlfriend or the ones that did a drive by shooting? Moron.

How about the low life gtr who used a dead woman's lap top?

30 arrests- versus 2 or 3.

It's almost like comparing 5 national championships to their 3.

Stoopid rednk gatrs just don't have the brain capacity to understand this.

All they know how to say is,

"pass the dutchie"
"Don't tase me bro'"
"I think I'm having a heart attack"


Can we all just burn a Koran like the inbred Gatard trash?

Won't that solve everything?

Pig, even your man-boob problem.

Typical scumbag um trash

Rapist POS

This guy makes Rainey look like an angel. Rainey sent a stupid TEXT . This POS SCUMBAG physically raped a woman

It's time to finally shut down um football. The scumbags don't have randy to cover up any longer


BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! Ever heard that quote about glass houses, bud??? Clearly not. Classic!

College Common Sense 101 - If she's drunk, it's not consensual!!! Furthermore as a UM football player, you shouldn't have to prey on drunk girls, period! Perform on the field and you'll have to keep the women off with a bat! One extra scholie for someone that will actually see the field next year.

We're falling apart? While the swamp lizards have an oversized OC that even says he's there for family. Not to win championships or send guys to the NFL or having the best O in the SEC. Naw, he's there for family. And we're falling apart?

13-1 all the way down to 7-5 is falling apart, no?

Wait a friggin minute!!!! You clowns are blaming Randy for covering up what UM players did under his tenure??? Are you friggin kidding me???? So Randy covered up crimes like arrests, rapes, murders etc. etc. etc. or whatever???? Are you pigs serious???????????????????? I get it.....you want to give Golden a pass as of now and push all the blame with all these suspensions and arrests on Randy. Wow!! I've read other blogs and ass clowns are saying that Randy covered everything up and all! I thought the saying about Randy was he was too strict, now it's he was covering things up because the kids were actually getting into trouble but Randy turned a blind eye and covered it up because he has "friends" in the Miami PD!! Are you serious??? You people make up anything and you dummy's fall for everything. By the way Randy deserved to be FIRED but stop with the silly lies!!

"But while she slept, brown raped her." Huh? I'll assume he's innocent until proven otherwise.

I read that J Brown threw up a "U" when he was done. Convict him now!

Kick him off the team. Period. Do something before you start acting up. I said that about Ramon as well.

And as far as the pathetic sub human gatr fans who come here to gloat.

If i had he opportunity, I'd do a SEAL team six on you losers

I know Brown from before college. He was never the type to push up on someone. reading this story is horrifying and completely out of character. This little drunk girl is LYING.

Posted by: My beloved U

Far worse with cretins like canesrule '21 ships tries to blame the victim. Pathetic

This is what has killed Miami in the last 8 years. We take ESPN 150 talent and don't play them, make them back ups or make them transfer, only to have them get drafted in the NFL and make our coaches look stupid. And then you have teams like Boise State and TCU who take kids nobody wanted and have them ranked in the top 5 all year and going to BCS bowl games(And winning the games. From top to bottom we have way more talent then those two teams combined yet both teams would beat us by at least 3 touchdowns.

Well, that is some sad news. I hope he can get his life back in order. For the team we do have that 6 foot 3 330 pound d lineman transfering in from that jc school in June. That will fill the hole.

When The U (shalala) removes the political mask, this program will begin to compete on a Natinal level again.

Gators tall by won't Play the U. Jesus these are college kids and athletes not a smart bunch in general. College kids and athletes make stupid choices. Unlike the gaytors we have integrity and we take appropriate action. The guy is accused and no more guilty then the lacross players at duke who were accused.

Doesn't change anything. Miami will always be envied and hated on and they gaytors will always book easy ooc games and have no balls.

Enough said morons

Let us not forget that these are allegations, but if none of this is true, the Univ. would have to owe him an apology and reinstate him. If the drunk girl was lying, man, they should throw the book at her. How do you prove she was lying?- No evidence, no fluids, no witnesses, no trauma. She alleges rape, so e-fen prove it!

Jerrard Tarrant, the all world safety from Georgia tech. yes Georgia Tech (doesnt get any better than that academically), was also accused of rape once and he was acquitted and all charges dropped. Goes to show you.

I think it's safe to say that this is going to be a long season. Not much good news comming out of the "U". Hope the girl who suffered this tragic event gets the help she will need. Not saying he is guilty but denying the fact he had sex with her in the first place is not a good sign.

I knew Jeff in high school as a friend and as a teammate. Jeff has always been a great guy and wouldnt harm a fly. I think that he should get his day in court before we all decide that he is guilty of any crime.

Miramar aka the Fake Curse is assuming that because the only time he was laid was when he used a roofy on an unsuspecting guy so therefore this kid is guilty. He may be or may be innocent. I have read the arrest report: the woman claims she said no, he denies that. He is a complete idiot for getting involved with a drunken person, but who among us can deny that they have had sex while impaired or while both parties were feeling impaired? The girl was in his apartment drunk? Her story doesn't really make sense. She let him in to her apartment while she was asleep? That is a whopper right there.
As a sidebar I would note the rape arrests in Gainesville/ Trailertrashtown USA because of drunken encounters are astronomical compared to the Gables.

Wait. U got to help me here: She was drunk as a skunk and claims rape? Are U serious? Is that an actual allegation?

Still, where is RS when u need him? Fact: RS did not have nor tolerate disciplinary problems. U got problems.

Sounds pretty serious...

Noone should blame Shannon for these incidents, things are bound to happen with college kids...especially in Miami (city of Miami, not school).

Don't blame Golden either..s**t happens, let's deal and move on.

First, Kkenya 7, you are 100% correct. Did you not know that Randy was on the grassy knoll in Dallas when JFK was killed? If you don't believe me, ask any Hurricanes fan, they will tell you he was part of the conspiracy too.

Secondly, Miramar Cane, you yellow bellied lizard, you have zero class and your silly attempt at humor shows what a scum bag you are!

Hopefully Shannon is getting some color for that ashy looking head of his and reading a dictionary somewhere.

Caught Shannon on ESPN U last week....he's not as terrible as I thought he'd be.

It's ironic that he's media now.

You can take then out of the hood, but you can't take the hood out of them.

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