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Canes football to meet Boston College on Friday -- day after Thanksgiving!




Miami, Boston College To Play On Thanksgiving Friday

Hurricanes, Eagles Football Game to be Nationally Televised on ABC

UM, BC Meet on Thanksgiving Friday for the First Time

Since the Flutie Miracle Game of 1984




        GREENSBORO, N.C.—Miami and Boston College have agreed to play their 2011 football game, scheduled for Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla., on the Friday afternoon after Thanksgiving, Nov. 25, with a 3:30 p.m. kickoff.


        The game will be nationally televised by ABC.


        This year’s game marks the first time Boston College and Miami have met on a Friday since the famed “Flutie Miracle” game of 1984. That day Boston College Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Doug Flutie won the game with a last-play “Hail Mary” pass play which was caught by BC’s Gerald Phelan in the end zone for a touchdown, giving the Eagles a 47-45 victory at the old Orange Bowl Stadium. The dramatic win by the Eagles is still their only victory over Miami in Miami.


        The Hurricanes hold a 23-4 lead in the series which began in 1955, including a 15-1 mark in the old Orange Bowl Stadium. This year’s game will mark the first meeting of the two teams in Sun Life Stadium.


        While Miami has played its home games at Sun Life since 2008, Boston College does have one previous appearance in the stadium, defeating Virginia, 31-13, in the 1994 Carquest Bowl game.



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8 players are supposedly going to be suspended for the opening game? Brown is one, who are the rest?

We just got to move on. Whatever happens to these guys happens. This is The U. We play next guy in line. Can't wait for September.

Is this Golden just being tough? Or was Shannon getting soft?

This is great news from a traffic perspective. We will totally out of the ACC race by then and getting in and out of the stadium will be easy.

we are still rising! JUST WAIT AND SEE!

Shannon made sure nothing leaked out... "Loose lips sink the ship" as he would say.

I know Golden loves the media but he needs to tighten up!

Sounds like Golden doesn't give a crap about his players and isn't mentoring them to be better human beings.

Posted by: SickCaneFan

I don't blame Golden, there's only so much he can do to keep these guys in line.

Golden is doing the right thing. Set an example for those who wish to wonder outside the lines. Be tough. Go Golden!

Only a national brand gets a game on the day after Thanksgiving for national t.v. Bust a cap on those Nielsen ratings, here comes The U.

Golden didn't recruit the kid. How can he be blamed for this story that we don't even know what really happened. First mistake is he helped the passed out drunken stated female to her room and gave her a trash can sad can't even do that anymore. Second mistake he went back. He clearly made bad decisions. I also think this young lady maybe did too. The other kids that has nothing to do with this....might be the fall out when you tighten a ship that was too loose. I've heard Golden has put rules in place when there were few.

miramar gator go back inside your trailer and whip up some armadillo stew for you and your toothless cousins. What are you doing for Mothers/Aunt/Sister day, their all the same person for gators fans right?

Now LB Travis Williams is transferring.

any Canes Rape any Women lately ?

UM is not the only college football team to have troublemakers. The season hasn't started yet and Golden hasn't coached yet. So, let's wait and see. I'm excited and can't wait for fall season. Having Miami playing with Boston College on Thanksgiving weekend is going to be awesome.

I really hope there aren't any canes fans on other teams blog spots like some of these loosers. This is pathetic... But I understand... No football in this loooong off season really sucks. So when anything... when any college fb story comes out, even if it's about the team you took off the schedule or the team that has as many titles as you and your other in state rival combined... You can't helps but to comment. I feel you. I understand.... Well...
Since ya'll won't get off dat U's D##K, enjoy the ride.

P.S. LETS GO HEAT!!!, Canes will finally win the ACC, 2 in next years first round.....

Al is building an excuse for a poor season by suspending all these players. He should be careful not lose the team before the season starts. 8 suspension, 3 defections WTF?

Thanks for all your thoughts but please direct them to the rape victim.

With more than 20 offers on the table, four-star tight end Colin Thompson (Warminster, PA) had trimmed his list down to three and already informed the college of his choice that he would be attending their institution either in the summer or in the fall. On Thursday, Thompson made his decision official, announcing at Archbishop Wood Catholic High School that he has committed to play for the Florida Gators next season.

No bloody credit cards here. Move along. All is well in Trailerville.

Colin Thompson?

Haaaaaah. See:

Matt Patchan
Deonte Thompson
Emmanuel Moody
(too many to name).

Welcome to the long undistinguished list of Gatard failures.

UTrailer: the school that takes (alleged) 5 stars and molds them into 1 stars.

DA U Ha- You are a blabbering loser.
Same thing was posted when Scott Brantley committed to the dump in Gainseville. Youhad all of your fellow traylor-ites drooling thathe was the second coming. ha yourself!

Remember this- Despite paying Muschump 13.7 Million for five years, U are still Florida. U sk. that never changes.

Wait we're getting arrested again....ah shoot...we're back baby! Just kidding! That UF fan sure loves him some UM football updates don't he?!

There are no 'defections'... each player that is transfering has been forced to do so.

These transfers are a good thing. We are talking about a 7-6 team that got a beat-down from ND in the Sun Bowl. I would be disappointed if the same players started next season. I would like to see close to 1/2 of the team turned over by next season. At QB and WR, 100% turnover would be a good thing.

Looks like some players are opting out of the UM. This is probably a good thing in the long run. I think Coach Golden and the other coaches are clear about expectations. If a kid is not on the same page, better that he moves on at this juncture.

It will take some time for character selection and development in the program. That seems to be the goal, and it will serve the Canes well as things unfold.

Go Canes!

Randy left a loaded team. They just didn't have the right philosophy. How could the team be so bad and most of u expected them to win the acc and play in the bcs. Now since golden doesn't have any control then u all are making excuses. I hope they win because it will be interesting what excuses u will make up for him then.

I agree with Huracan. the problem Tally cane is not the level of talentthat was here with Shannon. That's why many of us were calling for an ACC and NC. But the players were so poorly coached that we, thefans saw the potential there but it was (is) all wasted. For not. Whether it was lackof coaching of technique, lack of football skilss, lack of strategy, or lack of motivation who knows.

Bottom line is that over the last 3 years, about 15 UM players have gone on to the NFL (this yr included) through the draft and free agency. That means that Shannonhad 15 NFL ballers and what di we get out of them- two 7-6 seasons 0-3 in bowls. the only common denominator in all that to me, is poor QB play. That says a lot about how important having a good QB is. To me, if we had someone like Ken Dorsey with the last 3 UM teams, UM would never had won less than 9 games!

"Is this Golden just being tough? Or was Shannon getting soft?"

RS wasn't soft; players did not get into trouble (other than Marve) under his watch. Players went to class and those who did not leave early for the draft actually graduated (look at the National Rankings for graduation rates for NCAA players). AG’s work to date is not on par with what RS accomplished in terms of accountability in the classroom and other non-football related matters. RS' failure was a result of failing to develop talent. If our players are now engaging in misconduct off the field and failing to work towards graduation; we are not better off with AG. It does not matter who recruited or brought in the players, the fact remains that there were no issues with conduct under RS' watch. I would also venture to say that even if we win games under AG with RS' players next year; I would still prefer our players graduate and be gentlemen of it.

U wait a minute here: And U listen to me: A head coach is a lot of things, not just a coach. U have to players and good and decent citizens. RS did that. He had his deficiencies in coaching, but at least U knew where he stood. Why do U think Marve never put up a fight?

The just hasn't come back on 'Goldy. If anything, he's a bit too loose on the lease. Why didn't U at least keep RS around as consultant? Who here can anwer that? Didn't UF do that?

UF did that because Meyer won something. Why would U keep a loser around?

Shannon as a consultant!?!? What type of advice is Shannon going to give?

You think Shannon wants any part of UM right now?

The transfers don't bother me at all. I wish these kids a lot of luck in their future endeavors, but we have got to move forward.

Most of us agree this team was moving in the wrong direction. We changed the coaching staff and now certain players are weeding themselves out. Isn't that what we wanted? I know that's part of what I was looking for with a new coach.

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