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DB Jamal Reid has requested transfer; more suspensions looming for Canes

ST. LOUIS -- University of Miami safety Jamal Reid, considered one of the country's Top 150 players by ESPN two years ago, said Wednesday he's leaving the program.

Jamal Reid "Coach basically told me I didn't have a chance to play here and it would be better for me if I transferred," said Reid, who in two seasons at UM never saw the field. "So I'm going to go. I decided on my own I didn't want to just sit and watch other guys get reps."

Reid (6-1, 192) was a two-way standout at Mayo Lafeyette High, a school located in the middle of the state near Gainesville. But he never latched on at UM -- same as the other two recruits who signed with the Canes in 2009 from the Gainesville area, linebacker Kevin Nelson and cornerback Devont'a Davis.

Reid said Nelson is no longer on the team. He isn't sure if Davis will be back either.

"I had trouble my first year because I didn't know the plays as well as I should have. I guess I wasn't doing what I was supposed to be doing," Reid said. "But this new coaching staff, I don't think they ever really gave me a chance. Eduardo [Clements] and Tyrone [Cornelius] just moved right in front of me. It's best to leave."

Reid said he's planning to transfer to a Football Championship Subdivision program (formerly known as Division I-AA) so he will not have to sit out the 2011 season.

MORE SUSPENSIONS LOOM?: Citing multiple sources, InsideTheU.com reported Wednesday that Al Golden has handed out more suspensions after another incident on campus required the assistance of University of Miami police.

According to InsideTheU, running back Storm Johnson, linebacker Travis Williams, and cornerback Keion Payne were involved in an incident on April 27. On April 29, offensive lineman Jermaine Barton was involved in a separate incident.

These four players, according to InsideTheU, are expected to be suspended for at least one game although the penalty for the repeat offenders could be more. It is undetermined which game they will serve the suspensions.

According to InsideTheU, this is the second time Johnson and Payne have been involved in an incident, which resulted in a one-game suspension back in March although head coach Al Golden would not confirm or deny those reports when asked about it during spring football.

A UM spokesperson said Wednesday Golden has not suspended anyone for any games.


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oh boy, here we go....

aww man! im gonna miss Fiddy!


I always thought this kid was talented and should've been given more playing time but, I'll defer to Coach Golden on this one. If he says this kid can't play at The U, then he can't play at The U.

Damn Goldie... in a few short months you made us look like the Gators (and not in a good way). At least Randy kept these kids under control.

jamal wouldve played if randy was there and too many suspensions already

obviously they don't know how to act with a little bit of freedom #suspensions

This incredible - what are they doing? Chalk up Maryland as a loss.

@UM Bob...In all fairness to Al Golden, maybe these guys got into some trouble last year too, but Shannon was able to hide it better or not release it at all. Remember the Ojomo incident from 2009?

Not trying to knock anyone, just trying to make a point from a different perspective. You could be right.

PS - In the last post, didn't someone comment that Reid, Davis and Nelson were gone? Who was that?

I wonder if Randy had low arrests because he was a cover-up master? Kids are not going to go wild in just one semester. Plus, I wonder if Goldie is dropping the protection on his bad players to open up the schollies for his players. I do think Goldie should have dropped the hammer on Buchanon. He's a mediocre Senior, the perfect guy to kick out the door.

Remember other players on the team said that certain players were acting like they were "prima-donnas" (Buchannon ?)Could the "donnas" be comming into the light ?

At least Randy kept these kids under control.

Posted by: UM Bob | May 04, 2011 at 04:17 PM

Correction. Shannon had the Po Po under control. It's common knowledge that there were multiple inncidents the last 4 years that were totally covered up.

"He's a mediocre Senior, the perfect guy to kick out the door."

For real??? He's our second best LB behind Spence and started almost every game last year. The perfect guy to kick out the door? LB is the last position we want getting thinner. He'll be in the league next year.

Reid (6-1, 192) was a two-way standout at Mayo Lafeyette High, a school located in the middle of the state near Gainesville. But he never latched on at UM -- same as the other two recruits who signed with the Canes in 2009 from the Gainesville area, linebacker Kevin Nelson and cornerback Devont'a Davis.

They all SUCK now huh Cane Fan ?

Now U know why neither FSU or UF wanted these Cang Thang Stiffs.

Ur Golden boy is doing what any new coach would do(except Capt. Cluless Shamwow). Thin out the herd, make sure the first season is mediocre at 6-6/7-5 then go for a big year in 2012 (which won't happen) and parley that into a better job at a real Football school like in Happy Valley...

Wat U got in 2013 ?

There U go again.

The kid was too DUMB to learn the plays...that's what I got out of this story.

He said it himself.

All you naysayers, get lost.

You Free Shoes U and GayTurd fans....keep talking...just keep talking.


Jamal Reid atleast is modest about it and up front.

man leave these kids alone...geez. get on them for the way they play....you guys act like you never did dumb ish when you were 18-21 years old.

Jamal, the 50 Cent look-a-like, would have been a good slot receiver. I just think he's a slacker, but who knows. I'll defer to Golden. I say weed out the slackers. Their the reason why we can't get over 9 wins. Golden wants flat-out football players. Payne? I mean, that dude needs to eat a cow. Too skinny. Any rate, is it September? Got my season tickets & ready for some hittin.

For all you Gay-turds, let us know when you get 5 titles (you and your pregnant OC)

No student athlete at any school is perfect. Don't act like your school is better. Especially to that idiot (0-1). I think coach golden just wants to clean up a little so much potential we got stop hatin cuz we got that swag and your school don't

Oooooppppss ... Another One .

Cane Player ARRESTED minutes ago for Sexual Battery !

Got my season tickets & ready for some hittin.

Posted by: UCane305 | May 04, 2011 at 05:36 PM

Congrats !!! Don't forget to put Ur feet up and arms out while U be hittin yo bong... There'll be plenty of room.

Canes will be 10-2 this year,

Posted by: Pig is a pig | May 04, 2011 at 05:36


Good Lord ... Here U go again. Same thing... Different year... Same ResUlts.

Again and again and again and again and again ova n ova n ova n ova n ova again.

See U Bowling in December again U never learning dope.

The gayturds and crimi noles are hating because they are fearing what Golden will bring this program to this year. We can afford to weed out the non hackers and win with the players that live and bleed for the Orange and Green.

Love me some haters, especially when they use slang words ova n ova. Golden is cleaning house now that he has had time to evaluate these guys. Remember , Golden came closer to beating OSU last year than Shannon did. And he did it with lesser players. See you in Sept.

Is Golden compelling them to commit crimes? LOL This has been going on for a long time. Randy was able to keep it under wraps. Players are what they are....they don't 'change' over night.

hahahahahahahaha @ some of the posters here.. lmao @ Randy being unable to stop the police or media from reporting what is going on.. WOW!!!

You guys miss Randy yet?

They are football players not saints. Compared the Florida we haven't done nothing wrong, so can we stop reacting to Canes haters. They obviously are going to complain about anything they can. Just focus on football.

Sounds like the coaches are being straight with the players.

Regarding overlooking the behavior of "kids," most are not accused of sexual assault. Unless you are a clueless male who has no respect for women, you know this kind of stuff is out of line. I hope that the chages are proven to be false. If not, show him the door. Who needs it?

Regarding the other 3 players, Miami- Dade cops showed up at the dorm. That sounds closer to poor judgement and acting out by adolescents. Easier to let pass, no?

Hell no, no one is missing Randy except for our opponents this year.

I think Golden inherited a mess. Something subtle yet significant is amiss with this team: so much talent, yet such mediocre performance on the field.

For lack of a better term, I'll call it an attitude problem. Maybe it came from Shannon; maybe it comes from even higher up.

For the second time I will say that it might be that Golden will have to just about completely turn the team over before we see any real changes.

But I suspect that to build the type of program Shalala seems to require--top students who can also compete on the field--Shannon might have to look far and wide for the right players.

Obviously Golden is bringing something out of this kids. As I've always been saying, football players, true football players, are on the edge of breaking the law. It's the beast in them. In their entire career, they've had to be arrested or giving a warning at least once. At the least.

Just something about smashing a b---- then stomping on his throat on the way back to the huddle. Ya dig?


30 arrests or whatever it is in Canesville...still brought two BCSCs and a 13-1 season without BCSC. Just sayin'.

What if that young lady was your mother, sister, aunt, wife or girlfriend? I am 47 years old and I NEVER had sex with a woman that said, "NO." And I could have MANY times. When she said, "no" that meant "I don't want to have sex with you." No means no! I'd kick his ass off the team period, because if he allowed himself to get into a situation like that he has no judgment. The woman was defenseless and intoxicated. Animals behave like that NOT human beings.

The U is back alright. Now when it's Canes getting arrested, it's the player's fault, not the program. Pretty hypocritical.

The Golden Era has begun.

U see. RS would never have these kinds of problems. And what is 'Goldy's graduation rate?

Right go ahead all U hypocrites and make excuses for this coach. He doesn't have any control. He better win something.obviously the rest of college football didn't respect him either. They didn't go to a bowl game but they were bowl eligible. Explain that.

Hook, line... sinker

btw cane fan ... throw back the undersized panfish so that they might grow into big fish and therefore the rest of S. Florida can fish too .... and release .

Arty, Grouper Dinner at Mile # ? U know when ?


So Reid, if you weren't "doing what you were supposed to be doing", why are you surprised that other guys are in the top spot ahead of you? You are either incapable or unmotivated to work to get the top spot. See ya.

Johnson, I read your twitter posts. You are not all about the "U", you are all about "YOU". Humble yourself. For all the $$$ you want to make playing football, you still have to do it playing for a football TEAM. Your actions DO affect other people.

I'm glad AG is evaluating kids and telling them they should probably go elsewhere to play. Same thing about kids that get in trouble. It's called "personal responsibility", folks! I sincerely wish good luck to all these kids in their future location. Maybe they will have learned something about "giving your best" and the results of not doing so. I'm not disturbed by their loss. It may just be that better kids (either personally or athletically) are just waiting and hoping for their scholarship.
Go Canes!

"JANORIS JENKINS" LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't understand how so many other team fans will actually come on a UM football blog to talk crap. it's very sad. In it shows that you have no life.

I guarantee his win column will be higher than Shannon's graduation rate or games won. All that bowl committee crap shows is that Temple did not have a bowl tie in and that they are not a regular bowl participate. That was until Golden got there. All Shannon would have done is keep things hush hush for his special players and the others like Marve's mistake would be exploited just to paint the picture that he had control of his team. If a coach had so much control off the field as people like to claim Shannon had, then he would have had alot more control than he showed over them on the field. And judging by the players playing out of position and control this is not a surprise. And really guys You act like the kid has been convicted already. Anyone can make an accusation, doesn't mean its legitimate. Remember the Duke LaCrosse players that were accused of rape? They were found not guilty and now that lying chicken head has been arrested.

The team will be fine. Everyone they are talking about, are not even starters. That team is loaded with talent. They just needed to be coached up. The draft showed us that. How many 7-6 teams have 8 players drafted. Not to many.

Good luck Jamal and get serious at your next stop. You never know how God will work this out for you.

Good luck Reid. Guess your finding out what's it's like to truly be in love with football. There's a heck of a lot more to do than just loaf through practices and play lights out on game days. This ain't HS football anymore.

It's wake up, lift, classes, meetings, practice, film, study for classes and go to sleep. Not much fun time to be elite.

I used to follow Storm on Twitter as well but stopped after a few days because of his posts. That was months ago. I follow many of the Canes players but couldn't take any more from Storm. Still like him as a player but his maturity level is lacking. Each one of these "incidents" will lose him more and more money. I hope he learns and grows from it.

It’s just a transition, some of character guy as Randy called them don’t have good character after all. Al wants young men not little kids.They feel a little freedom and forget why they are in college. If storm is not carful all that talent will be wasted sitting on the bench or the couch.

If you think the trouble lately is Al Goldens fault then you are foolish. He is reacting and responding appropriately to the situations. Randy Shannon had an information vacume at the U. Players screwed up under him but you just never heard about it or he didn't punish his personal favorites. Golden has no problem making players pay for their actions.

Hate to hear Jamal Ried is leaving the program. watched him play in high-school and kept waiting for him to hit the field in an orange and green uniform, but it never happened and now it never will. Good luck Jamal! I hope things work out for you.

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