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Dorsett misses big award -- for good reason

Congratulations to incoming University of Miami receiver Phillip Dorsett, who Wednesday morning was named the Miami Herald's Class 6A-4A Broward County Male Athlete of the Year.

Dorsett also today was named the Miami Herald's Broward County Track Athlete of the Year.

Dorsett is already on campus taking classes at UM, and missed the ceremony. His father, Phillip Sr., accepted the trophies on behalf of his son.

Incidentally, another recent UM signee, running back Kevin Grooms  of South Broward High, was a finalist for the Male Athlete of the Year -- and named to the first-team Class 6A-4A offense in football. He also received honorable mention recognition for basketball.

Dorsett helped lead St. Thomas Aquinas to the 2010 state football championship and the 2011 state track title.

He finished second in the 200 meters, third in the 100 and second in the long jump. Dorsett ran the second leg of the winning 4X400 relay.

In football, Dorsett, 5-9 and 170 pounds, had 35 receptions for 806 yards and 12 touchdowns as a senior.

Six members of UM's 2011 signing class have enrolled in the Summer I session that began classes last Wednesday: Dorsett, quarterback transfer  (Memphis) Ryan Williams, defensive back transfer (Wake Forest) Michael Williams, wide receiver Rashawn Scott, defensive tackle Darius Smith and linebacker Gionni Paul.

"We are excited to have the group of young men on campus for summer session,'' UM coach Al Golden said this week in a written statement. "It is very advantageous to the guys who are here early. They get ahead in academics, get a feel for the lay of the land, get to know their teammates and not only do they get a leg up on conditioning, but they begin the adjustment process sooner.''


Here's the release:

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – University of Miami guard Shenise Johnson has been included among 14 players that were named finalists for the 2011 USA Basketball Women’s World University Games Team.

The finalists were selected after three days of trials with 35 of best collegiate basketball players in the nation. The trials were held at the U.S. Olympic Training Center (USOTC) and the eventual 12-member team will look to defend the USA's 2009 gold medal at the 2011 World University Games women's basketball competition August 14-21 in Shenzhen, China.

“I was happy to even be invited out here, but I feel like the work isn’t done yet,” said Johnson. “So, I’m going to go home and practice and train. It’s definitely and honor.”

The 2011 ACC Player of the Year was a member of the 2009 FIBA U19 World Championship Team that earned an 8-1 mark en route to the gold medal in Bangkok, Thailand, where she averaged 9.4 points and 6.9 rebounds per game.

Still in the hunt for one of the final 12 spots on the 2011 USA World University Games Team along with Johnson are: Elena Delle Donne (Delaware/Wilmington, Del.); Skylar Diggins (Notre Dame/South Bend, Ind.); Jacki Gemelos (USC/Stockton, Calif.); Keisha Hampton (DePaul/Philadelphia, Pa.); Glory Johnson (Tennessee/Knoxville, Tenn.); Lynetta Kizer (Maryland/Woodbridge, Va.); Natalie Novosel (Notre Dame/Lexington, Ky.); Chiney Ogwumike (Stanford/Cypress, Texas); Nnemkadi Ogwumike (Stanford/Cypress, Texas); Devereaux Peters (Notre Dame/Chicago, Ill.); Odyssey Sims (Baylor/Irving, Texas); Shekinna Stricklen (Tennessee/Morrilton, Ark.); and April Sykes (Rutgers/Starkville, Miss.).

Athletes will return home today, May 25, and USA team training will resume at the USOTC July 31-Aug. 8, prior to the team's departure for Shenzhen, China, and the 2011 World University Games.



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I like the players, they seem to have decent backgrounds. But I don't like the shuffling. U get commitments, but then somebody ends up leaving. That is not progress.

Storm is a BIG loss for U.

If Storm were a starter, and not 3rd string, it would be a big loss. There was a reason he couldnt beat out Miller, James, and Berry: fumbling and pass protection.

Don't get it twisted. He's a good player, but in college football, protecting the ball and your QB is paramount.

Thats why they fired Shannon. NO PROGRESS. It takes more than a minute to trim the dead weight off. Storm talent wise is a loss but not a BIG loss. Like Diz said there's a reason he was 3rd string and not starting.

How do you progress by losing top notch talent? This is a big loss. Teddy Bridgewater another big loss. Get off that dudes sack.lol

What has Storm or Teddy done to make you believe they are "top-notch talent."

At that point in his career, John Brantley was considered "top-notch talent". And we have seen what a puke storm he has been.

The blog Pig, however, has been considered a top-notch douchebag" and that was accurate so who knows.

BWAAAHAHAHHA. Pounding the repetitive Pig is great fun.

Last I knew football is played by a team. One player does not make or break a team. Storm Johnson did not make the U, nor will his loss break the U. The U IS pitiful if the outcome of their season depends on one player. So the Storm is over. It's time to play ball!

The point of this article is that Dorsett was willing to miss a "fame" moment to focus on his studies.
He will be a success at football, maybe track, but certainly LIFE.

Golden's 2012 UM team will be like the one Butch Davis had that scored 47 on #1 (at the time) UCLA, the team that defined UM's rise back to the top.
This coming year will have it's ups and downs, due mainly to the up and down play of our current QB's, and lack of experience and depth at a few key positions. I believe we will be an efficient 9-3, falling just short of the ACC Championship game, and finally win a bowl game that matters.

Piggy's swine stench smells like Charlie Weiss' shirt collar after a brisk walk to the buffet line...ooops my bad that's a gland problem.

Leave Poor Charlie alone......a few runs down the tunnel at the Landfill, I mean Swamp will get him down to a trim half a ton......Barring any last minute buffet specials that may arise.

I'm with Ima....This season may bring alot of ups and downs but it will be respectable. It's going to take some time for Golden to fix the wounds that Shannon made towards recruiting and player development. As for the Gator fans who love to poke around and talk trash about our past glories at the U. It has been three years since you have bathed in the stink we call Tebows Glory ( your last NC). What have you done since.... Please save yourself the trouble!

Tally, U truely are a person who cannot see the forest for the trees. Like my fellow Cane said earlier losing a storm Johnson or any body else will not make or break the U. And as for Bridgewater, I wish him well but his skill set is much like Harris's which is suited for the spread not a prostyle offense. Which means we lost nothing in him to begin with.

Storm at UCF??!!!

DVD, Phillip Dorsett, Kevin Grooms, Levonte "Kermit" Whitefield . . .

Next up, Marvin Bracy!

Speed kills, the []_[]!

who cares

u canes do know that it will be worse in 3 years again riiieet ?

i mean u gotz 3 by the last 3 years as an example to learn from ...

correct ?


nevermind ... U stay delUsional

There he is. Top-notch douchebag doing what he does best.

Why so stupid, Pig? You stay right here, ya hear?

Are you uglier or more stupid than Noah? He is the face if UTrailer.

You, as usual, lose Pig. It is tough being Gatard trash but I am here to torture you nonetheless.

You keep coming back for your daily beatings, ya hear?

Bridgewater???????? He competed in the springs for the #1 QB job at Louisville. Guess what happened, he's 2nd string to a Jr walk on. Big loss for the U ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Speed kills you must of never of heard of devin hester or roscoe parrish or who cares the list is endless make a real point b4 U post

Storm is more proven than Al Golden..

Losing Storm is like losing Charlie Jones- Highly talented but never caught on. Storm should do well anywhere he goes, but he needs to realize that in order to be a good rb you need to know how to block, and be disciplined, and compete. That whole crp that his dad said that the back field is too "crowded" is bowhack. If he felt good enough, he shold have stayed. But I feel there is more to the story= he probably didnt qualify academically and the off-field issues caught up with him- kids like that usually dont change.


Teddy was never a Cane. It's not a loss if he was never here. Best of luck to him at Louisville, he'll be great for them.

I am disappointed that Storm decided to transfer, he has tremendous potential, but he wants to go to a place with less competition and get more PT that is understandable. Best of luck to him and let's concern ourselves with the Canes that ARE here.

Mike Blakely out of UF. LOL. Once Storm decided to transfer the losers from Traylorville were on this blog laughing and talking crp.

Blakely will run ragged over the lizards in 2012. guaranteed. And you wont see a NC for another 2 decades.


It was reported Blakely couldn't stand the stench. He refused to run sprints because he would not breathe in the toxic-waste-dump stench. City officials scattered rotting garbage all over the streets and that improved the smell a bit.

What a joke you are, UTrailer.

"It was reported Blakely couldn't stand the stench. He refused to run sprints because he would not breathe in the toxic-waste-dump stench. City officials scattered rotting garbage all over the streets and that improved the smell a bit"

Really?? I didn't read that. Please provide the link because if that is really true - how could they get anyone to go there?

You guys are all homos.

Pig, you aren't gay, but your boyfriend is.

You are, however, a grotesquely obese slob.

What forest are u talking about? Last i checked golden was the coach of an 8 and 4 team that didnt get invited to a bowl game. Impressive to say the least. Im tryn to figure out how so called true cane fans have crowned him the savior of the U without coaching one play yet. When the U were winning championships were playing hard nosed defense and running away talent. say what you want to about me.lol

Excuse me. When the U was winning cships we played hard nosed defense and ran the rock. Losing rbs doesnt make us any better. yeah teddy might not have played at the u but he is better than any qb we recruited this year.

Tally, you may or may not turn out to be right, but how we have seen how many high school stud QBs have not panned out (see Brantley, Clausen, and Kyle Wright).

Sam Bradford was a lightly recruited 3 star and that turned out ok.

Hopefully i am wrong. I know that the strength of our team is the oline and i would have said the rb before storm left. True indeed one man cant make a break a team but we needed a stable of tailbacks to cover up our poorous qb play. all we really need in my opinion is some one who does not turn the ball over and makes sound decisions with the ball. Hopefully RW will fill that void. more importantly we need an oc who will not be so rigid about the scheme we run and focus on adapting the scheme for offense to be successful.

Please stop with the Marlins udates on the UM twitter feed. If I want Marlins news, I'll click the Marlins tab!!! More UM coverage PLEASE!!!


When recruiting athletes to the University of Florida, every Gator coach cites the facilities, the tradition of winning and the support of fans, boosters and the athletic department. And at some point in time, they all use the same line: “This is where you come to win championships.”

The 2010-11 season was a banner year for Florida, as the Gators won nine conference titles and three Southeastern Conference Tournament titles. The eight SEC championships tie the school record (1991-92) and the league record (also shared by Georgia in 2005-06).

“Unquestionably, the effort shown by our student-athletes and coaching staffs this season is something all Gator fans can celebrate,” said Athletic Director Jeremey Foley from Palo Alto, Calif., site of the school's latest national championship in women's tennis.

“Our players and coaches should take much pride in winning league titles because they certainly don't come easily. This has been a memorable year, but it's not over yet. There are several Gator teams still competing and I know they all have high goals set for themselves.”



When was Ur last Conference Title in ANYTHING AGAIN ???

Thought so.

Well Tally "Bubba" ole boy, That 8 and 4 temple team would have beaten us this past year and just what was Shannon's record again might I ask this year. Hmmm thats right 7 and 5. Now look, it doesn't matter where Golden came from or who he coached, the bottom line is the guy is a winner, knows how to win, and is a bizzillion times better as a head coach than Shannon ever was or will be. And yes what he did at Temple was very impressive, taking over a winless program and vaulting it into a bowl contender the last two years. Glad to see U noticed and recognized that.

Now as for you last two posts, I agree with U a 100%. I'm sure the OC will adapt to suit our players strengths while also, creating an identity on offense that we have lacked for years.

The coach is only as good as his staff and our new oc hasnt done anything on a collegiate level worth mentioning. U also said schiano was a good coach in earlier post. This dudes record in ten years is about 2 or 4 games above 500. great coach. How hard is it to turn a program around thats playing in the mac. you cant name one team u respect in that conference. And since you want to talk about good coaches all. David Cutcliffe great coach you wouldnt know that though because he coaches for duke. So your endorsements dont mean too much. Hopefully golden will be good but he hasnt done anything yet.

Golden said Johnson wasn't doing the things he needed to do to be on the team; Johnson's dad said he (Storm) wanted to be closer to his momma. Bridgewater said he wanted to go to Gainesville to be with his friends.

The reasons both gave for going elsewhere were not about football. They were about being with family and friends. That's what they said.

Golden's talking football. They're talking family and friends. Get it?

Jeepers, people write all kinds of things in these blogs that they can't back up with facts.

I guess that's what blogging is all about: shooting off at the mouth.

Let's see . . ..

I'm amused by Gators and 'Noles fans' need to put down the 'Canes. Both FSU and UF are HUGE schools with HUGE student populations and HUGE, TAXPAYER-SUPPORTED BUGDETS, and little ol' UM, which is about 1/5 the size of either school, has DRAMATICALLY OUTPERFORMED THEM BOTH in BASEBALL AND FOOTBALL over the last 30 years and currently is DRAMATICALLY OUTPERFORMING THEM BOTH ACADEMICALLY.


How does this happen? How does a school with so much less to work with--less money, fewer students, scanter facilities, not even its own football field--continually OUTPERFORM schools that have so many more resources, not just UF and FSU, but FIU, UCF and USF as well: for that matter, every other school in the country?

How can this be? How can a school consistently do so much more with so much less? How can such a small school consistently outperform these gigantic, grossly over-funded, state-run universities that have everything they want lavishly bestowed to them on silver platters?


Now, according to SMD's stories above, it's about to happen again; Golden--a smart, talented young coach who knows what he wants and how to get it--is shaping up the football team and bringing in more top talent, and he has a good coaching staff.

Raise the red-and-black flags in Tallahassee and Gainesville. A hurricane is coming. See it? Do you see it? It's coming right for you, AND YOUR SCHOOLS, WITH ALL THEIR RESOURCES, CAN'T STOP IT.

Just keep talking blog-smack. It's better that way.

Hey, grotesquely stupid Pig, you were saying about Forcier?

Tate Forcier, who quit the football team earlier this year, had locked himself in a bedroom of a third-floor apartment April 22, and was hanging out the window, the report states.

A woman in the apartment complex, in the 100 block of South Division Avenue, called Grand Rapids police.

No one will say whether this was a suicide attempt, but the police report states the woman who called was concerned Forcier would jump from the window.

Are you ever right, Pig? Maybe only on whether to have a second helping of breakfast pizza.

The Canes will have arguably the best offensive line in the ACC, and top five in the country next year. You idiot UF fans know it and hate it. O line is where your points come from-Miami is going to score at will. Just watch our running game dominate with WHOMEVER we have running the ball. Storm was a stud, but he didn't do what he was asked and got booted. It happens every year on every team. GET OFF THE COACH'S JOCK.

It sUcks living in Orlando and being a nobody surrounded by all these Gators. I'm not really from Miami, but I got my MBA there, and those three years were great. Hanging out in SoBe and the Grove, trying to rap to hot latin chicks. Too bad I couldn't get any. They don't like us gringos because we can't dance. Oh well, at least I feel cool wearing a UM shirt.


The recent story on Tate Forcier is a sad one. I think this kid has talent and leadership capabilites, but something is off. He would have done well with the structure at the U, but it sounds like being closer to family and picking up some psych. help might allow him to use his talent.

In any event, as one who was excited about him coming to Miami, and who understands the signs of psych. "issues", I wish him well in getting on track.

U suck


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