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Hurricanes don't host NCAA baseball regional -- no surprise

     The NCAA Division I Baseball Committee on Sunday revealed the 16 schools, with their corresponding sites, that will be hosts for the 65th annual Division I Baseball Championship that begins this weekend.

       As expected, the University of Miami (36-21), which has been host to the first-round regional part of the tournament 23 times but did not get into the Atlantic Coast Conference tournament final, was not selected. FIU (40-18-1), which lost to Arkansas-Little Rock in the Sun Belt championship game Sunday, also will travel to its regional.

    The complete first-round regional pairings and site assignments won’t be announced until Monday.

      The 16 regional sites, with host institutions and records: Georgia Tech (40-19), Atlanta; Texas (43-15), Austin; Cal State Fullerton (39-15), Fullerton; North Carolina (45-14), Chapel Hill; Virginia (48-9), Charlottesville; Clemson (41-18), Clemson, S.C.; Texas A&M (41-18), College Station; South Carolina (45-14), Columbia; Oregon State (38-16), Corvallis; TCU (42-17), Fort Worth; Florida (44-16), Gainesville; Rice (41-19, Houston); UCLA (33-21), Los Angeles; Vanderbilt (47-9), Nashville; Florida State (42-16), Tallahassee; Arizona State (38-16), Tempe.

     Several of the host schools listed above play late Sunday in their conference tournaments.

   For those who don't know, a school is not allowed to play in a regional hosted by a team in its own conference. Since the Atlantic Coast Conference led all leagues with five schools selected to host, that leaves a possibility of 11 sites for Miami. However, since the Canes will likely be a No. 2 seed, there are certain schools more likely than others that might get them in their regional.

   Each regional field features four teams that play in a double-elimination format. All 16 regionals will begin Friday and run through Sunday or Monday, June 6. Some possibilities for the Canes among the 11 sites: South Carolina in Columbia, Texas A&M at College Station, Oregon State in Corvallis (groan! Too far), Rice in Houston, Arizona State in Tempe (another groan! Too far).

   The Canes also could be sent to Gainesville, of course, as well as Cal State Fullerton (no way!), TCU in Dallas, UCLA in Los Angeles (no way!), Texas in Austin or Vanderbilt in Nashville.

      The remaining at-large teams, top eight national seeds and full 64-team field will be announced at 12:30 p.m. Monday on ESPN.

    Tune in tomorrow.




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The UM baseball program is about to become the WORST in the state of Florida! How did this happen? This team can't even stay on the field with FSU and UF anymore. They suck. Think Morris should retire now before hw gets canned next year. Am amazed this team is even going to make the NCAA tournamnet. It is a joke!

Wanna bet they toss us into Gainesville?

Somehow Morris has lost the touch he had supposedly inherited from coach Fraser.

I'd love to see a younger, more intense coach like Tim Corbin @ Vanderbilt (#2 in the country, and have been top 5 for several years.)
He was also the Olympic coach, I believe.

We seem to have lost the ability to recruit top not latin high school players in the area. That they would leave Miami SHOULD be ridiculous, considering all Miami has to offer. obviously, Morris is making a good enough effort to go out and get the best of the best.

I believe a change needs to be made.

BTW, as opposed to our lack of football facilities/on campus stadium, UM has a show-place stadium and for the most part excellent support for a supposedly "minor" sport.

NO excuses for the low quality of play either.

Typo...I did not me top (not) latin players. I meant top local Latino ballplayers.

Time for Coach Morris to go.

It was frustrating to watch the 'Canes lose against VA. They had their chances to win, but they couldn't get the clutch hits. They held the Cavs scoreless the last three innings, and they had men on base, but they couldn't bring them around.

A couple of clutch singles--no homeruns or even extra-base hits, but just a couple of clutch singles--in the seventh and eighth innings would've brought home the win.

Also, the errors: Ye Gads!

The 'Canes are very close to being a 46-11 team this year. They lost a lot of close games against some very good teams.

wow! a lot of clueless fans on here. Jim Morris retire? seriously? Season is not even over. Good chance we could end up winning our region and then who knows what. Obviosuly this isnt the strongest year for Canes baseball. One thing people may not know is that we had about seven guys or so slated to come play at UM and they all got drafted. All our would be "guns" went pro. Give them this year to build and see what happens before you start making stupid comments. Now if you want to talk Randy Shannon thats a different. THANK GOD he is gone!!!

Jim Morris doesn't need to retire. He is doing just fine with the talent he has. He just needs to get those kids that even if they get drafted high they want to come to Miami for an education. Morris hasn't got that break yet. Look at O'Sullivan or whatever his name is, he has top notch talent where he got lucky, and the kids decided to go to school. Firing Morris is not answer, just better recruting. The man knows how to get the best out the kids. Good luck where the baseball team goes. I kind of hope they come to Gainesville, so I can go see them.

I hear you Norm but those kids don't excist...

What kept us out of the series lastyear was a suerregional loss to FSU with7 errors....then against GA Tech this yeatr, comeback to a tie and giving up 10 runs in the 10th inning with several errors. miami nebver used to msake errors in the clutch...what is going on ?

norm- Morris has been getting out recruited in the last 5, 6, 7 yrs by FSU and UF. Ol man Martin at FSU is even outcoaching them- even for the south florida kids in Dade, Broward, Lee, PB and Collier (south fl).

2 yrs ago when Um played either FSU or UF, there was a Cuban-American player that grew up in Miami- and he ended up there and not Miami? What the///////?

MAx- always excuses. One yr its errors, another yr its a young team. Always excuses!

Fire Morris.

At least Randy didn't have players selling steroids

I don't know why everyone is calling for Coach Morris to be fired. He has done an excellent job using the limited players and talent that he has to field a pretty good team. We have been stricken with the injury bug all year and as for him not being able to recruit the top talent in the area and nation. He signed 11 of the best players this past year but 8 were drafted by the MLB and took offers to play in the MLB. So next time you call for someone to be fired, please get all of the facts.

This young team of baby canes will go long into the tournament.

been saying that since 2002- "young team" injuries> Young team, injuries

2002-2010: eight years. 8 classes. No championships.

morris needs to be the coach, but arteaga is the recruiter. since he became the pitch and recruiter, we have been in this better than middle rut. there is the change we need. morris needs to be the man, and if JD cant get it done, then do what is needed. win baby win. hope we are all proved wrong, and this team can peak. the virg game was more than winable. go canes.

Canes are 1 player and a few plays from being 45+ wins this year ...

Give it a break ... Morris is best coach in NCAA ...

ONLY advantage UF / FSU has is that THEY GET WALKONS ... Who's parents can AFFORD the TUITION ...

So if you have a player that can play at that level ..... but the 11 schollies that the baseball team has to deal across 25+ athletes are all used ... ARE YOU AS A PARENT SENDING YOUR KID TO UM or FSU / UF where you can pay the tuition ???

We should be thankful that Morris works whatever magic he has to just compete with the state schools and their "benefit" from OUR Tax Dollars.

PS: Note to the NCAA .... STOP SENDING a Team (UM) that is just on the cusp of HOSTING a regional as a #2 Seed to ONE OF THE HIGHER RANKED HOST SITES .... All you do is eliminate one of the better teams in your tournament EARLY and water down your tournament .... Thats how you end up with a Fresno State winning in Omaha 2 years ago because you paved an easy route and eliminated quality teams early ...

The underlying message is ..... Stop sending UM to UF or visa versa .... Rivals and top 10 programs don't belong in regionals together...

I'd like to see us recruit more "out of S. Dade/Broward" players. While I'm pleased with the job Morris has done, something is haywire when you can't get the quality of kids you used to get. In my humble opinion, too many local Latino players who just aren't worth the scholarships they have been given. And what about the catching position? Very poor performace from that position in regards to hitting/batting avg....no matter who plays it.
by in large, the pitching has been pretty darn good.

The underlying message is ..... Stop sending UM to UF or visa versa .... Rivals and top 10 programs don't belong in regionals together...

Posted by: SebastiantheIbis | May 30, 2011 at 11:08

Wahhhh wah wahhh (sniffle)wAhhhhh

Whut 'bout "any place Any time u sniveling p u s s y??

Pitching has been good not great. Defense fair and bats sub-par. New bats have greatly influenced the staff and the offensive approach. Too many takes, too may bunts giving away outs..only get 27 either way.
martinez in top 3 in ACC in SAC bunts after 21 home runs last year? Melendres bunting 5 straight plate appearances? Several players forced to take a strike before being able to hit? Perez set a record for strike outs last year b/c taking a strike?
Morris doing what he wants and what he thinks is right. Manieri at LSU did same thing and LSU not in post season.
Nike bats that UM forced to use are amongst worst in new era. Not the players fault. Lucrative contracts determine that.
Regarding the catching position.... keyrat69 is right.....but if you see the games, the freshman has had numerous line outs with nothing to show, as well as quite a few walks and its pretty tough being a frosh in the ACC trying to play the toughest position and play good defense and handle a staff then trying to hit behind in count almost every at bat b/c of mandatory take signs, etc.
Canes will be fine next year no matter who the catcher is.
Dont know if change is needed or not, but players dont seem too happy and staff doesnt either. So.. all new players or all new staff.... or some foundation of respect for players, who will then trust the staff. If not..... formula for failure.
Trust and respect are 2 way streets.

Typical Miami fan, making excuses, oh they would be great if their recruits didn't go to the MLB...... What, do you think that UM is the only college on the planet that this happens too?

Miami is a tiny city. They have very few fans interested in the home town sports clubs. So get over it and stop making excuses. The culture there in Miami has changed and in years to come they will need to decide whether they belong in a D-1 or not.

The AD at UM needs to take a hard look at the athletic program. D-11, NAIA, etc... may be a better fit for this school.

Face it, FIU is about to out grow Miami in national recognition. State schools are where many will end up as a result of this countries economy in years to come....

Private programs will be extinct or rare...

World-wide economic and pecuniary balance does not work. It's eat or be eaten.

Just need to recruit players who are 4-5 thru 10th round picks out of HS and who project to get better. Recruiting 1st round talent and expecting them to show up at college is nothing more than a pipe dream.
But in order to do that, you have to be able to develop that talent once it gets on campus. You cant expect those players to show up and contribute or dominate if they arent developed properly.

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