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NCAA grants Canes OL Joel Figueroa 6th year

ST. LOUIS -- The University of Miami announced Tuesday afternoon that offensive lineman Joel Figueroa had been granted a sixth year of eligibility by the NCAA, making him eligible to play this coming season for new coach Al Golden.

Joel Figueroa The 6-6, 323-pound former North Miami High standout, who was recruited by Larry Coker, underwent back surgery in December after playing through the first four weeks of the season last year and making two starts at right tackle. He has played in 36 games in his career, making four starts as a sophomore in 2008, nine as a junior in 2009 (when he graded out at 89 percent at right guard) and two a season ago. But most of his time has been marred by injuries (shoulder, back, etc.)

Figueroa didn't participate in spring practice because he was waiting on the NCAA to grant him a sixth year, but has worked out and stayed in shape.

The issue here isn't whether Figueroa can help the team. If he's at full health, there's little doubt he can play in the rotation at guard and contribute. The issues here for me are: Is Figueroa really, really healthy and whose spot on the 85-man roster is he taking away from someone else?

Two years ago, defensive end Eric Moncur was granted a sixth year of eligibility. But he never really got back to full health and was out-shined by younger players at the same position. 

Offensive line is a position the Hurricanes are pretty stacked at. Figueroa made it painfully clear last year he can't play tackle, just isn't fast enough. So if he moves back inside, he'll be in the mix with Brandon Washington, Harland Gunn, Brandon Linder, Jared Wheeler and Shane McDermott. Where the Canes honestly need help is at tackle, where Jermaine Johnson, Ben Jones and Malcolm Bunche still have a lot to prove.

Anyway, here's to hoping Figueroa really is healthy and ready to contribute.



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good news for Fig but I don't see him getting any PT. B Washington and Big Gun seem to have the starting positions locked... With Linder and McDermott in the mix, thats a long shot but we'll see...injuries always seem to be a problem on this team...#Canes

I think its good news and adds to the depth in the interior. I like Figs inside. He's VERY physical, a mauler. Lets just hope he fully 100% healthy.

mop up duty is fine...figs can handle it!

Ken Dorsey just retired from professional football. I thought he retired years ago but apparently he just went to Canada.

Anyway he's going to move on to coaching, UM should let him skip the high school level and bring him in as QB coach today.

If he's in the 2 deep it doesn't say much for our other guards this year.

Recruited under Coker? That seems like a lifetime ago!

Manny - you wrote, "whose spot on the 85-man roster is he taking away from someone else?"

Didn't we released Devonte Davis, Jamal Reid and Kevin Nelson? How many guys do we have on this team?

can he play defense? we are loaded on the offensive line. I agree he is taking someone else place that could be a benefit in the future. if he has not graduated or in sight of his degree then make him a student asst coach and free up his scholarship

Did anyone read about that dl jc player, that will be here in June.

We released Jamal and Davonte? When and why? I also thought Big Al let Kevin back on the team this spring.

On another note. Let's see ANYONE try and play an interior line position with a bad back. Dude had to have BACK SURGERY! I also don't believe his shoulder was completely healed from the surgery the off season before. This guy is a true cane and has sucked it up for the team his whole career. Played hurt, changed positions, etc. Don't underestimate him if he can get completely healthy. We need all the experience we can get and Olinemen do get nicked up a lot.

aes is mistaken, all three players are still on the team.

Regardless, being that we have the best O-Line rotation in the ACC, and one of the best in the Country, having a 6th year player like Figs is a GOOD problem to have...

# 61 has a great future as a doorman at a 5 ***** Revolving Door Hotel ...


Canesport has a report about a Class of 2011 DT that just committed to Golden and Franklin- who is this? Class of 2011? Say what?

At least hell work on his Master's degree


this is great for Figgy. He's been playing injured literally since he has gotten here and has never really had "full time" to recuperate. That so called "lower extremity issue" that candy shannon kept on mentioning about in reference to Figgy was actually a horrible spinal problem that required back surgery. What figgy tried to do was play through it and it made him look like he sucked. I personally believe that we have not yet seen the last of him and now that he has had sufficient amount of time to recuperate, he'll be another force to reckon with on the OLine. At 6-6 and 320+lbs, that's another big man I wouldn't mind having in the rotation to wear out defenses.

Ken Dorsey just retired from professional football. I thought he retired years ago but apparently he just went to Canada.

Anyway he's going to move on to coaching, UM should let him skip the high school level and bring him in as QB coach today.

Posted by: Eudocimus | May 03, 2011 at 04:02 PM
I love Dorsey as a Cane, but this is rather silly. We have tried being cheap while hiring a staff w/o much expeirence.. Props to the previous staff though.

Dorsey has a understanding of football you are not factoring in. The only reason he didn't stick in the NFL was his arm strength. His football acumen is unquestioned. Don't kid yourself, he would be an asset to the U

And definitely Figueroa coming back is a plus! Depth is the difference in winning national championships and not. Welcome back for one more run sir. (ITS GREAT TO BE, A MIAMI HURRICANE!!!!)

Regarding Davis and Reid, here is the story from Inside The U talking about their dismissal: http://miami.247sports.com/Board/92/DBs-Reid-Davis-Done-at-Miami-1982953

yea i saw that from ITU about davis and reid as well, but no other media outlet reported it, so it seems kind of fishy.

Also with Dorsey i say we give him a shot when the time is right. let him coach a couple years of high school and cut his teeth, then come in here in a couple years. Dude definitely knows football but it couldn't hurt to get some experience teaching it under his belt.

Ok I answered my own question- the recruit is Corey king, 263 lb DT from Wet Boca HS. But class of 2011? Is it possible there is still room for more recruits for 2011?

i absolutely agree with the guys in here about Dorsey. His arm was the factor that kept him out of the NFL, period. He has a football mindset that would definitely help any program or franchise that would take him. I hope that the U will be intelligent enough to make this pick up. I'm sure that he would love to come back to Miami and his wife too since she played on the U's soccer team.

Come back Dorsey you will be welcomed with open arms...

I think if this Al Golden experiment fails, we should consider Dorsey. A few years in high school to get accustomed to the 20k crowds and he will be ready plus he will come cheap.

It's not as if Dorsey would be taking the job of a more experienced coach, our offensive coordinator is also QB coach, Dorsey could just take his title and they would work together.

With Ken Dorsey from 2003-2010 UM would have never won less than 8 games any of those seasons. Last year, would have won 11.

Delightful information you have shared. I think everyone should learn from this. Thanks for sharing!

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