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OSU Buckeyes at Miami in prime time! (and more)

Canes fans, Your chance for redemption will come at either 7:30 p.m. or 8 p.m. Sept. 17 at Sun Life Stadium. The game will be televised on either ABC or ESPN. And if the Canes get in the ACC championship game (yes, I'm an optimist), that game will be played Dec. 3 at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N.C., with an 8 p.m. kickoff.

ABC has already committed to a previously announced day-after-Thanksgiving Friday afternoon game Nov. 25 with Boston College at Miami (3:30 p.m.).

UM's Thursday-night game at home vs. Virginia on Oct. 27 will be shown on ESPN. And, of course, there's the UM opener at Maryland at 8 p.m. Labor Day night (Sept. 5).


P.S. Thanks to Vincent Buccellato, a Canes fan, for letting me use his computer to write this blog!


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Ohio state stole our title in 02!

National exposure even with a 7-5 record.

Gatard trash will shine on Trailertrash TV all season long. Hard to watch Brantley's interceptions with dial-up service in the doublewide.

Buckeyes, Gay-turds, FSU, don't matter: ANY TIME, ANY PLACE, ANYWHERE

Go Canes!!

Athlon ranks Canes No. 19 in preseason poll ... !!!

Guess whose ranked ahead of U @ #18 ?


Yup, U lose again.


The turds ranked in the top 25 is a reach. they have a sorry QB that is even worse than Jacorry, because he doesnt know if he is coming or going. Furthermore, they lost Pouncey.

I want UM to put a hurting on this lying, skanky, shady team from Columbus. They have a tainted program with a tainted NC that belongs to UM. 60 points will do. run the e--fen score up. kick a field goal in the last minute like Urban the liar (also an Ohio native) did to us to cover the spread in 2008.
60 points

pppssst- Go jump in the ocean. 25 miles out. While the boat is travelling. At night.

Hey Gator P*ssy:

"Schedule Us"

No matter how many posts you put up to trash THE U (the only team that really matters in FLA)..

.. you Gators are cowards....

Wow. Gatard trash pointing to a poll in May.
That shows how gutted that program is without Urby and Timmy.

I remember when Gatard trash didn't care about polls in May (of course, the Curse Pig likes a good pole anytime of year).

The drop to "Others receiving votes" will be over by end of Sept. The drop to oblivion will be over by October.

Strap it on, Gatard trash Pig. This is gonna be fun for a coward like you.

The Gayturds SUCK and still are ranked ahead of U .

FSU to be Top-3 . Get used to it U hot wind and turd fans. U two deserve oneanother.

I love how we say "redemption on OSU"...they won a National Title against us. We don't get redemption until we beat them in a championship game. Not win a game in which half their team is out and we play them at home.

Well I hate to break the news but if everyone could go to Espn.com and take a look @ the Ap top 25 Florida Gators nor Maimi Hurrianes are in the rankings. To be honest i'm glad that we're not ranked because that will show to Coach Golden and the Seniors how much they really want it. We have "Maryland" that is ranked @ #23. Then we have Ohio State ranked @ #4 or 5. So with those two victories we will be in the top 15 with no problem. But The thing that most fans need to realize (Gators,Florida State) is that neither team has the courage to step up and play a good team in the first two weeks. Why warm up with high school teams? Miami haven't done that in a long time. And my thing is this don't talk smack about ur team is this and that because really neither team is going to reach it's high potential level this year. All I can say is beware of "Jacory Harris" this year.

Can't forget about Jordan Futch,Travis Benjermain,Kelvin Cain,Thomas Finnie,Marcus Fortson,Lamar Miller,Storm Johnson,Mike James,Jojo Nicholas,and the entire Offense of line. So what do ya'll really wanna do? Fl.State if ya'll loose E.J Manuel what will ur team do?

it will be interesting...shaping up just like the oklahoma game 2 years ago. primetime matchup, at home and the opponent will be without their starting QB. guys and gals, let's take this one game at a time. we have a lot of potential but we also need to give the coaches and players time to get it together. an acre of trees has potential to be paper, but someone's gotta cut down the trees and process the pulp and all of that, you know? same thing with the team. we have plenty of talent, but it's going to be up to the coaches to have them ready and for the players to buy into the system. we as fans have been spoiled by our recent success, but remember, those dynasties were built brick by brick just like this new one will be. Go C-A-N-E-S!!

Hope to see ya'll there. 'CANE 'TIL I DIE!!!

The OSU game loses it's shine without Pryor and Tressel. Just another game, but at least we're on primetime.

The Crimi noles will get beat to death again by Boomer Sooner, cant wait to watch the crimi noles with a 1st year starting QB and half the O line gone from last year. Back to the mid 20's for a ranking in trailerhassee.

We have to root for FSU vs the Sooners no matter how much it hurts...cant hurt any more than it did in the 2000 NC game (to no avail). We need them to be ranked as highly as possible in mid-October. Then we can take care of business.

As for the Gator. I read the perfect response above..."schedule us"...and i'll add..."or shut up".

Charles, I agree with MUCH of what you have to say except ["we as fans have been spoiled by our recent success"]...
WHAT SUCCESS. Not since 2003-4 have we had anything resembling the success of the 80's and 90's.
In fact, we fans (and alums0 have been abused by bad coaching, poor recruiting, which has in turn led to a lack of fan support at the games.

That last item MUST end.
Please Miami/S Floridians who love our Canes...PLEASE go to that Gd forsaken stadium and support our team.

And be patient. As they say about Rome......

Charles, it should have been WHAT SUCCESS?????????
If we have a well played 9-3 with a New years day Bowl I'd say we had a positive year.
Playing in the ACC Championship game......??

Just wanted to remind U dolte' ClUck dU'masse's that at this time last year, U were ALL charged the fffk up over a 7-6 Season that soon ensued ...

wash ... rinse ... , ...

As mentioned above, the OSU is basically worthless now without their coach or QB being able to play/coach. If we win thats good, if not then we really have a long season. Either way the OSU game has lost its luster

Donnie Sod = gaturd troll, try to be more original loser

Same ish, different day. YIPPEE!!!

So many questions, so few answers; so much baseless smack-talking, but I guess that's what it's all about.

A few years back UF was reeling in the top-ranked players at every position, but the team's success was traceable to just two or three who rose to the challenge and motivated others. The team is still loaded with talent but wasn't noteworthy last year.

The same was true at Alabama, Texas, and a dozen other schools: consistent top-10 recruiters that didn't win it all; that lost games they were supposed to win. In fact, recruiting classes full of top-ranked players have more often, in recent times, led to a team's downfall, not its success.

The teams that win aren't the teams that sign the most five-star players. It seems to me that the talent differences between a three-star player and a five-star player are very small, and a team of well-coached, disciplined, three-star players who play tough, hard-nosed, error-free ball will blow out a team of self-centered, egotistical, five-star prima-donnas every time.

Case in point: two weeks ago, UM's baseball team actually out-scored and basically out-played FSU's baseball team but lost the series due to errors.

A lot of it comes down to the players' attitudes. A lot of teams with recruiting classes ranked lower than Miami's have been beating Miami.

The 'Canes have always had the talent to beat every team they've played over the last 10 years, but they've been losing. It's not because of a lack of talent. It's for some other reason. Attitude? Changes in the general culture at the school?

Will they beat those teams this year? Can Golden find ways to win with the team he has? (Hint: run the ball, coach.)

Will FSU's mass of top-ranked players propel the team to a national championship or spell its doom?

Will Muschamp find a way to galvanize the fantastic load of talent he has into the unbeatable unit it should be?

Will Davis be able to actually field the talent he's brought in, or will those fools continue to shoot themselves in the foot with off-the-field shenanigans?

Will Beemer field another tough, hard-nosed team that wins 10 games? (probably)

It's all questions now. In four or five months we'll start getting answers.

Time will tell.

Is there really a Nole fan talking smack to cane fans here? Seriously? What have you done before 1999, other than lose to Wake Forest 3 times in a row, consitently lose to NC state and Florida, and go under NCAA probation, and undignifiingly kick out the one coach that put your girl's college on the map?

Win something first. Even after you all wooped us last year, badly, need I remind you that you are still our beeo--thces?

Need I remind you that even the sad, sorry, pathetic gatrs are ahead of you in national championships?

Let's put 75,000 in that stadium against OSU. Beat OSU, go undefated until we play FSU, who after they beat Oklahoma (probably #1 in the polls. will be No.1 or 2, which will bring the U back to a top 5 ranking. I believe it's possible. These players need to believe it themselves and stop the preseason BS, tweeting, twitting, facebook crp and all of that and concentrate on winning. Hear me #12?

Please filter the irresponsible comments. They detract from the topic at hand and reinforce the bad image that Miami has around the country.

bad image Diefan? UM has NO image. They lost it in 2004. They need to regain it. Bring back the thugs. Ben too soft lately... and whiney.

Like the Canes?
Like Basketball?

Check out category6canes.blogspot.com the best source for um bball news!!!!!!

Lets get it straight. FSU isnt going to beat very well coached sooners, gayturds will never have the balls to schedule us atleast everyother year, and the U does have a good shot at the ACC title game. Unless J12 plays like a scared deer in the headlights qb again. Cant wait for it all to start again. GO CAINS!!!!

Do not address me unless U have permission ... Which U do not.

Donnie Sod-omite- Go home to your Traylorville sister. Do like that couple in the HBO show "game of thrones", since incestuous relationships are the norm where Urbie the liar used to coach.

Canes need to come out p--off this year. But I am still worried, because jacorry harris is one of the Qbs. that says it all

LMWSAO! Kid says da yeeew hasn't opened with patsies lately!! LOL..FAMU...FAMU...FAMU...The only team from Tallahassee that you can manage to beat!

....lol. da yeeew in THE DOAK. The outcome will be as bad as last year...or worse. Jacory will be our best offensive weapon! GO >>--//--SEMINOLES--//-->> and gayturds from UFelon U..need not respond. Scared to play da yeeeew.

C'mon, Jamie. That is plain stupid. Canes - Noles are .500 the last 10 years. What are you talking about.

I guess I know since you are the blog Pig. Back to the t-room at ManHole, slob.

No way I'll ever pull for FSU against anybody and that includes Notre Stinking Dame. I hope Oakie hangs half a hundred on those bums. If we can't beat OSU, minus their 5 stars, this season will suk.

This is Ur last warning or U will suffer consequences worse than having to watch Ur candyazz football program the last 8 ... EIGHT years.

U've been warned for the last time. No Ur place.

"....lol. da yeeew in THE DOAK"

That's a trip....I think the last time we were at the Doak, da yeeewwwww won......

your welcome

Great Article of Maurcie Clarett in 2004 and allegations that are starting to come out in Buckeye town

"Clarett says that while he was at Ohio State in 2002 and 2003 head coach Jim Tressel, as well as certain members of his staff and boosters, provided him with improper benefits. He says he covered up Tressel's improprieties during the NCAA investigation and afterward, Ohio State "blackballed'' him from the football program.

According to Clarett, Tressel arranged loaner cars for him and Tressel's brother, Dick, found him lucrative landscaping jobs that he did not even have to show up for. He says members of Tressel's staff also introduced him to boosters who'd slip him thousands of dollars, and the better he played, the more cash he'd receive. He says boosters eventually began inviting him into their homes or would meet him out in the community" -espn.com


The OSU beatdown will be reminiscent of the "let's get all of this pent up frustration out of us" beatdown we put on Washingtin U Thanksgiving weekend 2000....can't wait

But no sweater vest, or Pryor, or.....not my problem, welcome to the world of NCAA sanctions...here's the vasoline...now bend over!

I love how we say "redemption on OSU"...they won a National Title against us. We don't get redemption until we beat them in a championship game. Not win a game in which half their team is out and we play them at home.

Posted by: Tom | May 11, 2011 at 04:48 PM

Don't worry Tom, it's only a matter of time til' they strip away that 02' title!


We coming bruh bruh...

See you fellas in da bowl game !!!

UM BASEBALL BEATS #1 RANKED VIRGINIA on the road...UM beat #1 ranked UVA on Friday night, 6-2, before a sold out crowd at Charlottsvill, Va......GREAT WIN, CANES!

Hey, UFelony and Free Shoes U...how many CWS National Championships have you won?

OH, I FORGOT...between the TWO OF YOU BIG HIGH SCHOOLS IN SOUTHERN GEORGIA: NONE, NADA, ZILCH, ZERO....!! It will take you BOTH COMBINED 50 years to match ours, and by then, we'll have EVEN MORE...count on it!!

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