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Storm Johnson's father said Canes backfield was 'crowded' for his son

There will be one less breakaway running back in the Hurricanes backfield next season.

Storm Johnson Westleigh "Storm" Johnson, coming off a freshman season in which he carried the ball just nine times for 119 yards, but showed a lot of promise with his 71-yard touchdown run in the regular season finale against South Florida, informed coach Al Golden Tuesday afternoon he would like to transfer.

“As of this afternoon, Westleigh Storm Johnson is no longer a part of the University of Miami Football program," UM coach Al Golden said in a statement released through the school Tuesday night.

"When these situations arise, we always assist the student-athlete and his family in the transfer process. We wish Storm success in all future endeavors.”

Johnson's father, Wes, said his son had spoken to Golden "multiple times" about leaving since he took over as coach.

"He wanted to be closer to home. He's a mama's boy and the backfield is crowded," Johnson Sr. said. "Life is full of surprises. We're not broken up. It's his life. Sometimes you have to make hard decisions."

Johnson, who finished this spring as the team's No. 3 running back, was one of six players reportedly suspended for the season opener against Maryland – a report coach Al Golden would neither confirm nor deny during spring practice.

Johnson (6-0, 216) also was reportedly involved in an April 27 incident at a UM residential hall for which school police were called to the scene.

Johnson Sr. said he had been told his son he was "not suspended" and that none of that played into his son's decision.

"He's coming home, going to relax, get into a workout regime and he'll decide within then next couple weeks what he's going to do," Westleigh Sr. said. "There's nothing else that needs to be said."

Johnson is the fifth player to seek transfer out of UM since the end of the spring. Earlier this month, UM announced linebackers Travis Williams and Kevin Nelson and defensive backs Jamal Reid and Devont'a Davis were no longer with the program. Defensive lineman Jeffrey Brown, arrested on sexual battery charges, was suspended indefinitely from the team.


> So who becomes the backup if Lamar Miller or Mike James twists an ankle? That would be redshirt freshman Darion Hall. Here's a nice story on Hall by his hometown newspaper The Naples Daily News from the spring.

The Canes could also given incoming freshman Kevin Grooms a shot. He was a standout at South Broward High the past two seasons. Or, they could move redshirt sophomore Eduardo Clements back from cornerback. UM has one of the nation's top tailbacks committed in its 2012 class, Miami Norland's Duke Johnson.

> In other UM news from Tuesday, the Hurricanes received a commitment from 2012 linebacker Raphael Kirby. The 6-1, 215-pound prospect from Stephenson High in Georgia picked UM over Florida, LSU, North Carolina and South Carolina.

These commitments of course are non-binding until they sign a National Letter of Intent in February. Kirby has teammates headed to Florida and it wouldn't be a surprise if in the wacky world of recruiting he pulls a "late surprising switch."

> The Hurricanes men's basketball team will play at Purdue in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge on Nov. 29. The rest of UM's 2011-12 schedule has yet to be released.



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He is supremely talented. A step up from others at the U.and far better than the recruit from S. Broward.No reason to hang around hoping to play, nice to say you were in the program, but the idea is to play, not vacillate.
I am truly sorry to not be able to see him playing.

Most of you who post on this site are idiots to say the least; if this kid wishes to transfer, it's his choice. Just because a player decides to leave our beloved "U", it doesn't make him or his family bad people or worthy of these classless, senseless, and derogative comments. I guess if Miller or James decides to leave, the comments would be the same. Please grow up, mature, speak with some sense of reality; players leave programs and if they do, wish them and their families well; move on. PERIOD. UM Alumni ‘89

Another great pickup for the class of 2012 as the Golden machine steams all over the State of Miami. As for Storm, he would have added great depth. but here is reality: Miller is a super sophomore to be; James is a junior to be. Both returning next year. Hall is a bulldozer of a runner and Grooms is a scat back like you've never seen, called Ghost in high school. Very crowded backfield indeed. Good luck Storm, hope all works out for you.

Get rid of the guys that don't want to be here period.He's a talented kid but, he wants out.

This happens in every program in the land.Under Golden this these current players have been awakened to the reality that it will not be easy street anymore.

I like what Golden is doing but, he must win or will serve the same fate as the previous coach.

How many times did his father say he was a true CANE, happy, was not going anywhere? He blamed the media for making up rumers. Well I guess we found out what kind of character Storm & his father have........ NONE


Gore didnt transfer because he was already starting in front of mcgahee, mcgahee only played because gore tore his acl. if you was a true hurricane fan you would of knew mcgahee was his fullback at first. That was the only way they could get him on the field

How can you people call this "Golden's Mistake" - what the hell is wrong with SOME of you people?
TRUE HURRICANES don't transfer...let this little mama's boy GO...GOODBYE, WHO NEEDS YOU!!
Get lost....if you can't take the competition, GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE....we don't want you and guess what...WE'LL BE JUST FINE!!
Find me a coach who's going to KISS UP TO SOME PUNK who thinks that he's not going to get enough playing time "because the backfield is too crowded" - YOU WON'T.

Johnson is OBVIOUSLY a self-centered MORON who wants all the playing time and doesn't want to have to compete....well, GOOD LUCK LITTLE BOY!

GET LOST...GOOD RIDDANCE...I wish you good luck with another team....(and, you'd better take your daddy with you, too....sounds like you're not only a MAMA'S BOY, BUT A DADDY'S BOY TOO!)

Outta here....don't ever come back....you're not a Hurricane....you're a LOSER!!

Mama's boy, backfield too crowded ? (Good luck in life son)


If you was a true hurricane fan you would of knew gore didnt leave because he was already the starter, mcgahee only got his chance to play because gore tore his acl, gore beat him out fair and square the spring of 2002. know your facts about the U first before you starting typing stuff..

* At least have some class. If U welcomed the kid or coach on the way in, treat him with respect on his way out. Transfers happen everywhere for different reasons. You don't have to be a dick!

Posted by: Opa Loca Cane | May 17, 2011 at 11:25 PM
What he said...

BTW, Gatard trash has 1 player since '85 in the CHOF. There us an avalanche of Canes coming to the CHOF.

Posted by: Miramar Gator | May 17, 2011 at 06:29 PM

Que ?

1986- Steve Spurrier

2006- Emmitt Smith

2008- Wilber Marshall

2011- Carlos Alvarez


I understand U Cane Dope ... Facts were never Ur strength.

And as for Ur avalanche of Canes on the way to the CHOF ... What, on an avalanche of 80's 98% pure snow ?

Al Golden may not be able to relate to these young men as well as people may have thought at first. Theres something that's not right that's for sure.

Gonna hurt not having Ur next ...

Ed Reed (Latwan)

Ray Lewis (Nelson)

C. Portis (Storm a brewing)

and soon to be transfer McKinnie (Henderson)


Fact is, Ur brochure looks good. The Program SUX ! Nice place to visit for a weekend but not live.


oh yeah, who's that transfer that will be the next Doofus Dorsey from UM of Tenn. again ? ...And the next Irvin? Byrd ? ... And Moss? Dreadlocks wit no hands ... And Sapp? Lardlump Fortson. And Shockey? Take Ur pathetic pick of the sorry bunch ... and so on and so on and so on...

The last two recruiting classes ='s SHYTE !!!

And just wait til U watch Ur Corners and OLB's in 2011 ... Get the butter n jam ready.



U think they will ever learn Arty ?

me too ... nawwww

hahahaha @ some of the anti-Randy talk.. Once again, damn, at least give both hell for messing up, not just Randy...

I find it funny that Cookie is back on the team right away, yet some guys that did not play a down are gone ASAP. Why is Jeff Brown not back on the team? Hmmm, maybe it's because he is not a guy that Al expects to do much? I do not have an issue w/Al wanting his own players, but some of the clowns on this board are really pathetic.

This is a trend in college football now. These young high school standouts don't want to be watchers on the sidelines. They want immediate playtime. That's why you see lesser programs like an FIU or USF start to be more competitive. Those programs present the athlete the ability to play right now. All kids are now, now, now. Yes, it would be nice for them to wait their turn, learn, and be both mentally and physically ready but these kids don't have that kind of patience anymore.

It is my opinion that you must earn your spot through study, discipline (on and off the field), and old fasion hard work. If you have these attributes you eventually will find the playing field, if not, I guess you transfer.

booger- your an idiot. Fisch was OC at Minnesota and D'Onofrio DC at Temple.

Also, Coach Golden should concentrate on bringing in 2-3 top notch RBs for 2012.

Posted by: UM Fan | May 17, 2011 at 10:48 PM

2-3 Top notch RB's huh ? Good grief.

U dream a little dream now U hear ... 2 or 3 of them.

I am amazed at how many quiters w/talent there are in the batch of Shannon recruits....

Posted by: Central FL Cane | May 17, 2011 at 11:15 PM

Amazing huh ?

So from the Virginia Doomsday game, the Ice Bowl vs Wisconsin in Frigid Orlando up until laying down like French Soldiers the last three games last year ...

And Ur just figuring that out huh ?

Slow U are, but Ur learning.

Ur Education will continue all next year U L.D. Cane Clod.

Sayonara to the Storm. What we are seeing is a strict, disciplined approach to coaching a football team. Some can handle it, others are simply not motivated. A disciplined and motivated team will win games, given equal talent to their opponents. If you are 3rd string and a young man of character, you will work hard to move up, especially as a sophomore.

In between tokes, Storm is a " mama's boy," according to his father. We don't need potheads who will not work their hardest for the UM. It is a demotivating drug, and this is particularly true for a finely tuned athlete.

I like Lamar Miller and Mike James at RB, and some of the younger guys coming up. Coach Golden is looking for young men of character. So, move on attitude cases. We have seen what you do to a teams dedication and intensity in the past. No more, thank you. Good luck.

Miami Fan,

I think Coach Fisch was Offensive Coordinator for Minnesota at the college level. Had some good wideouts in his one year there, but poor stats overall.

If I am not mistaken, I think Coach D'Onofrio was Defensive Coordinator at Temple. Had some strong D and some NFL draftees.

I expect them to do a good job. The D will breathe fire, and the O could be a steady , ball control attack. We shall see.

This is going to be a continuing problems for Miami and all the major programs, for most kids coming into the programs its all about the NFL. They want their shot at the big money. Especially with the black athlete. You just have to look at the problem Major League Baseball and its drive to increase its number of Blacks in Baseball. The main reason they can't is the long lead time to the big money. Both Football and Basketball the process is much quicker. This is not a racist comment, its a fact. I could go on but I think I have pointed out why kids will not stay where they have a great chance of starting. It's simple they can't take the chance. It's not the same game it was years ago when you went to the school because its was where you always dreamed of playing. So I do wish him Storm well. But I will say he's being short sighted. a few injuries and he could have been the feature back or better yet just beat out the competition.

@Opa-Locka Cane

In part i agree with you; we are easy to crown a kid king, but then bash him when he doesn't pan out. But when a kid comes right out and says the backfield is too crowded, its kinda hard not to say to hell with him. If you read all the comments, 95% on canes fans are saying this is a huge loss, is a great talent and there is no doubt he will be missed. But you can't get our hopes up with how talented you are, then break our hearts when you want to transfer because of competition. What did you think our response would be?

Anyway, he's a 19 year old kid, I hope it works out for him.

Bottom line is the kid wants out. You let him out. He won't be missed because he doesn't want to be here, not because he doesn't have talent we all know this. Most likely he doesn't have that ability to persevere in the hard times...is that a back you want in the crucial moments of a slug-fest with F. State, or Ohio State? Not me. Good luck sir, out of our house.

And then again Al Golden could be the problem. Al Golden coached at Temple give me a break. Maybe they respected Shannon more because he was one of them from the inner city of Miami. A proven hurricane who is Golden? It's a big difference from Pennsylvania and M.I.A.

I very much like what Coach Golden & his staff are doing. There are always going to be players transferring with a new coaching change, it is inevitable. Coach Golden, has his specific system of coaching, academics, & discipline & it takes time to implement that. As far as competition, the more the better, I remember seeing an interview with Darrin Smith, & he said that the practices were actually harder than the games & that you never took a water break because there was always someone that would take your place - does that say COMPETITION? By the way - TEMPLE University had a 1st & 2nd round pick in the 2011 NFL draft.

If the talent was there under Shannon and Golden is the man..are we winnning it all this year?..if not the road will get harder..personally, I think Golden is over his head..time will tell...im not ready to say the coach from temple is great, it seems he can't relate to the kids..ooh and that idoit trustee who said the trouble kids are Randy's should be run out of town because once Golden accepted the jon they became his kids!!

Johnson is a big loss from a football standpoint, but maybe not from a team chemistry standpoint. He looks like an NFL back if he gets his act together. I'm not buying what his dad said. There's much more to the story, things fans will never know. This happens at all Programs when there is a coaching change. You either buy in or you leave. He made his choice.


the man has experencie, the offense should be WAY better than that bull whipple was running, i think he was putting jacory in those bad situations. if anybody watch him play at northwestern he was a qb in a spread offense that nickle and dime down the field then they would hit u with the deep ball. everybody knows he arm strength isnt the best but its good enough to compete on this level. if ken dorsey could do it with a 5th grader arm lol (no disrespect ken) i know jacory can do with a good wr core.

you how the offense was moving when we was throwing the ball with our intermediate passing game to leonard, JUST USE THE TALENT WE HAVE THE RIGHT WAY AND DONT TRY AND MAKE US INTO SOMETHING WE ARE NOT!!!!!!

heres the diff btw what randy did and got criticized for and what golden is doing. Randy did not get criticized for the players he did not recruit (aka cokers kids). Randy got dogged for the players he recruited and chased off in 1 year. and that was mostly because he was playing favorites and whatever else. What golden is doing is the same as what randy did. getting rid of the dead weight that randy recruited. If a kid doesnt want to work then Golden doesnt need him.

As for the Sentrel deal my guess is golden is pushing his big butt just to help him realize his full potential. A lot of gifted players fail because their coaches just roll over for them. And I'd bet you that most of the 4 and 5 star recruits have been coddled their entire careers. So Golden is nippin that in the butt. My guess is come the first game he can play he will be starting now whether thats LT or RT Thats up to the coach to decide.

From what I gather the only players who have transfered and actualy had a real opportunity for playing time were S. Johnson. Still not good to see so many players leave town. As to the early commits for 2012. Just like last year, if the "U" has another 7-6 season those players will be looking at other programs to attend. Maybe the fact that there is such little expectations going into 2011 the team will respond and play up to their capabilities. A good start could be the key to 2011 success.

Alot of you out of touch people wanted a white coach so bad and that's what you got. Does not mean that he is a great coach he has to prove himself just like any other coach. He was 8-4 last year 9-4 and 5-7 the year before that in the MAC conference. How did he even get this job baffles the hell out of me. Temple is a joke they have maybe 2 hard games a year.


i agree a little with you how did he get the job who knows especially coming from the MAC conference. i know everybody hasn't forgot when we were in the big east we use to smash temple.

but we got to give him a shot, im praying things work out for the good he seems to be straight so far.


Both have been coordinators before. Do some homework. Coach D was the DC for many years at temple. Jedd was the OC one year at Minnesota before going to the NFL.

I take a look back 2 years ago in Orlando at the bowl game. Shannons team quit, they quit because it was cold, they quit because they didnt want to be there,,,that in my opinion was a telling sign of shannons teams,,,they were a few quitters. This team under Shannon never had mental toughness, football sense or physical dominance. So I think its good that Johnson is gone, best of luck to him, but I want to see a great dominant team at the U, not a bunch of hand picked players who lack what it truly takes to succeed.

Man what a bunch of panicing shannon lovers. No dought storm was talented but he really didnt want to work. Wish him the best but even with him gone the U still has mabey the most talented back field in college football. By the way miami fan if you really are one both Fisch and D'Onforio have both been coordinators. Know what you are talking about before you blog. GO CANES!!!!

Butch, you are the trailerpark fool. Players who played since 1985. You know, the relevant time period you like to speak of. UFailure has nothing.

As for Storm Johnson practicing at his old high school, that field now has a better running back on it than anything Gatard trash in 20 years.

Hey, Emmanuel Moody, how did that transfer to UFailure work out for you.


Who cares. Momma's boy? Are you serious? Why would any Cane fan want this guy for the U now knowing this?

Kid has the right to play anywhere. That said, here is my opinion:

- Today's cfb players are in some sort of alternate universe where they think they ae "entitled" playing time.
Did he ever do his research about past great running backs at UM or other programs? Does he know that all great rbs have to bide their time?

Doe he even care or know UM's tradition of great rbs who waited?:
- Edgerrin james
- James Jackson
- Najeh Davenport and DJ Williams
- Clinton Portis
- Willis McGahee
- Frank Gore
- Jarett payton
- Tyron Moss
It really stops there!

Doese he also realize the failure that comes with transferring and not working hard? aka- Bryce brown, Willie Williams, Charlie Jones, Robert Marve...

This kid (like many others) is lazy, undisciplined, selfish, immature, and impatient. He knows nothing about football, yet he thinks he does. He was given a scholie to one of the best colleges in the countyr, a free ride, and he is throwing it all away. That's how stupid these kids are. Their parents are no better. meanwhile, good kids are being told 'we don't want you". Kids that would bleed green and orange and bust they a55es for the U.

I would have seen the following scenario:
2011-2012- Miller, James... occasional Storm
2012-2013- Storm, Miller...occ. Hall and Johnson
2013-2014-Storm, Hall, Johnson, or Storm goes pro. Now, he's lost. In limbo. Sevres him right.

Like I said before, U have BIG problems. U let a player like Storm just go? Prediction: Expect more transfers and outsters. I don't like it. That was one of the best rotations in college football. What team could match that?

'Goldy's just getting started. If U keep this up, U won't win the very weak and mediocre ACC.

Opa-Lock-a Cane....Golden is the problem? LMAO

Whatever happened to being loyal to your school. Your getting a free ride to one of the best University in the country and these guys all think they can make it in the NFL. Life expectancy of an NFL player is 3 years. Get an education first!

That sucks! At least we still have Miller. But I thought he and Storm would be an excellent 1-2 punch. Canes FTW!!

We do have some good talent that needs to be harnessed. You can down play Storm leaving but he was a hell of a talent. I don't know if Al does know what he is doing. when he was at Temple his only notable game was Penn St. one hard game a year ooo they just put Uconn on the schedule last year. Other than that they play teams like Villanova, Kent State, Akron oooo.. tough schedule. If he was such a great coach he should have went 11-1 and then maybe I would understand him getting this job. He reminds me of John Gruden talks alot takes all the credit and probably will win with other peoples talent hopefully if doesn't run everyone off. The season has not started he has to prove himself and coaching at Temple is just not a good enough resume. Might as well hire the coach of Famu o no cant do that he's black.

Gee, crowded backfield huh? Seems to me that the backfield of Portis,McGhee,Gore and Davenport won a national Championship and they all made it to the next level. More to story than meets the eye.

JaWand Blue is a Ol School Cane type of Player. Forget size this kid flies to the ball. Check out his You Tube highlights.

Last I'd checked, can't but one person carry the ball at a time. It's hard for a back to be consistant when they are constantly sharing caries.The dude will be a good RB, it just won't be for us. I hate it but we need tough guys, not mamma's boys and definetly not homesick momma's boys at that.

They will turn on Golden soon enough and for good reason. 4 and 8 coming up

I'm disappointed that Storm Johnson transformed himself into "Hot Air" Johnson!!! Not only did he let the U down, but mostly himself as well. If he can't handle the competition at the college level, how does he expects to handle the much stiffer competition at the Pro level????? Hard competition makes you better, while soft competition gives you a false sense of security and doesn't help to develop the toughness required at the next level. So it's clear to me that his decision to transfer was a major mistake!! The U sends more players into the NFL because it's Navy SEAL-like training and brutal dog-eat-dog competition are much tougher than any of the other schools and making the transition to the next level a lot easier! Hot Air threw away all those priceless opportunities so he could be close to mama's protective apron and postpone his growth into manhood! What a shame!

he found out what dj williams found out, man everyone is good here, bye bye

thats sad to lose him, but he knew that the back field would be crowded last season. we had craig cooper, damien berry, mike james, and lamar miller you shouldve figured that one easily. hope he does decent but i think he wouldve done better here because he might have been 2nd string next season

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