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Storm Johnson's father said Canes backfield was 'crowded' for his son

There will be one less breakaway running back in the Hurricanes backfield next season.

Storm Johnson Westleigh "Storm" Johnson, coming off a freshman season in which he carried the ball just nine times for 119 yards, but showed a lot of promise with his 71-yard touchdown run in the regular season finale against South Florida, informed coach Al Golden Tuesday afternoon he would like to transfer.

“As of this afternoon, Westleigh Storm Johnson is no longer a part of the University of Miami Football program," UM coach Al Golden said in a statement released through the school Tuesday night.

"When these situations arise, we always assist the student-athlete and his family in the transfer process. We wish Storm success in all future endeavors.”

Johnson's father, Wes, said his son had spoken to Golden "multiple times" about leaving since he took over as coach.

"He wanted to be closer to home. He's a mama's boy and the backfield is crowded," Johnson Sr. said. "Life is full of surprises. We're not broken up. It's his life. Sometimes you have to make hard decisions."

Johnson, who finished this spring as the team's No. 3 running back, was one of six players reportedly suspended for the season opener against Maryland – a report coach Al Golden would neither confirm nor deny during spring practice.

Johnson (6-0, 216) also was reportedly involved in an April 27 incident at a UM residential hall for which school police were called to the scene.

Johnson Sr. said he had been told his son he was "not suspended" and that none of that played into his son's decision.

"He's coming home, going to relax, get into a workout regime and he'll decide within then next couple weeks what he's going to do," Westleigh Sr. said. "There's nothing else that needs to be said."

Johnson is the fifth player to seek transfer out of UM since the end of the spring. Earlier this month, UM announced linebackers Travis Williams and Kevin Nelson and defensive backs Jamal Reid and Devont'a Davis were no longer with the program. Defensive lineman Jeffrey Brown, arrested on sexual battery charges, was suspended indefinitely from the team.


> So who becomes the backup if Lamar Miller or Mike James twists an ankle? That would be redshirt freshman Darion Hall. Here's a nice story on Hall by his hometown newspaper The Naples Daily News from the spring.

The Canes could also given incoming freshman Kevin Grooms a shot. He was a standout at South Broward High the past two seasons. Or, they could move redshirt sophomore Eduardo Clements back from cornerback. UM has one of the nation's top tailbacks committed in its 2012 class, Miami Norland's Duke Johnson.

> In other UM news from Tuesday, the Hurricanes received a commitment from 2012 linebacker Raphael Kirby. The 6-1, 215-pound prospect from Stephenson High in Georgia picked UM over Florida, LSU, North Carolina and South Carolina.

These commitments of course are non-binding until they sign a National Letter of Intent in February. Kirby has teammates headed to Florida and it wouldn't be a surprise if in the wacky world of recruiting he pulls a "late surprising switch."

> The Hurricanes men's basketball team will play at Purdue in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge on Nov. 29. The rest of UM's 2011-12 schedule has yet to be released.



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everyone's good?..are you talking about the Miami Hurricanes?

Huge pickup on Kirby.
Golden is building the best class in the nation.

Its a shame, now he will only have 2 years of eligibility, prob. going to a JC then hopes to start 2 years somewhere. Well thank god for mr. Duke, that is if he stays solid on his commit!

Thank you 360cane. If Golden ran off Miller and James , Then there would be a problem.

Thanks to all the posters for their input aZnd perspective

It's gonna be OK. Normal shakeout. Hate to see a talented kid leave, but probably for the best for all parties.

Coach Golden is building a winning program. He has core values that will help kids develop into young men of character. Might take a little time, but the overall picture is hopeful and moving in a positive direction on the field, off the field and in the classroom. I hope every Cane embraces this approach and takes it to heart! And that fans come out to support the team!

Go Canes!

Majority of the fans on here are delusional at best to think that we can let talented players like that leave and still be good. Golden hasn't done sh!! but the majority of u think he has done a fantastic job. It's starting to smell even worse around here.

C yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


For one, check out what is happening in recruiting.

Who would you have for a coach?

And what would they have done by now to convince you that they had done something significant?

Do tell us poor delusional masses...

Damn... hate being late... just catching up on yesterday.

Make no mistake, this hurts! MJ was "The House", Lamar "The Lock" and Storm was "The Key" to a ship this year. That said, we have some excellent under underclassmen, not counting recruits, to fill the void. Guys like Clements (I like this kid) and Allen Hurns (Injured this past spring and don't blink your eyes... he's good too) are more than willing to take a shot at stardom... So Yeah, we'll be alright, but damn it, we are going to miss Storm and the hell of it is... he made a Big Mistake and he's going to miss us too!


Golden apparently can't keep the troops happy. Where are those great management and people skills now?

Tally what is smelling is U. Go take a shower with some hot water and soap and maybe just maybe U will wash some of that stupid off of U.

awwe princess wasnt going to start so he took his ball and went home

I hope Storm finds himself and finds a good team to display his talent.
End of story on that.
Illuminati was IMO correct in his assessment of a few comments here regarding "implicit" racism regarding Randy v Golden.
We've already seen the results of Randy protecting players. Does anyone think Golden is responsible for the plethora of arrests and bad behavior by UM players?

I think not. How about making these players accountable, instead of blaming a new coach when Randy's guys get caught doing what they've probably been doing since he recruited them to UM.l..smoke dope, get into fights, etc.

Better to rid ourselves of the bad apples now, or we'll have an OSU/Tressel situation on our hands.

Hahahaha, it's so funny how UM fans are saying bad things about this guy. Face it, the "U" is not the same. There is something going on down there. For not just this guy, but for another 8 players to leave says something about your program. I dint even metion "Forcier". I thought that guy Nelson was supposed to be the next Ray Lewis........hahahahahahahahahaha

"U" aint winning no championships.

The CANES arent what they used to be. There are over 8 players who left the program, and Forcier is not comming. U aint winning championships.

Herald Stop Deleting my post.,,,,, Hey Manny, dint you go to FIU. You wanna be Canes fan. FIU doesnt want you fat ass.

Many Fatbarro.....hahhahhahhahahha

It's been a year since I watched a live game. The issues are getting more excited day by day.

The kid will never amount to anything. He always leaves when things get hard. He has a horrible work ethic. I think the worse I have ever seen and he thinks he is all that. He is not, that is why he is transferring and that is why he transferred in high school. The kid needs a reality check. UGA would be a horrible decision for a kid who cant seem to stay out of trouble and who has a "drug" problem. Kid needs to go to a rehab before he steps foot on a football field.

STORM,and his dad from youth and highschool football bounced around every year when THEY had any problems......HIS DAD even coached him all the way through youthfootball in which HIS dad was caught illegally filming a team his was to play in championship......nobody wants him and UCF is the only place to take him and his DAD......TRUST ME HIS DAD WAS THE PROBLEM

Lamar Miller is NO STUD! Storm Johnson was highly recruited with any college he wanted, Miller not the case. Where the hell is Aldarius Johnson? Laron Byrd? The U could be the U if they had a damn quarterback. There's a clear difference between Storm Johnson and Lamar Miller and Mike James. Tommy Streeter where has he been? The difference between other schools and Miami is that the other schools actually play there best players! If this was Oregon it would be suspend A. Johnson for a game then get him in b/c he is one of the best there is in potential. Randy Shannon and now this DB Al we're not going to see the U back until he's fired. Let me see the talent on the field. Miller is a good kickoff returner, thats it. You let Storm Johnson walk? Don't play Tommy Streeter? What the hell is going on!!!!!!!

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