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Ryan Williams (UNLIKE Tate Forcier) goes from one UM to another.

So, we have learned this morning that former Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier will not be transferring to Miami, a UM official told me, and apparently the Hurricanes knew about it before Ryan Williams signed his scholarship papers...

NOW, the original blog minus Tate information:

Except for "fan day" last Aug., new #UM #Canes QB Ryan Williams wasn't allowed to speak to the media last season at the University of Memphis.

I asked him Tuesday if it would have been nice to have been able to deal with the media.

"Yes and no,'' he answered. "I mean, I was used to talking to newspapers and stuff in high school, but that was coach's policy and something you got used to. I never complained about it. It never caused any problems because I guess I didn't really want to deal with all the questions during that bad season anyway.''

"Bad" might be an understatement.

Memphis went 1-11 in 2010. Here are some of the Tigers' final NCAA team stats: 116th of 120 Football Bowl Subdivision teams in rushing offense; 81st in passing offense; 117th in total offense; 119th in scoring offense; 81st in rushing defense; 115th in total defense; 117th in scoring defense; 120th in punt returns; 117th in kickoff returns; 118th in turnover margin; 116th in pass defense; 112th in sacks allowed; 105th in sacks.


No wonder Williams is ecstatic to be back home (his family lives in Pembroke Pines) and about to play at the program he loved as a young boy.

Some things you might not know about Ryan:

He's an excellent student (3.8 grade point average at Memphis).

He's real serious --  not very talkative or emotive, but supposedly very focused.

His mother attended Ohio State (oops!). She became a huge UM fan (seriously) last Friday when Ryan signed with the Canes.

Ryan was born in Shreveport, La., home of former UM quarterback transfer Brock Berlin. Ryan lived there, in New Orleans, Hot Springs, Ark., and then Louisville before moving to Pembroke Pines with his family as a 7-year-old.

Ryan's dad played defensive end at Tulane.

Ryan went to Canes games growing up.

Ryan attended several quarterback camps over the years, including the Manning Passing Academy in South Louisiana, Tommy Bowden's camp at Clemson, UM's Nike Camp, Nick Saban's camp at Alabama and Les Miles' camp at LSU. He was awarded "outstanding quarterback'' at Saban's camp.

Ryan's birthday is in November, so he's still only 19.

Ryan's fiancee played soccer on a scholarship at Jackson State in Mississippi. But she had back problems and can't play anymore. She's transferring to FIU to be near Ryan, who has been given permission to live with her near campus in an apartment.

Ryan was roommates with former Hurricanes QB Cannon Smith last season. The two are good friends. Smith, by the way, is now a safety.

Ryan said he wants to become "a better game manager and continue to make better decisions on the field and continue to work in the weight room.'' He's almost 6-6 and 220 pounds.

When Ryan is a senior, the Hurricanes will play Memphis in Miami.


Have a good night and great Friday everyone!! My Ryan Williams story will be in the Miami Herald Friday.


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hahaha that was funny miramar

Cant believe he didnt get offers from big schools to start with the HS career he had.
This is the type of guy that will lure good reciever recruits

Forcier aint' coming now.

Word is Forcier is no longer coming to Miami...at least according to HD on espn.

What a blow this is to our QB situation with Forcier not coming. That guy was a winner.

He didnt fit our offense scheme any way.

6-6 and 220lbs at 19 years old and a 3.8 GPA

Now that sounds like a NFL potential body and sharp mind. We'll find out if he has the instincts and skills to be a great QB....

I am much more excited by this kid than Forcier, who was a kid with attitude problems.

Forcier's suddenly reversals (2 times within 3 months) shows you he is ERRATIC in behavior.

NOT what we want at THE U.

Ryan's fiancee played soccer on a scholarship at Jackson State in Mississippi. Love it! ;-)

How is Forcier a winner? Guy can't even decide on a school to attend.

Glad forcier isnt bringing his big10 tainted trash to the U. I dont know what people saw in him after what he did at michigan. If he is such a winner than how come the new michigan coach doesnt want him to stick around either. Take williams over him anyday. GO CANES!!!!

Ryan looks like a good prospect. I hope he blossoms and really stands out at the U. In contrast to Tate, this kid seems like a true student athlete. Good pickup for us!

good riddens to garbage. We don't need any stinkin divas on this team. If the guy doesn't like to compete and thinks a starting job is gonna be "handed" to him, then he has another thing coming. If this is his true mentality, he would quit after day one of practice once Golden breathes down his neck hard enough. What a pathetic excuse for a football player. Go play that "spread garbage" somewhere else.

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