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Sounds like Tate Forcier has more problems than not having a football team

By now it seems obvious that the Hurricanes escaped future problems -- and that's likely an understatement --  by not getting former Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier.

The whole Forcier situation with Miami seemed strange from the beginning. We all read about his sulking on the bench at Michigan, his seemingly poor sportsmanship, his poor academics resulting in being ruled academically ineligible for the Gator Bowl, his big ego.

And I heard some other things that would definitely not have made Miami coach Al Golden happy.

Then we learned a couple weeks ago that Forcier, who signed with Miami in February and was supposedly set to transfer, was no longer coming to UM. Talent? Yes. Head case? Yes. Problem child? Apparently.

The latest Forcier news was first reported Thursday by WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids. According to the report, police in Grand Rapids said a woman called them because Forcier locked himself in a third-floor apartment bedroom on April 22 and was hanging out of a window and the woman feared that he was going to jump.

Police officers came to the scene and convinced Forcier to open the bedroom door. The report said he was not arrested but was taken to a hospital.

Forcier never showed up on UM's campus after signing his papers. He told ESPN recently he wanted to stay closer to home. One of the teams on his wish list was USC, but ESPN said USC basically isn't interested.

I left a message for Forcier's father when we learned he wasn't coming to UM. He never called back.

In an earlier interview with Manny Navarro in February, Tate's dad, Mike Forcier, had a couple of comments that did not shed an especially positive light on his son.

"He was at the airport [Wednesday afternoon] getting ready to fly back to Michigan when he gave me the news, " his father Mike of his son's former commitment to Miami. "He called me and said, 'Dad, I'm going to transfer to Miami. It just felt too comfortable. I went ahead and committed. I hope you and mom will respect my decision and support it. And I love you.' "

You would think that a college student would want his parents' opinion, or at least discuss the situation with them privately before he publicly commits somewhere.

"I thought he was going to sit on it for a day, wait to decide. That's what I recommended, " Mike Forcier said. "But joining Miami was like buying a Ferrari. You can't wait."

 Also from Mike Forcier:

"Some of the criticism he got in the past are from people who misunderstand him as 'cocky.' Really all he has is a lot swagger. I know the players at Miami are all about that. He's just misunderstood. He's confident. He knows he can play. He's played since he was a little baby.''

As a freshman in 2009, Forcier started all 12 games for Michigan and completed 165 of 281 passes for 2,050 yards and 13 touchdowns. The Wolverines finished 5-7.

 Forcier was named to the All-Freshman Big Ten team after the season, but lost his starting job last season to former Deerfield Beach star Denard Robinson. This past season, he appeared in eight games as a backup and completed 54 of 84 passes for 597 yards with four touchdowns and four interceptions.

 The 6-1, 192-pound native of San Diego, was rated a four-star prospect by rivals.com and scout.com. In his high school, he completed 529 of 760 passes for 7,448 yards and 61 touchdowns and rushed 231 times for 2,049 yards and 24 TDs.

Forcier is the third Forcier quarterback brother to transfer from their original schools. Jason, the oldest, left MIchigan to go to Stanford in 2006; and middle son Chris went to Furman from UCLA in 2009.



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This goes to show you that generally, rankings from rivals & scouts.com don't mean squat. You REALLY don't know what you have in recruits until you get him on campus, on the field and in the college environment. I don't want to to see anymore posts gripping about how the U doesn't get enough 4/5 star recruits. Russell Maryland was a mediocre player out of Chicago with only one other offer from Indiana State. Recruiting is a toss-up like gambling.

Swagger? Check.
Experienced Head Coach? Check.
Heisman caliber QB? Check.
5 National Championships? Check.

Fellow Cane brethren, I truly believeth that this will be the year we win another National Championship.

Word to yo motha!

^What this guy said^

That's too bad about Forcier, but truthfully, we don't need any more quarterbacks.

In Jacory I trust.

You know who has 28 national championships in football? Princeton. Yale has 26 and even Harvard has 7. Those powerhouses...7>5...Harvard football is just better than Miami.......
Hey 'Canes fans keep living in the past, it's the only thing that helps you worthless losers sleep at night.....fact is in the last 20 years you've won 2 titles, the same as the 'Noles and one less than the Mighty Gators.


Everybody can see what's going on, but U.

It's unfortunate. I thought, if Tate could get it together and be part of a TEAM, buy into the discipline and character building and show leadership, that he would be a good player for us. He can be dynamic and a strong competitor.

But, alas....

And, to all you Golden bashers, you don't get it.

too bad ... he could have been a Cane HOF if it wuz the 80's

spoiled rotten by family and everyone around him then when the going gets tough he hightails it out of dodge(mich in this case) we need to recruit quality individuals who are quality athletes. coach golden needs to remind himself of this. transfers leave for a variety of reasons and most of the time the reason is the individual himself.

beviland..you're probably correct. For every troy Aikman (Oklahoma to UCLA...mainly due to the freakin' wishbone) there are the Forcier's, and the 8-10 of our guys now either playing somewhere else or shopping for a school.
Al obviously wants to win NOW, but I think a little more investigation into these transfers might be in order.
Problem is, as we are now constituted at QB, UM is forced to be in the buyer's market, not the seller's.

Perhaps 2-3 years from now (hopefully), the best of the best will be lining up to be 'Canes.

Susan, is this junk all you have to write about. There isn't anything new here. Forcier is a loser we all knew that. It's time you you to move on and forget his name. Find something else to write about or take the day off, or do they pay you by the word.
I am alway telling some of the shut in's here to stop living in the past, how I find myself telling you the same thing, heck you should be setting an example here. Forcier was not a cane and never was a Cane, HELLO its a non story.

Apparently sad story on the kid.He appears to have significant issues that need to be addressed before he walks on a football field.
I'm thinking it would not have helped him to be at Miami and the pressure cooker being a QB brings at that (or any) major institution.
While I was at first concerned about his academics, now that seems to be a secondary issue. Seems to me his parents need to take an introspecitive look at themselves as well.

He is the prototypical spoiled athlete, spoiled by parents, by coaches, and fans, These kids start in the kiddy leagues and by the time they are in college or the pros, many of them are felons. Great system! And the old adage that athletics keeps your kid out of trouble is a bunch of crap.

HELLO Bob. There was something new here. Tate Forcier hanging out of a window and reportedly getting taken by police to a hospital is something few obviously knew. Many major websites and newspapers reported it yesterday. Yes, he is no longer associated with UM, and now we get a more complete reason why. Otherwise, I agree with you about looking forward. But you have to look at the past in order to put perspective on the present. Anyway, I appreciate your opinion either way. Have a good weekend. Susan.

Susan, classy response to Bob. Keep up the good work.

This appears to be a family problem in general!

Yes susan that was a classy response. More importantly that is another human being and someones child. all of these players are someones child that is representing the U. Regardless of whether u think the players are good or not you dont have to throw these kids under the bus.

To the the fsu and uf fans on this blog all the time of course u dont want to live in the past because half of the championships you got they either gave you or you werent even supposed to be in the game.

Susan nice response to an obtuse poster. This is news whether Bib wants to hear it or not. Unbelievable how some people think. Thanks for your efforts Susan.

For the fsu fans i'm still waiting for william floyd to cross the goal line in first nc. Did they feel bad for poor bobby when nebraska returned that punt to beat you all and they threw the flag. Great first national championship. Or what about the year we beat you all head up and the bcs put you all in the nc against OU and you got beat 13 to 2. Didn't mennis and the qb not play in that game because they overslept for their finals. We wont even talk about all wide right and lefts. Tenn beat on you all for another nc loss. So in my mind you only really only have one nc and that was because we were on probation.lol i see why you don't want to look in the past.

For the uf fans were you even supposed to play in your first nc in the NO against fsu. Didn't fsu beat you all in tally the last game of the year. In essence you backed your way into a national championship. i guess all that whining and moaning from spurier paid off in the end. What about the year nebraska and tommy frazier put up sixty some points on you. I think that was a record for nc. Getting beat that bad in a nc game they should take on trophy back for embarrassing the state like that. You all were once the doormats of the state of florida. The could nots and the have nots is what you were. Why did you all take us off the schedule?

This article and all the responses showed me two things. Players not matter how many stars after their name and U of M fans with all their .com after their name are all the same. You won't know what you really get till you play the game or sit in the stands. Arm chair QB's are a dime a dozen. PLayers with ego's as big as the moon are also 2 cents a dozen. Sports writers catch all the slack for printing or not printing stories. I've said this before and it bears repeating. Sometimes this blog is the funniest thing on the web. Silly comments from very silly people with nmothing better to do with their time then to bash what they feel is wrong. Remember please if you cannot say something nice about someone or something be quiiet. Go to another venting place you are not welcome here. This is for U of M fans win or loose. Just like a true fan should be. Thanks

Life is about more than football, whatever his problems, mental, behavioral or he just has several self inflicted wounds, I hope the kid gets it worked out.

Glad Miami was spared those circumstances he would have brought with him. This rebuilding job is tough enough without all that prospective drama!

BTW.....Bob? How wrong can you be, yeah it's a story of continuing interest to U fans and tells us a story of what isn't going to be happening at he U rather than what is. Great coverage Susan, keep up the good work!

Golden got it right with Matthews and got lucky with Forcier! My daddy always said, "he'd rather be lucky than good." Fortunately for the U Golden is both.

rico nice is a gator tool shed!

OK. The Forcier thing is a story, but for this reason: He got outplayed in Rich Rod's system. Not only that, he took it personally. Then he went in search of a new school, and thought he found one with U. I don't think so. He is a head case and would do OK at a smaller school.

Prediction: J12 still starts. Everybody in the world knows he needs some development, including 'Goldy. Morris will put U in championship in two years.

And one more thing: Hey UFelony in Trailersville, er, Gainsville: Are you referring to UF or U with your comment?

I really don't see the Gators going very far next year.

If 'ole "Bob" there keeps it up, I'm personally going to give him a Mike Gundy/Oklahoma State speech. Yea!!!

Al Golden is a joke!!

Forcier likely has Bipolar Disorder.

ou know who has 28 national championships in football? Princeton. Yale has 26 and even Harvard has 7. Those powerhouses...7>5...Harvard football is just better than Miami.......
Hey 'Canes fans keep living in the past, it's the only thing that helps you worthless losers sleep at night.....fact is in the last 20 years you've won 2 titles, the same as the 'Noles and one less than the Mighty Gators.

Posted by: linksys | May 27, 2011 at 11:09 PM

This is for linksys, the only worthless loser here is you for posting such a stupid comparison between the mighty athletic Ivy League schools LOL, to the Might Powerhouses in DIV I. Gators cheat, FSU underachieves yet you have to hate on the Canes because I am sure you have nothing better to do with you poor excuse for a life. Every team goes through up and downs, Texas, Oklahoma, USC etc for years did not win much after being consider regular Powerhouse teams even Alabama, but no matter what they found a way to get back on their feet
and become Powerhouse teams again. Miami will be no different, so before you bash read up on your College Football History.

Send him to Gainsville. He will fit in with all of the other ciminals on UF's football squad.

Laughing stocks--Before anyone judges Golden lets see what he does on the field first

Didn't know the kid had this type of baggage. Hope he gets some help. He's definitely crying for it.

I just drove by 1-95 and Glades. WHAT?!?!?!!! FAU has a stadium. WOW....it is sad the THE U doesnt have it's own stadium. They and USF are the only teams that do not have stadiums. USF beat UM and they actually sell out their games. Wow, U aint winning no championships.

Haha, UM has the nicest stadium in the state!!

Enjoy your "on campus" stadium, not that it's all that convenient for the 90% of FIU students who still live at home with their parents and commute to school!

WOW!!! The Gayturds still haven't done anything we already set the bar to do.

Better overall record. Better bowl record. More championships. More players in the NFL. Oh I can go on...


WOW!!! The Gayturds still haven't done anything we already set the bar to do.

Better overall record. Better bowl record. More championships. More players in the NFL. Oh I can go on...


Posted by: 360cane | May 29, 2011 at 01:24 PM

Not to mention the UM girls have al of their teeth..........You're welcome!

he locked himself in a third floor apartment and hanging out the window!!! sounds like he is on crack!!! Loser!!! Good riddance!!!

Why don't you do some reporting and find out about jim tressel and maurice clarret. seems like clarret's case, with false breakin report in his suv. The suv is the smoking gun!!! All the best players got cars at zero-state. The NCAA should revoke their title and we should get 6th national championship from those cheatin' bastards!!! there is nothing lower than being from zero-state right now!

I thinks USF stadium is nicer than Joe Robbie...oh year by the way it's not the Uaint stadium. It is the Miami Dolphins.

Sad ending to the Forcier story, but susan was right, it didn't sound good from the start and the coaches knew it, picking up Williams immediately after, even before any of this was news. Chances are, coaches revoked the offer after learning more about him. With any luck, he'll get it straightened out and play a couple years somewhere.

does anyone remember that FSU QB they said had lyme disease from a tick bite? He Forcier reminds me of him.

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