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Tate Forcier NOT coming to Miami Hurricanes

Former University of Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier will not be coming to the Miami Hurricanes as originally planned, a University of Miami official said Friday.

No reason was given. However, it is believed Miami did know about Forcier changing his mind about Miami before former Memphis quarterback Ryan Williams of Pembroke Pines signed with the Hurricanes last Friday.

Forcier and Williams would have joined current Canes scholarship quarterback Stephen Morris in competing for the starting job in 2012, as transfers must sit out one season before playing, per NCAA rules.

Any thoughts on Forcier not coming? Is that bad for the Canes?



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This is probably for the best. I don't think anyone was ecstatic about him coming in the first place, we just needed QBs. Plus, with all his off-the-field drama at Michigan, and now bailing on Miami, he's not the kind of kid I want on our team. Williams is bigger and a better fit in Fisch's system.

Taint good.

I think it's ok, rumor on campus is that Golden is really cracking down on the wacky weed.

Dude sucks anyway. 6'1 195 pounds who run's a spread offense. Last time I checked we don't run the spread at the U.

Ahh, the stress of finding a good QB continues. I just hope that we can land a solid recruit from a great passing school. Tate was a promising choice but everything happens for a reason. It's time to put all our chips in a good QB and not have 20 RB's filling up our roster.

Thought bringing him in was desperate to begin with, he doesn't fit and that's to go along with the fact that I really don't like what I heard about his attitude. I'm glad he'll never get to wear our colors, really didn't want him hear. Maybe Rich Rod will land somewhere in D-III and you can get handed a job there Forcier.


Are you privy to the contract info that Golden signed and if there is clause regarding Penn State?

Hey Miramar Cane: Good question. Fact is, when JoPa finally admits the game passed him by along time ago, then 'Goldy goes to PSU.

Forcier wasn't good enough for Rich Rod. I don't think he was right fit for U. Kinda of a head case. too. Looks like J12 and Morris are it. Prediction: J12 starts, if he can't produce Morris goes.

Prediction: More disciplinary problems to come. U got problems.

It's only bad that the number of competitors for the starting QB job is reduced. Otherwise, who cares?

Nothing to see here people....move on!

i want someone rational to expain to me how losing Forcier hurts us? He has never suited up for us nor has he participated in practice squad activities.

WHO? Who Cares!

This ongoing QB search has me worried. It seems that we might not have found that QB that will take us to the promise land. We will have to wait and see.

GOOD. dont need primadonnas at QB.

We'll find someone else.

Rivals listed Forcier as a pro-style QB: one of the best in the country.

If he wasn't personally committed the the 'Canes--and apparently he wasn't--then it's good he's gone.

The 'Canes QB issues will be solved by and by. This year will be the worst, and that's always been more or less out of Golden's hands. Regardless of who's coaching, the 'Canes were going to start Harris, Morris or a freshman this year.

In 2012 it'll be Morris, that guy from Memphis, or a freshman, unless they can work some kind of transfer deal in which the player doesn't have to sit out a year.

What are people talking about competition being lost for the starting job at qb with forcier not coming. He had to sit out a year anyway. Even then with williams, crow and morris next year he didnt stand a chance anyway. Calm down about the qb next year, we dont have one for this year yet. J12 is a scared kid in the pocket and when morris beats him out this year he will get more experience and be good mid season. Plenty of time to still win the ACC this year. Golden isnt going anywhere either. He wouldnt be creating the relationships with HS coaches just to leave. Its the GOLDEN ERA. GO CANES!!!!

Not a big deal, Tate didn't fit our offense anyway. Besides, I have full confidence Stephan Morris will be our future, I really like the guy. Only thing that's concerning is Ryan Williams.

No big loss. Wasn't crazy about him in the first place. Seemed like a disgruntled, spoiled QB that wanted a job handed to him without earning it. Isn't that why he left MIIIICHIGAN !!! That was for you MadDog.

I would have liked to see him compete, but in 2012 we would have had Morris (Jr), Williams (So), Forcier (So), and two freshmen competing on the roster. Such a logjam would have made it difficult to recruit a QB in 2013, setting up further depth issues down the line.

Much like signing six wide receivers in 2008 made it difficult to recruit that position in 2009 and 2010, creating potential depth problems for the U in 2012.

No big deal. So what if he isn't coming here. We are going to have Morris, Williams, Crow and possibly Thompson to compete next year.

Any Miami QB > John Brantley

And as to Forcier: I think he would could have been a Drew Brees type of scrambler sometimes pocket passer. But word on the street is that the pesky admissions office at the real UM was wondering: if he can't make the grade at Miiiiichigan how is he going to do in the Harvard of the south. Al got a better qb and student in Ryan Williams.

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Canesrule, I agree about Forcier perhaps not making the grade at the U. But you nor I know anything about Williams. It's not like Memphis is a citadel of higher education. Nor one in Football for that matter. Williams wound up there for a reason. Let not make to many assumptions about him until he gets here and we see what his does on the field and in the classroom.

I Posted this under the main article, but I have to make sure all you guys that pounded me when I originally told you Forcier was a mistake and a loser see it:

I told you all he was a loser, but you all told me to shut up and give him a chance. As far I'm concerned good riddance to bad rubbish. I hope at least some of you will remember what I said when this loser signed on. I said he would probably never make it to Spring Ball 2012. We are so much better off today that he isn't going to come. Now we have a valuable scholarship back that we can offer to a Hot HS prospect this years. I will also predict that the loser will never be successful and could very well not even be starting by his senior year and he will even smell the pros. I am so happy he gone.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/05/13/2215586/michigan-qb-tate-forcier-bypassing.html#disqus_thread#ixzz1MLv2cjTf

No need for Forcier. He saw the competition in the next few years and got cold feet. He is not a U player. Morris and Williams will be after the QB spot. Morris may have a two year leg up on the position and U never know who Golden may bag next year in the recruiting game. He may land a stud QB and than what for Forcier. His best bet is to go to a Div. II school and maybe be a seventh rounder. We at the U do not want anyone to tarnish our Golden Age of College Football Reign!
The Golden Age is here in Miami. It is Butch Davis, minus the infractions, all over again. One thing U fans need to know there were a good amount of Temple football players drafted in this past NFL draft! What does that tell you? It means we have a coach that wants to win and will do it by his rules. It was time for new blood and Golden brought the transfusion we needed!! Go Canes'!!!

What infractions, Butch didn't have any at Miami. By the way all you guys stop with the Golden age talk. If he's any good and I think he might be, he's not staying longer that his contract. He's a northern boy and he will go back home as soon as the right job comes available, and it doesn't have to be Penn State.

Seems like the U is going through some major disiplinary issues...if this was the reason Forcier decided against coming, (whether or not he is a primadona or a bad fit for us) then YES it is a concern in that players are ducking the U...would be interesting to find out the real reason behind his change-up

Can't miss what you never had...I never thought he was a good fit for Miami or Forcier. While trying to convert him to a system he's not suited for, we would have just taken time away from better prospects for the position anyway

According to many, many wolverine fans here Tate was lacking in twoof the most important areas for a quarterback leadership skills and work ethic. that's the main reason he lost out to shoelace and ended up being the 3rd string qb at Michigan. So I say I'm glad he is taking his Marve like talents else where and oh yeah GO BULLS!!!!!!!!!!

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