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Travis Williams tranferring

Travis Williams, a redshirt freshman linebacker, told InsideTheU.com he is transferring after the spring semester.

The report reflected that Williams was upset with undisclosed people targeting him as a drug user.

InsidetheU.com reported earlier this week that Williams was involved in an incident on April 27 along with running back Storm Johnson, cornerback Devont'a Davis and cornerback Keion Payne at a UM dorm, a situation, the website said, in which UM police got involved. But the website never revealed the specifics of the incident.

One of the website's quotes from Williams: "I didn't like being targeted as a drug user. They can give me whatever test they want, whenever they want. As far as me being regarded as a drug user, I am not. I wasn't happy here. It wasn't about playing time because I was playing in the spring. Things just happened and I can't make everybody happy.''

Safety Jamal Reid told The Miami Herald this week he is leaving the team and transferring. Other players who reportedly have departed the team are linebacker Kevin Nelson, tight end Andrew Tallman.








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U know what? Something is amiss here. U are not starting off right. I haven't seen this many transfers in I don't know how long. Again, U have problems. This is NOT Temple. We are the U!!! And we dictate and take names later.

The last thing U need is a linebacker and TE transferring. If U think Ohio State was a heartbreaker, wait until midseason.

Dear JoPa: Please hurry up and retire so 'Goldy can go.

weeding 'em out. That is the way it works.

Gatard trash had 4 transfers last fall alone.

Why is it the coach's fault? These guys do not want to accept responsibility for their behavior. Nelson had not been playing under Randy, Reid did not play under Randy, and Tallman did not play under Randy. They were just recruits who did not live up to what they were expected to produce. Some guys do not work hard or bide their time. No need to blame Golden for this. Maybe he wants tough players. If you get caught doing something wrong you need to man up not run away

'cool cat' with all respect, you have no idea of what you are talking about because if you had communicated with Travis directly, he would have told you that he has no problems with Coach Golden as his issues are with his LB coach Barrow, who is a hold over from the previous coaching staff. I hate to lose Travis, but kids transfer when coaching changes occur and sadly, for every Joe Flacco that transfers and makes it to the NFL, they are few and far in between as rightly or wrongly they are labled as "difficult" or quiters. Hope he stays as he is a good kid and can be a great player, and hope he understands that these type of issues are normal and you need to work through it.

See ya Williams. Next man in line please. This is The U. Reason for all the transfers? They were Shannon lazy lites. I like Shannon personally, but not as a coach. We need old school, hard nose, refuse to lose attitude guys. Not, well, for lack of a better word, sissys. Bring in the next man. Let's move on and get it done.

This is to be expected - changes in what the coaches demand of players is bound to happen. In a few years it will be Golden's players but for now there are some growing pains.

Some of you really need to calm down and realize this is not about Golden. These players got in trouble and Golden suspended them. Seems he is holding them accountable and not allowing players to do as they please. These players are leaving because they are unhappy they are paying for their actions.
Let's not start saying Golden is causing players to transfer. The players themselves caused this by their stupid actions. I for one am happy Golden is holding players accountable. Most colleges have players transfer at some point. Our players transferred because they got caught smoking pot and now don't like the consequences of their actions. We don't need potheads now we need players dedicated to improving this team and improving their own abilities.

No one's saying it's Golden's fault.

"cool cat" is that f*ggot gators fan, not a real person.

if you can not produce on the field, someone else going to take your place.It is what have you done for me lately.I really like Coach Golden philosophy.

Maybe it's not just a good fit. Just because they are transferring doesn't mean they are bad kids. Best of luck to you guys in the future at your new school.

u idiots still talking about shanon. arent you happy he got fired? enough is enough? shanon this, shanon that. that man dont have nothing to do with whats going on now.u people wanna hold golden to a higher standard. i think i know why. maybe its because of randys skin color. regardless of what you people say. randy didnt have all this foolishness going on. you trusted that scummbagg kirby and now hes gone. i hope donna likes whats going on. im a season ticket holder and i believe donna will regret firing randy.

I do not care what the players do as long as they win us National Championships! THUGS are winners!!!

We are just opening up some space for new recruits, are any of those guys leaving the program starting at any position??

No, Weed 'em out and bring new guys. Coaches saw what they needed to see and now is time to leave, because you are not going to make it on this time, and we need the scholarships.

In Cuba, when anybody disagrees with Castro, they are labeled "CIA mercenaries."

On UM blogs, whenever anybody criticizes the U, they are labeled "Gator trolls."

This is why Barrow told Perryman study the play book and come in ready to play wlb wow DP will be ready trust me.

all these guys wanting to transfer because they are not doing what they're supposed to do. jamal reid been here 2 years now and didn't know our play book, he himself admit it he wasn't working hard, travis williams second year here and getting into trouble, as for storm, keyon and dovanta they need to get their act together. storm has a lot of tallent and showed some of it in the spring but talent can only get u so far, ask maurice clarrett. keyon came from st thomas and didn't do any of that there, because coach smith don't play that there, so for him to start doing things he's not supposed to now is a problem and needs to stop. as for dovanta i don't know much about that and if he wants to make an imapct on this team he need to straighten up. for tight end andrew tillman transferring he's probably not going to see the field anyways since wilford and cleland are projected to be our tight ends. so all of u guys questioning the moves of the players and coaches are making, just look at it form a different perspective instead form a fan once.

You guys have to look at the big picture. The team is loaded with talent but consistently underperforms in the field. This has been happening for almost 10 years now.

Something has been amiss with this team since way back when Coker took charge. It's something subtle and beneath the surface but still very significant: some hidden but very powerful conflict that belies the "smiley face" the players always put on the team when they're interviewed.

Miami can and probably will have a great football team again. But the team will have a totally different personality than the "glory days" teams from 1981-2001.

Forget about "thugs" (read: little boys who watch too much television). They're tarnishing the sport and bringing on an NCAA crackdown that will effect every team, and believe me, under Shalala's watch, they'll have no place on the Hurricanes.

Personally, I think the NFL should start a farm system so these guys who don't really care about getting an education can just jump right out of high school and into the pros.

Oh yeah Shannon does have something to do with this. That moron recruited Williams and the rest of them here, so don't tell me he hasn't got anything to do with it. All you jackwagons that wanted that loser not to get fired only wanted him here because of his skin color, not his coaching prowess. He sucked and the way it sounds recruited a bunch of crybaby's who when they don't get their way they want to throw a fit and transfer. Barrow may not be the best LB coach but he ain't no idiot either. He's not going to baby them like CANDY Randy did and lose his job. If you think Donna is going to regret firing Shannon U truly are a moron. That was the best thing she ever did.

LakeWorthCane, if they do as you want and create a farm system totally independent of NCAA football, then you kill the legitimacy of NCAA football. I will not watch a game being played by second tier players. Same reason I will not watch Ivy League football. I want to see the sest at that age group playing.

This GREAT PROGRAM that we call DA U. is becoming more like a daycare. every time you turn on the t.v or internet you hear playuers crying,you see coaches confused. whats going on? really. how can any school or sports writer take us serouisly. they think we are a laughing stock. what to that um pride.what happened to the creaters of swagger. we were the most hated program. now we are just power puffs. come on man........ where is the toughness, where is the U? i WISH I HAD A CHANCE TO COACH AT A PROGRAM WITH SUCH TRADITION AND PROMISE....... OR EVEN PLAY FOR THEM. LOOK if the guys you have there dnt want to take DA U serouisly than start looking at these semi pro teams were these kids got over looked and never even got a chance. remember a person who has nothing will fight for anything or even something. just give them a purpose...... thats all... just give them a reason to fight and stop throwing them to the dogs. the u is a family so have eachothers back no matter wat sport. MIAMI NEEDS THE DA U AND DA U NEEDS MIAMI.......


I cant believe all the fans bitching about players transfering, let'em go. Dont want to be at the U just go. NONE OF THEM HAVE SEEN THE PLAYING FIELD YET. Good for golden makeing them accountable for their actions. Keep making the U a better football program golden. GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!

I do not care what the players do as long as they win us National Championships! THUGS are winners!!!

Posted by: mark drebin | May 06, 2011 at 05:48 PM
Until these same thugs got your dumb a&& tied up & raping your wife in front of you. Be careful what you ass for--especially over a f*cking game. You are a clown!

The funny thing is how Storm got caught up too, yet he is still w/the program. I do not have an issue w/the staff pulling schollies because they are renewable each year, but he is pushing these guys out because they do not mean much to the program. For all the folks that complained about Randy playing favorites, I am surprised the same hypocrites have yet to mention anything about Storm... Amazing, I tell ya!

Storm is getting special treatment because he's a special player.

Jimmy Johnson always said he didn't treat every player equally. I didn't have a problem then and I don't now.

You don't like 70 yard TD runs?

u idiots still talking about shanon. arent you happy he got fired? enough is enough? shanon this, shanon that. that man dont have nothing to do with whats going on now.u people wanna hold golden to a higher standard. i think i know why. maybe its because of randys skin color. regardless of what you people say. randy didnt have all this foolishness going on. you trusted that scummbagg kirby and now hes gone. i hope donna likes whats going on. im a season ticket holder and i believe donna will regret firing randy.

Posted by: nomicityb | May 06, 2011 at 05:39 PM

These are Randy's recruits you @sshole. So, if Randy Shannon were still coach these idiots wouldn't be smoking weed or getting arrested, right? That makes perfect sense, you moron.

This has nothing to do with skin color, you f*ck. If he was a winner, he'd still be here and everyone would love him, so stick that racist sh*t up your @ss and come back to reality. If anyone is racist here, it is you because the only reason YOU are defending him is because of his skin color. Not because of his results.

Posted by: nomicityb

Nothing to do with race...the guy was a bad coach.

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