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UM announces addition of DT Corey King

Defensive tackle Corey King, a graduate of West Boca Raton Community High School, has officially signed on to play football for the Hurricanes. King, who has four years of eligibility remaining, will join the team when camp begins in August.

“Corey King is a great addition to our already deep class,” defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio said in a statement released by the school. “He has tremendous strength and athletic ability. He is weight-room strong, benching 400 pounds.”

As a senior at West Boca Raton in 2010, King recorded 56 tackles, seven sacks, three forced fumbles and an interception. He was selected to the National team at the Outback Bowl – the annual South Florida high school football all-star game.

The announcement of King’s signing comes a little over a week since it was announced that quarterback Ryan Williams, who led Miramar to the Class 6A state title in 2009, was transferring to Miami from the University of Memphis. Williams and King mark the 17th and 18th members of the 2011 signing class, after 16 newcomers signed on National Signing Day.

> Here are King's 2010 highlights. By the way, I'm working on my own mixtape of video highlights. In fact, everyone should have one.


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we're adding much needed depth at the DT position..

did you mention the signing of Darius Smith, the huge 345 lb DT out of PA?

They're definitely bringing in some big bodies at DT. I hope they're athletic enough, but we desperately need the depth regardless. It seems like every time someone transfers (Johnson) another guy transfers in a day later.

Go Canes!

Hey Artie, why do players who transfer from UFailure have success, I.e. Cam Newton, Brock Berlin,'while transfers from Miami fade away?

Is it that once they get out of that craphole and can breathe, they can actually workout? Or is it the crap coaching? How about the criminal environment?

All of that = Turdville suuuuuuuuucks.

this kid's video on youtube looks good man. Big size, over powering, keeps containment when in the backfield and the play is going away from him or he goes and tracks the guy down like another Cane...Warren Sapp. High motor, and just doesn't stop apparently. I think our DT's better get back in the gym.

We reloadin!!!!

I cant wait to see this king kid play! Seems like Golden and company just keep on loading up the talent while the quiters keep quitin. Its really hard not to get pumped up about this season. Good luck to those leavin, lets keep seein the ones competin. GO CANES!!!!!!

He graduated in 2010? I don't get it. If so, where did he spend the last year?

Welcome to The U!!!

This is good news. We got to consistently stop the run.

Great, now all Golden needs to do, unlike Shannon, is make D-Tackle more of a priority and get some Quality.

Storm Johnson made it apparent that he is still breast feeding. Welcome King. I agree Herbieibis. Need DTs more than anything.

This guy is a wrecking ball, play after play. What a playmaker!

How did he even get this job baffles the hell out of me. Temple is a joke they have maybe 2 hard games a year.

Posted by: crazycane | May 18, 2011 at 12:04 PM


i agree a little with you how did he get the job who knows especially coming from the MAC conference. i know everybody hasn't forgot when we were in the big east we use to smash temple.

but we got to give him a shot, im praying things work out for the good he seems to be straight so far.

Posted by: TRUE HURRICANE FAN | May 18, 2011 at 12:13 PM


How ? Ur baffled ?

How about in total denial. Miami contacted over a DOZEN MORE QUALIFIED potential Head Coaches for nearly 2 MONTHS and ALL to a man said NOT INTERESTED before an interview, much less in offer was even made ... Dooooo Ewwwwwweeeee Understand the words written before U ?

Why don't U get this ? That U get what U get, and that's the bottom of the barrel.

And get ready to do it all over again in about 550 days... Mark it down.

WELCOME Corey !!!


So when will U be transfering ?

He'll be transferring the day Charlie Weiss has less than 10 chins.

Nice pickup on King. Rivals has him as a 2 star. You beat out FIU, FAU, UCF and Middle Tenn.

King James, Corey King, King of Diamonds, Martin Luther King Boulevard, King Chango, and back to the kings of college football.

2011 BCS Championship!!!

Golden is showering us with talent!

Question: Is it true Seantrel Henderson is transferring or is that just a rumor? Thanks.

Remember Henderson's recruitment was all about daddy getting a recording contract. Hence LA baby. Then USC goes on probation so Randy's got connections with some folks, come to Miami, but now Goldy, well Homey don't play that game, no connections, no street cred, no work for daddy, so Henderson is bye bye.

Golden is showering us with talent!

Posted by: We got Kings, yo. | May 18, 2011 at 04:12 PM

That has to be one of the funniest things I have read in awhile.

This is good, but U know for every player we get, we lose a real good one. U still got problems. News Alert: I just spoke with JoPa. He's leaving in 2 years.

Why would Gatard trash care about next season? Don't those dumb 'billies know the judgment day is coming on May 21? They have all packed their trailers and headed out to await the Rapture.

Really, Gatard trash is so dumb.

gatpr trash/trolls sure post on the Miami site quite a bit, must be the complete fear that Miami is back and will dominate the state as in the 80's, 90's & early 00's.
Ufelony back to irrelevance.

al golden is doing a great job, the U is very lucky to get him....just because he didnt come from bama, texas or usc dont mean he wont get the job done.

To those trashing Golden because he's coming from Temple just keep something in mind. Bobby Bowden started at West Virginia (Not a powerful school in the 70's), Spurrier started out at a basketball school in Duke, and Nick Saban started his head coaching career at Toldeo. None of those schools are/were all that intimidating. See what they did once they got to more formidable programs? Between the three of them they have 5 national titles.

Also Dennis Erickson got his first gig at Idaho.

gatorsam... Don't think a two star is much? Just remember Brandon Meriweather was only 3 stars, Colin McCarthy was only 3 stars, and Leonard Hankerson was only 3. Do you think the Patriots are happy with Meriweather, or the Hurricanes with McCarthy or Hankerson? Don't get caught up in stars, you'll get lost in triviality.

No worries if golden leaves,Mario cristibol is ready to bring it back home.

Can some one tell me where this kids been, why is he only signing now. Just would like to know since everyone seems to think he's a big signing.

Remind anyone of another All Pro PB County Cane? Vince Wilfork? This is a great pick up. Golden seems to have a feel for these things. This kid can play as a true frosh.

cristobal? whatever dude...

Thanks Manny.... I like this allot!

Welcome to the U family, young man !!!

I'm glad you made the choice to come here but you have some big shoes to fill if wanting to be known as one of the HOF greats.

So, best advise... strap it up, when you get here... Play time is over, it's time to go to work, old school way!

Will the next millionaire please step up.


Remind anyone of another All Pro PB County Cane? Vince Wilfork?

Posted by: canesrule21 'ships | May 18, 2011 at 10:11 PM

No offense, but No he doesn't.

4 Auburn players arrested for robbery. So what was I saying about Championship teams having guys on the squad on the line between outlaw and a fine citizen. You gotta have a few thugs sprinkled in here and there. It's just the way football is. You want to rip your opponent's heads off so you can't be all nice and follow rules and stuff. This ain't chess people. Check mate beeyotches!!!

Will the next millionaire please step up.


Posted by: Cat5 | May 19, 2011 at 06:54 AM

I was a Millionaire once ...


360 cane- That is faine and dandy, but no one here advocates criminality. Thugs on the field. But stay out of the fri-in big house!

The turd here posing as Nevin Shapiro- You are stoopid. Shapiro has no access to the internet. He is probably getting his hemorrhoids checked daily by Bubba, former gator D tackle.

Hey, man-boobs, wasn't the book coming out last December?

As everything in your slovenly life, you were wrong. A wrong Pig.

Man, how depressed are you that you live as a stupid loser Pig everyday of your miserable life.

Arty, this Pig is a great punching bag.

Nope... The last months of the season were just too much comedy and tragedy to not include. Decided to wait to write the final chapters about Capt. Clueless and all he knew and covered up along with the final depths towards rock bottom that Duh U has finally reached in 2011 ...

Or have U ? U haven't seen the bottom yet.

Book stores in September ...

btw- the WiFi in prison is skrong

We've seen that line about "U haven't seen bottom yet" close to a thousand times. Get new material Pig (and it is funny that you know you are the Pig even when you post under any of your other aliases).

Can you be that much a combination of stupid and slob? This is all you have in your life, Porkpie. The Costco security is not challenging, women won't date you for your stench. What good are you.

End it today. Save yourself anymore suffering, Piggy.

Or, stay on here as the blog punching bag. It is good fun to torture you.

Where did this guy come from? Why is he signing so late? Appearently, he needed to pass the ACT before being able to commit and play d1 ball. http://blogs.palmbeachpost.com/highschoolbuzz/2011/05/04/persistence-pays-off-for-west-boca-raton-dl-corey-king/

To the turd loser pig who posts here:

I knew Nevin Shapiro, and son, you are no Nevin Shapiro. You are a lesser life form than Nevin Shapiro

coming to bookstores this fall. The pathetic story of a bloated loser and his obsessive disorder of posting on Hurricane blogs at the expense of bathing, dating and, except for the Costco security gig, working.

The Pig book tour will begin at Club Manhole.

This is too easy pounding the blog punching bag.

Manny thanks for the explanation on the poster called Pig. Sick sick sick individual.
But Al is filling needs. These two enormous D tackles are just what we need for depth at a position that is thin on depth. One of them could be the next Mountain Cody, the guy who dominated the SEazy for years. The other is a relentless motor type guy who could be the next, dare I say it, Warren Sapp.

Pig, your stench gives you away everytime. Fake post as Sarasota.

Do you really think you can hide your 500 pounds of greasy smelly blubber in a 200 pound sack?

Arty, this guy is dumber than anything I have ever seen. Keeps taking a pounding here on the blog and at home from his boyfriend.

It looks like King is very quick off the ball for a big man. Yes, he was a 2 star per Rivals. Not sure about the level of competition that he faced. But, he looks like a promising kid, and with good coaching, could be a definite force inside. Watch what Coach D'Onofrio does with our defense. These guys will play all out.

Also, a little help at CB with an experienced Michael Williams. Hope he can step in and play some coverage. He should know the speed of the ACC and some of the receivers already.

Our D could be remniniscent of the shutdown, in your face defenses on some past teams. Combine that with a ball control O and we have a shot at winning Coastal, for starters.

Posted by: dbc

I think this defense will be the best Canes defense of all time maybe even all of football - dare I say better then the '85 Bears, 2000 Ravens, and the 1976 Steelers??

Canesrule, i think its safe to say if you made a defensive all star team of the best players from 85 Bears, 76 Steelers, 2000 Ravens and 2002 Bucs, you wouldn't have a single player who could see the field over our current starters.

you guys are idiots
get a life

Canes ranked #23 by Sporting News in basketball. We are easily taking over the state then the ACC. Dare I say 2011/12 NCAA Champs?!!

This is the worst blog ever, canes hater who hang around here ALL DAY EVERY DAY need to get a life.

To all those Gators who troll on our sites, here is more news for you to worry about (downplay). Not only are we doing well in recruiting this year, but we have guys ready to be 'Canes in 2013. Great pick up by Coach Golden (with a possible assist by Kenard Lang). Welcome to UM Mr. Whitfield. Just stick to your commitment and be ready to work hard in the classroom and on the field and it is guaranteed that things will work out well for you. If you don't believe me, ask your Coach, he is a prime example of the type of men that the University of Miami helps to build.


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