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UM Hurricanes have a new quarterback

UM has a new quarterback in Memphis transfer Ryan Williams of Miramar. He's 6-6 and 220-pounds  and led Miramar High to its first state title. Williams threw for 2,075 yards and 13 touchdowns last season as a true freshman at Memphis -- 1-11 last season.

Unfortunately, Williams also threw 10 picks last season and was sacked 30 times of 37 total Memphis sacks allowed. Miami's offensive line has got to be infinitely better than Memphis', so that likely won't be as much of a concern.

Williams took over at Memphis for former Miami Hurricane Cannon Smith in the Tigers' third game after Smith sustained a concussion during Memphis' second game.

The Memphis Commercial Appeal reported in mid-March that Williams left the program on the opening day of spring practice and that his father, Rich, said his son left because coach Larry Porter was changing the offensive scheme from pro-style to spread.

Williams will sit out next season, as will Michigan quarterback transfer Tate Forcier. After Jacory Harris leaves following the 2011 season, it will be Stephen Morris, Forcier and Williams battling it out for the starting slot -- that is, unless more quarterbacks are on the roster.



Quarterback Ryan Williams Officially Joins the Hurricanes

Former Memphis quarterback returns home to South Florida


CORAL GABLES, Fla.—The University of Miami has announced that quarterback Ryan Williams has officially joined the football program. Williams played for one season at the University of Memphis.

 A native of Broward County, Fla. and Miramar High School, Williams enrolled early at Memphis in January of 2010 and worked out with the team during the spring season. Williams was named the Offensive MVP of the Blue-Gray game after completing 15-of-17 pass attempts for 186 yards and three touchdowns. 

 “We are thrilled to have Ryan join our offense,” said offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Jedd Fisch. “He has experience starting as a true freshman at the Division I level, he has led a team to a state high school championship in the state of Florida, and now he is home to help us bring championship-level football back to the U.” 

 As a true freshman in 2010, he played in all 12 games, starting 10 and completed 165-of-290 passes for 2,075 yards and 13 touchdowns. Williams earned the starting job over former Hurricane Cannon Smith after only the second game of his collegiate career, and went on to start the remaining 10 contests.

 “With the addition of Ryan Williams, we add toughness, incredible work ethic and smarts on-and- off the field,” said head coach Al Golden. “His innate leadership skills were shown to South Florida as a high school state champion. Those are skills that jump off the film and the reason our entire program is excited to welcome Ryan to the U.”

 Out of high school, Williams was named all-county by the Sun-Sentinel and is the only quarterback in Florida to hold two state championship records.  In his prep career, was named Beef O’Brady’s MVP of the 6A Championship game after finishing 18-of-21 for 254 yards and a state-record five touchdowns to lead Miramar to its first ever Florida State Championship. The 85.7 completion percentage in that game was also a state record.

 The 6-6, 220-pound passer threw for 2,455 yards and 26 touchdowns as a senior. He was named Player of the Week twice by Maxpreps.com. Prior to his senior year, Williams spent the previous two seasons at American Heritage High School before transferring. As a junior he was named team MVP and broke school records for passing yards and most passing touchdowns in a season. During his sophomore campaign, Williams led his team to a perfect 10-0 record.






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Step 1. Fire your dad.
Step 2. Bring in someone to take 3rd string QB.

Your move, Spence.

You can never have enough quarterbacks (remember when we only had Jacory and A.J. Highsmith as options). The only issue I have with transfer players, ESPECIALLY quarterbacks is that they did not stick out adversity in the situation that they were in fight through it. I know, that they are numerous reasons why kids transfer and some of them are very valid (coaching changes, changes in philosophy of the team, family issues, clashes with coaches, etc.). The issue that I have when kids transfer, and I am not saying this is this young mans situation, is when a kid can't beat out another kid and they just leave.

I like Mr. Williams though, because this kid already knows the depth chart and still has decided to come here so I know that he is a competitor. So Ryan, welcome to UM!! Bring your work ethic, a willingness to learn, a good attitude and a hunger to be a champion and you will flourish here both academically and on the field.

They went from a pro-style to spread, I'd have my kid transfer too. And he did beat out the starter. Glad to have em on board, they should have never leave SoFl in the first place....competition breeds champions!

Sounds like a good move and acquisition for our team. His stats are already better than anybody that has started for us.

Welcome, Ryan It's not surprising Randy Shannon let another good one go, but Memphis' loss is our gain.
You're at a top 50 academic university, and that will also do you well.
Hit the books in the coming year, hang in there, be patient, and let us know who you are in 2012-13!

If Ryan Williams was so good how did he end up at Memphis. Sounds like he really wanted to compete. His wide receiver was that dude hopefully he can be too. Tate was ok but we don't run that kind of offense. Why is everyone so happy about this kind of competition. I would like to have players here that want to be at UM regardless. He would have been better off handpicking qbs that fit the scheme he is trying to run. Most of the fans love this dude because he isn't Shannon. He hasn't won one game yet but everything he has done is so great.

2011-12 acc champs, 2 first round picks, number one recruiting class

@Confused Face

Whipple is a senior, Ryan Williams is not going to play till 2012. This transfer will not effect Whipple at all. Whipple will be a grad asst coach for a college in the spring of 2012. He knows he is not an NFL QB.

Really tallycane. Competition is what makes athletes play to their full potential. This competition is going to make qbs play or sit and watch just like every great program. Cant wait to see the qbs compete next year speacially if we sign crow. Great qb pickup. As for all the transfers SEE YA!!!!! Go be a problem somewhere else. GO CANES!!!

so much for being sad about whats his name going to Florida... funny how things work out sometimes, huh?

Couldn't agree with you more 037Cane. Now the U picked up a qb with playing experience and a winners ethic and attitude.

Cane4Life did you even read the article. It tells you the MU changed their offense to the spread from the pro set........good reason to transfer if I want to get to the NFL, and he was already the starter. Any freshman that throws for 2000 yards can compete at any level.

6'6" tall and already has a D1 qb rating of 124... somebody pinch me...

we're rising!!!!

Its actually funny reading some of your post. now were hyped about a qb that had no better stats than one of our other qbs that fans tear down every opportunity they get. This dude went to memphis a bball school and somehow he wants to compete. Have u seen the level of football talent that goes there. Tate ran a spread offense. He may help but not at the level most expect. If our oc doesnt call plays and put players in the right position to succeed the players we get wont matter.

His QB rating last year was lower than Stephen Morris' and Jacory Harris'.

Yep we slam a senior that should be a lot better than he is now. We are excited about a freshman that had the same numbers as a senior that has 3 times the talent to throw at. Think about that tallycane.

Big Al, I could not agree more.

You all still never answered the question how did he end up at memphis if he was so good. He didnt want to compete.

It could be a number of things. Perhaps he liked Memphis at the time, maybe Shannon did not recruit him since he could be a threat to Harris, his boy. maybe the kid is a late bloomer, who knows. All I do know is he put up better stats as a freshman than Harris put up as a junior and he's now a Cane. Next year is really looking like an interesting competition for the QB job.

With a name like championships is all that matters you sure offer a bunch of excuses.

Those aren't excuses Tally, that is reality. Who know's what goes on in these kids heads. As far as excuses thats all U and that other nimrod Cool Cat make for that loser of an excuse for a former head coach, Shannon, who sucked.

Nothing went on in that kids head. Hopefully he will be a good addition for us. The true reality is he had one other offer from a smaller d1 school and no schools from florida gave him an offer. its hilarious that you can say schiano was or is a good coach and randy ran off marve. both are garbage and prove it everyday. none of the post i have read from u are realistic there just simply biased.lol

And just how do you know that. Are U all of a sudden a mind reader. Pleeaaaaaassssssse! spare us your ignorance. I said Schiano was a great defensive coordinator and a better head coach than Shannon who did run Marve off. I know U are not calling me biased when all you do is talk up Shannon and all he did was lose. Look at the Won/Lose record. Shannon started with much better talent than Golden did at Temple and he still built Temple up.

Wait a minute....

He wasn't good enough to beat out Cannon Smith at Memphis.

Now he is going to come here and be our savior.

Sounds more like just another guy.

The starting QB who lead us back to national prominence is not on the roster yet.

Why did Williams go to Memphis?

Maybe the term "Pro Style" had something to do with it. Not many D1 schools use this offensive scheme anymore.

Also, if you want to play at the next level and have this kids size and playing ability, playing in a D1 Pro Style system, will be very helpful.

And who knows, maybe he always wanted to be a Cane and was "over looked" by Shannon.

The U is Rising!

relax everybody, i saw this kid play in the state championship game, he has talent and a big arm! i was actually in disbelief that mia or any other D-1 school werent recruiting him. i didn't even know who he was until the h.s. championship game and i only went because it was in orl. he made every pass in that game; slants, crossing, post, even a 40yd over the top! unless he was a 1 hit wonder, we could be in for a unexpected surprise.

Leave the kid alone already'Give'him achance Weall desearve one Dont u think Peace-Out

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