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Canes land another commitment from Al Golden's camp: Coral Reef CB Vernon Davis

Coral Reef cornerback Vernon Davis went to Al Golden's football camp Saturday hoping to impress Hurricanes coaches. He earned MVP honors and a scholarship offer.

Vernon Davis Sunday morning, he went back to UM with his mother so she could check it out. "She loved it," Davis said. 

So Davis told Golden Sunday to save him a scholarship for the 2012 signing class, making the 5-10, 170-pound junior UM's 14th non-binding oral commitment -- and the fourth to high school player to pledge to UM after attending Golden's camp.

"Having that experience at the camp and making that connection to Coach Golden, Coach Paul Williams was what did it for me," Davis said. "Once my mom was able to see it too, it locked it up for me. She saw everybody has my back. That's all you want."

Davis chose UM over offers from 15 other schools. Among them: West Virginia, Cincinnati, Duke, FIU, Ball State and Boston College.

Davis said he has a 2.7 GPA and scored a 17 on his ACT. He said he's qualified to get into UM.


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Welcome to the []_[]!

West Virginia, Cincinnati, Duke, FIU, Ball State and Boston College???? Wow, what great BSC schools. I mean they all have a great tradition of winning championships, of course this kid is gonna pick The "U" anint winning championships.

Keep bringing them Navarro

Dwayne Hoillett also Manny

All you naysayers are completely VOID of vision. Al Golden is not just looking for raw talent. He's looking for talent, grades, attitude, character, work ethic, team unity, and coachability. He's looking for the whole package. Doesn't matter how talented a kid is. if he has attitude, entitlement, or is lazy, he's not a good fit at Al Golden's []_[]. Look what he did at Temple. Give the man a chance.

West Virginia, Cincinnati, Duke, FIU, Ball State and Boston College????

That's who he has offers from now. Let's see if he starts to get recruited by bigger named schools now that "The U" got involved.

Well this class is coming along great. Out recruiting UF and their 3 million a year coaches. This class will be ranked in the top 10 come signing day!

Gainesville Cane

Is it too early to say Golden is the nation's best recruiter?

Not for nothing but one of those schools produced something this NFL draft that Miami didn't - a first round draft pick. That would be Boston College.

Well whoopty do, Boston College finally produced a first round draft pick this year. Big deal, the Canes have been doing that for years. There are more Canes in the NFL than any other school.

Great pick up for Golden and the Canes, welcome to the family. This class is shaping up as one of the best in the Nation. Great job coach Golden and staff.

Say bruh! I think LSU got us by one with the most in the NFL. LSU 46 UM 45. I'm a diehard Cane fan but have to speak truth.

Not to knock the kid he looks like he could be a gamer. What has golden done so great? He had a losing record at temple of all places. Penn as a state has a huge tradition of football they have the players in place thats not such a huge task. they beat uconn once out of 4 years and lose to penn st. every year. Does everyone scream that oleary is a great coach because ucf beat georgia this year?

No one screams O'leary is a great coach because he lied on his resume at Notre Dame and ran a kid with sickle cell to death at an unnecessarily rough practice.

Golden has a lot to prove at UM no doubt, and I'll agree some canes fans are getting ahead of themselves, but Golden took the hands down worst program in the country (1 win per year over 4 years)and made them an 8-9 win/year program. Also had a 1st round draft pick...at temple. Thats pretty great for the single worst program in the country when he took over.

Welcome to the Canes family, Vernon!

Welcome to The U Vernon and Dwayne and great job by the Canes coaches and former Canes players at these camps.

Our canes produce in the NFL...LSU players get to the nfl...We produce!!!!!

Many of you are Gatorturd fan. In one year he will be over 6 feet, 190 lbs and ready for prime time - top football at a championship level which when he works hard and intelligently will take the U and himself to the top levels. Go Canes.

Another excellent pickup. 4 defensive touchdowns. Wow! 2 punt returns for tds. Wow! 7 offensive touchdowns. Wow!

Golden is really tearing it up on the recruiting trail.

Seems like a good family kid who is out to take care of business. Give me that anyday.

That's my little god Brother he's a BEAST. He's been since is a little kid playing pop warner. and He's a excellent student.

Robert Chester,

Great to hear from inside your family! Vernon seems to be a young man of character, and that is what Coach Golden is seeking.

And a welcome to you as a new member of the Canes family!


You are right on and get what Coach Golden is doing. It is a solid approach and will bring in coachable kids with minimum attitude issues.

Its a new type of atelete coming to Miami. Just look how the team has done over the last few yrs. Golden's type of kid coming in now, disiplined, hard working great shape, I like what I see.

2.7 GPA and a 17 on the ACT (and he already got accepted to UM).. That speaks volumes of your academics at that school.

"Golden is looking for well rounded players".. How well rounded is a 17 on the ACT.. Keep living in the 80's..

Why is Golden collecting so many average players. this is not Temple. These guys are not the cream of the crop. Miami may never be able to compete again with the talent that they are recruiting. Golden will take anyone, and this will not get it done when we play top caliber teams!

It doesn't matter the qulity of players just win , thats all tha matters. Its all about the [_] U

greg- UM has never had a lot of the 5 stars. Recall Kyle Wright was a 5 star all everything, gatorade player of the year from cali. So was Brock Berlin and Ryan Moore.
Seems like you have fallen into that ESPN "star ratings" cr-ap trap.

And I agree with what now regarding the 17 onthe ACT and 2.7 hs gpa. I know of a kid who was offered a walk-on spot with MUCH better grades (>20 on the ACT), but the "admissions" geniuses at Um said no- the hypocrisy of it all since that kid was going to have to pay his way and earn a scholie.

By the way people who are only looking at recruiting "stars"... ESPN now has us ranked 8th in their 2012 recruiting ranking so I would say Golden is doing a hell of a job so far. Not that I am huge belivers in the Star system or ESPN 150, but this shows progress and will shut up the idiots who only care about top 10 recruiting classes. Obviously Coach Golden knows what he is doing. I have faith!

Hate to say it but it may take a year or two for us Cane fans to see the results of what Golden is trying to get done. Cause it seems that the players the "U" has on board right know don't have the makeup that Golden is looking for. Once the juniors and seniors move on and Goldens guys take over, we will see what kind of results he gets. Hope I am wrong and he gets something more out of the upperclassmen than what we have seen up to this point.

Brock Berlin produced at The U FMdotcom. Go check out his record and his stats at wiki. He beat the other major Florida teams 5 times and won all his bowl games while playing, plus our team's rankings under Berlin were No. 5 and No. 11 in the polls. Berlin was 19-5 as a starter at Miami.

I would not put Berlin in with that group you mentioned, but I do get your point.

Golden is recruiting his players his way and we will see what happens on the field in the next few years...GO CANES!!!

Who are these idiots that place more credence to stars and who offered over coaches being able to evaluate a kid in person! IDIOTS, when will you realize the frailty in the star system. A coaches job is to evaluate, qualify skills and develop those skills. You can sit here and tell me you know more about a player you've never seen than a professional coach that has just spent hours evaluating a kid? No! Do you realize how stupid you sound commenting on a kid you know nothing about? Screw your cap on son!

Just because the 'top' schools are not after this kid doesn't mean he isn't a good player. There are a lot a top players in 'the state of Miami'. Russell Maryland was an 'unknown' when he came to Miami. This whole camp concept is excellent. It's affordable and different. It's held in strategic locations and allows Golden to see the things he's looking for. You can't help but get some hidden gems this way.

agreed. Didn't I hear Gatard trash piping up over the years about how great Ahmad Black was? He was a 3 star and outside of Florida no one really was after him.

If the star rankings meant anything, Arthur Brown and Willie Williams would be first round draft choices. Seriously, when NFL teams spend millions of $ on scouting and combines and the draft is still a crapshoot, what makes you think college recruiting of 17 year olds will be an exact science?

Let's see 21 and 22 year olds with lots of film and data versus 17 year olds with limited info.

Btw, I think Golden is making all the right moves, but I think he would tell you, the time to evaluate his recruiting performance is in 3-4 years. It's all about judgment, marketing and hard work so we'll see how he stacks up then.

Forgot to welcome Vernon to the program. Vernon, work hard and enjoy your next couple years of high school---- they are great years indeed. Keep the grades up and we'll see you on the field in 2013. Welcome aboard.

3 and 4 reciever sets have become the norm in college football,the coaching staff has recognized that not only are we thin at db but we also lack the playmakers we haave had in the past. dont be suprised if we add 2 more corners and 2 safeties to this class.even if most of these guys get redshirted they will benifit the extra year of practice and strength traing

i ment strength training

Why is Golden collecting so many average players. this is not Temple. These guys are not the cream of the crop. Miami may never be able to compete again with the talent that they are recruiting. Golden will take anyone, and this will not get it done when we play top caliber teams!

Posted by: greg | June 13, 2011 at 10:52 AM

Atleast 1 Cane fan gets it ...

The rest of U are confusing quantity with quality...

OK. I'm not sold on 'Goldy yet, but I like the recruiting effort. Just so U know: Yea he is going after the right kind of player, but even in such a scenario, U have to have a socioeconomic mix. U need some ghetto guys, some guys who want to do nothing but play football. Certainly all majors can identify with that. U keep gettin' these nice "kids," and U'll end up like Notre Dame and Michigan.

If I was 'Goldy, I'd be in Overtown, Carol City and the Muck at least 10 times a week.

I want U to listen to me because I know what I'm talkin' 'bout...

This guy will take any warm body that he sees. The only reason the U is leading recruiting is QUANTITY. the quality just isn't there. Obviously Donna has a zip-tie around his nuts.

"Golden is recruiting quality young men."

What an F'ing joke.

This is D-1 football. I don't give a sh lt about Their grades. I want kids that will bust a ni gga up. UM won't win anything with these choir boys.

You can now get a UM scholarship for $55. Golden is setting us up to fail.

Stole another one from Duke. Whoopee! This is a huge mistake. How come Golden is filling out his class in June????????


if u honestly think ratings dont matter, i feel sorry for you because you're an idiot. yes, its not the end all, be all, but it is a great indicator. refer to the chart/link below if you refuse to believe that.
the ONLY concern i have about golden is that he came from an awful, non-bcs school. and my worry is that he may still be recruiting TEMPLE QUALITY players. when he should be recruiting with the big boys, for the big fish. we're not a garbage program like the mentally retarded rival fans wish. we dont have to take what we can get and try to find nothing but diamonds in the rough. get a few, yes, but we seem to be loading up on them.

in this case his competition looks iffy and he looks tiny. even smaller than what he's listed. he looks athletic, but you still have to have SOME size. otherwise you get owned like b. harris did against floyd.


Great players out of HS are not always recruited by top schools. Brian Westbrook went to Villanova. You know why the Eagles drafted him? Because Andy Reid's son went to school there and told his Dad he had to check him out. That's it.

Yeah, this guy isn't a bigtime recruit like Storm Johnson, Willie Williams, or Arthur Brown. We don't want him here!!!

Haven't you guys learned anything the past couple of years? Aldarius, Jacory Harris, DVD...how many 4/5 star kids come here and flop?

Patrick???Star??? from Spongebob squarepants??? If not , sorry. You speak just like him. I'm not a fan of the star system but Golden is on the 5 stars also .Some of them have UM in thier top 10 . And lets not forget some with verbals are 4 star guys. There are a few unranked players and those are likley the diamonds in the rough he is looking for. The more verbals he gets makes UM appear to be the place to be with that many so far.I cant wait to see them on gameday in Sept.If the juniors and seniors buy in (and Dorsey has an impact on the QB's) , it should be a good year.

Look at all the gator trolls on here, must be real nervous up in trailerville.


Welcome to the U. Hope you are a competitor and a big contributor for the Canes!

Everyone, it is early in the recruiting season. Calm down. That said, it wouldn't surprise me if Coach Golden brought in as many sleepers as possible, and avoided the big name kids to some extent, particularly those with too much ego. I think he is looking for kids to develop that will work hard and are coachable in his philosophy of TEAM.

Prediction: With time, we will see a tough and cohesive football team that performs with passion. Whether this cuts it, only time will tell. But, I would welcome such a team as a good starting point.

If you can get some stars with that same attitude, all the better!

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