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Canes land another commitment from Al Golden's camp: Coral Reef CB Vernon Davis

Coral Reef cornerback Vernon Davis went to Al Golden's football camp Saturday hoping to impress Hurricanes coaches. He earned MVP honors and a scholarship offer.

Vernon Davis Sunday morning, he went back to UM with his mother so she could check it out. "She loved it," Davis said. 

So Davis told Golden Sunday to save him a scholarship for the 2012 signing class, making the 5-10, 170-pound junior UM's 14th non-binding oral commitment -- and the fourth to high school player to pledge to UM after attending Golden's camp.

"Having that experience at the camp and making that connection to Coach Golden, Coach Paul Williams was what did it for me," Davis said. "Once my mom was able to see it too, it locked it up for me. She saw everybody has my back. That's all you want."

Davis chose UM over offers from 15 other schools. Among them: West Virginia, Cincinnati, Duke, FIU, Ball State and Boston College.

Davis said he has a 2.7 GPA and scored a 17 on his ACT. He said he's qualified to get into UM.


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thats one thing i will say, golden is getting kids who are hungry. who are his guys. who are competitors. who are dedicated team players willing to work hard. u can see it with every recruit. im curious to see who he lands toward the end of the recruiting process. most likely, he will in fact land some bigtime players. maybe even some sursprises. especially after the excellent season we're gonna have this year.

"championships"...you missed "daaaU's point..what he's saying (to that moron Dwayne whatever) is not to put BC down cause they're not OSU, Oklahoma...and, by the way they also produced a pretty good NFL QB named Matt Ryan.I don't believe "daaU" was putting the Canes down, quite the contrary.
If Vernon is good enough for them, he's CERTAINLY good enough for us.

Vernon, keep your verbal with us...then study hard, work hard, and make your mom proud.
Welcome to the UM family.

Illuminati, U are on point in that Golden is getting guys who are hungry and dedicated as well as being very talented. That whole star thing is like the NFL draft combine, this guy is this tall or runs a 40 in this time or bench presses this amount which is more times than not a bunch of crap. Golden is doing just what Jimmy and Butch did when they were here, getting talented, hard working guys that play with a chip on their shoulder because they were slighted by the these dipstick recruiting analysts. He has done a better job than shannon already and he hasn't had a full season yet. I like U can see Golden pulling in some top 5 star recruits later on once we start playing games. But the guys he has verbally commited so far look really good.

IMA, maybe you're right in your assessment.

Well this class is coming along great. Out recruiting UF and their 3 million a year coaches. This class will be ranked in the top 10 come signing day!

Gainesville Cane

Posted by: Alan C. Symonette | June 12, 2011 at 06:41 PM

Well, there U go again U Gainesville ClUck... U might wanna check those Rankings once more. And try not scanning over the ones that only consider the individual rank of the incoming talent of the commits and not the size of the Class. U know, like the meaningless ones that add up 30 2-3 Star players and are ranked ahead of teams with 18 4-5 Star players. ...

News flash pal. Ur right where U belong. Ranked below # 2 FSU and # 5 FLORIDA by ESPN... And U ain't gonna sign a single high profile player come Feb. All those kids will be choosing between... "SEE BELOW"... U've gone from being the Notre Dame of the South to the Temple of the South... And UR PUMPED about that? pssssssttt... U keep following Al's stop watch as it swings back n forth, back n forth.

And get Ur facts straight and whatever U do, don't be a chicken farmer.

Remember when kids like the one below used to call U for a scholie? Well them days is 10 years past and ain't coming back.

****UF Football Gets Pledge From Four-Star Cornerback****

Bradenton Southeast cornerback Brian Poole joins Hallandale's Willie Bailey to give UF two defensive backs in the growing class of 2012.

The class, which was recently given an early rating of No. 5 in the nation by ESPN, is sure to improve with Poole's pledge. He is rated a four-star player by Rivals and Scout, the latter having him pegged as the No. 2 cornerback in the nation.

College Choices for Brian Poole

School Interest Offer

Alabama Medium Offered

Auburn Medium Offered

Clemson Medium Offered

Florida Medium Offered

Florida State Medium Offered

Georgia Medium Offered

Louisville Medium Offered

Miami (FL) Medium Offered

Nebraska Medium Offered

Notre Dame Medium Offered

South Carolina Medium Offered

South Florida Medium Offered

Texas Tech Medium Offered

USC Medium Offered


U notice a trend there that is the opposite of the commits that Goldy is passing scholies out too ? Mmmmm hmmmm. U compete with the Cincys, Dukes, Ball States, W. Viginias, FIUs and S. Floridas of the recruiting world. Amazing how U don't see that for what it is. But it's actually impressive to see that some of U CAN see it for what it is. And what it is, is that Goldy will use that as an excuse through next year saying it takes more then two years of recruits to turn over a program that was under the control of Captain ClUless the last 5 years. ( btw, U dopes do remember that at exactly this time last year U had Ur pathetic Canes as 2010 ACC Champs and In a BCS Bowl with Randy leading the way for a Championship run in 2011 right? U blind dreamers are right back at it again.) And when Goldy BOLTS for Penn State after 2012, U'll be right back where U were 6 months ago. But this time with a Roster full of no talent nobodys that might win a few merit badges and actually have over a 3.0 GPA...

Well, whipdee freeekindo for U...

And the word is out on Ur Golden boy amongst the TOP recruits. He ran off some good young talent and the best of the best know why. U spin it as a good thing but rest assured, that Donna has strings tied to all his moving parts. And what Shalalala wants, Shalalala gets. And she could care less that U make strides to return to Ur long gone glory days.

A little info for U no Nada Blind Cane Kool-Aide drinkers...Just ONE average Recruiting class every 4 years will destroy a football program . U know, like the pitiful one U had last year and every other year the last 10 years ? U ClUcks are getting too used to it and accepting it for what it's not... U know ... ELITE.

So it's back to this brilliant quote...

"Well this class is coming along great. This class will be ranked in the top 10 come signing day!"

GREAT huh ? Ur yolking right ? ...........line

clUUUck clUUUck

But U'll be back Riiiieght ?

btw- Is "Whip" still a genius ?

Can't wait to see Coach Golden and staff work the sidelines on gameday: MARYLAND Sept 5. 8pm.

Recruiting is both art and science, but it's what you with it that matters.

Don Beebe-Chadron State
Steve Tasker-Dodge City Community College
Andre Reed-Kutztown University
Mark Kelso-William & Mary
Frank Reich-University of Maryland
Jim Kelly-University of Miami

4 consecutive Super Bowl appearances (1990-1993)

Damn Soldy ( blots away tear of beauty with his iPad) so brutally honest.

Nothing more to say.

Drop the microphone and walk away.

Soldy- don't be afraid of the guys dressed in white with the butterfly nets, they're just here to help you...

Soldy, yep. We'll leave the 4 and 5 stars to UFelony and their 7-5 record. Since you are fond if numbers, what were 5th year senior Jihn Brantley's numbers in the spring game?

4-14. 4-14. 4-14. Puke.

You are a Pig, Soldy. I am calling your supervisor at Costco right now.

Say good-bye to $4.14/hr and no benefits.

Oh soldy, stop envying us. Stop comparing what your team does to what our team does. It's ok little brother. *pats you on the head*

You're good, but not big brother good.

More NCs.
Played in more NCs.
More Pro Bowlers.
Better overall record.
Better bowl record.
More undefeated seasons (oh you have none).

Thought of all that while sitting on the toilet.


Oh, I know. I'm leaving in the past so let me rephrase that.

You presently have one win against in the last 28 years.

Silly wittle brother. Go back to playing patty-cake with your other brother that's a white guy dressed up in a Halloween costume and riding a horse.


Man I hate this star system. Get good players who are all hungry and want the ball and the championship, simple as that. How many guys in the 80s and 90s were 5 star recruits?

Ps. Didn't we already try throwing three 5 stars in a basketball team? Stars don't mean anything.

Jesus people this is jus the start of recruiting there r still quality players out there these r jus those bottom guys that end in the class, if u look up all the other schools they have three stars to in their class, and lets not forget the majority of the team is graduating after this year so hes getting depth on the team, dont judge the guy that is jus gettin those bottom ranked guys early, start judging when signing day is coming

Yes there are plenty of big fish yet to be caught but Goldie is throwing schollies out like a radio stations gives tickets away if your caller 10. Bottom line, in my humble opinion is if we don't take care of the Defensive tackle spot, which we still haven't got anyone on board yet in this up coming class, we will be in for some serious hard times. We have not and I repeat have not had a d-Tackle worth a shyt, since Wilfork left. We don't need bodies, we need a couple beast in the middle and not no 6'2 dudes I'm talking 6'4 or 5 guys around 300. The star system is a little annoying because we tend to get to caught up in it but lets face it those guys that put stars on these kids backs aren't generally wrong and it would be nice if for once, in forever that we get a 5-star guy that comes in here and actually plays like one.

was just checking out this kid davis camp highligghts 1.looks like he got bigger 2.very good in press coverage, very physical 3.he has great hips,dosent get beat on double moves.they say he runs 4.5 now that should be down to 4.4 by time he get to the U

was just checking out vernon davis camp highlights 1.looks like he got bigger 2.looks good in press coverage, very physical 3.has great hips, difficult to beat on double moves. im sure golden and his staff have done their homework, maybe thats why they let willie bailey go, he is more of a safety than the physical play at corner they will get from davis

Errrrr, Vince Wilfork is 6'2".

What worries me to no end Herbieibis and other fellow Canes is that looking at the ESPN Top 100 players, and they are consensus the Top 100 on all recruiting sites, no duds in the bunch (we have a few. Two WR's). Is that more than half are undeclared. If you check their profiles, out of about those 50 or so that are still "considering" a school, we as Canes are have maybe 5 listing Miami Hurricanes as a possibility. Where as FSU has about 35 considering and Florida almost 30. That is indeed a problem and in my opinion the reason why Coach Golden is offering the 150-300 (good players) top prospects schollies now to help fill out the class to get the ball rolling. I know that Stars aren't the end all be all when it comes to finding fine Football Players, but damn it would be nice to see an influx of 5-6 of the top 50 kids in the Nation over a 3-4 year period. I really believe that that is what we've been missing these past few years and it's those Top- 50-100 kids combined with fine 3 Star players that build the true depth of a squad that takes a team from 7-5/8-4 to 9-3/11-1 records.

Please don't slam me Cane fans, I've been with and supporting the program since the Elliot/Selmer days and I like what Coach Golden is doing. But ask yourself this. Would Bill Bilichik trade all those number 1st, 2nd and 3rd. round draft choices to double down and stock up on 5th, 6th and 7th. rounders ? I think not.

I hope Al cleans up come Feb. and gets all the studs in the barn, but they're going to want to come, and that is the hard sell that we have been up against these last few years. An on Campus Facility would be a game changer. And it was close to happening back in '80 under Howard but shot out of the water by The Gables. Too bad. So we must go with what we got, and true winners do so.

Go CANES !!!

Also agree with the above comment about D.T.'s. We are paper thin with experienced quality there (LB and CB too). The O-Line seems to be shaping up greatly. But the most important cog to any football teams success are the lines of scrimmage. And over the attrition of a full season our D-Line just killed us last year and years before. Good God, remember that 2000- 2003 bunch ? We just need half that quantity of talent and we'll be good to go at the point of attack. The skill guys get so much better when the BIG U's up front are dominating. That, I know Coach Golden knows well. Which is encouraging. He will make us a much tougher team. Mentally and physically no doubt what so ever. Just hope it translates sooner rather than later.

Being a consistent winner cures a lot of recruiting negativity. Having a coaching staff in place for a number of years helps too. Coaching kids up and recognizing talent is the sign of a great coaching staff. I hope Goldie has the Golden eye for talent and you also have to remember that these stars can come and go as the season progresses. Hopefully there seeing something thing so called experts aren't.

They do have five kids on the 150 list already fsu has seven and florida has five, its not like they r not recruiting talent, and fsu only has one five star, i checked out the top players on all the sites and they all r considering theU

UFelon fans are always on UM's jockstrap. Perhaps it's the fact that we've owned them for about a quarter century already.

We don't own them in baseball anymore.

miami will lose 3 of their top 4 corners to graduation and probably both starting safeties to the nfl. if i was a top high school player i would see this as a great opportunity to step in and start or get major playing time right away. are u reading this bush,howard,mcneil, geno smith. miami starting backfield could have 2 or 3 freshmen sept 2012

Golden is a smart guy who will bring in kids who are hungry, have the right work ethic and that he can coach up. Having lots of kids on the team that were somewhat overlooked by the big names gets you a locker room of kids with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove, unlike alot of these lazy mo-fo's we have suffered with the past 5-6 years.

The guys on this board who complain about star ratings and such do not know college ball. Half of the top 25 BCS teams last year were not big name programs stocked with 5 star recruits. Please don't tell me teams like Hawaii, UCF, Utah, TCU, Boise St., or Nevada land lots of splashy recruits. Neither does Stanford, Arkansas, Mizzou, S. Carolina or Miss. St. - they are not the big name programs with countless 5 stars banging down the door to get in. Yet all these teams I mention were BCS top 25 last year.

I wish there weren't so many guys filling this board up with nonsense, it is frustrating to read these clowns who don't know what they are talking about. A great coach that coaches his kids up, runs schemes that match his players abilities and play to their strengths, solid gameplans and can make good adjustments can take a bunch of middle-of-the-road kids and win alot of games. Golden is going to win a bunch of games and when Miami starts winning the talent starts to flow in big time, then he can cherry pick 5 stars with the work ethic and then we go get another ring.

at least AG got a close look at this kid before he offered. I don't mind this pickup. He's looking at elite kids and then this kid. People can move up in the rankings after they start getting the major offers.

U deserve Ur self ...

recruiting talent, and fsu only has one five star, i checked out the top players on all the sites and they all r considering theU

Posted by: alexman2003 | June 14, 2011 at 05:06 PM

Ur wrong again, going on a decade now ..

Posted by: scottso65 | June 14, 2011 at 09:12 PM


Arty ... scotty puts the re in tard ...

good lord

Go check Yo maff Scotsman. Nobody gives a crap about the top 25. Check your numbers against the top ten and reality will smack U in yoUr delUsional face. I Understand that that is setting the bar a too high for Duhh perennially Unranked U. When U have been Unranked for a DECADE, #17 looks pretty damn good. EnoUgh aboUt yoUr pathetic decade of irrelevance. YoUr analysis shows how Utterly clUeless U are.

EGADS! Why are we recruiting these charcoal nobodies from the other side of the Nile? I can't even see him in that pic. All I see is his toofs. I say move him to track and field and sign him up for the javelin. Something that involves a stick.

Chances are this kid is going to be doing something productive instead of smoking weed in his dorm room. So I don't see why some of you are worried about star ratings.

Wasn't Reggie Wayne a 3-star?

So are some of you suggesting Golden should not offer the MVPs of his camp? Interesting...

Glad y'all ain't coaching, that's for sure.

Some things never change on this blog. I hadn't blogged on in a while until yesterday and it's the same old thing. Somebody bashing a gator hater or vice-versa. Maybe some of you need to slide on over to Canespace and see how long you last talking about Gator Trolls. You guys are to obsessed about the damn Gators, who cares. We can't beat them in Baseball anymore, they have a right to talk smack. It's our own dam fault, we need a coaching change there too! It's great what we did 10 years ago and yeah we can always hang our hat on that but that was then and this is now. We are mediocre in football, basketball & baseball and until something changes on the field of play, that's what we will remain. I haven't been able to talk junk in 10 years.

Herbie, check your math. Canes pounded the Gatard trash in the '04 Chik fil A and 3 years since the Gatard beat the Canes. Over the last 10 years, the Canes are 3-1 vs. Gatard trash.

That gives Gatard trash a right to talk smack? A 7-5 record for them with John "heads-up" Brantly at QB is not mediocre?


That's my point, hell that was 7 years ago dog. I'm tired of living in the past. Look I get caught up in what we did in the past too but that only carry you so far. What are we, like 0-9 against Florida recently and we aren't much better against FSU in baseball. The past is gone and right now all we as Canes fans can talk about is the past.

The great Canes teams had plenty of under-recruited local guys who were great players. If we fill most of our players from South Florida and get selected recuits elsewhere we will be back in a hurry .


Nice summary. Agreed.


listen, I agree with the point you make but when it comes to Gatard trash, their football victory was now 3 years ago. That was the past. Baseball, ok, Morris doesn't seem to be cutting it. Fair to criticize him. But in comparison to the Gatards, call me when they have won a National Championship in baseball.

Then they will only need three more to match the Canes.

U think...
Look it up bro go away from espn they arent the only sport website that knows about recruiting look at scout rivals all of them have top recruits considering tthe U

i love how one minute we get a highly rated guy and everyone gets excited... and then the next minute we get a low rated one and suddenly ratings dont matter lol smdh

if you want to know why vtech is not elite and never wins the NC... its because they dont land great recruiting classes. great coaching, not elite athletes. you need both. miami under shannon? great athletes (look at the draft), horrid coaching.

if ratings dont matter than why is it that all of fans wishlists include 4/5 star players? why dont top programs just recruit 2 star guys?

what do you think the majority of those ratings are based on? u ever notice how the top players have the most offers? from top notch programs? the concensus around the ncaa is that theyre a good player.

dont agree? fine... im sure you the fan know alot more about evaluating talent than the coaches/experts/analysts who have been around/studied/played the game WAYYY more/longer/at a higher level than u have. but i guess thats why you're working in football right?

i say again:


This is the same coach who took two 2star guys and turned them into 1st round draft picks at Temple. The stars by a nome mean nothing in real life. Its just a huge marketing/internet/ fanboy tool. Nothing more to it than fantasy college football.

And welcome to the U.

Dont pay attention to 95% of what you read on comments. The really bad comments are fans of other teams bad mouthing you like they are U fans to get you to decommit. Stay in South Beach and follow the Golden brick road to greatness.

Devin Hester 5 stars
Baraka Atkins 4 stars
Kareem Brown 4 stars
Darnell Jenkins 4 stars
Jon Peattie 4 stars
Glenn Sharpe 4 stars
Greg Threat 4 stars
Eric Winston 4 stars
Devin Hester 5 stars
Greg Olsen 5 stars
Jonathan Beason 4 stars
Tavares Gooden 4 stars
Darnell Jenkins 4 stars
Eric Moncur 4 stars
Tyrone Moss 4 stars
Bryan Pata 4 stars
2004 (this class is what did coker in, almost no one panned out)
Calais Campbell 4 stars
Kenneth Phillips 5 stars
Spencer Adkins 4 stars
Antonio Dixon 4 stars
Bruce Johnson 4 stars
Randy Phillips 4 stars
A.J. Trump 4 stars
LeSean McCoy 4 stars
Dedrick Epps 4 stars
Jason Fox 4 stars
Orlando Franklin 4 stars
Ryan Hill 4 stars
Javarris James 4 stars
Sam Shields 4 stars
Graig Cooper 5 stars
Allen Bailey 4 stars
Damien Berry 4 stars
Orlando Franklin 4 stars
Demarcus VanDyke 4 stars
2008 (this class is still subject to change, as many of these players could emerge under new leadership. the ones **'d have already proven themselves/*'d will likely become a factor this year/or are right on the cusp)
Arthur Brown 5 stars
*Marcus Forston 5 stars
*Travis Benjamin 4 stars
*Ramon Buchanan 4 stars
*Jordan Futch 4 stars
**Brandon Harris 4 stars
Jacory Harris 4 stars
C.J. Holton 4 stars
Aldarius Johnson 4 stars
Davon Johnson 4 stars
Benjamin Jones 4 stars
*Marcus Robinson 4 stars
**Sean Spence 4 stars
*Tommy Streeter 4 stars
*Vaughn Telemaque 4 stars
**Brandon Washington 4 stars

point is... for every bust, i could name a ton of players who found success. theres a greater percentage of success among highly rated players, than lower ones. numbers dont lie. thats not to say these lower rated guys arent good pickups because nothing's stopping them from panning out... and im glad to have em as a part of THE []_[] FAMILY... but the odds are stacked against them.

I love the comments about "keep living in the 80s". Right. Since we didn't win one in the 90s or the 2000s right? Guess what? We need our title for this decade and we might as well start now. Keep trolling. Soon everyone will be saying, "keep living in Tebow's undies".



c21 kak in his

Raging dumpster

EGADS! Why are we recruiting these charcoal nobodies from the other side of the Nile? I can't even see him in that pic. All I see is his toofs. I say move him to track and field and sign him up for the javelin. Something that involves a stick.

You are a real piece of krapp UMike. I don't care if this kid looks like something straight out of the Zimbabwe jungle. Dude can ball!

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