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Canes land another commitment from Al Golden's camp: Coral Reef CB Vernon Davis

Coral Reef cornerback Vernon Davis went to Al Golden's football camp Saturday hoping to impress Hurricanes coaches. He earned MVP honors and a scholarship offer.

Vernon Davis Sunday morning, he went back to UM with his mother so she could check it out. "She loved it," Davis said. 

So Davis told Golden Sunday to save him a scholarship for the 2012 signing class, making the 5-10, 170-pound junior UM's 14th non-binding oral commitment -- and the fourth to high school player to pledge to UM after attending Golden's camp.

"Having that experience at the camp and making that connection to Coach Golden, Coach Paul Williams was what did it for me," Davis said. "Once my mom was able to see it too, it locked it up for me. She saw everybody has my back. That's all you want."

Davis chose UM over offers from 15 other schools. Among them: West Virginia, Cincinnati, Duke, FIU, Ball State and Boston College.

Davis said he has a 2.7 GPA and scored a 17 on his ACT. He said he's qualified to get into UM.


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From the post that I've seen from UMike in the past, I believe this is a wolf in sheep's clothing(gayturd trash) posing as UMike.

Big Al is shutting the door to other teams trying to recruit South Florida, he is cherry picking the best and this one is one of the best d backs in the State. Canes lead State with number of commits and number in ESPN 150 (5!). AND its not even July folks!!!
This is going to be a monster class!

Gtrs here ae nothing more than an annoyance.

One posts "It's not like '83". No, but we want it like 2002, 2003, 2004. You pu55ies always talk about how long its been for us. 2002 wasn't that long ago. But if we start talking of years gone by we can start with 2008.Oh! how you miss your boy Timmy. Have you taken his posters down from your bedroom?

Can't wait for 2013. ha ha ha ha

All the rednecks will be crying tears in their beers

Canes lead State with number of commits and number in ESPN 150 (5!). AND its not even July folks!!!
This is going to be a monster class!

Posted by: canesrule21 'ships | June 16, 2011 at 08:30 AM


***** ESPN 2012 Recruiting Class Rankings *****

#5 Florida Gators Commits: 12

ESPNU 150 Commits: 6

Four-star: 9

Three-star: 2

Other: 0

#8 Miami Hurricanes Commits: 15

ESPNU 150 Commits: 5

Four-star: 6

Three-star: 8

Others: 1


U were saying ? huh ? Say again U 3 Star Monster FOOL...

Ur right back where U belong... Near the bottom, looking up again.


And to the idiot that said that ALL other undeclared Top 150 prospects have Miami as a consideration... Ur dream world must be nice. Out of the 70 or so that have not declared, ONLY FIVE have Miami as a TOP -5 College consideration !!! Where as FSU has 35 and Florida has 30. That's the exact reason as to why Goldy is panicking by offering so many AVERAGE kids schollies like they were fliers to the Coral Gables flea market... And it AIN"T going to get better over the Summer, Fall and Winter. These kids ALL know that Al B. Gone will bolt for Penn. State the minute Joe Pa makes the call...

That is what U are and where U have been for a DECADE now... Second Tier

Oh... And U stay tuned for what coming next to TITLETOWN.


Posted by: Dyslexic Cane Maahf ='s DelUsion | June 16, 2011 at 02:29 PM

Blah, blah, blah, blah, I'M A DIPSHYT LOSER, blah, blah, blah, blah, ALL CAPS DRIVEL, blah, blah, blah, blah, GOD THIS NIGHT SHIFT AT COSTCO REALLY SUCKS, blah, blah, blah.

Get the picture, Pig. You are a repetitive Pig. A loser. The blog punching bag. You are a broken record going on 3 years. It's the same thing every year.

Blah, blah, blah..........STOP FOR PORK SANDWICH AND POUND OF FRIES........

Like i told the last who thought he knew everything look at other sites besides espn they r not that knowledgable on recruiting rivals and scouts have most of the top recruits considering the U. Stop basing ur info on jus one site

Alex, my dUUUUmbassssse lil man, what about TOP 5 School Considerations do U not get ? If U think that Rivals and Scout are even close to being as thorough in their evaluations as ESPN with their top paid credibile writers then U are far worse off than I thought. ESPN gets ZERO monetary gains from their Recruiting services and are not bound by giving delusional dopes like U hope that a recruit has U under consideration, even if it's LOW. Rivals and Scout list U as a consideration so U'll BUY their services to line their pockets... And U will and do because it's the only ray of hope U have in a decade full of cloUds... So let me repeat... ESPN, the real professionals, contact EACH and EVERYONE of their top 300 prospects and personally asks them to give them THEIR TOP 5 College Considerations to narrow it down... So when U see Duh U under prospects considerations on Rivals and Scout, take a good look at a few other things that U turn a blind eye to.... INTEREST and OFFERED

NOTICE if there is CHECK whether the Kid HAS BEEN OFFERED by the school and NOT that the kid has interest in a school that tells him, "sure U can walkon". BIG Difference, that I fully expect U not to understand.

Let's use the above lessons that i've taught U with the aforementioned Blog entry CB Vernon Davis as an example...

**************************Read Slowly And Learn*********************

SCHOOL --- Interest--- *****OFFERED A SCHOLLIE OR NOT*****


Miami (FL) COMMITTED (06/12/2011)
Ball State None Offered
Boston College No
Bowling Green None Offered
Buffalo None Offered
Cincinnati None Offered
Florida International None Offered
Louisville No
LSU None No
Marshall None Offered
Memphis None Offered
Mississippi None Offered
Oregon State No
Penn State No
South Florida No
Southern Methodist None Offered
UCF None Offered
Vanderbilt None Offered
West Virginia None Offered
Western Michigan None Offered

Good player, but certainly NOT ELITE and NOT OFFERED by ANY Elite School including U...

Now in comparison CB Brian Poole

School-- Interest --Offer

Florida COMMITTED (06/14/2011) Offered
Auburn None Offered
Clemson None Offered
Florida State None Offered
Georgia None Offered
Louisville None Offered
Miami (FL) None Offered
Nebraska None Offered
Notre Dame None Offered
Ohio State None None
South Carolina None Offered
South Florida None Offered
Texas A&M None None
Texas Tech None Offered
Western Kentucky None Offered

In an eariler post some Cane Dope was spoUting off how he read in some bleacher report that Davis was ranked higher than the Poole kid...
Dude should be a Cane Recruiter... 'Nuff said

I'd ask U if U remotely understand anything that I've tried to teach U, but no doubt, it's far more advanced than U could comprehend and is a moot point...

I'lll Goooo Slllloooowwwwlyyyyy forrrr U ...

FACT -- U recruit with the Ball State's, Boston College's, Bowling Green's, Buffalo's, Cincinnati's, Florida International's, Marshall's, Memphis', SMU's, UCF's, West Virfinia's and Western Meeeeechigan's of the College Football Recruiting Landscape... U know, as in the the NON-ELITE... AS in PEEEE-U.

So carry on in Ur, uninformed, mundane, hope where there is no hope delUsional world. There are plenty more 2-3 STAR Next To Be Cane Santana Moss, Ed Reed, Ray Lewis , blah blah blah Recruits that's coming down Ur mediocre laden highway... So, fet Ur thUmb out in be ready...

Damn Arty... It's just too easy.


Good work my brutha

Can't get to excited over a kid this far out from signing day. I'm sure as we move into the fall and if he is any good the sharks will move in.


Beat up
U mad

Oh ya u do have a lot of time on your hands to write a huge ass comment


Good work my brutha

Posted by: Kehoe | June 16, 2011 at 05:35 PM

easy 10 to the 4

I love envy in the morning. You guys still hovering around here.

So are we not suppose to offer a MVP of our camp?

So if a guy is 2 stars, and gets MVP at Friday Night Lights, y'all wouldn't offer him?! Pa-lease!!!

Get off our blog wittle brutha. We've been kicking your butts for decades upon decades. 80's? Owned. 90's? Owned. 2000's? Owned.

Nice try and thanks for playing.


I mean, seriously. Y'all have one win against us since 1983.

All you can do is throw recruiting charts in our face?!

Seriously, ROTF-LMMFAO!!!

You guys are homos, why are you talking about the Gators?

They're not even our rivals because they're afraid to play us every year.

Well said 360

Gators owned the 2000s, are you kidding?

Not the canes they only beat them once. Nut they didi win two national championships

too many negative posts from canes fans regarding coach golden, lot of you are saying he hasnt won anything yet, but he also hasnt lost anything yet. just going to run a couple names by you guys that keep bringing up temple. nick saban-toledo, bob stoops-kansas state, gene chizik-iowa state(2-10),guys remember when charles barkley and the rest of the world came down hard on auburn for this hiring. coaches that start from small schools seem to have an eye for talent because they never always had the 5 stars to pick from

Gatard trash thinks college football history started 4 years ago. That is all those pathetic trailer bugs have. And now, with Teblow gone, it is all they will have for another 100 years of mediocrity and cowardice.

Pig, are you still fantasizing about the bartender at Ramrod? You are a silly stuck Pig.


Are those the final star ratings? I'm asking because a 3-star player can become a 4-star after a 'big' program offers. My point, who cares about ratings.

I stopped caring after watching lots 'can't miss' prospects flop. I just wait for them to show on game day.

junkie, yea final.

btw NO PROSPECT, draft or high school, is ever "cant miss". that statement is thrown around WAY too much by people. it creates unrealistic expectations... expectations that every player is supposed to wind up being a superstar. when in actuality the odds of being a star player are SLIM for ALL players.

and then every time a high caliber player doesnt pan out it creates a very negative, "failure" stigma. whereas nothing is ever expected from a low rated player, so when they dont pan out you never hear about. but when they do, they get the opposite reaction.

PUNTER SYNDROME: lol they only get recognition when they do something wrong. 5 star pans out, its expected. 5 star bust, theyre a failure. 2 star pans out, theyre a hero. 2 star bust, its expected.

its just the nature of the business. but like the nfl draft... the higher rated, the higher the odds of success.

this idea that ratings mean zilch is all in your head. the argument about a 3 becoming a four because of an offer just validates my point. it means the coaches of the best programs, think they are a good player. by saying ratings mean nothing, you're ultimately saying that those coaches doing the evaluations are idiots and you(the fan) know more than they do.

cali cane get the facts right um is #1 followed by ohio state then fl state lsu way down with 32 players in the nfl

back to my point about coaches have to have an eye for talent and get the players that fit their system in 2008 miami(shannon) and alabama(saban) had the top 2 classes in the country, miami signed 33 and bama 32 the likes of julio jones,marcell dareus, mark ingram 3star 58ranked rb,terrence cody,mark barron,robert lester,dont'a hightower,courtney upshaw,kerry murphy,damion square,A.J.Mc carron they went big physical, won national chapionship most of these players will be 1st or 2nd round picks,miami might not get a top 10 finish from their group,maybe b.harris,fortson,and spence might end up in the top 2 rounds cant see anyone else from that class going that high

I am laughing at the Gator fans. Your former coach is a loser. He ripped your program apart. You think b.c Weiss is your O coach that you are going to win? No way...you see you have to have heart and the Canes have a Golden Heart. We have a young O-coordinator, with NFL pedigree and a D-Coach that has been with the Golden through the good/bad times. It is just a happy family! Urban Meyer was a joke and he left gatorville b/c he knew his program was in a rebuilding mode! Maybe he wants a job in Denver so he can be next to his boyfriend Tebow! Gator fans remember one thing...you will never ever be like the Canes, you will always be the bridesmaid in Florida and lastly....you will never be the team kind in Florida want to play for. Phony Gators...we getcha with the Golden Rod!!!

U know how to make a Hook'em Horns sign ?


U woUld

anymore commits ?


be a long sUmmer ...

Yo, Timmy T. ,

Coral Gables is as good as great ever got ... Should have seen Le June Rd. @ US-1 back in the late 60's, early 70's ...

Remember Nick Kotys


Silly gatr pukes

Especially the one that said the gtrs owned the canes in the 2000s. LOL.

Do you forget the beeootch slapping that Umput on Rexie Grossman?

Or the comeback by Brock Berlin?

Or the fact that the U won a NC, had a second one stolen, folowed by a top 5 BCS finish?

Again, dumb a55 gtr fans think the world started in 2006. LOL.

Did I just see a Gator post something we already did a very long time ago?

Ah wittle brutha, that's cute.

Yup, the Gayturds won 2 NCs based on a bias vote and the first one they got was because 6 teams ahead of them lost that weekend, and the SEC Champ game skyrocketed them in the rankings. Just go back and look at how weak their schedule was. Utah proved Alabama sucked. Didn't they?

Lemme guess ... Ur Vandy fans now ?

Atleast U now got the Conference right...

I'm a UM fan, just saying UF won two national championships in the 2000s, we won one.

They had several years of relevance, we had two.

Anyway they're going to get a harsh reality check in the 2010s about how just making it to the top doesn't mean you're going to stay there.

are you serious "reality"

Final standings
2001- UM #1- best cfb team in history
UF #3
2002- UM #2- and robbed for a consecutive NC
UF #23
2003- UM #5
UF #25
2004- UM #11
UF #25
2005- UF #12
UM #17
2006 UF #1
2007 UF #13
2008 UF #1
2009 UF #3
UM #19
2010 UM NR

Just a reminder, that if a #35 was given to a non-ranked season at the end, UF's average ranking for the 2000s- would be 14.1, and UM's would be 15.2- that is despite 2 NCs for UF and 4 non ranked seasons for Miami. Voters were gratuitous to UF those 2 years when they renked them #25,

All this means is that you gtr f-gs who think you "dominated" the 2000s are FOS. Both UM and UF had 3 top 5 seasons. Um dominated 2001-2005 and UF dominated 2006-2009. UM has one more...as usual.

Sure did we played if four times

If four times

Averaged player lololol. You don't get offered by UM and be Average. In besides what you considered a average player in Florida is a 4 or 5 star in majority of the states across the U.S.

Jesus christ, it's not by much but you looked up every final standing UM and UF had and UF was ranked higher, what on earth are you talking about, they clearly had a better decade.

Also the emergence of this "kak in mouf" thing just shows how ridiculous and juvenile you people are, one person says it and you guys just keep parroting it back and forth for a couple months. You're like a bunch of f*cking middle schoolers, it's just sad.

Storm Johnson's father is hilarious....'Storm didn't appreciate the military style in which he was being coached'.

That has to be one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. Golden should let this kid go wherever he wants just for the entertainment.

Well let’s see … DOLPHINS sUcked… CANES Football blew… PANTHERS worst in the NHL and no Playoffs in the 21st. Century… CANES Hoops, NIT boUnd yet again and again… HEAT choked on the biggest stage and get bUrned… CANES Beisbol stumble, bumble, and boot the pelota like it’s a hand grenade and get sent packing and bus riding back down the Turnpike for the 3rd. consecutive year from TITLETOWN… MARLEENS June swoon continues as they drop 17 of the last 18 …

GOD MIAMI SPORTS puts Duh U in sUcks !!! U are an absolute JOKE of a Sports Town to the entire Country U delUsion Dopes… U know, the Country that S. Fla used to be a part of…

But oh yeah … There’s so much to do in Miami riiieet ?

Well watching live sports ain’t one of them U LOSERS !!!




oh yeah, what time is the game tonight ?

All those teams you named do have titles and you claim that small town up north is titletown?!

Come on wittle bro. You can do better than that.

THE U's baseball team has more titles than your football team.

I'm still, ROTF-LMMFAO!!!

Watching the Gayturds collapse at 2pm today is going to be fun. Still no title in baseball and still no undefeated football season. Everyone outside of Gaffer Nation laughs at you!!!

Simply pathetic!!!

I am on Stubhub looking for any of the following tickets in Trailerville:

- professional football, baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, golf, auto racing.
- theater;
- symphony orchestra;
- art festivals; or
- any culturally significant event.

When any of those become available in the trailerpark, can you please contact me.

Thank you.

If we win the recruits will come.Im more concerned with how he coaches on game day. He still has a losing record in a garbage conference.

Nebraska 62 fla 24 biggest national championship blowout. Lol

With Tebow, it’s a lump-in-the-throat joy, an affirmation that a famous person doesn’t have to be warped by success and attention, that a superman athlete can be humble and kind.

Tebow makes people feel good.

Re ...

8 days on this topic the herald is lame. The WORST UM sports blog in the netire world. I bet the Columbus Dispatch has more on Miami Football than this joke of a paper

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