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Game over! Gators beat Canes 11-4 to win regional. UM season ends.

  That's it folks. It's all over for the Miami Hurricanes.

The Gators ended UM's baseball season for the third consecutive year, this time to take the Gainesville regional title with an 11-4 victory.

It was actually almost all over before the first out. UF scored three runs with no outs on a home run by Preston Tucker that also scored Nolan Fontana (single) and Bryson Smith (walk) in the first inning.

The Gators (48-16) plunged the dagger the deepest in the third inning, when they scored eight runs on seven hits and one error. They now will host a super regional and face Mississippi State next weekend in Gainesville.

The Canes end their season at 38-23.

UM has 10 draft-eligible players, of which as many as nine could be drafted in the MLB Draft that begins Monday. All four UM starting pitchers are returning and should make up an exceptionally strong staff next year. E.J. Encinosa, who started today and got shelled for seven runs on four hits and two walks in 2.1 innings, is expected to replace Danny Miranda as UM's closer.

The Gators have now defeated UM in their last eight meetings and in 11 of their last 12 games.

Kudos to UF right fielder Preston Tucker, who earned the regional's Most Outstanding Player by going 9 for 20, with three home runs and 11 RBI in the regional.

"He's an outstanding player, goodness gracious,'' said UM coach Jim Morris of Tucker.

Said Tucker: "I'm seeing the ball well right now. Hopefully I can carry it over to next weekend. Having guys on base makes me more confident at the plate.''

 The Canes had four players make the Gainesville Regional All-Tournament Team: Zeke DeVoss at second base, Brad Fieger at third base, Dale Carey in the outfield and Steven Ewing on the mound.

  UM first baseman Harold Martinez missed the final game with a hurt foot, Morris said.

For those counting, UM has committed 18 errors in its past seven games against the Gators.




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Go Canes, you can still win!!!!!

morris needs to take a long look in the mirror, maybe the stats as well over the last 3 seasons, and make changes. stop riding the wins of the past, and get up enough ambition to return this program in the shape he got it, and made it in his first 10-12 years. we dont need a bobby bowden baseball coach, who has lost the drive for excellence. we need him to do his job, and if that means JD goes, or whatever, DO IT.

how much longer until we realize Miami is no longer serious about sports? we spend about $4000 per year for four football tickets when in reality we could get tickets for about a buck and sit about anywhere. Baseball at one time was outstanding and Basketball will become extinct in a few years.

Let's face it...we're not used to mediocrity...and that's what we've got. There may be 10 draft eligible players, but they'll never see the outside of Double A ball. Even though the pitching got bombed today, it's our hitting that flat out has FAILED. And I don't want to hear the garbage of "8-10 kids we wanted didn't come because they went pro instead"....every team experiences that (including Florida). we simply are not signing the players we have in the past. Catching in particular concerns me...as well as the errors. Oh, well...what a sad end to a sad year. Morris and JD need to have a "come to Jesus" meeting....

Donna must go..line o losers Kirby Holcutt..Al Golden WTH the Temples coach..and now AD from Wisc and b BBall coach from retirement home..

The well has run dry for Morris... The rollover from the Ron Fraser era and Ron Fraser's supporting staff, that Morris has one by one ultimately screwed over, has completely disappeared and Morris' solo work is now starting to show.

This is the group of coaches and players that he has put together over the past couple years. You can fire all the asst. coaches you want, but the one that is hiring all these asst. coaches that he loves to pass the blame to is the HIMSELF. When will he have to take responsibility for that? That is part of being a Head Coach.

The truth here is that the Canes ran into a vastly superior team and were outclassed by the Gators everywhere on the field. Deja-vu all over again?? The University of Florida is committed to excellence in both sports and academics and UM is committed to...well, what exactly are they committed to again? When UM "fans" become supporters both emotionally and monetarily instead of being posers in t-shirts, then maybe UM may get back up into the state's bigtime programs again. The team was great and played well for their ability, but as always, the whining fans are as they always are.

Please correct this: it's Nolan Fontana, not Jason, capiche? 11-4 twas...

Come talk to me when you have JUST 1 Undefeated Season in football and at least 1 championship in baseball. You have none. Golden will bring Miami back unlike MusCHUMP who will drive you turds deeper into the ground. Morris needs to go and the new AD can see that. He might get one more year, but then he will be gone.

The only thing that is true is Miami does have a lot of fair-weather fans and not enough die hards, but at least they live in homes and not in a trailer or if they are an over achiever a double-wide.

This season reminds me of the football season. This team underachieved, had no hitting, errors galore,fielding and mental, and not as good athletes as FSU or Fl. Seems like the coaching has gone downhill,stats don't lie. We've upgraded football and basketball, let it happen for baseball.

there's always next year ...

UM was fortunate to beat Jacksonville. That game looked like a lost cause. UM's problem is that there are only 3-4 legit hitters in the lineup and the fielders flub too many routine plays. And that's a shame because the starting rotation looks pretty decent.

The loss Saturday took a lot of heart out of this team. They fought their behinds off for 4 hours only to blow the game on self-induced mistakes in the 9th. Morris should be second-guessing himself for taking Robinson out in that game. Plus, the catcher's interference call in the 8th was a joke.

Some of you have hit upon the reason the Canes are having trouble but not the reason behind the reason. The Canes have not recruited a great class since Gine DiMare left the program. He was probably one of the best asst. coaches and recruiters in the college game. JD is a fine pitching coach and Tomas is an okay base coach, but the recruiting is sorely lacking. Look at the season records since Gino has left, we have not had a 40 game winning season and we have not been to CWS since, hell we have barely gotten to the super regionals, where the Canes have fallen apart. Not until we get a great recruiter back in the fold will the Canes will be malking that regular trip to Omaha. Hope we find that recruiter soon.

Amber Alert: two little girls are missing. One is a red hed named "UFelony at Trailerville," and the other is a crazy little chica named "The Curse of Steve Addazio". They've both been missing since Saturday. Last seen in the Orlando area dressed in orange and green. If anybody sees these two girls, please notify the authorities. Both might be in immediate danger.

Gators OWN the Canes.

Head not hed.

Jeff, my apology. I just signed on again and changed it to Nolan. Susan

“Expectations are high at the University of Miami,” said UM coach Jim Morris. “It's the lowest team I've had finish since I've been at Miami. Nothing to write home about.

“It's going to be a long bus ride home.”


U missed the bus ... again

Some of you have hit upon the reason the Canes are having trouble but not the reason behind the reason. The Canes have not recruited a great class since Gine DiMare left the program. He was probably one of the best asst. coaches and recruiters in the college game. JD is a fine pitching coach and Tomas is an okay base coach, but the recruiting is sorely lacking. Look at the season records since Gino has left, we have not had a 40 game winning season and we have not been to CWS since, hell we have barely gotten to the super regionals, where the Canes have fallen apart. Not until we get a great recruiter back in the fold will the Canes will be malking that regular trip to Omaha. Hope we find that recruiter soon.

Posted by: Cane 11 | June 06, 2011 at 07:35 AM


That's IT right there . Dimare was the best recruiter in the Nation, no doubt. He was due to take over the program when Morris basically said he was done in 2008. But his wife took him to the cleaners, he stayed and Dimare was passed over yet again. That was the beggining to this ending, period.

Rico Douche' here spewing your retaarded comments again. Now slick back your hair with your moms bacon grease, clean up the hole (basement) under your moms trailer and sand down the rust spots on the 1979 BMW 3 series and take you sister out for a night at the truck pulls to celebrate your gaturds win.

Yes, gator a55hole, aka Ralph Kramden, aka gaturd p-o-s. The canes have high expectations.

UM has 4 national championships in baseball. FSU has zero. UF has ZERO. That is, despite the fact that both UF and FSU are perennial (even when Um was winning championships) contenders and always have good teams. Despite that UM has 4, UF+FSU= ZERO.

But UF is waaaaay better than UM. A better match up would be FSU and UF.

Morris was outcoached, out thought, out recruited, out tobaccoed, out everything by the UF coach.

Morris has to go. No more excuses. He is lame, pathetic, old, stale, unimaginative and inflexible.

Ever since Shalala was hired there has been a progressive wussification of Miami football and baseball. These players are soft and are missing something. Not like the teams of 2000, 2001.


Before everyone jumps on Morris consider the following...1. This wasn't his best team and they still won 39 games. 2. The Canes took 3 out of four against the #3 seed UNC. 3. Beat the number one seed on the road and lost two one run games they could have won. 4. Have appeared in 39 straight NCAA tournaments. 5. They should have most of this team coming back next season. 6. This team lost several games that teams in the past never lost, Hofstra, Duke, Rutgers, Appalachian St., FAU, South Florida. Add seven wins and subtract seven losses and you have a 46 win team and a home regional and a different ranking, higher RPI, it was top 16 or better as it was! 7. This team is close and 8. eight (8) of eleven (11) recruits went to the pros and several underclassmen as well. (9) Morris has about a .715 winning per centage and is sure HOF member.10. This year with the lack of talent we are used to in Coral Gables may have been one of his best coaching jobs, ever!11. Miami had a better conference record than FSU seeded 5th.

Yes the Canes have disappointed this year once again and we are spoiled as to their success on the baseball diamond and have high expectations as fans and I'm sure the coaches and players have the same.

Do they need to execute and improve their defense? Yes! Do they need a better more productive offense? Yes! Too many times this year their offensive production was limited and not necessarily by outstanding pitchers.

Has the college game passed Morris by? No! He can't recruit any more? Please, had #3 ranked class last year and this year looks promising.
He is too old? Get out of here! How old was Sparky Anderson when he won all those Series titles? Team responded when he returned from operation at beginning of the year. Remember they lost eight of their first 13 games, that's one third of their losses with out the head man around, which means they lost 15 games when he returned and won 34!

Does he need to re-evaluate his coaching staff? Maybe! Does he need to recruit more corn fed kids on this team? Probably, but he has gone to Tampa, Marrieta, Naples and other spots outside of Dade to find players.

Question when he recruits, how is he supposed to know who will sign with a major league club and who won't. Do you want him going after the cream of the crop or settle for less in his recruiting efforts? Do you want a number of his current roster to be considered for the draft or do you want the roster to be less than that when it comes to talent? You choose one or the other! That's your choice.

While I am disappointed by the results just remember that it wasn't long ago that the Canes were knocking the Gators out of the tournament on a regular basis. Things go in cycles when it comes to sports and the one thing that hasn't changed in 39 years is the U's participation in the NCAA tourney and the number of winning seasons in a row they have had and the outstanding talent that has been tapped by the major leagues!

Yeah things need to get better but do they really improve with a different guy at the helm?

Morris is here, and he should be until HE decides to hang up his cleats! All the rants and ravings of disgruntled fans mean nothing and are just an exercise in futility!

Yeah the wins and higher rankings have been missing but when you sit down and look at things without all the emotion involved, they aren't as bad as many of you are thinking that they are. JMO!

Anonymous, didnt read your post bc i can care less, but morris is washed up and blows.

Secondly, this is one of the funnier comments ive read on here in a while "Dimare was the best recruiter in the Nation". Better check that one out buddy.

Dimare wasnt ever going to become head coach, you guys are crazy. He has no HC experience and the players didnt even like him (see: dimare falling in dugout and breaking his arm and whole team just laughing at him).

Dimare, like Morris, was just riding off the momentum from the prior staffs... Id also like to note that Dimare is another one of Morris' wonderful "pass the blame" assistants, that he has fired.

No Azzmunch, they have UNrealistic expectations just like U dUmbasse Cane fans ... Big difference... U see things for what U hope they are, not for what they actually are.

Got to admit though, it's one thing U clUcks are really good at... That and woofing down what Donna Shelalala continues to sell U and then U axeing for more.

What's it like to be a yo yo at the end of my string ?

Seeing things for what we hope they are and not for what they are?

Hmmm...... kind of like saying Brantley is a great QB?

Or that despite 30 felony arrests, there is no problem with criminal behavior in Turdvile?

Is that what you mean, you self-contradicting Pig?

Listen here you product of incestous Alachua county traylor residents (aka Uput..., aka, Ralph Kramden):

We have high expectations because we have won something- not that long ago. 10 yrs. Count your tobacco stained fingers: one...two... three...

and in fact Um has won not one, nopt 2, not 3, but 4

UF has won... Not a one/

That's why we have high expectations.

You on the other hand, dream of owning a double wide outside of Ocala. That to you is movin' up!

Fire Morris

Bbbbbwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Let me tell U a story about a storied sports program a long, long, long, long, long time ago .....

ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ...

SMOKE is wat U got U dopes ... And Ur starting to get use to it.

just when was the last time U beat the Mighty Gators in ... anything ?

The Hurricanes are making yet another late addition to their 2011 class -- Hollywood Hills safety Thurston Armbrister.

Armbrister's high school coach, Scott Barnwell, said Armbrister committed to the 'Canes last week and is expected to sign sometime Monday.

"It's a done deal," Barnwell said.

Armbrister, who also had a scholarship offer from Cincinnati, Barnwell said, was a late academic qualifier as he waited on his test scores.


Lemme guess ... He'll be the next Sean Taylor/Ed Reed hybrid riiiieeet ?

Dudes a ZERO Star nobody with no scout or rivals profile... His momma should have named him Gilligan.

But be PUMPED Cane Fan ... U stole one from Cincy !!!

Canes just made another Error ...

Does Morris, as awful as he has been, have more titles by himself than the Gatard baseball program in its history? Yes? Seriously?

Wow, what an underachieving turd fest. Throw in the trailer park aesthetics and the garbage smell and you have a great place, right?

Cheer Up Cane Tools ... It's not all bad. U won 1 out of the last Dozen.

oooppppsss ... another E .

Figures a loser traylor trash gatr fan would refer to a young kid from high school as a "zero star nobody"

Traylorville gtr loser, you are actually a product of an incestual relationship between your uncle and yo momma. Your abnormal affect is proof. get a life. Bettter yet, stop your pick up truck in the middle of I-75, and stand there against traffic in the middle of the highway. Because you are no better than road kill.

Gators beat UM. Gators are clearly better. No argument here.

But gators wont win a NC.LOL. They'll probably win one in softball. Figures.

As a matter of fact, since USC has just been stripped of the 2004 (6 yrs ago) BCS national ch. for the same reasons or causes that OSU is being investigated.

THEREFORE, UM has 6 National Championships!

UF has...mmmh 2.


UM is the 2002 NAtional Champion. Go ahewad NCAA do the right thing

TO U ARE WHO?.... Gino DiMare was NOT fired by Coach Morris. Get your facts straight before you say someone was fired.

Gino left on his own accord to spend more time with his family. Period...

Life on the road as a recruiter pretty much sucks. Spend the entire summer, day & night at some small HS ball park in a small town in hicksville, share a room with other coaches (one of his former players and a former volunteer asst.) because budgets for hotels don't go that far.. all the while your wife and three daughters are at home. Gino thought hard and long before he quit, but for him, at the time, it was the right choice.

As for the rest of you who think Coach Morris should be fired be real, what team did you ever coach, or for that matter play on? None is my guess.

Coach Morris did an incredible job with this group of players to even make it to a regional. Once we lost Frankie Ratcliff (drug bust), Julian Santos (acl injury), Joey Porra (broken ankle) Michael Broad (knee injury) we had no DEPTH. There was no one behind H Martinez or Stephen Perez, they both knew they were never going to be pulled from the game. Zeke Devoss goes from the outfield to 2nd base and looks like an all star. NO DEPTH Is what hurt this team.

If any of you watch Canes Baseball year in and year out, you'd know.

Susan do us the favor of not giving "kudos" to any of the gaytor players.

Yo tengo un bate y dos bolas. Los Canes no tienen bolas. Que tu crees gordito????

Gatards measure themselves against the Canes. Difference is, Canes measure success by national championships. So go ahead, trolls of Trailerville, enjoy your regional tourney wins.

Another year without a title for Trailerville.

That's a lot if money the Bull Gatards pay for mediocrity.

Wait till they get a load of Muschump.

We are coming up on the anniversary of the crap Emmitt laid on the fictional Gatard Nation and Turdville. Have they cleaned up yet?

Are they waiting for FEMA? Would they even be able to distinguish Emmit's turd pile from the turd piles naturally occurring un that dump?

Just wonderin'.

Pedro Pig, naturally you are obsessed with KAK. It's all you know. That is all you see at Club Manhole.

I can't imagine what it's like to be as stupid as you. Keep it up. You remain the blog punching bag.

Gatards measure themselves against the Canes.


We measure ourselves against Alabama, LSU, Auburn, Georgia, etc...

Coach Morris lifetime: 2 National Championships

Gatard Baseball history: 0 National Championships

Blog Pig lifetime: 20 thousand doughnuts.

TO U ARE WHO?.... Gino DiMare was NOT fired by Coach Morris. Get your facts straight before you say someone was fired.

Gino left on his own accord to spend more time with his family. Period...

If you honestly believe that, then you have no clue what is going on... Gino was pushed out, another scape-goat of the Jim Morris era... Ask him!!!... He's been heard saying that hes happy that he's out of there bc he no longer has to deal with "you know who".

UF is a PRE TENDER school. pretends pretends but then they get they a55es pounded like "U are who" does every night down in So be. The mighty gatds softball team gets pounded last night in the softball cws. Just like Uf will get pounded either by UVa or a western school later.

The NCAA should deepen the investigation on OSU and extend it to 2002. Just 2-3 more years before Reggie Bush. When they realize that Clarett did the same or worse things that Bush, OSu will be stripped of the 2002 title, and the real champions will be crowned: The []_[].

2000- Should have been selected to play Ok Um would have stomped the sooners

2001- UM

When did F_U ever have a run like that?

Nothing like reading this blog while I enjoy my lunch. These Canes sure are a hoot... crying about how many championships they've won in the best, how they used to be a great program, etc. Did U know that dinosaurs once ruled the Earth as well? In the present though, it's all about the University of Florida. The Mighty Gator Nation reigns supreme. Accept it, and quit whining. Go talk smack about FAMU or FIU - schools on the level of da U.

Anyhow, my lunch break is almost over. I have to slick my hair back now... not with bacon grease, but with the vaginal fluids of Curse of Steve Addazio's skanky mother, who also happens to be the father of UFelony in Trailerville. I love those two girls.

All about the Univ of Florida? LOL. 2008 is also in the past genius. What have you won lately? The NCAA curling championship? Please educate me.

Mighty Gator Nation? Please stop, I can't take this anymore. I think I just sharted.

FAMU or FIU? How about your mighty gators scheduling the likes of Appy State, Citadel, and FAU?

Since Jeremy Foley doesnt have the n-ads to schedule anyone out of conference, out of florida, of any meaning, like FSU scheduling Oklahoma, or Miami, you can't speak. Go home to your sister. She wants to know where her child support check is.

10 years of mediocrity 70 years of mediocrity.

Rico Douche, the 3 series Beemer driving cheeseball is on this blog? Wow, can't believe it.

The present is about the Gatards? Lessseeee, last NC? Four years ago. Chances for a championship anytime soon? Nil.

Baseball? Please.

Basketball? Billy D quits this year.

Gatard fans are a joke. Speaking of archeology, can anyone dig up evidence of Gatard Nation during the Zooker years? I have heard rumors but never actually seen it.

Or do Gatards, as the dumb bible beaters that they are, think college football began in 2006? Hmmmm. Well, if the earth is only 6000 years old........


Well at least they didn`t win the championship...

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