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UM picks up verbals from LB Northrup, TE Holifield, 2012 class up to 19 commitments

Al Golden's first signing class at UM has grown over the summer from 16 to 19 players.

His 2012 class? That's already at 19 players and we're still a little more than seven months away from National Signing Day.

Reggie Northrup The Hurricanes picked up two more verbal, non-binding commitments on Tuesday. The first, 6-2, 215-pound outside linebacker Reggie Northrup from Jacksonville First Coast is considered the 26th best at his position according to ESPN. The other, Tallahassee Godby receiver/tight end Brandon Holifield (6-6, 216), just started playing football three months ago and isn't even the best pass catcher on his team.

Such has been the story this summer with Golden's second recruiting class. For every highly-regarded recruit he's landed a commitment from, there's another player recruiting analysts sort of scratch their heads at. Charles Fishbein of Elite Scouting Services said he likes the players UM has offered and received commitments from, but thinks Golden and his staff are "taking a lot of kids they can wait on."

"I don't think they're doing a bad job, I just think they're taking a lot of kids that are going to need time to develop, not instant impact type guys," Fishbein said. "That's not necessarily a bad thing. But when you're losing as many guys as they're losing, you need a few that can play right away. The teams they're trying to catch aren't waiting for kids to develop. They're reloading."

Of the 19 commitments in UM's class, eight are four-star recruits (five are considered ESPN Top 150 recruits) and eight are three star recruits. ESPN ranks the Hurricanes as having the ninth-best overall recruiting class as of June 23rd.

ESPN recruiting insider Corey Long said while UM's 2012 class "isn't going to win the 2012 recruiting national championship, they're loading up on athletes -- and some of them are real good."

"I think in general some Miami fans are wondering what's going on," Long said. "But you look at some of the players they've gotten -- Reggie Northrup is a heck of a player. [Miami Norland running back] Duke Johnson is the best player in the state. [St. Thomas Aquinas defensive tackle] Jelani Hamilton is one of the top three defensive lineman in the state. [Austin, Tex. quarterback] Preston Dewey is a major steal. [South Miami cornerback] Amos Leggett has a hard time staying with schools, but is a talent. [Norland linebacker] Keith Brown has gotten huge. [Norland's] Erick Flowers is a good offensive lineman.

"It might not be the sexiest group of kids, but the guys they're recruiting and getting commitments from players they're seeing up close and have a plan for. They're doing their due diligence. If a coach sees a player and believes he can play at the level they want him to and the level they'll be facing, he'll take them. That's anywhere. Al Golden has his own level of evaluating talent. Every coach sees something different. They're inviting kids to camp, watching them and taking the ones that stand out. That's what they're supposed to do."

Long believes UM will end up signing more than 30 players in its next class. The local must-gets in his opinion for the Hurricanes? Miami Columbus and ESPN Top 150 player Deon Bush (considered the sixth best safety in the country) and either Homestead receiver Herb Waters or Miami Northwestern receiver Amari Cooper.

"Bush has to be their No. 1 recruiting target," Long said. "As for the receivers out there, I like Cooper the most. I've got him as the third best receiver in the state. Waters is good too. Either one of them will make their receiving class better. There is also a lot of local talent in 2013 with [University's] Jordan Cunningham and [Northeast's] Stacey Coley. So maybe they wait for one of those guys."

Both Long and Fishbein like Northrup.

"I saw him at the FSU Camp last week," Fishbein said of Northrup. "He's going to be a 235 pound linebacker, going to run down hill and be a good run stopper. I think he could be a starter in his second year, after playing on special teams his first year. He's a little stiff in pass coverage. He's athletic enough to play bigger, slower tight ends. But I think he's more of a downhill run stopper, kind of like a Darryl Sharpton."

Northrup, who had 108 tackles and seven sacks as a junior, will likely come in and play outside linebacker according to his father. He could also end up enrolling early in January.

"He's completed a lot of his requirements already," Northrup Sr. said. "I know he's taking his ACT again, the math portion because he wants to get a higher score. But ultimately what will determine if he goes early is if they take away wrestling in the Jacksonville area. He's a two-time state qualifier, placed third as a sophomore. If they cut wrestling, I'm sure he's going to want to go to college early."

As for Holifield, he's considered a gifted athlete with a lot of upside, but not a whole lot of football experience. He finished third at the state championships in the high jump and caught one pass in his spring game for a touchdown. After camping at UM recently, Holifield added a UM offer to a group that included FAU, Gardner-Webb and Samford. 

"He's on a team with Laith Harlow, a 6-5, 240-pound tight end who is headed to Oklahoma," Long said. "So I don't know how many opportunities [Holifield] is going to get to catch the ball. But he's definitely a talented athlete, not a bad guy to take a chance on. Miami coaches obviously saw something at their camp they really liked."

UM commitments (Ranked in order based on ESPN Player grades, e-ESPN 150)
WR Angelo Jean-Louis, Palm Beach Central, 6-0, 185 (e-No. 7 WR)
RB Duke Johnson, Miami Norland, 5-9, 175 (e-No. 10 ATH)
CB Amos Leggett, South Miami, 5-11, 175 (e-No. 8 CB)
QB Preston Dewey, St. Andrews, Austin, Tex., 6-2, 200 (e-No. 9 QB)
LB Raphael Kirby, Stephenson, Stone Mountain, Ga., 6-1, 215 (e-No. 11 OLB)
LB Reggie Northrup, Jacksonville First Coast, 6-2, 215 (No. 26 OLB)
LB Keith Brown, Miami Norland, 6-1, 215 (No. 27 OLB)
DE Jelani Hamilton, Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas, 6-4, 245 (No. 35 DE)
DT Trenton Taylor, Lakeland Lake Gibson, 6-3, 245 (No. 26 DT)
WR Jontavious Carter, Crisp County, Cordele, Ga., 6-3, 192 (No. 40 WR)
QB Gray Crow, Clearwater Countryside, 6-3, 220 (No. 34 QB)
OT Ereck Flowers, Miami Norland, 6-6, 288 (No. 61 OT)
DE Dwayne Hoilett, Vero Beach, 6-3, 212 (No. 64 DE)
DE Jake O'Donnell, Central Bucks East, Doylestown, Penn. 6-5, 235 (No. 83 DE)
CB Vernon Davis, Miami Coral Reef, 5-9, 170 (No. 47 CB)
CB Larry Hope, Hialeah American, 5-10, 160 (No. 50 CB)
QB David Thompson, Miami Westminster Christian, 6-1, 195 (No. 89 QB)
WR D'Mauri Jones, Leesburg, 6-3, 185 (Unranked)
TE Brandon Holifield, Tallahassee Godby, 6-6, 216 (Unranked)


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Not more info than what one can get from canesport.com

Only took 16 days for this "new" stream to arrive

Brandon plays wr not tight end in high school.

I also don't know what to make of a couple of these commitments, but since this is Golden's first real class, since he's proven he can develop MAC talent into first round draft picks, and since he has only offered these scholarships to kids he has seen and evaluated in person at his own camp (meaning his drills, his coaching, his attitude), I guess we have to throw him our trust. It makes me feel a whole lot better that the expectation is to sign 30 guys to this class. That means a couple of these guys probably aren't going to qualify, and there's still plenty of room for the studs still on the board.

Personally, if we got Cooper and Bush in this class, I'll feel good no matter how many 1-stars fill the rest of the spots. Go Canes!

Wes Brown will be next.

Bush should be our #1 priority and another safety as well.

Solid class so far...

How many commits did we have this time last year???? And yet somehow 19 commits before the end of June is a bad thing? LMAO I think I'll trust the coaches making the evaluations, not the star bleepers looking to turn a positive into a negative. They all arent going to be 5 star rated. Plus I have a feeling we'll get a couple of those before this recruiting cycle wraps up...

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

We are picking up a lot of players that no one knows about. We should really only have about eight to ten recruits now, so that we leave room for the good players that wait until the season is over before they sign with a team.

I'm speechless. We have a new article. Must go back and read...

There will still be plenty of room on the swag wag for the blue chippewahs when the time comes for them to commit, hence the nonbindingness of the verbal. A lot of time between now and Feb.

19 is not that much when you consider we have 30 to give. Not to mention which one of these four stars turns into 5 stars after this season. Sane with the 3 stars.

But who cates about stars. If they fit the system, they fit the system.

THANK YOU MANNY!!!!! The need has been fed!!!!!

New information, and all good news. Thank you.

Meanwhile, no news out of the trailer sites on recruiting or transfers. I guess they want to hush up the news of another guy leaving Muschamps' team.

Hey if Shannon was still running this program, there wouldn't be these types of camps & we'd probably have 6 or 7 guys verballed right now. We do, however need to put the brakes on because there are still plenty big names left out there, like Diggs, Bush, Goodman, Howard & Bracey to name a few and worse yet, for all the guys we have verballed there are no top notch DT's yet. To me this has been our problem for awhile and that's not getting top flight DT's.

I think we have a strong class considering Al hasn't even coached 1 game yet. ESPN ranks us #9, and we haven't even see the blue chippers yet. I gotta trust my coach. Al has done everything perfect so far. I just want a W on Saturdays.


I dont know if covering the dreadful Marlins would be considered a vacation. More like a punishment.

"taking a lot of kids they can wait on."

"I don't think they're doing a bad job, I just think they're taking a lot of kids that are going to need time to develop, not instant impact type guys," Fishbein said. "That's not necessarily a bad thing. But when you're losing as many guys as they're losing, you need a few that can play right away. The teams they're trying to catch aren't waiting for kids to develop. They're reloading."


says it all right there ...

Quantity over Quality

I think we have a strong class considering Al hasn't even coached 1 game yet. ESPN ranks us #9, and we haven't even see the blue chippers yet. I gotta trust my coach.


There U go thinking again with Ur dark sunglasses and red tipped Cane ... What U don't know is, is that ALL the Top BLUE Chippers blew right by U when considering their College choices ... Hence all the 2 Star reaches...
Not sure if Ur going to be the Notre Dame or Temple of the South... Probably Temple, since atleast the Irish get more than some Top Recruits.

but U'll have a great team G.P.A. and gradUate 90 plus % ... congrats

Remember the team that won the national championship in 2001. Was ranked 20 by espn recruiting people.

I hope when the season begins and there are no more camps for Golden to evaluate their talent that we start first winning on the Grid iron and then start picking up commitments from players that will play right away.

Every great team needs a great scout team. People who know that they have to fight for what they earn instead of the Kyle Wrongs and Willie (Wackey) Williams 5 star athletes that just know they can do whatever they want and still start.

Honestly, we have had a lot of 5 star recruits that never reached their potential because they were not pushed hard enough. If the kids now fit his style of practice and coaching then Welcome Aboard.

The quality of recruits are getting better and better... I am starting to believe again. Aleluya!!! Thank God almighty! I am starting to believe again!!! So far Al Golden is making all the right moves. I like what I see so far, but as always the proof will be in the puddin... Win, win win...

Let's GO CANES!!!

Is the Canes stalker really trying to spin a top ten class that is only going to get better as a bad thing?? Talk about an errant throw....

If we get recruits to commit, it is bad. If they don't commit is bad also. Maybe we should wait on the other recruits and when they sign with other schools, we rush and offer any recruit that was never evaluated....Isn't that Shannon started doing?

At the end of the day, it is just a VERBAL commitment.... IT'S ALL ABOUT THE U....

Manny - Thanks for the update! Keep it up - your fans need you.

Golden and coaches are doing a great job recruiting! These are players who have a lot of talent and potential. Stars are nice but it's heart and really wanting to be a Cane that counts!
Remember the "no name" Canes who won the 2001 National Championship. The greatest team ever!

I welcome all of our new Canes!!

gator turds commenting because their players are jumping ship faster than muschump can get the 2 stars to replace them. UFelonly back to mediocrity and battling for 3rd best team in the state with FAU, FIU, UCF & USF.

HEY One Step Forward, U GAY-TURD, I believe Ed Reed was a 2 Star. I've lost count how many GAY TURD 4/5 star recruits have been arrested or TRANSFERRED this year. Channing Crowder? Please. Idiot. Let me know when you get 5 championships and 4 rings in baseball. Oh yeah, great win against South Carolina. Idiot GAYTURD


I think Al Golden is doing a fine job. I think once the season starts the big time players will come. We had a lot of 5 star players that did nothing. If Golden thinks their canes the welcome them. LET'S GO CANES!!!!!!

I read Cane mutiny and in the book they talk about Butch Davis recruiting they talk about how Ed Reed only had 2 scholarship offers one of them was Tulsa and the other was a nobody school. Then Miami signed and looked at how he turned out. No offense but I am a Miami fan and look at all the 3 star and 2 star's Virginia Tech signs and they do pretty well. These HS players might be in certain systems that give them great stats and such, but when the get to college and its a different system it doesn't always pan out.

Agreed Montana. And look at how many 4 and 5 stars UFelony signed and they were 7-5. They hope to be that good this year.

you gayturd fans just see the small high light on the u stats....yes wr leading in yards and tds rb leading in yards lb leading in sacs and safety leading in ints.... shut your hole trashville!!! its all about the hurricanes!

Please don't U get too excited yet, because, in reality, U must see what 'Goldy can do with the all-star talent that RS left, talent which isn't too bad if U ask me.

I have seen the RB from Norland (Duke Johnson) and he's good. If 'Goldy can land Bush, the safety, U are back on track. U have to stop going after Tier 2 talent. JJ didn't do that. Neither did Schnellenberger.

great job coach Golden and welcome recruits. Manny look man, I know U deserve a vacation and all but when U leave for it the next time instruct Susan or whoever takes your place that Cane fans want football news year round, not just on signing day, spring practice and when the season starts, ok.

great signs for the second time. to really hit the long one all we need is to start winning and finishing the games. with maturity we will achieve. so far i am impressed with the new guy! whats his name again? lol
by the way people its only 6 weeks till spring practice people. so to all the canes hit the weight room and the books! we need a full team for 2011. let the fun begin!

Got my tics. Golden is for the "now" and not just the future. His staff are fixing things and if they can cut out the penalties, INT's, and the recievers , it could be a good year. I'll be there watching it all unfold. 'CANE 'TIL I DIE!!!

Sorry, fix the recievers...

Schnelly actually did wat golden is doing evaluating kids that get overlooked and were hungry

I'm tusting him until he shows me I shouldn't.

two mediocre recruits---golden better start bringing in 5 star players or he will not be around long.

Hope he picks under the radar recruits like Butch Davis did...

The Golden Era is rising. I don't care about stars, as long as these kids have heart and are ready to develop into dominant players. Like the 2001 team, they worked to be the best collection of talent on a football team ever! College and pro's included!!!

LMAO @ all the gayturd losers....nobody wants the turds. Heck they don't even have a blog reporter on the Miami Herald...No problems though turds you can troll on here.

Congratulations to Coach Ray Tanner and the South Carolina Gamecocks!!! Winning back-to-back College World Series championships by defeating SEC East Rival Florida Gators 2-0 in the series. AGAIN, CONGRATULATIONS SOUTH CAROLINA. We should have all seen this coming (no pun intended). The Gayturds have never seen a gameCOCK, that they didn't want to beat them!!!

Miami Hurricanes Baseball 4 Nat'l Championships....Fla Gayturds 0....Fla State Seminoles 0....Gator Meat Thats whats for dinner....baaaaaawaaaaa!

At least there will be a reprieve from all the Gayturd trolls on here tonight/this morning as they can't muster up the strength to post. See currently they all are crying in Mommies basement while they follow every Tweet sent by Mr. Two Bits. After 2 hours of doing that and being thoroughly distraught and in fear of what the future holds with Muschump as the football coach, they will sneak into Mommies bed to be consoled. Remember, it's just sports 'Turd fans. Good thing Mommy hid all the sharp objects, but did she lock the medicine cabinet.....hmmmmmm??!!!

miami will be looking to land earl moore deon bush wes brown stefon diggs herb waters eddie goldman jordan simmons james burgess lucas thompson amari cooper to join this strong and deep class go canes

i believe that the way golden is recruiting he is setting up for a transformation to a 3-4 defense.

Corey will be wrong about the recruiting national championship. No one yet has a better class than us, and we are going to finish incredibly.
Should be the top class in the country.
We already expect it from Golden.

Congrats to so Carolina

Lol where are the sorry gator posts?
Now you can see the true greatness of the U
When the choking gaaaaaag! Gator team can't even win one, let alone 4 ships.

Guaranteed those sorry animals would be on here talking smak had they won

But the world remains as it always been:

UF and Fsu remain Miamis beeches

Don't forget sorry turds, it's 9 for the U

Chokers. You disgust me. You have no right to ever come here on this blog again and brag about f-who, because...
There is nothing to brag about since timmy teblow is gone....

Lol you can't still cheer for the sec though. Lol

Cause its 1 loss, 2 loss and you choked and puked at the CCCWWWSSS. Way to go gayturds love the pathetic display again by one of your teams.

Looking forward to the season. UM has some great running backs and, from what I've been reading, probably the best offensive line in the country.

My take is that Golden and staff aren't like their predecessors. Fisch (unlike the offensive coordinator before him) won't be calling pass plays if he doesn't have a good passing QB (and so far as we know, he doesn't). So I look for a "run-first" offense. UM has the personnel for that, although the addition of a couple of tight ends who can either run or pass should make it interesting.

As for the defense and all these new players: too much speculation.

But my sense is that UM isn't a jock school anymore: at least not where men's sports are concerned. So, I think it's waste of time comparing UM's recruiting with those schools where two consecutive non-top-10 finishes is tantamount to high treason.

Buy some tics people. Ohio state needs to be a sellout, Kansas too. Bethune Cookman is our only cream puff and I will be there to see UM break the all time rushing record for a single game.We need a showing at FSU this year , so all you that say it is too far to drive to miami, Tallahassee has to be closer.

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