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Hotel Hurricanes, colored jerseys, Rodgers at corner, Clements at safety & Shayon rehabbing

 Guess they won't be changing their own linen.   

   If you haven't heard by now, the Hurricanes will be spending three weeks in a hotel during preseason camp, Coach Al Golden confirmed to me a few days ago. He didn't want to say, at least yet, what hotel they'll be staying at, though he knows it eventually will be reported.

    Here's his explanation of that situation during our private interview earlier this week:

    "It was a function of whether or not we wanted to move from Summer-Two [session] housing to preseason camp housing, then to a hotel, then to fall housing,'' Golden said. "What we opted to do is to keep them in one spot for three weeks, then move in to fall housing.

    "It's Less disruptive, more congruent with what this team needs in terms of our unity and our togetherness, and to be honest with you there are safety issues there as well. We didn’t want kids driving home -– because we have kids who live all over the place –- at 11 O’Clock at night after going through a two-a-day in 90-degree heat and those types of things. So we have a chance to be safe, we have a chance to bring the team together, we have a chance to monitor the team and we have a chance to just have a singular focus and purpose for three weeks."

 Added Golden: "It's just for preseason.''

 And when I asked what hotel they're staying at, Golden answered, "I’m not going to give that one. I’m sure it’s going to get out at some point."

Wonder how much this is costing Miami.


* Golden is still implementing his system of awarding different colored jerseys to the players who have excelled the previous week in training, conditioning, practices, etc. He said  "the offense is orange (first team) and then white and the defense is black (first team) and then green."

* Former TB Eduardo Clements during the spring said he first was switched to cornerback, but he’s now a safety, and has been for a while, Golden confirmed -- "only because the need over there."

* Sophomore Kacy Rodgers, who came in as a safety, "is playing a little corner for us throughout the summer,'' Golden said. "He was a safety, but he has length and good speed, so we’re trying him at corner as well."

 * Golden: "All the linebackers will be moving around."

In other UM news, redshirt sophomore Shayon Green (knee surgery) will not be ready to go until the beginning of October. If you recall, Shayon -- from Tifton, Ga. -- started his career at UM as a linebacker. But Coach Golden switched him to defensive end during spring practice because, as Golden said in March, “He has a chance to be a big, strong, physical kid. He has big legs and can carry weight. Plus, he can always go back to linebacker.”

I'm not sure of Shayon's exact status now position-wise, but I do know he is still rehabilitating and it will be quite a while before he fully practices with his teammates.

Have a good, safe weekend everyone



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Thi is hardly unusual or out of the ordinary for a small school to do this. Georgia tech is doing it as well as several other small univ. This is hardly news, and for the dumb question at the bottom, "wonder how much it will cost miami". what do you think? do the math. 105 student athletes, 20 or so coaches, etc. Silly sensationalism like this is useless. The school will afford it. Ifnot- maybe they can dip into the $450k that Vilma donated!

Who cares how much it costs them? Miami isn't a public school so it isn't your tax dollars funding it. Plus, it's a pittance compared to what Texas and Ohio State spend on far more trivial things.

Susan is always looking to stir something up, I'm surprised she didnt ask him AGAIN about suspensions.

I like the hotel for training camp, it allows the team to get their minds right and focus on the task at hand.

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

Agreed, Welcome. When Miami doesn't spend the money, people complain that they dont have the funds. When they DO spend the money, people like this question them spending it. What the H?!

Now that we have a real coach, that knows how to run a big time program, you have people complaining about spending money now? :facepalm

I highly doubt he is putting them up in the W or Fontainebleu...why even question that. the article was good up to that point. i had no idea if they early in enroll that will count against 2011 class of 15, but come on unless you are a donor or on the board of directors who cares? if thats what it takes for them to come together as a team so be it. thats what alot of NFL teams do for cohesion.



************* At least one former Cane gets it *************

----“There's nothing like it,” said Georgia coach Mark Richt. “It's a huge, big-game atmosphere every time we hook it up in our league. Every game is just so meaningful.”----


WHY THE SEC RULES COLLEGE FOOTBALL ... Read, learn ans accept Cane Fan ...

The Southeastern Conference keeps producing national champions in all sports under the NCAA umbrella, including the last five BCS and three College World Series titles.

Sun sports columnist Pat Dooley provides the 10 reasons why the SEC rules. Today, we'll take a look at reasons Nos. 1-5. On Wednesday, we released reasons Nos. 6-10.

1. The fans

OK, it gets out of hand sometimes, but people around the conference are so passionate for their teams they not only wear their emotions on their sleeves but on their hats and cars and motor homes and babies. “There's nothing like it,” said Georgia coach Mark Richt. “It's a huge, big-game atmosphere every time we hook it up in our league. Every game is just so meaningful.”

2. The money

Who wouldn't want to coach in a league where a dozen coordinators are making more than half a million dollars a year? Of the league's head coaches, only Vandy's James Franklin makes less than $2 million a year. You pay the big bucks and you are going to get the best coaches. You get the best coaches and you know what follows.

3. The defensive linemen

In the SEC, they are mobile, hostile and agile. The defensive linemen in this league aren't just loads to plug the middle. They can run. “It's what separates this league from the others,” said Florida's Will Muschamp. “In other leagues it might be two or three teams where you had to gameplan for their D-linemen. In this league, it's every team.”

4. The consistency

Mediocrity is not acceptable. So when a team has a down year, the coach is in trouble. That accountability leads to programs on top staying on top. “That's what stands out to me,” said Kentucky linebacker Danny Trevathan. “You have certain teams, they win nine, 10 games every year. Consistent winners, that's the SEC.”

5. The location

This just in, the South is very outdoors friendly. It also has some of the best high school football programs in America. You can trip over a four-star recruit walking out your front door. Sure, there is enough to go around, but the SEC gets to pluck the best of the best in recruiting.

The Southeastern Conference keeps producing national champions in all sports under the NCAA umbrella, including the last five BCS and three College World Series titles.

Sun sports columnist Pat Dooley provides the 10 reasons why the SEC rules. Today, we'll take a look at reasons Nos. 6-10. On Thursday, he'll release the top five.

No 6. The speed

Sure, you’ve heard it before. But it’s just the way it is. It’s not to say there aren’t fast players in other leagues, but there are more of them down here. Great illustration -- fourth down in the 2006 national title game. Ohio State goes for it. The Buckeyes leave UF lineman Ray McDonald unblocked because he can’t possibly be fast enough to get to the tailback. But he does.

7. The exposure

You just saw the circus in Hoover, Ala., for SEC Media Days last week. More than 1,000 credentials were issued. That just doesn’t happen in other leagues. Nobody even comes close. And while everybody’s going to be on TV, the SEC’s relationship with ESPN is a huge plus.

8. The commissioner

It’s not a coincidence that the SEC’s takeover of college football has coincided with the tenure of Mike Slive. He’s a brilliant man with a golden touch. The coaches don't always agree with his decisions, but deep down somewhere they know he’s the smartest guy in the room.

9. The NFL

Want to play in the league? Your best chance is to play in the SEC. In the last 14 NFL Drafts, the SEC has had the most players or tied for the most taken in 12 of those drafts. In the 2011 draft, five of the first six players taken were from the SEC and 10 went in the first round. Don’t think that goes unnoticed by high school recruits.

10. The king

The NFL may be No. 1 in America, but in the South, college football rules the roost. Just look at a place like Atlanta where the Falcons are successful but the Bulldogs get top billing. In places like Athens and Gainesville and Tuscaloosa, the NFL is what you watch to unwind.

The hotel won't cost anything. The Univ of Miami owns one right across U.S.1

Maybe she meant it the other way. As a funny. Putting up 100 in a hotel for 3 weeks makes me wonder how much that costs, too. Just cra-zay! To think it.

Funny how people are so quick to attack 'round here. People love their wittle desks and that wittle keyboard they can hide under and behind. Wish the hate would just go away...


Unc minus four of their best starters nearly beats LSU. Only some friendly SEC refereeing and some luck allows LSU to pull it off

Auburn barely beats Clemson at Auburn. Seriouosly. Lucky again.

FSU destroys Florida

FSU destroys USC.

Ga and GTech were in a brawl that went into the 4th quarter.
-----------SEC is all artifical hype created by ESPN. Top heavy. I give you the 5 consec NCs. Thats impressive. But explain to me, you don't tolerate mediocrity? LOL:

Vanderbilt. oh I see. You need a school to balance the joke academics like the ones at LSU,the 2 mississsipies and Auburn. Oh I get it now. Kentucky? Ole MIss? Miss State? ha ha ha

The speed- Miami has the fastest team in the country.

Until 2 years ago, I'd say Clemson was one of the fastest. SEC or not. They had CJ Spiller, and Jacoby Ford.

The fans- Please tell me what else is there to do in Gainesville, Columbia, Baton Rouge, Stark, Oxford, Athens, or Auburn? If your meaning of culture is a rodeo or a drive-in theater, I get your point

The money. Cam Newton. 'Nuf said.

NFL- Theonly SEC team that caneven be mentioned in the same sentence as miami is LSU. Even then, Miami put 11 players in the NFL this year alone, despite a 7-6 record. Miami had the most players in the recent list of the top 100 players in the NFL. Miami has had the most players in the pro bowl the last few years.

Please. You cant say NFL, without the U.

Go away with your SEC. Is the SEC a school? a program? Cheer for a program, not a conference. that's disingenuous, cowardly (because you win even if you lose, because somewhere along the line an SEC team will win), and annoyingly petty.

The biggest differences between the S.E.C. & the A.C.C. is overall depth of talent & teams, plus better atmosphere on game days. The ACC however is not far behind in terms of putting people in the NFL and have probably been better once they get their than an S.E.C. player.

I read somewhere that Butch getting fired from UNC eases things for Miami. I couldn't disagree more with this opinion. If anything, it makes things worse for us.

All of this is intermediate to longterm...don't think we're making a run at the BCS game this year.

The ACC is already a weak conference, it doesn't need to get any weaker. UNC will go back to being what they are historically. How much longer can Beamer coach VT? VT goes downhill without Beamer. That leaves FSU, UM, Clemson, and whoever else steps up. That's pretty weak. We already play FSU so we're not getting any credit for it. The rankings are always going to favor teams from the SEC which would lockdown 5 or so places in the top 10. They will wear that down to 2 eventually, with a couple of powerhouse programs and a cinderella in the mix.

Where does that leave us? I don't think it ever leaves us in the top 3. We need to start playing SEC schools every single year. UF wants to part of a yearly series, so find some other opponents. LSU, Georgia, South Carolina, add them to schedule. It gets us up there and removes them from our path.

You want a playoff...schedule it. Play opponents that fill the stadium. The ACC already provides the warmup games.

That's awesome SEC. Let me know when one of those teams gets in a league of their own, playing in 10 titles, officially winning 5 (unofficial 6) in the last 30 years.

Miami has...

Oops, it has taken an entire league to match what Miami has produced in the last 30 years. Think about it...

5 football
4 baseball


What's a "Former TB"?

Ohhh, my bad - Tail Back. Drew a blank on that one for a minute....

SEC....the laughter from your post cured my hangover...thank you!! Please petition your AD not to cancel our game next year....pleeeeeease....come play with our Canes for an afternoon...we got something for you...

The SEC is a definite football conference, and obviously a revenue conference. Even in a bad year, they bring in zillions. Even though the ACC is weak in football, nobody wants to take the handle and just dominate it. I thought U would, but...I remember when u went looking for a conference, I though U'd choose the Big East and still feel that's, in an administrative sense, the right conference. They got big stadiums and they get a lot of alums coming to games.

Butch will be just fine. I heard that he just isn't interested in returning to U. Again, U got to look at who's calling the shots administratively.

I just wanted to make a small correction to a small part of a previous SEC rebuttal:

There are plenty of amazing things to keep people entertained in Athens. Culture, restaurants, bars, music, and so forth ...
Not as much to do in other parts of the state, so I'll grant you your point in those areas, but Athens is awesome.


Another good move by Coach Golden. Putting the players in one place and working on TEAM is good stuff. He is looking to build a strong ethic of unity and Canes identity. It will pay dividends, wherever they stay, and we will see less "I, me, my" and more WE!

Posted by: S.E.C. # 1

You 'tard. We nearly beat Ohio State and USF too.

Why even argue with the clowns that root for SEC football.Everyone knows that yes they have won the past few NC's. You know why its good to be a Canes fan cause even when we are down people still want to argue with us. Everyone knows that the tide is about to turn. Everyone also knows that when the canes are a top tier team TV ratings go up look at the highest rating games on ESPN and ABC even CBS the Miami Hurricanes are one of the teams that are playing. There also is not a program out there that you hear so much about the players giving back to their school. I was just watching the other day on ESPN when the NFL lock out was about to end and they were showing a clip of the NFL players training down at the U with current players on the roster Willis, Roscoe, Jon ( Vilma and Beason) you want to talk about a football family and tradition its all about the U. That's love and loyalty before I forget RIP S. Taylor miss you #26

Posted by: Canes1077 | July 29, 2011 at 04:18 PM

Why even argue with the clowns that root for SEC football.


Because there is no arguement ... That's why. Facts are facts.

See, Ur learning. Who says U can't teach a dUmb Cane new tricks.

Yeah facts are facts and in 2013 the U is going to be whoopin your gator aszes.

The real reason why the southeast is so hung up on college football is a deep rooted inferiority complex that the southeast has. The southern states economically can not compete with the northern, midwestern or western states. The true money making industrial cities were all at one time located outside of the southeast (Atlanta, Charlotte, and Memphis have definetly made strides over the past several decades). All the southeast had to hang their hat on was college football, specifically the Alabama Crimson Tide. While other schools in the SEC were good, the Tide was always what the south used to say to the rest of the nation "see we are good at something". Due to this the rest of the SEC stepped up their game to compete with 'Bama and other teams in the SEC eventually got better also. Why do you think that the SEC (and at one point the old SWC) have had more teams caught cheating than any other conference? It is due to their knowledge that all they have is college football, so they will cheat lie and steal just to stay ahead of everyone else. Now the SEC honks will say "well Miami, USC and Ohio State cheated too". While that is true, those 3 teams that I just mentioned have been on probation for a small period of time, but still have dominated college football over a period of time in different eras. Check how many times 'Bama alone has been on probation. Cheating is a part of the fabric that holds the SEC together. College football always has been the one of the few things that people of the southeast have been able to use to compete with the rest of the country with, so believe me that is why even though Mississippi State, South Carolina and Ole Miss have not done squat in the big picture in college football in years, they all cheer "SEC, SEC, SEC", because they don't live though their teams, they live though their conference. They are the ONLY conference like that, it is pretty pathetic, but that is par for the course with the great SEC.

Lastly, the reason why the NFL is not big in the southeast is due to the teams being HORRIBLE for years. I of course am not including the Miami Dolphins in this, because anyone who has ventured north of Vero Beach knows that people do not consider South Florida part of the south east (thank God for that!!) Anyways, the"old school" southeastern teams: New Orleans and Atlanta (Carolina, Tennessee, and Jacksonville are too new to add to the equation. The damage had already been done to the pshyche of the fans in the region before those teams came into existence)have been the laughing stock of the NFL for nearly 40 years, before they finally recently been able to string together a couple of good seasons in a row (Atlanta did not have back-to-back winning seasons unitl 2008 and 2009!! They have been playing football since 1966!!) If you ask an Atlanta Falcon fan what the best team the Falcons have ever had was, the majority will tell you the 1980 team that lost to the Dallas Cowboys in the first round. So in nearly 50 years of playing professional football, the best team that you have had is a team that LOST IN THE FIRST ROUND OF THE PLAYOFFS!!(I am not making this up, many of their fans will tell you that this was their bast team). So due to them not being able to take pride in the NFL teams in their region,they have thought little of the NFL and go hunting, incesting and fixing up their double-wides on Sundays, while Saturday is like Christmas for them. If any of you have Comcast, watch CSS for a about a week (if you can stomach the garbage that they broadcast on there) you will see the fantasy world that these SEC people live in. In a scary sort of way it is quite comical.

...yes, i remember cheering through the eighties and early nineties..."Major Independents are #1!!!"...

U haven't won anything in a couple of years, now you're riding on the coattails of your conference???

VERY weak.

Yeah facts are facts and in 2013 the U is going to be whoopin your gator aszes.

Posted by: championships is all that matters | July 29, 2011 at 05:50 PM

There U go talking again with nothing in the last 8 years to back it up ClUck boy ... but facts are facts, and U got nothing even close to a Division or Conference Title to show for it... What? That No National Championship Va. Tech to good for U ? Maybe someday U'll man up and join the BIG BOYS in the SEC.

2013 huh ? Who's gonna be Ur Head Coach ?

This SEC - ACC debate is strong, with some excellent points made by many posters.

The SEC clearly has powerful teams and rabid fan bases (with few exceptions). While the ACC has strong elements as well, where are the traditions? Well, FSU, Clemson and Virginia Tech have strong followings, IF they are winning.

UM will bring people in IF they are winning. Expectations are high for all these leading ACC programs.

The SEC has got great home stadiums (yes, even The Swamp!) and rich traditions (See Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Georgia). The ACC in general can't match these, although UM has some of the hottest cherleaders, no?

What the ACC needs are winning, Top 5 teams, that will defeat SEC schools with at least a 50 - 50 rate. Winners will bring enthusiasm and fans, but many SEC teams will have this no matter what. The fans at some schools live and breathe college football. For example, note the retired state trooper who poisoned the sacred Auburn trees. Rabid and nutso behavior!

Because expectations are high at UM, the Canes must field a tough, competitive team that plays with anyone and has us all believing once again. The can't lose to mediocre teams anymore. They must beat the big boys, for eample, Ohio State, FSU, etc.

I think Coach Golden will produce this, so line up for those tickets today, folks! Miami fans can be as knowledgable and passionate as anyone, as long as they see their team as worthy on the field. and that means a team that plays with passion, skill and great heart--ALWAYS.

As we wait for our on campus stadium to materialize, let's rock Sun Life and fuel the fire that Golden will put in these players!

Damn, U took all that time to spew that BS ? Pathetic U lil candycane.

Posted by: S.E.C. # 1 | July 29, 2011 at 06:35 PM

This isn't even U're blog...look at all the time and energy U're spending here...

Everyone is anamoured with the U!!!
Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2011/07/-hotel-hurricanes-colored-jerseys-rodgers-at-corner-clements-at-safety-shayon-rehabbing.html#ixzz1TXRSyuEH

Like I said before when Miami was a top 5 team everybody was watchin everybody wanted to play the Canes and the da U didn't back away from anybody. Have they fallen off the map since they joined the ACC yeah they have not played up to there potential look at how many Hurricanes have been drafted during the time they have been in the ACC. I am talking about guys like Jon Beason, Brandon Merriweather, Devin Hester,Eric Winston, Rocky Mc Intosh, Frank Gore, Greg Olsen, Calais Campbell I am not gonna jump on the Sam Shields bandwagon yet because he could end up being a 1 year wonder or should I say 1 post season wonder but dude did help the Wackers oops Packers win a ring. The talent has been down there at the U but the will and drive have not been there. If this coach can get these players to believe in the in being a team playing for each other playing with pride. They have a great shot the sky is the limit. I am not gonna bash on the QB situation remember when the Canes had Kenny Kelly (jr.)and Ken Dorsey(fr.) everyone was talking about how many picks they were throwing. Then Kelly went on to pursue baseball where he failed and the rest is history with Dorsey. Look I think this staff is not going to put up with the INTs from either QB so those numbers will be down this year. Lamar Miller and Mike James are the Real Deal. If the boyz outside can catch the balls that are thrown to them the offense should be on point. It sounds like a lot that has to be fixed but when you think about it its not. I believe that the Canes have something special brewing on that defense this might be a special year. They just need to wrap up and commit to playing team defense meaning all players on the field flyin to the ball. Read back to all the post that were writen back when these guys we all freshmen they said that this would be the year....Lets just let the year play out and see what happens.

U talking about manning up little man? Last time I checked it was your little punkass teams that did not want to play us. If Florida is so great then why don't they play us instead of playing Tennessee Chattanooga, Furman and a host of D2 schools. Come on and get U some of the Canes when U grow a set. I'll give it to U, the SEC is a good conference but they are not as good as those candyass's at ESPN make you guys out to be. Take LSU against UNC last year for example, 2/3 of the Defense were gone on suspension and LSU had all they're players, only escaping on a dropped pass. At least the ACC isn't losing to Jacksonville State or somebody like that. So tell your Auburn's (who paid for CaM Newton), your Alabama's, Florida's and who ever else to schedule us and quit ducking the Canes and we will rip them again.

Bandwagon fans??
U said we haven't done anything in 8 years, but we're here.

Posted by: NJshoreCane | July 29, 2011 at 07:03 PM

U mean all 8 of U including Canesfool's 5 other alter egos ?

Quick question. Where does your school(which ever that is)place the last 5 national championship throphies? Do they rotate to all SEC schools?

Come on bro. Get serious. I dont cheer for no other ACC school but the U. Only school I support is Miami and if they are not raising the trophy then I aint celebrating. Sad to see you claim victory for the accomplishments of another team. Clown my hurricanes all you want but dont take credit for something your team did not do. My little nephews do sh** like that all the time but they are all under 10.

SEC/Cane Blog Stalker/Gator Fan

According to the official NFL site
the top 100 players in the NFL list:

SEC- 13 players- 13% (of top 100)

Miami Hurricanes- 10 players- 10% (of top 100)

If you are interested in facts you do the math!

As I said before, let me know when one of those teams in the SEC get into a league of their own.

Only in the SEC. Hey, when your teams sucks, root for the entire conference.

How sad...

who cares how much this is costing!! who cares!!! al golden was brought in to fix all the non-sense and crap that randy shannon left. If he believes this is the best move then so be it, if its going to help this team, improve chemistry and everything else, the so be it! who cares what its costing, if the athletic department approves it then thats all that matters!

I think one of the posters forgot the atmosphere at lane stadium, death valley in clemson, fsu, and even maryland. The sad turd troll has so much to comment about. Facts? Lol.
Fact: it took an entire conference 30 yrs to equal the number of ch miami won.
Fact: as u boat pointed out, an entire conference barely has more players in the nfl's top 100 than miami
Fact: florida is afraid to play miami, but not afraid to schedule citadel
Fact: the only things you can hang your hats on are emmitt smith and pseudo-qb tebown. Lucky boys, if barry sanders had not retired prematurely we wouldnt be hearing a dang about smith.
Fact: channing crowder just got cut by the fins. Lol

lol, at what S.E.C. posted. what you really should of said is,..

1. Academic Standards
2. Alumni - its easy to have a large fan base and support when you let every joe shmoe into your university that applies. see above academic standards
3. Location - sure i can give you that
4. Pay for Play - don't deny it, just don't
5. everything else on your list can be attributed to #1

(save Vandy)

This is all trivial B.S. Just like GOLDEN said -we're getting back like when APPOLO took ROCKY back to the roots.BLOOD,SWEAT,TEARS and all t6hat applies.The CANES will be so much more conditioned and focused.LET THE MAN WORK-with out playing a game he has done more than RS in his 4 yrs there.He knows what he wants and will not sett+le for less.I LOVE IT!!


10-16 ... NOT One Signature Win in 8 YEARS !

2000 UM 11-1.
2001 UM 12-0.
2002 UM 12-1.
2003 UM 11-2.

What Conference was that in again ? Little ?

get back when U, at the very least, make a Conference Championship Game ...

Whole lotta nada ging on for over 8 years .

Appy State. 'Nuff said. Pad that schedule.

Posted by: 10 for $1.00 | July 30, 2011 at 05:36 PM


Ohhh U mean Appalachian State University . The team that actually has a Signature win @ Michigan in the last 3 years unlike clUeless Randy ever had in his entire bumbling tenure... The "Appy" team that was 8-1 coming into the Swamp last year and is a perinial Smaller school National contender out of the Southern Conference year after year ? ? ? That Appy State ?


Yeah, that one ... Not quite FAMU now are they ?

Willis Mcgahee has been traded to Denver.
Now Tebow will experience what is like to have a real rb block, and what its like to see a REAL running back to hand off to. Not one of those little ants that he plyed with in the option pread

Good Lord, they're still searching Art ...

U even listen to urselves ?

how good was UCF, USF, FIU and FAMU again the last few years ?

If the SEC was looking to expand into a 16 team super conference then it would only make sense to rob the ACC of FSU, Miami, Clemson, & Va. Tech.

I like the buttons Golden is pushing concerning get this team to buy in. I really want to be optimistic but years of drinking the Kool aid has made me an unbeliever.

May the dagger fall on Golden...making an adminstrative assistant cry who has been apart of the hurricane family for for over 35 years. Even jimmy, dennis, butch, larry and do nothing randy couldnt get that done! The cats got no respect.

Good I'm glad Golden did. They needed to cry with a jolt of the truth. Golden is doing just what is needed here at the U.

Opinions all, who gives a damn? or better yet who cares what others think? Especially Gator football fans and players who have so much time to think because they are doing SO MUCH TIME!

Golden child
I would add clemson. One of the loudest venues in america
Clemson is also very good academically

Despite the stupidity that these turd fans spew on here, the reality is the acc and sec are very similar (except academically). Academically, the acc, with duke, unc, vt, gt, clemson, bc and miami, there is no comparison. In football, one would agree that the top 3,4 teams would go to sec, which is waaay top heavy, but from numbers 3-12, the two conf are quite equal. At the present time, vt, fsu, clemson and miami can play with any sec team at any time, anywhere. The last season ended 6-6 head to head.

Miami has always played anyone anywhere anytime.

In the 80s um played michigan,mich state, cal, arkansas, texas, houston, ucla, asu, az, etc in 1987 miami played 4 sec teams.

Recently, the U has put oklahoma, nebraska, notre dame, on the schedule. When has florida ever done that? Its easy to say the sec sch is hard, but these programs are uber familiar with each other... The venues, the crowds, the particular pkay calling, the tendencies. Go west and play oklahoma or boise state, or texas, and youll see that it is not the same as playing home aginst the citadel!

U canes still Answering ?

u 2 ?

1 2 »

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