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49er Cory Nelms: "It's not about getting in, it's about staying in.'' Congratulations!

    They didn’t go in the draft, but they’ll be suiting up with NFL teams come this weekend.

      University of Miami tailbacks Damien Berry (Baltimore Ravens) and Graig Cooper (Philadelphia Eagles), defensive backs Ryan Hill (Minnesota Vikings) and Cory Nelms (San Francisco 49ers), and fullback Patrick Hill (Tennessee Titans) have all been picked up as free agents since the NFL lockout ended.


     “I leave for San Francisco in the morning,’’ said Nelms, 23, who stayed at UM for the summer to work out with strength and conditioning coach Andreu Swasey and other former Canes now in the NFL,  such as Willis McGahee, Roscoe Parris, Andre Johnson and most of the new UM draftees.

      “From what I hear, training camp starts Thursday,’’ Nelms said. “The goal is to make it through all the way. I definitely have a backup plan, but I am not going to give up on the dream.’’

      Nelms said he got the phone call first from his agent, then from the 49ers this afternoon. “I have to give the 49ers a big thank you for giving me the opportunity,’’ he said. “I was ecstatic, man. It’s definitely a blessing and a great opportunity. We all know this is a rough business and you have to keep working to stay in. It’s not about getting in, it’s about staying in.’’

     Nelms, a former All-American track star as well, earned his UM undergraduate and master’s degrees in exercise physiology.

      He said the only time he has been in San Francisco, was when UM played – and lost – to Cal in the Emerald Bowl. “It’s a great city.’’

      Nelms is godfather to Patrick Hill’s son and daughter, and spent plenty of time on the phone with him Tuesday. “He was very excited,’’ Nelms said. “You put in so much hard work over the years. We were all on pins and needles thinking, ‘I’ve got to get in. I’ve got to get in.’ And then it happened.’’

     Nelm’s girlfriend, fellow UM graduate Ti’erra Brown, who won the national championship in the 400- meter hurdles this summer, is currently training in Amsterdam to prepare for a meet in London in early August. Nelms said Brown will stay in Miami and train at UM during the track offseason.




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I think that's every one isn't? All the players who declared for the draft are now in the NFL? Congrats to them all! Way to go Canes!

Great to hear!

NFL []_[]!

Good to see these players in NFL. Let's hope they all tun out like Sam Sheilds. Sheilds got a little jerked around by RS, but found a home and a position.

I think Berry is going to do pretty well. If Cooper stays healthy, he could do some damage, too.

Oh, yea: Nelms' work ethic could lead to some good things. I see him as a sorta versatile player, returning kicks, too.

ALL we do is put guys in the league...even after a bad season!

I think it ironic that the Miami Dolphins NEVER pick up any undrafted free agent Miami Hurricanes. Would Sam Shields have helped the Dolphins in the secondary? Even though they have Daniel Thomas, Ricky Williams and may pick up DeAngelo Williams, I believe that Graig Cooper (a small shifty, speedy, change of pace guy, different from what they have now at the position)would have been a great pick up. Don't get me wrong I do believe the Dolphins pick up of Pat Devlin (former UM recruit under Larry Coker) may be a good one for down the road, I just believe that the Dolphins over the past 30 years has passed up on great talent in their back yard, while teams that have stock piled UM talent over that same time period (90's Dallas Cowboys, current New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens) have won Super Bowl's or at least been constant playoff competitors. Look at the Houston Texans roster, filled with UM players. They will be a more consistent playoff team (and probably get to a Super Bowl) before this Dolphins team does. Well Sporano, and Ireland are on their last legs anyways, this may be their farewell season unless they make the playoffs or at least have a winning record.

It's all about he U! R U ready 4 some football!! Dolphins staff suck and has proven they don't know how to evaluate talent and that is the reason the don't pick-up Canes players. I beleive the U will shock the nation this year and do what aburn did last year. U heard it from me first. I bought 3 season tickets, let's get! UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

How was this team 7-6 again?

God bless them all. Now watch them tear up the NFL like Sammie Shields did! Thanks candy randy for bringing in products and doing nothing with them until it's time to let them go into the NFL and once again prove to the country that Canes run the NFL.

I can't understand how the dolphins can pass up on so many hurricanes and let them get picked up by everyone else. I bet a huge amount of money that we should have gotten shields. Look how he turned out. Super Bowl sounds really good on your first year resume. Hell I would have taken Richard Gordon, who barely caught any passes in 2 seasons but the man can block down field almost like no other. Dolphins do not have any tight ends that block down field as well as he does. Maybe our run game could have been better by a couple of hundred yards by the end of the season if we had someone blocking down field for ronnie and ricky.

All this will prove "AGAIN" that candy randy did nothing with the product and let it go to waste in college football only to see it shine in the pros. If he thinks that he can take any credit for those guys turning out they way they will in the pros, he has another thing coming to him.

candy randy should be banned for life from all UM facilities. I know that is a strong statement to make but who goes out and does what he did? Who does that? You have a wealth of productive players at your fingertips and you ignore them, you ignore local highschool coaches that "have produced" some of the best talent in the NFL. How many Canes are in the NFL that were born and raised in the State of Miami?

Thank you my point exactly.

Sorry guys had to vent. Candy randy should change his name from shannon to shameful.

Ahhhhhh troll free blog!!!

Hey Canestilidie, give Randy some credit. He was part of National Champiponships as a UM player and coach, so I will forever be grateful for him. So he didn't hack it as a head coach. There's tons of examples of highly successful people that got that way after going through some bad times. Similarly, I will always be grateful to Shack for helping the Heat win its only NBA title.... even if he is full of himself most of the time.

4 Canes on ACC 1st team - DARE I SAY WE ARE BACK!!!!

Golden is showering us with a new attitude!

Go Cane!

No. I agree with CanestilIdie. So what if RS played for the U. Doesnt mean he couldn't destroy (or finish destroying) this once proud program. Honestly, I don't think the players would have folded 0-48 the way they did against UVa in 2007 under Coker or anyone else. Shannon was a horrrific motivator and game time coach, he surrounded himself with average or below average assistants and tactically, I was speechless many times, beginning with that circus between Marve and Jacorry. Shannon recently went to UNC to "shadow" Buthc and watch some practices. He should have done this more often BEFORE he was named head coach.

Enter the new era. It starts with conditioning, mental preparation and a change in attitude.

How many players is that form this years draft and non draft that went to the NFL? 11, 12? How do you have over 10 players get selected to the NFL and you only win 7 games. I don't mean to pile on but that is outrageous. With that many NFL calibur players it should have been at least a ten win season. Can't wait for the season to start. I expect 9 wins this season and a bowl win but I really really hope that with better conditioning and focus this team can make it a 10 win season and a bowl win. If we do that just sit back and watch the best recruits in the area flock to the U.

Miami had 4 canes make pre-season All ACC

Ray Ray Armstrong
Tyler Horn
Sean Spence
Brandon Washington


Academic integrity? Never heard of it.

Butch Davis just got fired because the school is under investigation. How much longer does it take for the NCAA to look into the Meyer era of coaching? I mean where there is smoke there has to be fire right. Florida Gator players have been arrested probably more times than Miami teams back in the hey days and no one in the NCAA finds that odd.

That to me is the definition of failure to monitor when a school cannot keep it's athletes outside the court system.

Butch Davis just got fired because the school is under investigation. How much longer does it take for the NCAA to look into the Meyer era of coaching? I mean where there is smoke there has to be fire right. Florida Gator players have been arrested probably more times than Miami teams back in the hey days and no one in the NCAA finds that odd.

That to me is the definition of failure to monitor when a school cannot keep it's athletes outside the court system.

SEC quadrant... not nation . of course you've never heard of integrity. Even the sec refs are dirty. How many were suspended last year? I have never heard of an acc coach suspended for phantom calls. The sec has to assure someone goes undefeated though... unless your a gator. Uf may never sniff a 12-0 record.

How do you have about 11 players from UM potentially make Nfl rosters and go 7-6? Seriously .

How do you not get more from these athletes? Jared campbell?.. NFL safety. R u kidding me? Great for him. Great for the U. Nfl U that is.

Answer..... Randy shannon, mark whipple, lovett... Stoutland the clowns in that 3 ring circus from 2007-2010

Butch got hosed. I'm pretty sure he'll land on his feet.

Butch had nothing to do with that nonsense that was going on in north Carolina. One of the best recruiters in the country he will be back in a year or two.

Good thing is we can most likely mark that game as a win this year and next. And hopefully coach golden can get some of those players that butch recruited. He had a great eye for talent and I have no doubt there are quite a few diamonds that committed to UNCs 2012 class.

miami was probably the most talented team in the acc for the past few years. however, the players had the same sense of entitlment that FSU players had in the early 2000's and they severely underachieved. for heck's sake, have anyone noticed how stacked North Carolina was last year?!?? they nearly beat Auburn and LSU with back up players.

randy shannon was a heck of a guy for miami. he just couldnt get the kids to commit to him. maybe he was too nice of a guy for the kids?

in regards to sam shields, that kid just couldnt live up to the santana moss expectations at miami. he went drafted to a great team and system that maximized his talents. GB is great at developing players quickly (tramon williams).

now, this Nelms kid. wow, he was like the 4th team corner at Miami?!?!? much success to him

Good luck to all the undrafted Cane. I know you will be better pro players than Canes(thanxs to Shannon) but i think Ryan Hill and Damien Berry will be a star in that league. Trust me.

I am extremely happy for all of our undrafted players who have signed as free agents. Even if only 2 or 3 make the final cut to the 53 man rosters, that will probably mean about 10 players from the 2010 team will be playing in the NFL next year. That is probably more than 90 percent of division 1 colleges have in the NFL in total.

I hope everyone of them has a long and fruitful career and continues to have success in football and life.

It makes me proud as an alumni and fan and also brings a certain degree of bragging rights to UM football.

But look at TCU. They had FIVE total draft picks in 2011 (Dalton in the second then 4 other picks on the 3rd day).

TCU went 13-0 and finished #2 in both polls while we went 7-6 and got blown out on national TV by a mediocre team.

I would happily trade the two senerios.

I love throwing out all of the UM NFL pro-bowlers and future HOFers at work to my co-workers who hate on UM but seriously it is getting ridiculous. It's starting to feel empty to talk about all the NFL players when my REAL love is COLLEGE football and our team has a 7-6 average record over the last 5 years.

The NFL is a profit-driven business and it seems our biggest bragging right now now is that we are the best unpaid-minor-league-farm-team for the NFL whose only goal is to take our money. We are bragging about being really good at making a billion dollar sports-league even richer.

I would trade all of our pro-bowlers and NFL draft picks for a BCS championship and a perennial top 5 spot again. This is a team game and NOT one of individual accomplishment which is what the NFL contracts are.

I'm loyal to the University of Miami, not a professional sports league.

Coach Shannon could not cut it as a HC, but to say the man should be banned from the school, is ludicrous. Again, Shannon did not right a "tell all" book about cheating and violations while he played or coached at UM, in fact he wanted nothing to do with the 30 for 30 special on UM, due to the fact of some of the things and actions that era of 'Canes football did. Are we all happy about how UM dominated football in that time period? Of course we are, but in today's NCAA environment any HC who would talk about some of those actions in praising terms would take a huge PR hit in the media and it would be used against him in recruiting, I know inside that Coach Shannon is proud and smiles when he thinks about that era of 'Canes football, but with his position as the HC (at the time) he could not glorify those teams and that documentary.

He did not leave the team on probation and we did not have 'Canes players being arrested left and right embarassing the program. He did not endear himself to media, fans and most importantly some coaches in south Florida. That is his biggest crime. He did not cut it as a HC at his alma mater. Do you think that Shannon was trying to sabotage the program? If you do you are delusional: Here are some facts: 1) Randy was a black coach at a powerhouse program. There are not many black coaches at garbage programs, much less top tier programs like UM. Even though things have started to change as regards minority coaches, no black or minority coach in D1 football has a job even close to UM (Charlie Strong at Louisville and Joker Philips at Kentucky off the top of my head are the only coaches that have jobs at decent schools and those schools are basketball schools). 2) Shannon was coaching at his alma mater and if he had been a success, he would have remained what he already was- a UM lifer. This was Coach Shannon's dream job and he would never have left.

Coach Shannon failed as a HC and as we have come to see he was in over his head. We have come to find out all of his shortcomings after we see the great job that Coach Golden is currently doing (great preparation, organization, vision and planning). All that said, Shannon's failure may seem unforgivable to some, but it was in not deliberate. He was a first time HC and made some first time HC mistakes. That stated, Coach Shannon has tremendous history with UM practically every year from 1985 to 2010, sans some years in the N.F.L. and Coaching with the Dolphins and has contributed to 3 or 4 of UM's National championships. Again he needed to be fired for his lack of productivity with the talent that he had amassed. Coach Golden appears to be the man to lead us back to where we should be, competing for championships every year. My support is behind him 100%. Recognizing that though will never make me spit in Coach Shannon's face like some 'Canes fans do on a daily basis. Shannon bleeds green and orange and will always be a true 'Cane to me.

BTW, if he can get more players to be philanthropic with the program like Jonathan Vilma stated as regards his recent $450,000.00 donation, that would be a true positive for all fans of UM football.

Sorry, I meant did not write a 'tell all book', not right a 'tell all book..

Cane4life, I don't believe that Shannon should be banned for life either. What does the fact that he is a black head coach have to do with anything. Who cares if he's pink. The guy didn't win and thats the bottom line. He should have been ready seeing how he coached under and played with JJ and Butch and then saw what not to do under Coker. He screwed us up at QB and other positions by playing favorites. If he wasn't ready when he got the job then he will not ever be ready.

I am not stating that because he is black that he should receive any favoritism. I am stating that it is a fact that blacks and other minorities have not had the same opportunities (until recently) that other coaches have had in D-1 football and that Randy knew this and knew that he was handed the keys to a Ferrari, while other black coaches (Mike Locksley- New Mexico State, Turner Gill- Buffalo (now he is at Kansas) and others) were handed the keys to an AMC Pacer, check that, a moped.

I hate that when race is brought in a conversation up by someone that it is interpreted that the person whose race is mentioned was wronged because of their race. I never stated that in my previous post and do not believe that to be the case with Coach Shannon. I only brought it up because it seems that some UM fans think that Coach Shannon was trying to sabotage the program. It is a fact that black coaches do not get jobs at top 10 programs like Miami off the bat (like Randy did)and usually get jobs at reclamation projects. Coach Shannon knew this and was doing his best to make it work at UM. He was fired not because he was black or because he was discriminated against, he was fired because he did not succeed as a coach and a change had to be made. UM, unlike other schools gives minority coaches a chance to succeed. Here are some examples: Leonard Hamilton, people wanted his head for years before he made finally got UM to the NCAA tournament (he resigned to go to the NBA). Perry Clark, he was a bust as a coach here , but he was given his chance (he was terminated). Frank Haith, was a great guy and very good ambassador for the UM basketball team and athletic program overall, but could not get UM over the hump. Many people thought he should have been let go, but Kirby Hocutt kept him and he eventually resigned and went to Missouri (maybe he saw the writing on the wall). Anyhow, UM has a very good track record of giving qualified minority coaches a chance to succeed.

BTW: I would have stated the same thing that I stated about Coach Shannon if I were talking about Coach Cristobal (If he was Miami's coach and were let go) or if Norm Chow were in the position as Randy. Minority coaches (Black, Hispanic, Asian,, Native American, Pacific Islander or other)do not get handed the keys to a top 10 program in D-1 football. I was just stating a fact, not trying to cry racism in any way shape or form. Fortunately, things are changing and school presidents, A.D.'s board of trustees are giving QUALIFIED minorities at least a chance to be head coaches. QUALIFIED(not affirmative action) individuals no matter race, religion, sex, creed, color should be given the chance to fail or succeed in any walk of life, just like the majority are. It is what this country was founded on (it just took centuries for it to really be implemented).

Lastly, Coach Golden (a qualified white man) appears to be doing a great job and has us headed in the right direction. If Coach Golden is as successful as Coach Schnelly, Johnson, Erickson or Davis (circa 1999 and 2000), I hope that he becomes our JoPa and stays till he hangs them up in 25-30 or so years. It's not about race, it's about wins!!!!

Shannon failed as a coach but can we quit saying he played favorites... Everyone who started last year is set to start this year... Thats not playing favorites... He just didnt work as UM hc... That being said, we need to quit throwing Sam Shields name out there... He wouldnt be in the league if it wasnt for Shannon... Many of you bashed Shannon for the move, despite the fact that the kid made plays here(i.e. Wake game 09)... If it wasnt for Shannon Graham wouldnt be in the league... Shannon found talent but couldnt maximize it... We make so much stuff its ridiculous... People talk about Sam Shields but he came in as a wideout but refused to move to corner until his senior year...

Anyway, congrats to the canes!!! I hope all of them have successful careers...

I'm sorry Championships but it doesnt work like that... He was a first time head coach and he had his growing pains... Nick Saban didnt become Saban overnight... He had to take his bumps as well as Bowden... Shannon was a good assistant but that doesnt compare to being a hc... He did well for a first timer, but UM didnt need that... We need someone with experience... I mean even Golden had his lumps at Temple... He learned from his failures and hopefully we'll reap the benefit of his experience and hardwork...

I'm sorry Championships but it doesnt work like that... He was a first time head coach and he had his growing pains... Nick Saban didnt become Saban overnight... He had to take his bumps as well as Bowden... Shannon was a good assistant but that doesnt compare to being a hc... He did well for a first timer, but UM didnt need that... We need someone with experience... I mean even Golden had his lumps at Temple... He learned from his failures and hopefully we'll reap the benefit of his experience and hardwork...

Posted by: Quit Bashing!!!! | July 28, 2011 at 12:49 AM
Great post!

Wow @ some of the posts here. A guy should be banned because he did not win enough games? Get of your couch & stop living through these guys. Gain some perspective. It really isn't that serious.

I'm sorry Championships but it doesnt work like that... He was a first time head coach and he had his growing pains... Nick Saban didnt become Saban overnight... He had to take his bumps as well as Bowden... Shannon was a good assistant but that doesnt compare to being a hc... He did well for a first timer, but UM didnt need that... We need someone with experience... I mean even Golden had his lumps at Temple... He learned from his failures and hopefully we'll reap the benefit of his experience and hardwork...

Posted by: Quit Bashing!!!! | July 28, 2011 at 12:49 AM
Great post!

Wow @ some of the posts here. A guy should be banned because he did not win enough games? Get off your couch & stop living through these guys. Gain some perspective. It really isn't that serious.

quit bashing-
Sorry but you should take RS's (yahoo) out of your arse.

Shields and Graham arent in the NFL b/c of Shannon. They are in the NFL DESPITE shannon. Shannon moved Shields to corner because we were so thin at that position it was incredible. Furthermore, he did do him right though, knowing that Hankerson and Benjamin were doing well. So how do you explain Corey Nelms? Underusing Patrick Hill?

How do you explain how he allowed Whipple to underuse Berry/ Berry should have had a 1000 yd season last year.

And by the way...He did play favorites and he alienated a bunch of high school coaches (read recent interviews with Carol City coaches, etc.) And the fact that he didnt leave the school on probation? Hey you dont get kudos for doing the right thing and what you are supposed to do... So you lost me as soon as you brought out the stoopid race card.. That is so '1960s. Please.

If we have an Afhganistani coach who can bring us back to the promised land I could care less. Fact is, name excellent black coaches who have the stuff to be head coaches and havent been given a shot because they are black? Prove your allegation, otherwise, st-fu with your black thing

We need a QB. A real QB. White black, chinese, or iranian. I could give a d--m

Quit Bashing, the answer to your question is NO we will not keep pointing out that he played favorites, because thats what he did. The reason those guys aren't having a chance to start is because they transferred to get away from that incompetent moron. Bashing someone is a lot defferent than speaking the truth about him.
And don't give me that "oh it was his first time crap at a big school as head coach. The guy has been around Jimmy johnson since he graduated high school and Butch davis and he isn't ready? Then whats up with Jimbo Fisher then. He had Bowden and Saban to learn from and it looks like he's doing a great job in his first gig as head coach at a "big time" school. So now what is going to be your excuse for him.

Canes4life, if that is the case then why did you bring race into the conversation? Who cares what color someone is. The thing that is funny to me is that when Shannon or another minority gets exposed or fired or is criticized in anyway every black man or woman wants to stick up for him, knowing he screwed up but will continually make one excuse after another for him. When in all honesty there are none of any merit. I agree that a person should be hired based on their qualificatons and not their race but until we get rid of this affimative action crap and put the best people in jobs we are going to struggle as a country. Its not how many breaks a group gets rather it is what do they do with the breaks when they get them. And so far I haven't seen one that has shown me squat. Gill did a nice job at Buffalo and I really like Mike London at Virginia but other than that they have either screwed up a good situation or road the coat tails of someone else.

Roy Black is a traitor.

Posted on July 27, 2011 in Law Schools, UM Law School — 2 Comments
The UM Law School is in a death spiral; we have plummeted in the law school rankings, falling to 77th while UF is 47 and FSU is 50. This is more than a little embarrassing. And FIU is hot on our tail and at a cheaper price. So the question is, what do we do about it? In my opinion, it is time to question long-held beliefs about legal education. It maybe uncomfortable, but the winds of change are upon us. We either bend and survive or break and die.

Who transferred to get away from Shannon??? Who did he play favorites with??? Come on he failed as a HC, but we need to stop making things up... And we can blame him for his failures but we cant give him credit for some of his positives??? Get out of here... Some of you were bashing him for moving Shields to corner, when everyone and their mother knew Sheilds couldnt hang on to the ball... Shields even stated that they tried to move him his sophomore year but he refused to make the transition until later... And the same fools bashed him for bringing Graham on as a tight end... If it wasnt for Shannon those two players would not have been in the league... I mean this is the same fanbase that pronounce players as "busts" if they dont become AA's as true freshmen...

Anyway, I can say Shannon failed as a coach and made a slew of mistakes but I can say he had some bright spots... And stop making things up... The Carol City coach didnt have a interview about Shannon... Shannon even brought in his receiver when no one knew who he was, Hurns.... As I said already, the guy failed as our HC... But quit bashing and exaggerating... He was a first time coach, who came for cheap... You get what you pay for... Working for Jimmy doesnt guarantee success... Bobby played for Bear and it still took him a while to become who he was...

Congratulations to the Canes who made it into NFL training camps!!! Go canes!!! Represent!!!

Who said I was black or a minority? Do not make assumtions on someone because they realize a certain situation. Because a person bring up a certain matter, do not assume that "he must be one of them". Anyone with eyes can see the disparity in the head coaching ranks in D-1 football and you do not have to be black or any other minority to notice it.

I noticed that too. I believe that Shalala has been so focused on the research department, that she has been a little lax in other areas. I believe that this issue with our law dpt. definelty has to be addressed. If we are an expensive private school, there is no reason that our law school should fall behind these other public schools like it has recently.

Still troll free!!

Canes4Life, I never said that U were black or anyother color or race. If you read what I stated U would know that. SO as U can see it is U that is making the assumption not I. The reason there is a lack of minority coaches is that they are not ready to be one. Is there a disparity? Yes, but it has nothing to do with their race. Most coaches of any race have to start at small schools and work their way up the ranks, instead of starting at a top D-1 school. Shannon was one of the lucky ones who got a D-1 job to start with and he screwed it up. Hey I thought he may work out to begin with too, being he was a Johnson guy and coached for Butch but when I saw him pull Wright from that game his first year at Oklahoma when Wright was bringing us back, I said "damn Randy what are U doing?" cause Freeman was and is to this day the worst QB we have ever had at Miami. That told me he was lost in decision making processes and was not ready. I'm not saying the guy should be banned but he does need to keep his distance from the program in respect to Golden and fellow coach and the University.

Quit bashing, does the names Robert Marve, Taylor Cook, Arthur Brown ring a bell with U. What about Tommy Streeter only seeing time on special teams or how about Jordan Futch not getting opportunities at LB. He put his job on the line for his boy Jacory and got canned for it after running Marve off who clearly had more upside and tools to work with. Thats not making things up! Jordan Futch himself said that he didn't get the opportunities he deserved.
Now as far as Shields goes, yes he couldn't hold on to the ball as a WR but neither could anyone else at that time. I never bashed him for moving him to corner, but the fact is he sucked there too under Shannon and didn't start playing well until he got to the Packers. Shannon deserves no credit for Shields accomplishments, the kid did it on his own. As far as Graham, I thought that was probably one of his smartest moves as a HC and he deserves credit for that.
Now if playing a coaching for Jimmy and coaching for Butch as well as seeing what not to do under Coker doesn't make an assistant ready after all of those years then he never will be ready. He played favorites, was lazy, and could not run a team. The big difference in Shannon and Bowden as U eluded to is that Bowden won every where he went and made the teams better and took over a much worse situation at FSU at the time he was hired than Shannon took over at Miami. Shannon's teams looked terrible and players never progressed after their freshman year.
I don't exaggerate, I merely state the facts. Like it or not.

I agree with the majority of your last post. 1st of all, I personally HATE bringing race into ANY conversation. I read this blog constantly, but only post unless I have something pertinent(many may disagree with the pertinent part) to say/add. I have posted on this site under the same moniker since the days of Coach Coker and have rarely posted anything as regards race. I am not an internet "troll". The only reason I brought it up was that I was stating (as I stated earlier in one of my other post) that Coach Shannon knew that he had an opportunity that no other minority coach had and THAT is why he was not sabotaging the program (as some other guys who post on hear have implied). That is the only reason I brought it up. The majority of 'Canes fans (black white, red, green, blue, yellow) IMHO wanted coach Shannon to be a success. I was a staunch supporter of his and really wanted him to be a success, because I grew up watching him play, remember him being an assistant with the Dolphins and 'Canes and working his way to and eventually earn being the head coach of this team. He was a lifelong 'Cane and I wanted him to win, because he worked his way up as assistant and earned the job. I also thought that if he won, we would have had a coach who was not looking at this as a stepping stone, but he would have been a lifer with the program. He was given every opportunity to succeed and did not win enough games. He had the program headed in the wrong direction with on the field play, recruiting and the whole vibe with the program was suffering. So he was terminated.

I totally agree with you that he needs to stay away from the team for a period of time (this is Coach Golden's team and he seems to be really building a great foundation for the team). I don't think Randy wants to be around here anyways, I believe that he will eventually land a DC job with a very good program and then, if he succeeds (which I personally hope he does- as long as he is not coaching against my 'Canes) he may get another job as an HC, learn from his mistakes and be successful as an HC (again, as long as he is not coaching against my 'Canes). I just get a little upset when 'Canes fans still just bash him and drag his name through the mud. I totally understand though. We all have a passion for this team and the program. It is their right as fans to express how they feel and some are extremely upset with Coach Shannon. Was the program in bad shape because of him? Yes. Did he not develop the talent properly? Yes. Did he alienate many SFLA high school coaches? It appears so. There are other things that I know I could add, but I know you are all getting tired of reading this. Randy did bring in lots of talent though in his first several years here and that is what Coach Golden and his crew will develop and turn into winners.

U really smart Cane's do know where U'll be in 2013 ?

right ?

Canes4Life, Hey man I agree with U. I think Shannon will land as a D-coordinator somewhere and to be honest with U I believe that if possible it would do him some good to be an analyst for ESPN or someone. He did do some good things as far as bringing in some talent his first couple of years other than the QB position. ANd maybe some of these guys will turn it around. Can't wait for the start of the season.

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