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Canes pick up 20th commitment in Cypress Bay LB Josh Witt

Mark Guandolo has coached quite a few talented linebackers throughout his career in South Florida.

Josh Witt Two of his best at Hollywood Chaminade ended up becoming Hurricanes -- Glenn Cook and Jon Beason. His latest top-notch linebacker, Cypress Bay senior Josh Witt, is now planning to be one too. 

Witt, who earned MVP honors at one of Al Golden's summer camps this past month, told UM coaches Friday he wanted to be a part of their 2012 signing class. The 6-2, 208-pounder outside linebacker, clocked by Guandolo with 4.5-speed in the 40-yard dash, had offers from 10 other schools including West Virginia, Louisville, Texas Tech, Wake Forest and Kentucky.

"All the guys I've had are different in their own way, but Josh to me is sort of a mix of Glenn and Jon," Guandolo said. "I think Josh has Beason's motor. That's saying a lot. Jon's one of the hardest players I've coached. And, he's tall like Glenn Cook. He's also a little faster than both of 'em."

Witt grew up in Texas and played as a backup quarterback for Guandolo as a sophomore. But in the spring of last year, Guandolo decided to move him to outside linebacker.

"He was a decent quarterback, but we just thought with his speed and because he was a real aggressive kid who wanted to hit people we just thought his ticket would be defense," Guandolo said. "He's just a real, real strong, tough kid with great speed. He ran the 100 meters for our track team. Just a great motor.

"He's just gotten better every day. Our playoff run last year really helped him. He played at his best then even with an injured wrist. His best game was against [eventual Class 6A state champion] Miami Central. To me, you can put him anywhere. He's one of those guys who can come off the edge or stay in the middle and play the run. He has the ability to drop and cover too."

Witt could end up being the first of several Cypress Bay players the Hurricanes bring in over the next couple seasons.

Left tackle Danny Isidora, rated the 26th best offensive guard in the country by Rivals.com, has UM in his top four according to Guandolo. "He's looking at Wisconsin, North Carolina, Michigan and Miami," Guandolo said of Isidora (6-3, 330). "I think he wants to make a decision before the season starts if possible. But Miami is right there. There's nobody leading. He's still evaluating."

Other Cypress Bay players UM is interested in according to Guandolo are 2013 running back Matt Dayes and 2013 receiver Alex Montgomery.

"The one thing you have to give Miami a lot of credit for is that they're trying to build something and they're out there looking, being thorough," Guandolo said.

"They're working guys out hard. They really evaluated Josh hard. It wasn't just an offer. They really did a thorough job on him. It's a big commitment on both sides. I think a lot of schools have lost that evaluation process. They rely on video or the one time they come to watch a kid play. Josh was impressed with the staff. I've been impressed with the staff."


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Evaluation in person at our camps under our coaching styles and in our schemes. Can't ask for better than that. Stars be damned.

Oh, as big as Cook and faster than Beason! Sounds good to me. Beason underachieved for us but ended up an NFL all star (no shocker there). Perhaps Golden can have this kid playing well in college instead of the pros.

Go Canes!

Welcome to The U Mr. Witt. U commit to The U, your family.


"real aggressive kid who wanted to hit people we just thought his ticket would be defense," Guandolo said. "He's just a real, real strong, tough kid with great speed. Just a great motor."

Finally, we got somebody who really wants to bring it and hit somebody. Golden bringing the Swagg back.


I have noticed that there are several stories out about the latest commit, Josh Witt. I have also in the past been a subscriber to a well know paysite but will never give those losers another cent of my money. They have published what they call an "Exclusive," interview with the young man.

The fact is that with so many papers and other sites publishing comments and stories about the commit it can hardly be called "Exclusive."

I know for a fact that another site, "CaneInsider," broke the story last night on their site and that they were given the first interview and published it right after this very morning.

For this other site to be so dishonest as to call their interview "exclusive," tells me all I need to know about these folks.

It also say to me they don't really care about the kids they interview, the team or their subscribers. Or else why would they "Lie" about the interview being exclusive when they knew it not to be.

My advice, stop giving your hard earned money to such lowlifes. All they care about is the story and being first. I know for a fact there are some schools that won't allow them on their campus because the coaches have said as much.

There is much better out there for your money and time.

I hate to bring up the past but this is the process JJ worked. He got the palyers he liked; kids who love The U, kids who want to run through the smoke and kick some ass, tough, smart players. I do believe this is precisely what Golden is doing. He could care less about stars or rivals or any of that noise. This guy is a tireless recruiter, his process never stops. I believe this will all finally reflect on the field in fact-I'll bet on it. THE U-GO CANES!

Welcome to the U!!!

Has anybody else noticed or is it just me.... Auther and Bryce Brown both play for K-State now. Could be a play for us or get beat by us moment when they come to town in september. Another reason I can't wait for the season to start.


Rarer than ability is the ability to recognize ability. Al Golden like Jimmy Johnson has an eye for ability. How many two star kids (I believe Beason was two stars) that went on to stardom in the NFL via Miami? These other guys just hope Rivals knows what they are doing, and can only pitch to the recruits much like a used car salesman. The cream shall rise to the top. Storm warning posted!

Hit anything that moves!! Welcome to the []_[]!!

6-2 208?
I know of a beast of a kid from a prep school that is 6-1 230. Now that is a MLB but Goldie passed on him
Well see

I will say this. Any player we get that butch Davis wanted is a plus. He is one of the best talent evaluators and recruiters in the business. I believe al golden is the same, he finds the gems and I believe he will develop them into phenomenal players.

This kid is going to be a stud! I went to school with his brother in the FL keys when the family moved from Texas. They are a huge football family and they are classy people. The university of Miami will not be disapointed with the Witt they just picked up. It is too bad that they did not pursue his older brother Jake Witt before he was picked up by FIU. Great kid with a bright future ahead of him

This dude looks like "The Water Boy" (Adam Sandler)....hope he play's like him too!
Welcome to The U, Bobby Boo!!! : )

saw the film on him he definitely is a fast lb and brings the boom when he hits you and he doesnt give up on plays 20 kids on board its just july wait til february

This classes LB core is amazing golden is building a great defense

now we're talkin manny!

beason was a 4 star larry...

I couldn't be more excited and ready for the season to start than I am right now. 20 kids (although unsigned) on board is unreal. I too am not too concerned with how many "stars". What you want are PLAYERS who won't quit. Go Golden, go UM!

Anybody out there listening, Witt's coach gives you the process by which Golden and staff uses to evaluate recruits:

"The one thing you have to give Miami a lot of credit for is that they're trying to build something and they're out there looking, being thorough," Guandolo said.

"They're working guys out hard. They really evaluated Josh hard. It wasn't just an offer. They really did a thorough job on him. It's a big commitment on both sides. I think a lot of schools have lost that evaluation process. They rely on video or the one time they come to watch a kid play.

Can you all see the difference Golden has made in less than a year? This is a great hire so far! I mean he is relentless. He has recruited players he deemed perfect for his scheme(s)! It is just a different feel in Miami! The guy can recruit. He can do it all, now the true test is how will this translate onto the field. By all intensive purposes, this team is going to turn heads! Get ready Corso, Herbstreit and May, The U will be the talk of ESPN when college football starts! Oh I am loving it. Now we will se all the closet U fans come out and say the usual...."I have always been a Canes' fan" yada yada yada....Everyone of you who has posted since day one of the Golden era are U fans!!

Welcome to the U Family, Josh!
You are a potential difference maker. Work hard, as you do, be a leader and give it 110% on evry play. Our day is coming and it's going to be really great!!!

305 loving my u,

You make a valid point as to how low expectations had become under the previous coach. Thus, Coach Golden is even more refreshing, like water in the desert for some of us. Still, as you suggest, critical thinking and analysis have their place.

That said, Witt's coach is making the point that not all coaches are evaluating kids as thoroughly as our current group of UM coaches are. That's the good news for us thirsty fans.

So, Tampacane, I share your enthusiasm for what is happening at the UM. Golden is a great hire and we are lucky to have him. I believe he is building a Penn State type team in terms of work ethic, character and intensity on the field. Combine that with some of our skill players and you have a very strong combination of grit and explosiveness.

However, as many have noted, we shall see on the field. In the interim, why not feel good? It has been a long drought!

305 lovin my U... Randy recruited well , he just couldnt coach the kids up. If you are not excited about what Golden is doing then you are not a fan. He is training these kids harder than they have ever been trained and that should bring us over the hump. Randy or Larry did not do that and that was the beggining of our decline. I say talk all you can then play a game ,That is why we are the ones filling the seats every saturday showing support for OUR team. And if we ( or the recruits ) don't buy "what is nothing more than talk", then we can EXPECT another average season . You are obviously not a "Fanatic". Support us or go home.

The one thing that will be evident going forward is we will see FIGHT AND EFFORT on the field, win or lose.

Golden has impressed me since day one (I've been a Canes Fan since the year we lost to Penn State 14-10 in the 'Fatique Game').

His camps are encompassing the 'State of Miami' and the camps are AFFORDABLE! Can't wait for the season to start.
Oh and that was a good point about the Browns playing at Kansas State. That game is definitely circled.

Like I said before look at Virginia Tech (also Boise State) they do not sign high ranked classes but they do get the odd 5 star player like "Tyrod Taylor". The coaching staff gets hardworking kids and coaches them up, and I believe that is what Al Golden and company are doing.

But of course they got another gauntlet of a schedule. Maryland (which Miami may have some players suspended for that game) which still has that taste in there mouth of Miami's late 4th qtr comeback.So this game isn't going to be a cake walk, bye week, Then OSU (Yeah they lost there big time qb and coach, But OSU reloads and they got a stud freshmen qb), after that you have a potential upset in KSU, Which I think this game will be very physical. Then you have a walk through in Bethune-Cookman which is to bad they couldn't have that as a opening game to try out there new offense under Jedd. Then the most important game if Miami wants to make it to the ACC championship which is the VT match-up. (side note which I am also attending) Lets face it VT has dominated the conference the past couple of years, and they have had Miami's number the past 2 seasons. I can't wait to see D'Onofrio's defense deal with the Virginia Tech's running game and that big qb Logan Thomas!! But if Miami can win the first 4 games and somehow pull a win out of Blacksburg then there is no reason to think Miami couldn't at least make it to the ACCCG. Its fun to day dream, but got to be realistic so 1 game at a time and first an exciting opener versus Maryland.

Also what is up with Miami loading up with DE's they have at least 4 on the roster right now and they are JR's, then they have 3 in 2011 class and another 3 in 2012 class. Wonder if coach D is gonna keep the 4-3 in the upcoming season or switch to 3-4 base defense.

The way I look at it is Golden is using the biggest advantage he has (he's hinted at this) which is being able to evaluate all these South Florida kids in person. These kids are in "the back yard" so he has much more personal access to see the potential before other big name schools get up to speed. That's why we see a lot of these early offers. He is using his resources to cherry pick the locals first and then venture out for the big names out of state. Great strategy.

Are U kidding me? OK: I have now lived a full life. I lived long enough to hear UM mentioned in the same breath as Kentucky and Louisville.

These second tier recruits won't cut it. And this is NOT what JJ did!!!

Cat, this is exactly what JJ did! Too bad Shannon was to stupid to pay attention to JJ and Butch and be able to do the same.

Somebody mentioned Authur and Bryce Brown being on KState. Will be good to crush them and show them what a real team does.

Manny I was wondering if you knew how many guys are on the roster at Miami and how many at KState? I saw Kstates roster and they have 131 players listed. Do they really have 46 walkons?

cool fool cat = gator troll

Rusty Blade

And you know this about Golden's recruiting how?

What are your creds other than playing XBOX 360?

So many internet experts, your the fool.

What type of recruiting are we doing. We only need four and five star athletes. The way we are going, we will not win the recruiting battle, the a.c.c. and then we can forget the b.c.s.

Honestly, bringing up a murder victim to elicit a response, that's pathological, not just fun-and-games trash talk.

I truly hope this guy finds something in his life other than this blog before he harms himself or someone else.

Welcome, Josh to the UM family. Study hard, work hard and all will be there for you.

Trolls please go away.
BTW folks, it's ARTHUR (Brown), not Authur, or whatever derivation some of you are using.

Who is the sixth player that is transferring?

i thought this article was about this kid josh witt and i beleive he will be an olb when miami swirches to a full 3-4 like coach D likes to run his defenses he coaches very good lbs check from his days in UVA but all in all i predict a 10-2 record

This kid ran an electric timed 4.5 at the Miami UnderArmour Camp. Only 4 or 5 kids, all WR, DBs, and RBs, ran faster than this kid. Kis is 6ft 2in and 212 as of last week. Will be at least 230 after one year at redshirt.

Caneinsider.com is free and is much better than any paid site. Go check them out.

I am a Cane fan no matter if they win, lose or have a tie. No matter who the coach is I followed the Canes I take the good and bad give coach Golden a chance. If you are a real can fan you would support them no matter what. Let's go Canes an win the ACC and go to a BCS game and win it. Have Faith this is LJ

i dont know if im "completely" sold on Coach Golden... I like a lot of what he's doing and has done. But im a little concerned withall of these so called early commits (and its still july). It seems to me some of the better players wait until NSD before they announce. Im one who appreciates "quality" not "quantity".. what do the rest of U think?

Good for you Lj
Good luck with the bliss you've felt over the last 6 yrs including the 5-7season when UVA destroyed Miami in the ob's last game

Seriously there's nothing wrong with criticizing coaches and players as long as we keep it clean, fair and clean

I agree but a majority of the time is leaving after this year so golden is stocking up on some guys he can work with all the other high value recruots will make their decisions later

This kid might be good and all, but the picture they got of him gives a bad first impression, real bad. The kid looks like a blonde Forrest Gump. He aint no Dan Morgan, I can tell you that.

Ur right manny he does look like a blonde forrest gump he really fast if he can get stronger he would be a beast

Yeah sure a blond Forrest gump
Its plain as day that this wil be a 3-4 D if not this next yr.
They are recruiting fast olbs/d-ends

Does anyone here recall if the U has ever played a 3-4 base?

I can only recall that the canes have mostly played an attacking blitzing d with one on one deep coverage (mostly)


Excellent article and it really looks like Golden is working his butt off! I can only hope for all the best for this Witt kid and the future of the U. The fact that these kids are being evaluated personally adds another layer of confidence in Golden's picks. However, we all know that these games are won in the trenches. I would like to see the high quality lineman pursued and committed. Let's get some big boys to block and open up some holes for our stable of running backs. Let's GO CANES!!!

In Golden we trust!

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