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Canes' Top 40 Countdown: No. 16-20

There is little doubt the most intriguing position battle on the team starting Aug. 6 will take place at quarterback between senior Jacory Harris and sophomore Stephen Morris

And they continue our Canes Top 40 Countdown...

Jacory Harris and Stephen Morris 16. QB Jacory Harris (6-4, 195, Sr.): He's already second all-time in touchdown passes (50) at UM and will likely pass Heisman winner Gino Torretta for second place in yards (7,690) and completions (555) by the time his career comes to an end. Harris currently has 6,340 career passing yards and 508 completions. The big question is will Jacory stop throwing interceptions? He has 39 in his career, most ever by a UM quarterback. Last year, he started the first eight games of the season before a concussion sidelined him for three games and opened the door for Morris. This spring, Jacory looked a little better than Morris running Jedd Fisch's offense. But he wasn't spectacular either. In the team's first scrimmage, Harris completed 14 of 21 pass attempts for 120 yards and a touchdown. In the second game, he went 18 of 26 for 237 yards, 2 TDs and one pick. In the spring game, he finished 18 for 30 for 149 yards and two interceptions.

17. QB Stephen Morris (6-2, 210, So.): Played in six games, starting four as a true freshman. He threw for 1,240 yards on 82-of-153 passing, but had nine interceptions compared to seven TDs. He was named ACC Rookie of the week after leading a comeback win over Maryland, completing a touchdown pass with 37 seconds remaining to seal the victory. He wasn't great this spring. He 7 of 13 passes for 93 yards and a 13-yard touchdown in the first scrimmage and ran for a 20-yard touchdown. In the second scrimmage, he went 9 of 14 for 146 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT. In the spring game, he went 14 of 22 for 140 yards, 1 TD and 2 INTs.

18. LB Jordan Futch (6-3, 235, Sr.): It's amazing to think Futch, a highly touted recruit out of Hollywood Chaminade, is already a senior. The sad part is, injuries have marred most of his career. He has 12 career tackles -- six last year after playing in 12 games, mostly on special teams. The good news is it looks like he'll play a much bigger role this season, potentially as the team's starting middle linebacker. He shined brightly in first spring scrimmage, leading the team with nine tackles and two sacks, a real bright spot for Futch, who had switched to tight end before the bowl because he wasn't getting a real opportunity to play at linebacker. He had six tackles and two sacks in the second scrimmage, including a big hit on former tailback Storm Johnson.

19. Aldarius Johnson (6-3, 205, Sr.): A standout at Miami Northwestern, Aldarius delivered upon arrival as a freshman. He had 31 catches for 322 yards and three touchdown catches, starring as the team's leading receiver. He's been in and out of lost and found ever since. Over the last two season scombined, he has 31 catches for 466 yards and one touchdown. With Leonard Hankerson gone, Travis Benjamin and LaRon Byrd appear to be in prime position to take over as the team's primary pass catchers. But don't count Aldarius out yet. He has oodles of chemistry with Jacory Harris. And if he takes football seriously -- especially since he'll be playing to impress the NFL -- he could have a monster season.

20. TE Asante Cleveland (6-5, 255, So.): The Sacramento native made a rather large impact as a freshman last season, hauling in key third down passes among the eight balls he caught for 110 yards. He appeared in 12 games, starting two. An injury that kept him out this spring might have set him back and opened the door for Clive Walford and Chase Ford to impress UM's new coaches. But I suspect when he gets back on the field this fall, it won't take coach Al Golden long to realize Cleveland's skill set is the best on the team at tight end.

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Good stuff, thank you Manny. I hope Jacory improved with the Camp, we really need him to throw with a purpose. Don't know how many of those lame duck - stuck in the air floaters - I can handle watching this year.

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FSU war chant:

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Good luck with the second coming of Xavier Lee.

I hope Moriss is the man.He competes every game and looks like a winner.Jacory s confidence gets broken easily.Plus - he can t take a hit or scramble when necessary.Just what I see as fact.Both need improvement - especially Jacory on interception problem.He especially does not, has not learned to be intelligent with the ball ,,, to throw it away at times.


MORE BREAKING NEWS (AP: Dateline COSTCO, North Dade: THE BLOG PIG thinks he is clever by posting as a Nole fan. Obese Pig's never win.

That's pretty bad if your prospective starting QB is only 16th on the Top 40 list.

JoJo: I agree completely with you. J12 has to make better decisions with the ball. I actually like his leadership, but I think the team sorta gave up on him after all those crucial interceptions. But remember: One man does not win or lose a game. Morris is ready. Needs game experience.

J12 also looks for Johnson and Streeter when he can. But they haven't always come through. I don't think they do good enough job getting open. That has to change.

This team has big-time talent. But can this team beat FSU? UCF? Yes U can.

Some Notes:

Now, if U can beat Maryland and avoid an Ohio State repeat;

Now, If U actually beat OSU;

Now, U cruise into VT;

Now, U are capable of beating FSU;

Now, this assumes the LB corps play well and it assumes J12 plays well.

U cannot go soft against Maryland, OSO. Maryland will be a "show me" game for preparation against the Virginia Techs, the FSU's, etc.

U were not really completely and absolutely out of the OSU game last year.

Prediction: J12 gets honorable mention AA; Fortson, Ray Ray, Spence keep u in top 14.

UFelony made GQ's top 10 list of Douchiest colleges in the country.


Everyone is onto you, Gatard Trash. It's not just Canes and Noles. Now that your football team is mediocre (again), you really have nothing.

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If J-37 is ranked the # 16th. best player on the Duh U's team, does that mean the next Top 15 ranked players will all be on the 2011 Heisman watch list ?

That's pretty bad if your prospective starting QB is only 16th on the Top 40 list.

Posted by: canzfan | July 22, 2011 at 01:31 PM

Very true canzfan... But what's even worse is that the heir apparent @ QB is ranked no better than him. Which only proves that if U have 2 Average QB's battling it out for the starting QB job... Then U had NONE to begin with.

Does Brantley crack the top 50 on the Gatard trash list of top 50 players?

Didn't think so, Pig.

What about Trey "Fake Gang Signs" Burton?

yep, all those years of alleged top recruiting have served Gatard trash well.

What is worse? Running a spread where you have a pro-style QB? or Running a pro-style set where your entire offense other than the QB is built for the spread?

You will soon find out, Gatard trash. Here's a hint: it won't be preeeeeeeeety.

j 12 should not be ranked above morris. he is an interception specialist.

Does Brantley crack the top 50


nope , but he'll, unlike Jacory, will get his 5 yr. new ? NFL Pwnsion as a ...

U know


# 16

J-12 is top two in the nation. All of these fake fans are so blind! I can't wait to see the comments on this blog when jacory is in the Heisman hunt along with Miller. RANDY'S TALENT HAD NO COACHING! PLAYERS WERE NOT PREPARED! simple. Yeah I said it first "under 10 intme. Now mock me! U FAKE ### FANZ!

3,500 + yrds, 9 int, 32 tds! Miami is the bandwagon city. Watch what happens when we take over ESPN... YOU GUYS ARE " GIVING OUT MEDS WITHOUT DIAGNOSING THE DISEASE ". Jacory is a third round pick after this "comeback" senior season... I'm alwayz on point.

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Talk about raging dumpster fire.

Odds on seeing the mythical Gatard Nation this year?
Ummmm, bet on seeing the Loch Ness sooner.


Alderious Johnson at #19. More like #19 of UM all time BUSTS. This guys was supposed to be like Andre Johnson, this guy Alderious has more drops than touchdowns. What a clown.

Manny? Are you going to FIU's home opener against North Texas. FIU is having a big ceremony for FIU's alumni. Hope to see you there.

Posted by: Officer Pig, 23rd Costco Regiment reporting for duty | July 23, 2011 at 07:30 AM

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get serious. he looked good in practice and yet in the "game" read this spring practice game he was just so so. the guy is a senior and has been an average qb at best. pressure of the game time gets him. a major program with this individual leading you is poor. go with Morris or at least let him play. JH has thrown more interceptions than any other QB @ the UM.

And since when was pickin oranges bad? At least t hey have jobs unlike those lazy possum eaters who sit 'round there traylers all day chewin derbakee/

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Posted by: UM 9 UF 5 FSU 2. Dont forget that | July 23, 2011 at 05:58 PM


easy girl

btw , in the Kings ...

@ warchant.

10 picks and 6 touchdown guess who I am? E.j. Manuel. That's who. It's one thing when defenses are preparing for one quarterback and face another.

Much if your preseason hype rest on Manuel's line of work filling in for ponder in big games. Unwarranted. As much as I want the ACC to actually play and win a national title I refuse to buy that FSU will be the ones leading the way. With those stats we have a better quarterback in Stephen morris.

Let's be real. Any team that beats Va. Tech is worthy of playing for a national title. That is a matter of fact more often than It's not. The exception would be James Madison's win but that was a very short week for Va. Tech. Stanford and Boise state deserve the recognition but no one in the ACC deserves to be ranked above Va. Tech.

It is what it is.

If I was a coach I would recruit and prepare my team to beat Va. Tech because they have one if the best coaching staffs and always win 10 games a year. Beating them means you have the potential to beat 10 or more in that year.

Blog Pig posting at 2 AM again. Pig in break from Costco security.

Awwwww, Pig. Playing the anti-Hispanic card? Is that all you have left to get a response?

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3rd in SEC Least. Years of alleged "top" recruits.

No Quaddabaks.
No OL.
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Urban gutted you worse than Tommie Frazier and Nebraska.

The beatdown continues this Fall. When Richt is canned, ol' Muscrap will jump to his alma mater and leave the trailerpark cesspool.

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a tip, if you're going to write a ranking and #1 is the best player, you should go in descending order. that means, 20, 19, 18, etc. i'm reading the 16th player before i'm reading the 20th player

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