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Canes' Top 40 Countdown: No. 31-35

ARLINGTON, Texas -- During my stay in the Dallas area this fourth of July weekend I got a chance to go back and visit The Sixth Floor Museum, which chronicled the assassination and legacy of President John F. Kennedy just a few feet from where he was shot in Dealey Plaza.

Tommy Streeter caught 3 TD passes in Northwesterns' win over Southlake Carroll in 2007. The last time I had been to Dallas and the museum was in 2007, a few days before Miami Northwestern played Southlake Carroll in the biggest high school football game I've ever covered. I did the tour of the museum with Jacory Harris, Sean Spence and Marcus Forston and shared a few laughs before the game.

Those Bulls, who eventually sent eight players to UM from that team, were so talented and so full of promise Hurricanes fans thought it would only be a matter of time before those local kids would lead the Canes back to national prominence. So far, it hasn't happened. Of those eight, only two --   Spence and offensive guard Washington -- have even made the All-ACC Team.

Of course, their careers aren't over yet. All eight could end up playing prominent roles this season.

We pick up our Top 40 Canes' Countdown with three of those former Northwestern Bulls starting with tackle Ben Jones...

35. OT Ben Jones (6-5, 310, Jr.): Three years into his career at UM and Jones is smelling a lot like the second coming of Chris Barney, a big, highly-touted Miami Northwestern offensive lineman who did nothing in his career at Miami. So far, Jones has only played in seven games, making his only start last season in the opener against Florida A&M because of suspensions to other players. He ended the spring as the co-starter at right tackle with Jermaine Johnson. But Johnson, who played in 11 games and made five starts a year ago, is going to be the starter in my mind until proven otherwise.

34. WR Kendal Thompkins (5-10, 182, Jr.): It says on his bio he played in 11 games and started four times last season. It also says there he made one catch for six yards. It's the last factoid that is more telling of Thompkins' contributions at UM. In three years, he's played in 23 games and has five catches for 45 yards and a touchdown to show for it. Funny thing is, Thompkins accomplished more than that in the Canes' most recent spring game alone, hauling in seven passes for 81 yards and a touchdown. So when are Canes fans going to see the Thompkins coaches and teammates always rave about in practice? Maybe this season in new offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch's offense. Or, if they're lucky, maybe Al Golden will invite them out to practice.

33. WR Allen Hurns (6-3, 185, So.): Randy Shannon absolutely loved Hurns' blocking ability and gave the former Miami Carol City product playing time in 10 games because of it. But Hurns never made a catch and spent most of his time on special teams, where he recorded four tackles (three solo) on the season. In the spring game with LaRon Byrd and Travis Benjamin out with injuries, Hurns made six catches for 64 yards. There's no reason Hurns can't become productive, especially as a possession receiver down the middle of the field. I think he goes for as many as 10 catches this season including a few big ones.

32. LB James Gaines (6-3, 220, So.): Hurricanes fans everywhere were a bit stunned when Randy Shannon offered Gaines, a two-star prospect out of the Buffalo area a scholarship in 2010. Gaines might stun them again this season by getting on the field and getting some real playing time. At the end of the spring, he was named co-starter at middle linebacker with Jordan Futch. Gaines, who played in six games last season on special teams and racked up one tackle, probably won't win the starting job over Futch come the season opener. But an injury or two and he'll be doing more than making tackles on special teams. One way or the other, I expect him to be on the field contributing.

31. WR Tommy Streeter (6-5, 215, Jr.): As big and as fast as he is (he was clocked at 4.3 seconds in the 40 last spring), Touchdown Tommy came to Miami with a lot of hype and expectations. Here's what he's produced in two healthy years -- five catches, 109 yards and a touchdown (a 42-yard grab against Notre Dame in the Sun Bowl). Streeter had a monster game at Traz Powell Stadium in the second of three UM scrimmages this past spring, hauling in six passes for 98 yards and two touchdowns. Then, a couple weeks later, he couldn't be spotted during the spring game, except for failing to bring in passes he should have caught. With Leonard Hankerson long gone, UM will be looking for a deep target this season. Will Touchdown Tommy answer? That's anybody's guess at this point. But the talent and potential has always been there.


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Think you are wrong about Jimmy Gaines.

Manny been to that Museum when Miami went top play Texas A&M. Won 41-23. Relieved the moments I remember as a seventh grader when it all happened.

Just because a guy had a Buffalo commit doesn't make him a lousy player or someone who couldn't play for the U. Don't believe me, just ask Howie Long (Villanova) Jerry Rice(Miss. Valley State) Bob Hayes (FAMU) Walter Payton (Jackson St)and dozens and dozens more who played the game and are now current players in the NFL. That's about as ridiculous a statement as I have ever heard!

Manny - if you get a chance can you explain what kind of practice/training schedules college football teams are allowed to have in the summer? When are they getting back into the swing of things and when might we see our first depth chart of the year?

more about Jimmy Gaines,,,, you failed to mention the schools that started recruiting him late in the process, like Nebraska and others. The kid never went to any camps and that is one reason he was under the radar, his HS coach said he didn't like the camps (not too smart) and told him that if he was good enough people would notice his play. Do your homework!

Manny I think you mean the 7th floor museum (snap!)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA curse is still talking smack about miami. Meanwhile, he is still asking for hugs from his fat toothless momma in trailertrashville because his gators once AGAIN could not win a CWS. 0 once again 00000000000000000000000 baseball championships for the turds. Pathetic. LOLOLOLOLOL. Once you get to OUR level...The U...4 baseball championships maybe you can talk. Can't stop laughing lol

The good thing about that list is that they're all underclassmen, and maybe under Golden, they've FINALLY be evaluated and placed at the propler position.

Because looking back at last season, we had at least 4 players playing out of position, that's MORE than a 1/3 of your offense that's in the WRONG spots.

Damien Berry should've been kept at DB, probably hurt His chances at getting drafted.

Joel Figueroa had no business playing RT, and to compound the matters, He had no business playing RT with a bad back.

Orlando Franklin had no business playing LT.

And listening to Golden tell it ("You don't mess around with those positions"-referring to C and LT), Tyler Horn probably had no business playing Center.

It's hard to field at least a competitive team when damn near half of your players are playing out of position...

Great post Manny! I for one am greatly enjoying these articles. Thanks for taking the time to write em. A lot of people really appreciate it. And as for the guy "the pig is a pedophile" u must be real tough talking smack on an ANONYMOUS forum, then calling HIM a coward! Just a very cowardly thing to do

Uh, where is 40-36?

Keith arilious is defending the same dirt ball that soils the name of a deceased ( Bryan Pata)so defending him is pathetic

Manny is right on regarding the northwestn 8: with the exception of Sean spence and b wash, they have been huge BUSTS.

Jimmy Gaines will contribute, It's just a matter of coaching him up, something Shannon and his band of pseudo coaches weren't able to do. But I agree... Coach d and g are setting up a base 3-4 defense. It's obvious... I asked coach d point blank a few mos ago, and he gave me a run around answer but the way they have recruited( bigger,taller lbs that played d end) makes it obvious. Plus they are recruiting tons of olbs and not a lot of pure run stopping mobs... Like the one they let get away from fort myers that is (at 17), 6-1 230 and a beast in the middle.

I just hope this doesn't turn into a bust like Georgia techs 3-4. Golden is an al grogh protege.

The previous blog had a post that asked who was the 6th player from UF that defected. It was a TE. MUschumps 6th transfer!

Ok obviously I'm not "curse." it sounded like u were calling manny a pig/pedophile. Be more specific guy. As for "curse" I actually feel bad for him. I mean who has the time to not only research ur opponents' individual players, but to go on ur opponents' MANY forums just to badmouth em. He prob doesn't have a job, gf, or any friends so this is how he bitterly passes the time. Or maybe he was smacked around by his dad, who was a big cane fan, so this is how he's getting even.

potential is just that-promise until you deliver. this group has little if any pride or desire to get after it. they are spoiled and expect everthing to be handed to them with little if any effort. the stinch of shannon will not be gone until this bunch is hx. no disrespect to spence is meant.

OK. A couple things U should know. The NW class is NOIT a total bust. Spence reminds a lot of us true 'Cane fans of Maurice Crum, who was undersized but dominant at linebacker. I don't think the jury has come back yet on J12. I mean, come on, that injury and everything, you know. I think J12 has All-American potential. He battled Marve pretty well. U remember that? Streeter is a puzzle. I cannot figure this guy out. Has TE build, good speed no matter the position, I'm thinking it's a little coaching, confidence maybe. Thompkins is goid. Needs more playing time. He's not too small, and not soft. This is 'Goldy's coaching challenge, not the Tier 2 recruits he's seeking.

'Cool 'Cat, I don't get you, you clearly know a lot about UM football and have been following for a while, why are you so insistent on praising Randy Shannon and bashing "Goldy"?

I thought Shannon was a great hire, he's a UM guy through and through. I thought he would bring discipline to the team and bring former players back to the program after Coker chased them away following the Fiesta Bowl. I thought his first recruiting class was phenomenal and full of first round talent. I thought Jacory Harris would be a great college football quarterback, a born leader and a winner.

But EVERY one of those things wound up being untrue. Shannon was a horrible head coach who played favorites, didn't coach players up, and alienated everyone around the program. His class hasn't lived up to expectations and while most of those players should improve with real coaching, there will be no first round picks next year. And after three years quarterbacking this team the jury is not out on Jacory Harris. He has a weak arm and can't read defenses, neither of those are the coach's fault. He's a good kid but he won't be an All American QB next year, even if he starts, even if he plays well.

How can you keep the blind faith after three years of failure?

Eudocimus hit it right on the nose.

I've had this back and forth with cool cat over and over. What the...eff is all I have to say.

Cool cat,man, all due respect, but you've been waaaay off on Shannon. Hey, I liked the guy, but the guy single handedly finished off what Coker started. We all thought, that being a former player he'd bring back the swag, but he fell for shanehneh's rules and he became her pawn. Don't want to say what he really was... With his military discipline and crp.

Plus indeed, ,the 2008 class, spence and brandon wash excepted are ALL busts!

Reminds me about all of that noise about Taurean Charles (another NW bull), with all that hype and lack of discipline, who was...you guessed it-


6:35 - Taurean Charles being coached.


Forston still has a chance in my estimation, he doesn't collect the stats but he's always disruptive at the beginnings of games. If he learns to condition himself and develops a motor he could put together a nice season and play at the next level.

Also Vaughn Telemaque and I think Travis Benjamin were from that class, they'll both play in the NFL, definitely not busts.

We ALL wanted Randy to succeed, and you'd THINK, having worked under Butch Davis he'd have an understanding that the BEST players should play.

Back to the subject, I believe a few of these guys would be way farther along IF they had been coached up.

I expect our defense to be the first to toughen up and show results. Hopefully or LB's will stay healthy, or we're in trouble.
Our offense will have to run it A LOT, which is what we all pretty much expect?
I think Al has basically said that as well.
I'm OK with the "cloud of dust" as long as it's a "5 yards and a cloud of dust-punch 'em in the mouth" offense.

must be a slow news day if had to write this article

You said it Eudo- Forston is good for a quarter. then he peeters out. Translation... Bust.

Same with T benjamin. He's good for an exciting run or return, or two throughout the season. He's also good for several key drops. Translation: Bust. Although I do agree that Whipple used him right- bubble screens over and over, we would have had something.

Sanford cane- You poor excuse for a human- Youo are no cane ( likely an impostor). What sucks is to be:

a) a Turd. 6 transfers under Muschump. If that isnt a rejection of hie system. I dont know what is. Good luck with Brantley. he one QB worse than jacorry.

b) a nole. All those expectations! sigh! What its like to be the ugly bridesmaid of florida teams! Only 2 National championships in our storied (ehem, overhyped) history.

so, who will be Ur next 2.5 star to commit ?

Why is this not on the sports page? Miami Herald.com is a sad excuse for an online newspaper, running the same stories for days at a time, while new stories such as this are not considered worthy.

Not one gator or nole in the nfl top hundred voted by the players. Living in the past canes topped the list lol

No Gatard trash on any watchlists. It is a sign of what is coming tonthe trailerpark.

Can someone get me Galen Hall's phone #.

The NFL's top 100 has about 4-5 canes on it. The NFL channel's top 100 has more canes than any other school.

Live in the past?

LOL. What do turds have to live for any more other than rainbow dreams of Timmy Teblown? Or Unicorn dreams of Yannick Noah's fughly son?

Buh bye UF program. You will be relegated to being second in every sport you play...The first losers, as someone popsted earlier.

In the meantime, sit on your porch rocking chairs while pettig your houndoggies, and contemplayte how the U will be taking back the state... and the country!

Why are you so obsessed with Florida? This is a UM blog...

Hey Eudo: Telemaque has talent, but needs to step up his game a bit. Same with Fortson, both would excel a little more with coaching. What's hard to believe is how someone like Sam Shields works out real well in NFL, but was not the same at U. Shields was good, proved he was a true player.

'Cool 'Cat - for sure, hopefully Ray Ray will solidify his place in the secondary and he and Telemaque can finally develop some chemistry.

But how on earth could we know if Sam Shields was or was not the same player at UM? He was a poster child for Randy Shannon's doghouse - never given a chance because Shannon didn't like him.

NFL Channel:

Top 100 players in the NFL:

#1 Miami- 10
#2 Tennessee -4

From Florida schools:
UM 10, UCF 2, Bethune Cookman 1


Most schools with players voted #1 at their position:

#1- UM

NFL-U is where it's at, recruits.


Any idea where we can find a list? I can guess the obvious ones but there are so many to choose from further down, I'm curious to see who made the cut and who didn't

The UM canes site has the list

Ray Ray
Ed Reed
Big Daddy Wifork

Always like when a fan of another team, after reading an entire page of blog entries on the University of Miami blog in the Miami Herald, tries to say UM is "irrelevant"!

Fantastic list! Rounding it out - Antrel Rolle, Devin Hester, and Reggie Wayne.

And as if that weren't embarrassing enough for the trailer maggots, the only player who would whiff the top 100 punked UFelony in the biggest speech of his life.

Gee, 35 minutes and a 8 months to prepare and somehow Emmitt couldn't find a way to mention UTrailer. The ultimate insult for the ultimate trash school.

That is what truly makes UFelony irrelevant.

Emmitt Smith hasn't been an active player for a decade, and again when you have the fans of other teams as obsessed with you as UM and UF do you're not irrelevant.

Don't worry every player will get coached up now. I guaranttee this team will be alot better than the product that has been put on the field the last 5 or 6 years. Can't wait to see Golden's Canes take the field in September.

Lol I heard with out Irvin, Emmit would have been a regular ball player.

Without JJ's coaching and Irvin spreading the field, Emmitt Smith would be what he was in Arizona, worthless.

Just like when Emmitt Smith and "Heisman candidate" Kerwin Bell tried out JJ and the Canes defense. Bell's Heisman chances were wiped out, and Emmitt Smith was held to 15 yards. Once he stopped playing the Canes, he gained 100 yards with no problem. 31-4 result, and the Gators ran home crying about how unfair it was to play the Canes.

I beleive the 15 yard total was Emmitt's worst as a college or pro player. Without JJ's coaching, Emmitt Smiths pro career would have matched Kerwin Bell's pro career.

I believe with Golden at the helm, we are in line to win 3 of the next 4 championships. Golden showers brings ACC powers.

ACC doormat- LOL.

At least many of the powerhouse ACC teams "dare" go OOC to play other conferences including the SEC-All except the turds.

Alabama and Vt just agreed to play in 2013.
Clemson and Auburn are playing again this yr
Wake always plays someone OOC
FSU is playing Oklahoma

But the turds. No they are scrrrd little traylor rats. Thanks to Jeremy Foley

yeah and N Carolina played LSU

Boy some people do love to try and imitate an original. The problem is the Original is often imitated but never duplicated. But I would not doubt your prediction as far as our conference title goes. As far as the National stage goes, I can see this year possibly being similar to the 1999 or 2000 season's. I see this being the year that Miami regains it's respect with the National Media, by at least winning 9 to 10 games. All of this depends on play of our QB, which of what we have left of the Shannon Mess, Morris looks to be the best solution this year. I know it's like pick your poison but I see much more upside with him as opposed to Harris. I do however believe that the QB that will lead us to a National Championship is from the upcoming class. But I would not be shocked to see us win more games than I predicted based on schedule and other teams around the country. I do however see 2013 as the year that we win the National Championship.

It's getting thick up in here huh Arty ?

U Cane ClUcks never cease to amaze ...

And U gator retards never learn. U must be feeling like those people on the Titanic, helpless on a sinking ship with no where to go but down. Have a nice trip dummy.

turd fans are like the cartoon character son the road runner and bugs bunny when they fall off of cliff and are hanging by a small itty bitty branch...hang in there guys, Muschump will bring you back to the promise land minus all of the transfers!

Why do we keep bringing Shields name up??? If it wasnt for Shannon he wouldnt be in the league... Remember he failed as a Wide Receiver... He never played corner until Shannon moved him there his senior season(they wanted to do it earlier but he refused too)... Shannon didnt play favorites... Look at the returning players from last year who started... Look at the m this year... They all are starting again... Shannon didnt play favorites, the team just underachieved...

And again... Sam Shields NFL success is attributed to Shannon who started him as a senior but most fans put him down... Shields made plays for us as a corner... I.e. Wake game...

That being said Golden will take us to the next level... We have the talent... Shannon did well in that area... He just couldnt get over the top...

Like my rhetorical questions, Arty? How else can I show how stupid?

Shannon didn't move Sam Shields to corner - Wesley McGriff did. And he started him by default, there were NO other corners available or else Shannon would have played them instead.

If it wasnt for Shannon he wouldnt be in the league...
If it wasnt for Shannon, Shields would of got drafted and wouldnt of had to go the free agency route, his NFL success has NOTHING to do with RS....

If it wasn't for Shields's agent hiring him a CB tutor/trainer he wouldn't have made the team. NOTHING to do with anyone from duh u

He's lucky to be in the league with a loser like Shannon for head coach. Oh please U are full of $h!t. Sam got everything with his god given ability and coaching from Green Bay not Shannon. He sucked as a corner here too, getting beat deep after missing jams at the line on WR's.

And all Shannon did is play favorites, if he didn't explain why Arthur Brown never saw the field on defense, or Jordan Futch didn't play at MLB, or why Tommy Streeter only saw the field after SHannon was canned, or last but not least how he promoted Harris to starting QB when he was just as bad as Marve that year and has been worse every since.

Randy sHannon has been exposed just like that offensive coordinator he hired for Ga Tech for the fraud of a coach that he is.

Shannon deserves credit for Sam Shields success in the NFL has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

Before Shannon Sam Shields was a wide receiver when Coker was around. If Shannon didn't try him at corner then do you think Greenbay would be talking about how great of a wide receiver he was.

Why Arthur Brown didn't see the field is just as clear as to why Jordan Futch doesn't start. They are both great at stopping the run and blitzing the quarterback but they don't know how to cover anyone at all. If you play Spence anywhere on the field and he will make the play.

Shannon was not ready for the head coach in charge (HCIC). If he would have learned how to coach college from a coach that is better than Coker then he might have been better prepared to lead.

What I would like is another opportunity for Shannon to coach at a D II school and take former Cane corner Ryan Hill with him. Obviously, Hill knows where Shannon lost the locker room and what Shannon did to get his players responds and in order the players to give him their attention and loyalty.

We have to admit that Shannon knew his x's and o's as a defensive coordinator, but that is where the buck stops. It's not that Shannon Cannot run a ship, it's just that He hasn't learned properly how to run a smooth sailing machine.

Not to mention, Shannon didn't have the senior leadership from within the team that Golden seems to have now. Tell me if you were a player on the team, would you listen to Glen Cook, Ryan Hill, or Sean Spence, or Marcus Forston. Personally, concerning discipline, I respond differently depending on who is telling me to act responsibly.

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