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Football training camp schedule

Here is the Hurricanes football team’s schedule for training camp, which will start Aug. 6. All dates/times are subject to change and all practices are closed to the media and public (unless invited):

Practice 1: Saturday, Aug. 6th at 8:20 a.m.
Practice 2: Sunday, Aug. 7th at 8:20 a.m.
Practice 3: Monday, Aug. 8th at 8:20 a.m.
Practice 4: Tuesday, Aug. 9th at 8:20 a.m.
Practice 5: Wednesday, Aug. 10th at 8:20 a.m.
Practice 6: Thursday, Aug. 11th at 8:20 a.m.
Practice 7: Thursday, Aug. 11th at 3:00 p.m.
Practice 8: Friday, Aug. 12th at 8:20 a.m.
Practice 9: Saturday, Aug. 13th at 8:20 a.m.
Practice 10: Saturday, Aug. 13th at 3:00 p.m.
Practice 11: Sunday, Aug. 14th at 1:00 p.m.
Monday, Aug. 15th – Players OFF
Practice 12: Tuesday, Aug. 16th at 8:20 a.m.
Practice 13: Tuesday, Aug. 16th at 3:00 p.m.
Practice 14: Wednesday, Aug. 17th at 8:20 a.m.
Practice 15: Thursday, Aug. 18th at 8:20 a.m.
Practice 16: Thursday, Aug. 18th at 3:00 p.m.
Practice 17: Friday, Aug. 19th at 8:20 a.m.
Practice 18: Saturday, Aug. 20th at 8:35 a.m.
Practice 19: Saturday, Aug. 20th at 3:00 p.m.
Sunday, Aug. 21st – Players OFF
Practice 20: Monday, Aug 22nd at 4:00 p.m.
Tuesday, Aug. 23rd- Players OFF
Wednesday, Aug. 24th – Players OFF

> ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. recently tabbed UM safety Ray Ray Armstrong as the nation’s top junior safety. Other Canes Kiper listed as potential high draft picks in 2012: Sean Spence is the fifth-best senior outside linebacker; Marcus Forston is the second-best junior defensive tackle; Brandon Washington is the third-best junior offensive guard; Vaughn Telemaque is the fifth-best junior safety.


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Before saying this, know that I'm a big Ray Ray fan but I'm not sure if he deserves to be on the nation's top junior safety list, he hasn't done anything *yet*.

But, I do expect big things from Armstrong and I'm sure the rest of the country does too.

Let's go Canes!

Boy....a lack of proper development can really hurt a player.

lol....where is the Gators practice schedule??? No reporters care to report the stench? lol, excellent job Manny.

If Ray Ray is the next Sean Taylor or Ed Reed he better step it up cause i see potential not production, and the first gets coaches fired and the sencond gets the U Championships!!!!!!!!!

I agree with "raging dumpster fire in Gainesville" - why talk about UM when we could obsess about the Gators?

I think Ray Ray's recognition comes mostly from comparisons to Sean Taylor and a couple of his amazing hits that got a lot of play on SportsCenter.

But anyone who's been watching can see that Telemaque's the better safety - they both lay down some serious wood but Telemaque's ball skills are on another level. The two complement each other perfectly, the young secondary is going to lean heavily on that pair next year.

Why are you guys going to practice at all? You are going to be so great and you only play one pre-season team ranked in the top 10 (FSU). You are going to march all the way through the the ACC right to New Orleans.

Fact. ^

Eudo, I thought you said we would agree to disagree? Oh well, since you brought it up again, let's discuss it.

Some folks choose to retaliate against this obsessed Gator troll. Some don't.

Those that don't respond would prefer that his comments go unchallenged or unnoticed. Those that do respond would prefer that his comments get their proper ridicule.

"championships" and the others on here are glad to discuss this practice schedule, and how it will help us to beat Maryland. If they are run with the same enegry and focus that Golden ran his camps and his spring practices, it will be a great step in the right direction.

I WILL agree with you on one point though. The first to bring up the Gators shouldn't be a Canes fan. Why yank a Gator's tail in the first place? Let them sink into their swamp.

"Raging dumpster fire in Gainesville", and other destroyers of "gatorsam" and the other obsessed Gators, does that sound like a fair compromise that might make both sides of this Canes divide happy?

We ignore them until they climb out of their swamp, then we can glagly stomp them down.

Works for me. Eudo and the other regulars, are you fine with that? I am sure Manny and Susan would love that choice as well. Manny, Susan, how would you feel about that solution?

Sounds like a good plan. I really come to talk sports here not throw stones, but the second post on an article about practice schedules is some miami fan taking shots at UF. Would love our blog to be up and running agian like was promised to me by the Herald sports editor. Can't believe the Herald can't find a journalism major at UF willing to man the blog and do some reporting.

If the SEC were not perennially overrated, UFelony would not have the vaunted "PRE-SEASON" perceived pre-season schedule.

I mean, how many times does Tennessee and Georgia and Arkansas have to ranked in the top 15 on history alone, only to choke before they even get to their SEC schedule?

South Carolina? FSU pasted that so why exactly are they in the top 10?

Wait till the games are played, GatardTrashSam. At least Gatards will be 1-0.

There we go with the name calling of course. But it has nothing to do with over rating. The experts take into consideration final rankings and potential. Such as last year Final Rankings: 1. Auburn 8. LSU 11. Alabama 12. Arkansas 17. Miss. State 22. South Carolina
The highest ranked ACC team was 15. Virginia Tech then 16. FSU 24. Maryland 25. NC State

Then go to recruiting: 1. Bama 5. UGA 6. LSU 7. Auburn 12. UF 13. Tenn 18. S. Carolina 19. Ole Miss 24. Arky In the ACC 2. FSU 8. Clemson 16. N. Carolina 25. Virginia

Facts is Facts

gatorsam, those are all very nice facts. And the lack of insults in your response was refreshing.

The preseason rank for UF last year was 3, right? That is why it has little meaning compared to the final ranking. Yes, it helps by giving the traditional powers a jumpstart in the rankings, but it doesn't mean those teams are going to come through on those predictions.

The good news for you is that they did put Matt's picture on the Gator Clause blog a while back. Perhaps you will soon have a "new daddy" there to give your guys a chance. And if he IP bans guys, maybe that will clean up BOTH our blogs.

Since GatorSam likes facts, how do you incorporate transfers and flameouts in the recruiting rankings? How would those affect the half-dozen or more from the '09 and '10 classes that have transferred from UF?

Of course, you don't take that into account and that is why your "facts" are superficial.

Does anyone really believe that Auburn, given everyone they lost, will be anywhere near a top 20 team? Their Final Ranking has nothing to do with what their team will be like this year. Absolutely nothing.

So while you did recite "facts," they are incomplete and hardly stand up to scrutiny.

That's a lovely sentiment Five Rings and I'm sure that solution would work swimmingly.

Unfortunately since this blog is on the internet, it will always be controlled by a handful of internet nerds, and all these trolls want to do is argue with other trolls over nothing all day.

The Florida Gators are not relevant to UM football. They are no longer a powerhouse program, their coach and all-world quarterback have moved on. They're afraid to play us and they don't play us next season.

Anyone claiming to be a UM fan concerned with UF for reasons pertaining to football is full of sh*t - you're just a bunch of computer nerds looking to talk to other computer nerds, period, end of discussion.

UM fans interested in what other UM fans have to say about the football team will be forever relegated to sifting through post after post of the trolls' B.S. and unfortunately that's just the way it is.

Here are the WQAM interviews from the other day - I especially enjoyed LaRon Byrd and Sean Spence's interview:


A couple of things. I think U should know this. One man does not make or break a team. I think this needs to be said, because there are a lot of folks out there who believe RS was the blame for U underachieving. That is not so. One person does not make or break a team, sure RS was part of it, but there also exists a bigger picture.

RS had his shortcomings, but it is absolutely ludicrous to think everything was his fault, because it isn't.

Something else U should know: Ray Ray is a bonafide NFL prospect. Telemaque is not.

U need a QB along the likes of Jim Kelly, who is the best ever out of UM. When U get QB set, then get set the rest of the team.

Fortson, if he's injury-free will dominate. Spence was born consistent. I still think J12 hasn't given U his best.

Larry Coker broke a team.

Telemaque will play in the NFL - I'd bet that Gator troll's life on it. But Ray Ray will be drafted higher for sure because he looks for all intents and purposes like the second coming of Sean Taylor.


Wish I could make a poll for this blog - I bet most UM fans would say Vinny's our best QB ever but I wonder who would come in second out of Torretta, Walsh, Kosar, Marve, Kelly, and Dorsey?

Torretta: The best leadership qualities of the bunch; Walsh: Hands-down one of the smartest players ever to play at U, along with Kosar. They were both frickin' finance majors. But Walsh could not throw.

Marve: Could've been great, no mental toughness. Kelly: No weaknesses, could read defenses, excellent team mate, all things considered, arguably the best.

Dorsey: What really did he do? Slow moving away from the ball at the point of snap, team made him, he did not make the team, I am surprised that his names comes up when talking about coaches.

Oh, and Vinny? Physically everything U want in a QB. Nuff said.

I was kidding about Marve - he could never be great because he has no mental toughness and because he's a mark ass buster.

Dorsey gets the "football smart" label by default because he was supremely successful and had a pop gun arm, it's hard to gauge his game with the absurd glut of talent around him but he sure as heck didn't make a lot of mistakes.

I'd love to see him get a look as a QB coach at UM.

Dorsey hands down.

What about the guy who was drafted twice, Craig Erickson. Also, what are the thoughts about the new class rankings on ESPN? We are #9 now, id say we move to #7 at least. Also that Northrup guy is gonna be our nest best linebacker, mark my words

Cool cat you could not be more wroongggggggg!

So, testaverde, even tebow, didn't have supporting casts?
Tebow (can't believe I am saying this) had Harviin, Gonzalez and others. Airman had Irvin, emit smith, and moose. Marino, yes Marino, had duper and Clayton.

All Dorsey did was throw them the ball. Sure. What does a qb do?

All Dorsey did was win all but 2 of his games as a starter, win a nc, and have one stolen
his record dwarfs even Tebows
The drive against Fsu in 2000 with 1:26 to go was one of the best QB led drives in cfb history.

You are a lame a55 and judging by your repetitive yet incredibly dull, and ridiculous defense of Randy Shannon and your constant defense of THE WORSE qb in UM history, Jacorry, smacks of racism. You don't like the white boys eh, cool cat? Pathetic

You and eudocimus belong in each others arms

I do agree with Kelly, but how many ch did he win?

Bubba I agree, Erickson doesn't get enough credit. He was cool under pressure, and that drive vs nd with a 3rd and 30, was legendary.

Brock Berlin never lost to Fsu or UF . He won back to back bowls against Fsu and UF. He was a true cane.

Let's rank the worse in the last 30 yrs:

1- Jacorry
2- Kyle wright
3- crud up
4-Kenny Kelly
5-frank costa
6- marve

Finally found a video of the play I was thinking of from Telemaque last year - 4:15. Ball. Skills.


Sec? lol - what's it say about your interest if you consider 'Cool 'Cat and myself two peas in a pod when we don't agree on anything and the only thing we have in common is that we're talking about UM football and not the Florida Gators?

7-vinnie t
He single handedly lost the game in 86 vs Penn st. His ints were horrendous. And to touch upon judo and cool cats rants, vinnie had tons of talent around him and he blew the game, almost as if he threw it. Watch the videos. I wouldnt have thrown those ints in a million tries. He wasn't even under pressure! That loss was all on him. That was a no brainer nc. It would have been like the 2001 team losing to nebraska.... Didn't he have tons of talent around him? eudo? Cool?

Dorsey would not have lost that game. Even though he did have a terrible 2002 game vs osu, he drove them back to tie

My "rant" was: "I bet most UM fans would say Vinny's our best QB ever".

I don't think I'm wrong. I like Dorsey and Vinny.

They be slangin real good, real good,
I might have 2 drop a dime on dem n.gg.s!!


Cool Cat:

Shannon was HC, he gets the blame. He's out, so just let him go.

I think Telemaque and Ray Ray will both make it to the league.

Compared to Sean Taylor and Ed Reed, everyone falls short. Those guys were beasts!

For QB's I'll take Vinny or Gino. They were all great in their own way, so impossible to pick just one.

I just cannot buy the Dorsey thing. I saw him play, and I will never be a fan of his. Admit it: One guy does not win or lose a game (RS).

And gimme a break, Do U want Vinny in da game come crunch time? No U don't. Kenny Kelly was good in high school. Heard he was a good baseball player, but was he given the time at QB to establish a comfort zone with the position? Was Ryan Collins given the same comfort zone? No. Tebow is a linebacker and FB masquarading as a QB. Frank Costa. He was OK. I didn't have a problem with Costa. But Dorsey, noooooooooo.

I love how you Gaytard morons love to "tout" your SEC schedule and act like The U is nothing cuz "we don't play anybody" ...

Gee ... Why dont we just drop our schedule today and go enlist in the SEC so we can make you happy ...

Or better yet .... COME PLAY US !!!

Stupid Morons ... it doesnt matter where the teams you play are ranked until you stop RUNNING from THE U ...

Cat, U have to be the stupidest person to ever come on this blog with a statement. A quarterback, U nimrod is a protector of the ball and a facilitates the ball to the teams playmakers while eliminating mistakes. Dorsey did that doofus. U say Walsh could not throw, right? Walsh was the smartest QB we ever had and threw the ball on time to compensate for less armstrength than Vinny. Now as far as the physical attributes such as armstrength, size and mobility, Vinny was the best followed by Kelly. But as far as winning and leading a team Dorsey and Walsh were the best 2 QB's ever.

And dumb a $ $, Randy Shannon gets all the blame for the last 4 years cause he was head coach and a dunce to boot. Just like Coker gets all the blame for screwing up the team that Butch built.

Got to agree with the guy that said Erickson gets overlooked alot of times. Craig had a good arm, mind, and leadership skills so really he should be up there with the top names on the list. And he did something Kelly or Testaverde did and thats win a National title.

Reply To Morons:

Its not the perception of the Gator fans you need to worry about in regards to the power and strength of the SEC, its the entire country. That is why a 2 loss LSU team and a 1 loss UF team can still play for a national title. Schedules and strength of conference do matter.

Wow I can't believe people are actually stating that one man doesn't win or lose games. Curious is these people believe that New England and Pittsburgh beat the ravens without their qb or coach. Wonder if they think BC would have been good without Ryan. Its a sport that requires every position to be solid with a few standout players but the coach and qb have to be awesome. Just look at NC and Super Bowl winners the last 6 or 7 years.

To add the greatest qb ever discussion I think dorsey is the best because he didn't have all the physical abilities but still didn't make mistakes and got the ball to the reciever or back right on time as well as his strongly noted leadership. I think he is one of the best college qb's ever. Look at who he beat and the way he did it. Nothing short of incredible.

Reference the QB discussion, best should go to Kosar for winning the first. Kelly was an amaing QB, his professional longevity proved it, arguably the best pro passer ever when you take the USFL years into account.

Testaverde sucked; all the talent personally, ridiculous talent around him all the time, inherited a strong team and coach, and continually crapped the bed. Sure he was absolutely awful (like he threw the game) against Penn State, but don't you EVER give his sorry-a55 a pass on the Sugar Bowl against UT; anybody remember us getting whupped 35-7? --all on him. Overrated, his journeyman pro career back that up. Should have let Geoff Toretta (Gino's older brother) play the second half against Penn State, and we would have won handily.

Dorsey-- smart QB, mentally tough, utilized the talent around him well and flawlessly executed the offense. I would take him any day. Don't forget, picked up the program from the ashes after years of terrible QB play, and weathered a coaching change. I would argue he and his teammates made Larry Coker appear to be a MUCH better coach than he was.....

Please drop Marve from the discussion, I would rather talk about Carlos Huerta throwing sideline passes in practice......

Abby did it again . GO GATORS. USA to the finals.

OK. I got to clear up something. U see, during the game, albeit football or basketball, or soccer, there are people ho will always try U. Opposing players say everything to get U out of your game.

What that means is this. U pull together as a team and don't let the small stuff get to U; That said: RS is one man, repeat, one man. I don't want U to forget it. That, I think, is a very objective statement. U still have one of the better teams in FL. But, U got to come together as a true team.

Oh, Craig Erickson wasn't bad, but the coach at the time favored him, wasn't that Dennis E?.

Cool Cat- In case y0ou didnt know, Craig Erickson was not I repeat NOT related to Dennis Erickson.

Eudo please talk to the guy.

Shannon, as the head coach takes 75% of the blame for what was wrong with Miami from 2006-2010. From running 3 quarterbacks (one half half black and two whites) out of town in favor of the interception machine, to not developing jacorry into a better QB, to not developing the 2008 #1 recruiting class, to ALLOWING jacorry to throw that pass against USF with 2 minutes left in the game, when we were in FG territory. If my OC calls that play, I fire him on the spot, and tell him to leave the field.
To destroying UM's south florida recruiting base.

ALL that and much more is on him.

ATL cane- right on. Totally agree. That Tennessee game was awful. I still believe that he was in someone's wallet. Selectively, but don't doubt it. How do you lose with Jerome Brown on your team? Translation: By throwing INTS! Hear me jacorry?

Cat, what the hell are U talking about? Shannon was one man it's true but that one man as U say, had all the power in regards to the football team. So with all of that power comes all the responsibility and blame when U screw up like he did. He had Jimmy and Butch to learn from and Coker as the prime example of what not to do.

Now I do agree with the part of pulling together as a team but Craig Erickson was from Clearwater FL not Idaho, or Montana like Dennis Erickson was. Just how did Dennis Erickson favor Craig Erickson?

i think that new coach of um is doing one hell of a job and i"m looking forward to go to some games with my two grandkid up coming season i hope more people come and see um get back to the top.we all need a championships in miami.

Hope everyone is going to watch the ESPYs tonight. Chandler Parsons SEC Basketball Player of the Year is going to represent UF in accepting the Capital One Cup for the Most Outstanding Men's Athletic Program in College Sports.

Now you know why the entire sports world despises you all

Choked in football (preseason #1)-
Choked in baseball
Choked in softball

Your ESPY award will demonstrate consistency. Consistency in losing

Par for the course for your 120 year history

thanks for sharing.

Yes our consistency is well documented. Only school to finish in the top 10 for all 28 years of the Director's Cup for sports excellence and now capturing the first men's Capital One Cup.

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