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Gino DiMare said he's returning to UM for one thing -- getting the Canes back to Omaha

When Gino DiMare stepped down as UM's assistant head coach in 2008, it wasn't because he was disappointed with what he was getting out of his hitters or he was doing a bad job as recruiting coordinator.

Fatherhood was calling.

Gino DiMare"Coach [Jim] Morris certainly didn't want me to leave," said DiMare, who served as an assistant from 1997 to 2008 and the team's recruiting coordinator over his last nine seasons. "I had two kids -- [ages] three, one, and another one on the way. My life had changed kind of quickly. It's tough when you're away from your family. People don't realize that. When they hear a coach say 'I'm stepping away to be with my family,' they think that's a cop out, bologna deal. It is for some guys. But it wasn't for me. I had a really tough time getting on a plane and being away from my kids all summer.

"Three years later, I have three daughters who are 6, 4 and 2 and I think they're all dying for me to get out of the house."

Nobody was happier to hear that than Morris, whose team hasn't been able to get back to the College World Series -- or past the University of Florida -- since DiMare left.

The team’s batting average this past season was just .275, a low that hadn't been seen in the program since the Canes hit .273 in 1979.

Miami’s offense ranked among the top 10 in school history in eight of DiMare's nine seasons as the club's hitting instructor. The 2008 team that advanced to the College World Series and spent much of the season atop the national collegiate baseball polls finished the year hitting at a school eighth-best .320 average, while also ranking tied for second in home runs (106), fourth in slugging percentage (.541), eighth in total bases (1,202) and RBI (517), tied for ninth in doubles (135) and 10th in hits (711).

"I'm not coming back to just get to an NCAA Tournament," DiMare said. "Coach Morris knows how I am. He and [pitching coach] JD [Arteaga] are used to winning and going to Omaha. The fans are used to that. I am as a former coach and player at Miami. I certainly wouldn't be coming back if I didn't feel the program could get back to Omaha. I wouldn't put myself in that situation. I think we can get it turned around. I don't think they're that far off. But there's no doubt we have to get it going in some areas, hitting is one big area where we have to get it turned around. And we will get it turned around."

DiMare is already familiar with at least two of UM's top returning hitters -- shortstop Stephen Perez and infielder Michael Broad, two players he recruited to UM before leaving.

DiMare, who will share the recruiting responsibilities with Arteaga, previously helped recruit former stars Yonder Alonso, Ryan Braun, Jon Jay, Gaby Sanchez, Danny Valencia and Jemile Weeks – all of whom have reached the big leagues in recent years.

Thursday, his first official day on the job, DiMare said he was already out watching a double-header of games in South Florida and was preparing to meet with Arteaga and Morris in the evening to discuss their recruiting plan.

DiMare said he plans to be aggressive in finding players who can help UM right away.

"Recruiting has changed in that kids are committing a lot earlier now," DiMare said. "We have commitments not only for 2012, but we got commitments for 2013 and upcoming juniors. My last couple years I saw schools become very aggressive in getting kids to commit early, which I'm not a big fan of. But that's the way the game is played and that's the we're going to play it."


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GO CANES!! It's all about this U

there is so much of a derby for good assistants, much higher profile than days ago.

If Justin A likes Gino then I like Gino

To be honest with you guys, I'm not much of a baseball fan. But, I love my beloved U till the bitter end. No matter the sport, I'm wearing orange and green thru and thru. Not gonna say that I have never attended a U baseball game, probably gone to about 6 or 7, literally yet I haven't missed a home football game since I was 12 and now I'm 32. After reading this article and seeing the devotion from this coach really makes me feel all warm inside. Now I bet you're thinking that I was being sarcastic, I wasn't. I simply love my U. Orange and Green all day everyday. Lets keep adding championships to the U.

3-2 ... foul it off if it's close .

I'm just glad we have coach Dimare back. I tell you what just reading what he said it pumps me up. We need those highly recruited kids, which we haven't been gettin lately. The pieces of the puzzle are back together. I can totally understand him wanting to be with his family, but miami was not the same after he left. Welcome back coach.

It's a shame reading about how these other coaches are robbing the cradle for early commits. Between guys taking players before their senior year, and the MLB offers going to Canes as soon as they commit, we have folks stealing Canes on both sides of senior year.

But if that is the game of today, glad to see DiMare is ready to beat them at that game, too.

Time for MLB to instead steal some recruits from other schools. They see the acceptance by the U on their resume, and they offer these guys more money. Who knows which of these will be the next Gaby Sanchez or Yonder Alonzo.

Being MLB U is a tough burden, but we are used to having to live to a higher standard.

Gino Dimare is the best. Since he left Miami has not returned to Omaha. Enough said.

"balogna deal" great english

Manager in waiting

Hey coach NC here in my home city of Rocky Mount there is a private school named Faith Christian. Their baseball team is doing great things this year, one of the best in the state. Maybe you need to look this school up and make some contacts. Thanks NC fan since 63

To the previous comment of bologna deal. If that is all you can grasp from this article...poor you. People like you is what I categorize as haters.....they always have to find something stupid to comment. Get a life! And don't HATE...CONGRATULATE!!!

Now about the article.... Its awesome that Coach Dimare is back. We r excited. This coach is passionate and they brought him back for a reason....Omaha,ur right around the corner.

Definitely manager in waiting
Get lame, old, over the hill, unimaginative, stale, tired, rigid, inflexible, stubborn, antiquated Morris OUT!

DiMare is a true Cane and knows his stuff...it won't be long before UM wins their fifth CWS National Championship.....choke on that, UF and FSU....combined ZERO CWS National Championships....again, as I always say, this TINY, PRIVATE, NON-STATE-FUNDED SCHOOL makes both UF and FSU look foolish.

Guck the Fators!
Nuck the Foles!!

Best re-hire in years .

So, some Gator troll, changing names in the process, is bragging on a Canes site about reporting and getting a Canes fan banned for posting on a Gator blog, accusing him of changing IDs too, while we were enjoying a great conversion about Gino DiMare.

Some folks don't see the double standard that rules their lives.

Does Dimare pitch? UM needs pitching. JD, stop already with the left handed pitchers. Get some big right handers that throw heat and have a command of the strike zone. Not these little kids from South Florida that are all 5 foot nothing!

recruting needs to be better stop with these little lefty pitchers from So.FLA!! and start recruitng the right kids in FLA not little ones how bout some big guys that rip no more small ball!!!

Good lord, this guy is really losing it.

Gator fans, he is really showing what your school takes pride in, apparently he passed one course at UF, psychotic ramblings 101.

Eudocimus, this is the guy that you think should be allowed to continue his comments?

Manny and Susan, just ban the guy already. He will never be worth reading on here.

Five Titles, man U said a mouthful there. I personally do not have an issue with someone exercising their right to free speech but some of these morons act like a bunch of 14 year old jerkoffs. It's alright to disagree with someone else's comments and if it gets pissy between them, cool then. However this mess is pathetic. What the hell is Manny and Susan doing anyway? I know there is not that much going on with the Marlins to warrant all of their attention. Tell U this much that kid Preston Dewey looks like the possible answer at QB in the future. Looks like they would have have a breakdown of the verbals committed or something.

Nate Webster. It'a all about Duh U.

championships, I can see a couple of inidividual breakdowns of these guys after signing day, but after reading so much about Bridgewater for example I don't mind waiting till they sign on the dotted line.

Nate Webster. It'a all about Duh U.

Posted by: Canesrule 21 'Ships | July 21, 2011 at 11:57 AM

An article is published at 11:45 about a former Cane. In 12 minutes, this guy read it and jumped on multiple blogs to post this using another person's ID. I wondered why he was suddenly making a big deal about a retired football player.

Some poor troll is obsessed with the Canes. has his RSS feed and twitter account set up to get the latest in Canes info, day or night.

BTW, folks, Nate Webster is accused of having consentual relations with a woman who turned out to be 15. Expect more jokes from this troll about it.

Nice cleanup Manny and Susan!

Five Titles, I really never cared for Bridgewater to sign with us to begin with. But seeing as how our QB depth is so depleted until next year I thought it would be interesting to see what we could look forward to with the 3 oral commits should they sign with us. Besides anything is better than reading some of these retarded posts by this moron.

I second that, great job Manny and Susan.

UM athletics are looking on the up and up!! Just a refreshing feeling to see DiMare come back and bring pride and consistency back to the UM Baseball team. It is great to see the passion and pride exerted by Al Golden and his staff!! This is the beginning of a new dynasty in Miami. We are seeing a plan that should have been implemented years ago. Maybe Kirby and Randy were just not the right fit for the U crowd. Kirby is a Texan at heart and he just did not have that swagger an AD at the U needs! Randy wore out his welcome. Sometimes being at one place for a long period of time is not necessarily a good value. It was time for a fresh face and a new attitude. It seemed RS wanted to be friends with the players first instead of cracking the whip regardless of whose feelings get hurt. Golden has no ties and that will equal competitiveness. Nobody is locked in at any position. His staff is very diligent and have pro roots! The U is back..it has been said before, but the aura is just too good!! Go Canes'!!!

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