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Here we go Canes fans

PINEHURST, N.C. -- The season is fast approaching, and no doubt everyone is thrilled about that.

The Atlantic Coast Conference Football Kickoff gets underway shortly. The Canes brought senior center Tyler Horn and senior linebacker Sean Spence to represent the U. We chatted briefly last night to say hi, and they are, as you would expect, excited to get things going.

ACC commissioner John Swofford will speak first, then they'll bring in two athletes from each ACC team. Unfortunately, UM doesn't go until late afternoon/evening.

Before I run downstairs, I wanted to see what you thought about UM's schedule beginning on the road against ACC opponent Maryland, which, by the way, has an outstanding quarterback in Danny O'Brien and is probably pretty ticked about the way it lost to UM last season. That game is on Monday, Sept. 5, Labor Day night, and will be the only football game on -- in prime time.

UM's first six games, except for Bethune Cookman on Oct. 1, are a load: at Maryland (then the only open week of the season, and a very early open week at that), followed by Ohio State, Kansas State, BC, at Virginia Tech and at North Carolina.

Also interesting: the FSU game this year is as late as I remember it, in Tallahassee on Nov. 12, followed by an away game at USF. Both those games bring back horrible memories.

No other ACC teams except Maryland and Miami play another ACC team to open the season. I like the challenge of the opener. Both teams will be equalized somewhat because it's their first game (always a bit rusty for both teams) and both teams should be fresh. If the Canes can go on the road and beat what looks to be a pretty darn good Terrapins team, what a way to lift off the Al Golden era.





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It is a double-edged sword for the Canes- an ACC opponent out of the gate is dangerous, but it gets us set up better to play Ohio State. We could be playing a traditional cupcake, but that's not great for moving up in the rankings either. Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

I don't mind the tough schedule; it builds character.

maryland's qb situation is not too solid and neither is their o line. The run defense doesn't look like it will improve from last season.

the weak schedules kill everyone late in the year.the teams that play the cupcakes almost all the time get pasted when the competition heats up or the polsters give them little credit.look at georgia this year, no alabama, lsu or arkansas, 3 definite losses.how about florida not going on the road.lets go to maryland , kick ass and bring on the dirtiest program in the country even herbstreet drives the bus over tressel,i cannot stand OSU,Remember this about UM, we were the leading offense in the acc last year at 500 per game, moved the ball up and down the field against everyone, but when whipple made jacory throw 40 times a game you are going to lead the nation in turnovers and penalties gave it all back, how many times did orlando franklin kill a drive by a false start.when whipple went to the ground for the last 4 games we were second in the country at 196 per game, so get ready for the biggest o line in the country to lead the way for lamar and mike.

Not sure why I keep hearing about our "schedule" being so tuff....it certainly is not like the last two years we have opened up. Of course....we have to play our ACC rivals....and yes a few will be on the road. However...I'm not particularly "afraid" of opening up with Maryland and then having two weeks to get ready for Ohio State....then we play Kansas State and Bethune Cookman. I truly feel we have a shot being 4-0 going into the VA Tech game.

Having FSU, OU, GT and VT to start the season is tuff.

Can we say "been there, done that"? Bring on the season. I'm excited!!!


Why cant we open with an easy schedule every year like Ufelons. They get 4 cupcakes to start.Fl,atlantic, UAB,Tenn., and Kentucky.We could pad our stats and get plenty of Lame practice games before we hit some tough ACC games. And why do we seem to take our by week in the second week, shouldnt that be saved for later in the season to rest some players?Most teams take a by aftera saturday game and have 2 full weeks to rest and prepare. Ours is always after a mon. game or thurs. game allowing only 9-10 days rest. Hopefully Golden can get these areas fixed also. See ya'll in Sept. Got my tics. "CANE "TIL I DIE!!!

maryland's qb situation is not too solid and neither is their o line. The run defense doesn't look like it will improve from last season.

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE.....DH | July 24, 2011 at 12:27 PM

QB Danny O’Brien of Maryland is the consenses 2011 Preseason All-ACC QB. He threw 22 TD's and only 8 int's as a Red-Shirt Freshman.
That is solid. Rock solid compared to J-37.

Typical Cane short sidedness.

1. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (Florida)

Capacity: 88,548

No stadium in all of college football is better than The Swamp. Florida’s home record of 113-13 (.894) since 1990 is the best mark in the country during that time, as the Gators use the 90,000-plus screaming fans to their advantage.

The Swamp has the perfect blend of atmosphere, architecture, fans and tradition that propelled it to the top spot on this list. Some may argue with this pick, but I really do believe Ben Hill Griffin Stadium is the best stadium in all of college football.

"There is no better place than 'The Swamp.' That opening on the big screen with the alligators, it's the best ever. When the Gators run out of the tunnel, it is absolutely the moment of moments in college football."—Lee Corso

Atmosphere: 10

Fans: 10

Tradition: 9

Architecture: 10

Total: 40


But U play in a state of the art stadiUm in Broward County riiieeett ?

Yeah 1980's out of date Art Deco.

"short sidedness."

Typical Gatard trash education. Did you skip class the day they taught spelling in UFelony?

#8 of the GQ Top ten Douchiest colleges.

Sooo funny that the rest of the country now knows what Floridians have known for decades.

You suck Pig.....still.

Wouldn't you have to be champions to claim Titletown status?

I guess when you are a Carmine infested cesspool like Trailerville, you have to live in fantasyland just to survive.

I feel sorry for you Gatard trash.

But not you, Pig. Hopefully cancer is in your near future.

If you want to bring back the swagger, you have to play anyone at anytime. I love that the 'Canes are not afraid to schedule BCS Conference opponents and do not chicken out by playing the Sun Belt, Citadel, or Charleston Southern. You become a champion by playing the top opponents.

All I care about this year is for this team to actually make a run for the ACC Championship Game. I know that a national championship is a lot to ask right now. But it is time for this time for this team to make an appearance in the ACCCG.

Titletown... 10+10+9+10=39 not 40. And as far as the swamphole goes, it is scalding hot during day games because of the architecture, no wind flow. Ive been to a lot of stadiums and you my friend are dead wrong> 39 Bwahahahahahahaha

Is that why you know you are the blog Pig?

I rip on the blog Pig and you respond on cue.

Suck it, Pig. You are getting boring you trailertrash maggot.

Boooooring, Pig. C'mon. It's race, ethnicity, Pata or Jacory with you. Is that the limit of your Pig imagination?

Like I said. White trash, black trash, Latin trash or trailer trash. What difference does it make?

It's all still GATAH.

Crushed again you feeble-minded Pig.

Gators, suck!!!!!!!!!!! Gators home record is so good because they don't play anybody( trailer trash). The U will shock the nation this year, the talent is their it's just putting it all together. FSU over rated and the Gators just stinkkkkkkkkk

Opening with a tough schedule is good if you have an experienced team and a coaching staff that has been together for a long time. I would have liked to open with a cupcake this year or at least had the game at home. With that said I have confidence in Golden. I bet we see a better coached and prepared team in his first game than we saw under Shanon in his fourth year. The game will be tough but if we can win by more than two TDs, I bet we become the favorite over OSU for the next game.

gators picked 8th best team in SECazy! LMFAO

it's all about the u... anyone,anywhere and anytime... go canes...

Bring 'em on. U swagger doesn't shy from any opponent at any time in any location. []_[] baby....it's all about the []_[]!!!!

It does not matter who is on U schedule. U escaped Maryland last year. Ohio State U were in that game. J12 has to play well. LB's, Spence, Fortson, Ray Ray, and, yes, Telemaque have to control things.

Maryland is the test. U cannot let up going into OSU, even though they are hurting right now. I say U show OSU a lesson. And, of course, "Goldy has to coach a good game and a good season.

As much as I like J12's leadership, if he doesn't rate out high after Maryland, sit him down.

What subhuman anencepalic pathetic intestinal tapeworm would ever ever make light of a young man who was killed in cold blood when his momma and kin are still grieving?

Answer a pathetic inbred from tally or gainesville that drives a pickup truck witha gator head sticker

Maybe the dirtball who posted that garbage (ill gotten rims) or shake spear had something to do with his murder since that is all he posts... Mmmmmmm...
Maybe one of us will contact the fbi about investigating this dooooshh bag

The other turd cant add. So much for the uf "degree"

The U better bring it against. Maryland. They have some goodd athletes. I say keep the ball away from jacorry as much as possible. Pound pound pound

Just saw espnu's replay of the acc ch. ej manuel isnt all that. Make him throw. Stack the box. He is the 2nd coming of xavier lee

Cool cat is delusional. Jacorrys leadership? You mean whenhe went to the sidelines by himself to sulk (or pray) after he threw 3i ints, rather than supporting his mates? Please.

Imo, #12 should have been relieved from the team last year. He will never see the nfl. Not evn the cfl. Not even the arena league.

Actually cool cat is right. J12 has been the product of a terrible oc and should be judged differently. J12 won 60 games in high school out of the shotgun and then u put him in an offense that runs playaction without running the ball. U can't read defenses with ur back to the ball with a below average oline. J12 will be much better if he cuts down the long passes and focuses on the short intermediate passes. If any of u canes have been paying attention for the last couple of years we have had one of the toughest schedules out of the gate. This year is even better now that osu is missinga some key players. If golden doesn't go 4-0 then it is a disappointment. Randy left this team with one of the youngest and best olines. Let's see what golden does with it. Remember the majority of cane coaches won games off talent the predecessor left. Erickson won two from Jimmy and Coker was supposed to win two from butch.

And j12 might not see the NFL but Gino,Walsh Dorsey and others didn't go to the league and they were decent college qb's. The ooc and the qb have to make bet ter calls and decisions and we will be fine. This schedule is setup for us to be good this year if we seize the moment. Why do true cane fans entertain Uf and fsu folks on this blog? They do it because most of U are not true college football fans and don't know their history. Uf lost to fsu on the last game of the year with Danny w and played fsu in the national championship and won to win their first nc. Anyone who knows cf knows they shouldn't have even played in that game but spurrier wined and cheesed the whole time and they put them in that game. Fsu beat Nebraska after they got a punt returned on them and the officials threw a phantom flag after Bobby the saint begged for a title. And by the way I'm still waiting for William Floyd to cross the goal line.if U new college football U would understand why two programs that have been the formats of college football stay on our blogs. Underachievers.

Rob F,

Agreed. An ACC Coastal run would be great, with a shot at the conference championship and a BCS game. Jacory MUST step up, be a leader and control the ball. I also hope that Jedd Fisch's OC work is above what many expect based on his 1 year at Minnesota.

We must play with heart and passion and beat Maryland!

Go Canes!

Sorry tally cane but you lost your cred when you said dorsey "didnt go to the league"
Dorsey spent 5 yrs in the nfl, son. Gino also played in the nfl. Walsh i am not sure about. One thing i am sure, even though whipples play calling placed jacory in jeopardy, whipple didnt throw those horible ints in the redzone. Whipple didnt fail to look off the safeties. Whipple didnt have a spaghetti arm with no zip. Whipple didnt throw that int that essentially lost the usf game

And as far as jacory winning 60 games in hs. Unless you havent realized it by now, a division 3 college wil destroy allmost any high scool in the country.

But i agree about the shotgun.

Dorsey went to the nfl to hold a clipboard and and pair headphones. He wasnt a nfl caliber qb he just managed games well in college. He got drafted because that team was great. If u call that playing in the nfl ok. And gino was no better than jacory just had better team. Maybe u didnt see how alabama abused him. He didnt play in the nfl either. Even the great testeverde had a problem with ints. We lost a nc to penn st. behind him. and to your point about having a spaghetti arm if defenses know your tendencies and know u dont want to run the ball looking off the safeties dont matter. when we played ohio state and hayward dropped back in to pass coverage on the goal line what does that tell u? In two years we threw over 30 ints running the same playaction goaline play to benjamin. the same play over and over and u tell me philosophy doesnt matter. At usf we were on the 37 yard line with two time outs and almost in field goal range why are we throwing the ball? Jacory could not call audibles so who's plays where they?

Alright, hold up a minute. First Jacory signed with us knowing we run a prostyle offense instead of the spread so that argument is riculous by saying we put him in that situation. If he wanted to run the spread then he should have gone to somebody that was going to run it. Now he does have a spagetti arm and isn't bright enough to make the plays. I have seen him repeatedly throw these lame duck passes and even in the short to intermediate passes he puts too much touch on the ball and doesn't step strong into his throws which would help with his lack of zip on the ball.

But in his defense, we have had terrible play callin for years. Whipple loved to throw deep way too much and not mix in the run with it. If you are going to throw deep off of playaction then the other team must respect your ability to run. Nix before Whipple loved too many bubble screens and didn't go deep enough, which congested the running game and the ability to break those short passes. Alot of those interceptions are Jacory's fault due to him but we cannot deny that for the last 8 years the play calling has been horrible as well. I hope Fishe is the answer because there the talent at everyother spot to take us to an undefeated season. The only spot in question is the QB position. I liked the fire I saw from Morris in the bowl game, along with his arm and mobility, but I do believe with some direction and coaching that Jacory can't be as bad as he was last year.

QB Danny O’Brien of Maryland is the consenses 2011 Preseason All-ACC QB. He threw 22 TD's and only 8 int's as a Red-Shirt Freshman.
That is solid. Rock solid compared to J-37.

Typical Cane short sidedness.

First, look at the season that Maryland had last year. They are replacing the top 2 receivers they had last year. The receivers he has on the roster have never started a game before. Their O-line took a hit. Do you think that "2011 preseason all-acc qb" rating is going to look the same once we are a few games into the schedule? Oh that's right, he has to adjust to a new coach too. Do some stats before you comment before copying and pasting from other websites.

Typical idiot who thinks he knows it all without doing his homework.


tallycane, we all agree that the calls were bad, Whipple is gone for a reason.

But an incompletion would have been fine. After running that play all season, he still failed to keep the ball out of the other team's hands. As you said, he got the same result running the same play, he should have long before then tried something different, even with the play called.

Vinnie audibled into an INT to kill our 1986 title. Jacory followed the gameplan even when it was failing. Both are bad QBs because of that. Hopefully Golden can make Jacory into a better Qb, because what we have seen so far has been underwhelming.

"Florida’s home record of 113-13 (.894) since 1990 is the best mark in the country during that time, as the Gators use the 90,000-plus screaming fans to their advantage."

And how many top 10 teams were in those 126 games? how many top 25 teams? Now, how many were paid for patsies? The above sentence should read:

"Florida’s home out of conference strength of schedule since 1990 is the weakest in the country during that time, as the Gators use the gullability and poor financial logic of their 90,000-plus screaming fans to their advantage."

UF AD Jeremy Foley: "Hey, we can keep playing Miami and lose, or we can schedule a free win, our fans will show up and drink watered down expensive beer no matter who we face out there, let's milk them for every penny. There is a sucker born every minute, and they cheer for the Gators!"

I would be happy with a 4-2 start with the wins coming against our ACC rivals. At Maryland, at V-Tech, at N. Carolina will be very tough. If the "U" can get 2 wins on the road and 2 more wins at home to start the season I would take that. No dreams of ACC championship this year though.

Tally cane- i agree with "championships". besides, the argument is thatyousaid niether Dorsey nor Gino made it into the league. That shows how clueless you are. maybe the Tallahassee "geniuses" are rubbing off on you up there.

Jacorry cannot be named in the same sentence as Ken Dorsey. Whether Dorsey s-ked as an nfl QB (which I grant you, he did), or not, doesnt matter. And before you give me the argument that cool cat gave before that Dorsey had a stacked team behind him, well, so have many great QB in previouos years, including Tebow. Somebody had to put it in the hands of the playmakers. Thatis what we've been wishing Jacory do for the last 2 yrs instead of putting the ball in the hands of the playmakers... of the opposite team!

And no matter what you say, Jacorry DOES have a noodle for an arm, and dont matter what the play calling is, he should have the mindset and brains (which he doesnt) NOT to throw the ball to a covered receiver, into triple coverage, or tto allow the same safety or linebacker to read his eyes over and over like the Notre dame dude did. If your stoopid like Jacorry with an arm like Roethlisberger doesent matter if you make dumb decisions. The ints prove it.

But U play in a state of the art stadiUm in Broward County riiieeett ?

Yeah 1980's out of date Art Deco.

Posted by: TITLETOWN | July 24, 2011 at 02:24 PM

Typical uneducated gatard trash comments.

State of the art for you is upgrading to a double wide, you ignorant nek.

Have fun roasting in that dank sewer hole with the smell of sweaty, filthy,
shirtless, unwashed meth-adled billies all around.

Heeeeeeee Haw 'billies

Honestly, our schedule is easy. Its a bunch of soft ACC teams. It's that we lose these games that is sad. How about LSU, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, South Carolina, Ole Miss, Kentucky, and Auburn on a schedule? This is a butter schedule, outside of Ohio State...I just hope we can finally play like the old (real) Hurricanses.

Not true.

Carolina played at LSU without 4 of their starters and was unlucky and shouls have won, lost only by 3 or 4.

Clemson barely and inexplicably lost to Auburn

FSU destroyed So Carolina and Florida

Georgia and georgia Tech were in a barn burner till the very end

Your point?

Miami plays Kansas State as well. Dont forget.

And to set the recond straight ...

Football Aficionado's such as Arty and myself never, ever have to think and then react ...

We Know ... Always have and will and choose, out of the pure goodness of our hearts, to try and educate and bless U Unimformed blind Homers with our vast knowledge...

We realize that Ur just slow learners. That's a given, but we are patient men, with a vast amount of RECENT Multiple SEC Conference and National Championships to reference from ... U know , Unlike U ?

So try to keep Up ...

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