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News from Al Golden: suspension(s?), Seantrel, NCAA Clearinghouse, etc.

PINEHURST, N.C. -- Had a pleasant one-on-one interview with Coach Golden today. I hope he does well at UM. He is respectful, direct and answers questions -- or at least actually listens to them. Yes, he's a coach, and coaches often answer questions by not answering them, or by being so confusing you don't know what's going on (evidence: the first time Golden talked to us during spring about possible suspensions).  But so far, I'm very impressed. We'll see how it plays out as the season progresses. I guess so much of it comes down to the W's (I won't mention the other letter).

I don't have much time here, because group interviews with coaches are approaching at the ACC Football Kickoff. And again, unfortunately, Al Golden's interview session is late afternoon/evening. Bad for deadline purposes.

Briefly, if any of you follow me on twitter @smillerdegnan you saw this stuff, but here's some of the newsy stuff he told me. I haven't transcribed yet, sorry.

I asked Coach Golden: "Not naming names, is there anyone you know that will be suspended for at least one game this season?"  His answer. "Yes."

He hedged when I asked him if there were "multiple players suspended" -- seemed to be counting in his mind (haha -- seriously), and again, I don't have the transcription yet. But he did tell me he will let media know of anyone suspended the week going into that particular game.

OT Seantrel Henderson has been dealing with lower back pain for a long time now, and he is trying to resolve the problem. He will be eased into fall practice gradually, as will DT Marcus Forston, who is coming off knee surgery.

S Vaughn Telemaque, who was wearing a neck brace during the spring game, should be OK for fall practice.

Coach Golden said WR Aldarius Johnson is doing well and everything is good with him and the Canes. Many of us have heard about certain attitude-related situations with Aldarius, but Golden insisted he's A-OK.

Some incoming signee (or not incoming) news:

  1. Golden said OL signee Taylor Gadbois (6-7, 292) of Ga. will attend "prep school for half a year" before coming to UM.
  2. Golden said LB signee Antonio Kinard (Hargrave Academy) & West Boca DT signee Corey King have Clearinghouse issues. He's hoping they get cleared, but who knows?

  Also, Golden said Jeffrey Brown (arrest formerly reported) will not be returning to the team and is no longer at UM.  

  Golden said  OT Joel Figueroa, who was granted a rare sixth year of eligibility by the NCAA, is raring and ready to go. But he would not say what position on the line he will play. If you recall, Joel started as a guard and was moved to tackle. If you guys know anything about Art Kehoe, he practices everyone at every position on the line.

   Have to run now.

   Later, Susan Miller Degnan

   P.S. ACC media just picked FSU to beat Virginia Tech in the ACC title game for the ACC crown. UM was picked second in the Coastal Division behind Va. Tech.




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First in a long time

This is the year we make it back to our place in the ACC Coastal. We will own Duke this year, dare I say UNC too?

Go 'canes!

Susan is obsessed with finding out about the suspensions. Glad to see that VT is back at full speed, him and Ray Ray will do work this year.

Does anyone know if Armbrister got in? He wasnt mentioned.

As much as I finally want to jump back on the bandwagon and say we are back I decided not to drink or make the Kool-Aid this year. I love the U but they have to make me believe that this is our year and I believe that the rest of the media also feels the same way.

The last time we were relevant was Kehoe last go around here at the U. We were ranked as high as # 3 in the nation and even beat an undefeated Va. Tech team in Blacksburg in 2005. We had everything working in our favor and then the Miami team that we are used to now came out of no where and lost games that we should have won such as Ga. Tech in the Orange Bowl. Sad to say the rest was history. Since then we've been so mediocre.

Everyone is praising Al Golden for bringing in a new attitude of mental toughness and physical conditioning. I don't know if the big east teams feared Miami which could be a reason Va. Tech lost to us in 2005 but no one fears Miami anymore and for some reason they like to bring their A game every time we are on the field. The Miami mystique is long gone. If we don't know how to bring our A game every play, every quarter, and every game then we might as well put it in tattoo ink that we will go 8-4 no more and no less wins.

I see us losing to Va. Tech by at least 7.

Florida State by 3

UNC by 6

Maryland 4

you are useless EK.


bUt at least EK is not delUsional like Urself ...

Welcome to the U,
Since we are focusing on mistakes I was not aware that "thatyousaid" was part of the King James English. Maybe what I should have said Gino,Dorsey and Walsh never took one meaningful snap in the nfl. Furthermore J12 can be named statistically with those qb's. Isnt he second on the list for touchdowns thrown at UM. He is also first on the list with ints. I said that I think he will be better this year if he can learn hot to manage the game and make better decisions with the ball. That is mu opinion. Whips philosophy was to throw to an area on the field and hope the receivers make a play. Could that explain why j12 had so many ints?

Posted by: tallycane

Could that explain why j12 had so many ints?

No it was -

* Too hot
* Too cold
* Too quiet in the home stands
* Ball was too wet
* Randy never brought back former players
Dare I say, Sun Life isn't the Orange Bowl?

Soldy, you are still the blog Douchebag.

Like a coward, every week you predict a Miami loss, then when they win, you disappear like the fruitcake you are.


He is respectful, direct and answers questions -- or at least actually listens to them.

Own Duke? Wow.

every week you predict a Miami loss, then when they win,

lmao at this fool.....and then THEY WIN??? ignorance is a wonderful thing

Ohhhhhhhhhh where to start with U CANETILLIDIE.....DH .

Ur quote not mine ...

"maryland's qb situation is not too solid and neither is their o line. The run defense doesn't look like it will improve from last season."

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE.....DH | July 24, 2011 at 12:27 PM

My quote ...

"QB Danny O’Brien of Maryland is the consenses 2011 Preseason All-ACC QB as voted by the writers and Coaches. He threw 22 TD's and only 8 int's as a Red-Shirt Freshman.
That is solid. Rock solid"

Then followed like only a trU CaneTard can...

"First, look at the season that Maryland had last year. They are replacing the top 2 receivers they had last year. The receivers he has on the roster have never started a game before. Their O-line took a hit. Do you think that "2011 preseason all-acc qb" rating is going to look the same once we are a few games into the schedule? Oh that's right, he has to adjust to a new coach too. Do some stats before you comment..."


Unreal. But that's what U know nothing Cane clUcks do best. You said nothing about WR's, O-Line and a new Coach in your original statement. But now U want to backtrack and start playing the spinmaster to try to help solidify Ur Useless point ?

Get this guy Arty. Dude thinks Maryland, among many others unlike Duh U are only 1 deep at all positions with no depth at all. I suppose those WR's that never started just watched all the games from the sideline last year right ?... Listen Up CANETILLIDIE.....DelUsional Homer. The fact that U would even mention that O'Brien is not solid is laughable in the wake of what U had going on under Center during the last half of Ur 2010 swoon ending season yet again. What was that merry-go-roUnd @ QB that U were displaying during the Va. Tech, S.Fla and Notre Dame beatdowns to end Ur latest collapsed Season again? Solid ? Ummm hmmm. Qicksand solid. But Goldy will fix all that and U will have 1 Rock Solid Starting QB right? Uuuuugggghhhhh... And U say Maryland will suffer because they're going to have to adjust to a new Coach and system ? News fash pal. U mean "That" Coach that was recent College Coach of the Year with multiple WINS against real D-1 Schools with winning records while @ UCONN ? Wasn't he also the one that U offered as Ur 3r. choice and he told U to move along ? Then U had to be told, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, before Ur Golden boy with ZERO Wins against D-1 Schools with winning records backed into the job? (well atleast until 2013 anyways). And it's Maryland that will have the tougher time adjusting according to Ur slanted mentality?

There, I do'd some facts n stats for U ... Happy ?

Arty, why do I even try ?

I'll give U one last bit of advice DyingCane... After "it" happens again at the end of the 2011 season, and U know what I mean, U might wanna get old tapes from the 80's O.B. days, 30/30 Duh U and then check into rehab to get Urself straighted out ... But ... U, like most lost, delUsional, in denial addicts woUld just say ... NO, NO, NO, ...

For entertainment purposes only Arty... This should be good...

CANETILLIDIE.....DH and any other typical Cane fan ... What will Miami's ACC and overall record be in 2011 ? ACC Championship game ? Bowl game ? Over/Under Win total ? Starting QB ?

Let the spinmastering begin ye Cane fans of all things delUsional .

Ur next MVP Kicker ?

And to set the recond straight ...

Football Aficionado's such as Arty and myself never, ever have to think and then react ...

We Know ... Always have and will and choose, out of the pure goodness of our hearts, to try and educate and bless U Unimformed blind Homers with our vast knowledge...

We realize that Ur just slow learners. That's a given, but we are patient men, with a vast amount of RECENT Multiple SEC Conference and National Championships to reference from ... U know , Unlike U ?

So try to keep Up ...

There's too much dead wood on this team to expect much. Hope for improvement over the course of the year from the younger players because that will indicate whether Golden's philosophy is getting thru to this team and there are better days ahead....eventually.

every week you predict a Miami loss, then when they win,

lmao at this fool.....and then THEY WIN??? ignorance is a wonderful thing

I'm very optimistic about this year. I think we have a tough schedule but most of those of games look very winnable. The way I look at it is that individually we could win or loose pretty much any of the games in the first half of the season. If we are well coached and prepared it would not shock me if we win all six. However if Jacory has another melt down and Morris is unable to step up I can see us also going 2 and 4. I would be crushed to loose more games than we win but not totally surprised after the last 5 years. Emotionally I WANT to claim we will probably win 11 games and play in a BCS game but intellectually I'd have to put the win total over under at closer to 9 games.

Seriously, after the last 4 years I just want us to win to a bowl game and not have complete melt downs concerning time management and player effort. If we can just do that then I will consider this season a success as it is a transitional year and Golden will have done his job. Of course, the expectations will increase every year.

I would describe my outlook for 2011 as cautious optimism. Win or loose though, I am an alumnus and bleed orange and green and will support UM regardless of record.

Soldy stfu... Go back to bed and take care of business with your sister

Tally.... Pardon for my typing errors. Shoot me. "meaningful snap in the nfl? you mean starting in like 10 or more game? Dude. Please. Jacorry harris does not belong in the same sentence as dorsey. Period end of story. Stop the non sense!

dorsey lost 2 games as a starter, played in 2 ncs and was an exceptional leader. A general. Come backs? what about the comeback against #1 FSU in 2000? or the near comeback vs washington? The teams finalmbcs rankings under dorsey: #2,#1,#2. i dare to put him with the likes of tebow. Bar none, and he did get shafted from the heisman in 02.

These gaturds are pathetic
Run back to your sec blogs
Sec,sec, sec, weeeeeeeeeee, go sec... Chirp, chirp, yawn, in the meantime, back at the trailer park...

Dear Soldy,
You know our Golden Boy who backed into this job after no D-1 wins? Check the schedule last year. Temple beat UCONN...Just to compare the two coaches.

He \"beggeded\" for it Soldy. Cane fan is legendary when it comes to not applying their logic to themselves. It\'s called denial.

He \"beggeded\" for it Soldy. Cane fan is legendary when it comes to not applying their logic to themselves. It\'s called denial.

3G Cane & Susan,

Good point, 3G Cane, on picking up on the fact that late-sign S Thurston Armbrister is not listed on UM's Current Official Roster since all of other members of the Class of 2011 are listed, except those mentioned here.

From about a month ago, just before enrollment for Summer Session II at the U it was reported that:
"Thurston Armbrister says he had one glitch with his paperwork: 'I had to send in my test score, finished that a week ago and now I'm all set. I'm excited to get there, am just working out as much as I can to get prepared. I'll be there Tuesday'."

That "glitch" might have been a little more serious than he was letting on....

Go Canes! Casino

OT Seantrel Henderson has been dealing with lower back pain for a long time now, and he is trying to resolve the problem. He will be eased into fall practice gradually, as will DT Marcus Forston, who is coming off knee surgery.


Phat Boyz

Posted by: SFCane | July 25, 2011 at 03:56 PM

Good comments ... U stay loose Cane Grad n Fan ...

Posted by: Swaggas Back | July 25, 2011 at 03:57 PM

Well at least U have that going for U and U can put that Game Ball in Ur Trophy case at the Hecht Athletic Center Can fan ... Congrats.

Woooo Hoooo ... Temple Beat a depleted UCONN team !!!

That Truly mUst mean Duh U is Back !!!

Arty ...

It's time to release the Big Dog Hounds !!!

So, Soldy and Arty are SEC fans? Like, "we celebrate our national championships?"

Do these two lovebirds walk around in t-shirts with the SEC logo on it. Wow. Troopers. You can pick and choose your hillbilly team with impunity.

Good job, multiple personality Pig. Hey, I am going to cheer for the universe of teams and individuals. That way, anyone team or individual that wins in any sport will make me happy. Yay Uruguay. Yay Darren Clarke.

See how that works, Pig?

And the Canes stalkers continue to stalk...

Tally, U might want to check your history on Walsh. He was drafted along with Troy Aikman by the cowboys and at the beginning he and Aikman were fighting for the starting spot. He then was traded to the Saints to be the starter, and played there for a bit. So he did take meaningful snaps in the NFL. And who cares either way what Torreta, Walsh or Dorsey did in the pro's anyway? All I care about is what they did here at the U. And last time I checked all three of them led us to National Titles their Junior years and runner's up the following year. Now I don't know about U but I'd take them boys anyday over J-interception. Jacory has time and can do it but he's got alot of improvement to do in the leadership and mental catagory of the game.

@ D

How am I useless? Every years since we last won the National Title I believed and influenced others to believe that every year was our year to win it all over again.

Face the music. Every team that took the field since Brock Berlin has felt a sense of entitlement that other teams are going to lay down and let Miami beat them. I'm a die hard fan just as much and maybe even more than you are, but after season of losing I had to face the music and realize that this is not the Miami football we were spoiled to know and love when we were in the Big East. There is the old saying that goes "Respect is not given it's earned". I believe that Miami had the respect of all the Big East school because of their line of work, but they joined a new conference with new teams. Mark my words, once Miami wins it second ACCCG it will run the ACC like it did the Big East.

I am aware we have to win the first ACCCG and I truly believe that we can do it this year, only because we have great senior leadership but next year is a different story. Could we go undefeated? Yes, but that is highly unlikely. That would take a major improvement from the QB position and no let downs from our defense. The last is a lot easier to accomplish than the first.

One thing that could lower his interceptions is the receivers actually get to the spot the ball is thrown first. I just watched the OSU review last year in the shoe and saw how either Berry or James didn't finish their route on a third and goal situation and led to an 80 yard interception by Hayward. If you are not the first option and the whistle is not blown you have to finish your route.

We have the talent to make a run at the National Title but the entire team is going to need a shrink cause the way they have played deserved a lot of change from the top. From receivers not running the right routes and not finishing the route to keep all the options available for J12. To the defense over playing leading to big gains and touchdowns in crucial situations. As much as coach Shannon was a disciplinarian for off the field issues he never demanded discipline on the field. And like the old saying goes "You cant teach an old dog new tricks." This team does not know how to finish a play, route, quarter, or a game. Until proven otherwise, 8-4 and losses to all the teams with equal senior leadership and talent.

Posted by: Soldy... The Real One | July 25, 2011 at 03:37 PM

Pure Gold. Read and learn Cane fans.

I won't even start with the Gays. They will be the worst team in the state of Florida. enough said

Worse than S. Fla. who Florida crushed and U lost to in front of 15K at home last season ?

Look here. I am not the only one saying that this team could go 8-4 if they don't make the changes needed to win games. Even Super Star Sean Spence said the team underachieved last year.

You win games by dominating every play. This isn't high school where the Bulls and Tornadoes are the biggest and most talented on the field and can win games without ever kicking it in full gear or overdrive. This is the U and every player wants to have a winning record against the U before they graduate. That's why so many fans tear down the goal posts after they beat us, because those teams are defying history. Every game we have to plan on taking our opponents best shot and countering it with ours, but that hasn't always been the case. The Orange Bowl finale is a prime example when we got plastered 48-0 and not to mention last years blowout loss to FSU.

We have the talent to be National title contenders but we don't have the mindset to win every play.


Do you realize your imaginary friend, Arty, is an unemployed loser who wastes hours of his worthless time posting the same worthless garbage over and over?

Even a homeless person wouldn't spend this much time posting his garbage.

Makes you wonder what kind if a maggot this Arty is, doesn't it Soldy?


Uuuuuummmmmm, Soldy? You wouldn't know, would you douchebag?

Hey Tally: My exact sentiments. J12 is more the victim than anything else. Walsh, Gino and Dorsey? Even though Walsh could not throw, I liked his command of the game. Gino could flat out lead a team. I just don't buy Dorsey. I watched him a lot, and at best he was average, if that.

I think U cannot underestimate Edsall at Maryland. Key U players MUST step up, like benjamin, go get the ball; Telemaque, don't U dare disappear; Fortson, if U are hurt then come out of game; Spence; keep up the good work; Ray Ray, now prove it to U; J12; just play your game, read better, relax, get your boy A. Johnson more into things.

gaturd trolls are running wild since their loser team was ranked 8th in the SECeazy behind Miss. State. LMAFAO that the former OC is kicking gaturd arss over and over again and now the gaytors have to bow to the cockkkksss of SC. They should be used to that though.

Wow, Arty. I never thought of it that way.

You mean I am a loser douchebag who posts in ALL CAPS and thinks rhetorical questions are a sign of wit?


I am a douchebag, Soldy. Hola?

susan pretty much said that al golden is everything randy shannon wasn't with respect to the media. I saw that guy the other day on espnU and I almost vomitted.

Cat, U obviously are the stupidest person to ever post on this blog. U say Walsh couldn't throw. That in itself shows everyone that U don't know anything about college football. Walsh was the best at throwing the ball on time and being accurate. And U really want to dis Walsh, Toretta, and Dorsey who combined to lose 5 games they're entire starting careers and in return U want to claim that Harris has been a victim? A victim of what? Your boy Randy Shannon and his unwavering favoritism, or the coordinators who put him in bad positions by making him throw deep. If he would start studying film and put in the work he wouldn't be screwing up so much. Who's fault was it when he floated the intermediate passes that Notre dame intercepted? I can tell U it was his fault. The kid has got to toughen up and throw with more authority or his boney rearend is going to be watching Morris or Whipple leading this team.

Someone asked why Harris throws so many INTs.

It doesn't take a genius to see. He throws floaters: "ducks." If he throws a pass longer than 20 yards, I can go to the kitchen, make a sandwich and get back in time to see the INT. He got away with it in high school, but he's never adapted his game to the college level. Since other teams have figured him out, their secondaries have been getting fat off him. I've a feeling that if he puts the necessary "zip" on the ball, he'll have no idea where it's going.

I've heard it said: you can't teach a QB accuracy. He either has it, or he doesn't.

So, I think the bottom line is that Harris is just the most recent in a long string of UM QBs (since Dorsey) who looked good in high school but never developed into the college game.

I'm sure other schools have had such bad luck as UM has had with QBs, but I can't think of one right now. It's been a long time since the 'Canes have had a QB like Walsh or Dorsey who inspired confidence just by walking onto the field, and my guess is the team won't have one this year, either.

Run the ball, coach.

I must add: not to rank out Harris. He's probably a decent guy. It's just that QB doesn't seem to be his calling.

couple of things...

Walsh was my guy...check out the offensive numbers in the big games compared to Gino. Check out the schedule he played in '88.

I'm always amazed at the incredible effort some of these cyberpunks put into this 'Cane blog.

I see 8-4, 9-3 this year. Someone above mentioned that you just cant flip the switch and make all that is bad to good. I agree.

Man, I want this team to prove me wrong and win 10 or 11.

Cool cat has to be the most retarded cane fan in the world plus i honestly feel he is also a racist.

Cool cat... Newslash:

Kenny kelly su-ked
Ryan colins su-ked
Marve su-ked
Jacory su-ks

Plus how in the world, can you argue with dorsey's record?

2000 one loss, beat fsu, beat uf #2
2001 undefeated. No gator has ever been able to do this #1
2002 one loss robbed #2

Turd fans....... Multiple sec championships? Multiple nat championships?

Who the efff cares about how many sec ch you have? And since you all with your school doesnt teach you how to count, here is the true count:

5>3 take that to the cleaners

johnny, Randy Shannon has that effect on people. I have vomited the last 4 years watching him screw us up.

NJshoreCane, really and truely we are not that far away. The reasons I say that is last year we were very undisiplined as a team and defensively our guys were out of position alot of times. Also where as last year our guys played weak and unmotivated this year there has been a renewed commitment to nutrition and work in the weight room. Plus with a change in offensive playcallin where we aren't throwing deep every other play our turnovers should easily be cut down. And after all that yeah we finished 7 and 5 but we were not blown out in any game other than the FSU and Notre Dame game. We were with Va Tech going in to the 4th Qtr and all the other loses were close ones. Golden and this staff will make a world of difference. I bet U this much we will not get blown out by FSU this year or lose to Virginia either. Oh and Duke will not be a tough place to play as Shannon said.

“I’m so tired of talking about swagger,” Golden said when someone asked him, “How does Miami’s famous swagger enter into it?”

Replied Golden: “It doesn’t.”

The reporter continued: “Is swagger good? Does swagger matter?”

I mean, who ain't ?


he's more tired of the beautiful City sooner than we first all thoUght .

dot dot dash . . -

no ... but U seem too as well


nice Town huh Albert ?

but no Happy Valley huh ?

get Marley's Greatest Hits ... it'll help

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