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NFL letters rolling in for Ray Ray Armstrong

Rob Vite, football coach at Sanford Seminole High School, usually gets a ton of mail from colleges interested in his players. But most of the letters he's been getting this summer are coming from somewhere else -- the NFL.

Ray Ray Armstrong Teams and scouts across the league have been mailing Vite questionnaires for him to fill out, all concerning former star quarterback and current University of Miami safety Ray Ray Armstrong.

"It's kind of been the same process as when colleges came to recruit high school kids," Vite said. "Except, they're digging a little bit. What kind of kid is he, character, everything about him. I'm sure Coach Golden is getting a lot of them too."

If his junior season pans out the way most hope, Armstrong may not be in college much longer. ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper recently rated Armstrong (6-4, 215) the No. 1 junior safety in the country. Armstrong, an All-ACC Second Team pick as a sophomore, has also been named to the Bednarik, Nagurski and Jim Thorpe award watch lists.

Big expectations? Vite said Armstrong, who led Seminole to the Class 6A state title in 2008, will exceed them all.

"It's going to be a great year for him," said Vite, who talks to Armstrong once a month and recently saw him when he returned home the last weekend in May. "He just has to go out there and be Ray and he'll be okay. He's a monster man. I don't know how much bigger he is, but he has more muscle, ripped. He's excited for the season and for the [coaching] changes. He knows its going to be a big year for Miami football."

Last season, Armstrong registered a team-high tying three interceptions and ranked third on the team with 76 tackles. He returned one of those interceptions 22 yards for a touchdown against Florida A&M, and racked up a season-high nine tackles against both Ohio State and Florida State.

Vite said Armstrong will be returning home to Sanford the final weekend in July -- a week before UM opens training camp -- for the city's second annual "Ray Ray Day." Last year, his father Albert organized the event to give back to the community. The event included free food, music and entertainment (jump houses) for kids and fans got an opportunity to catch up with Armstrong and wish he and his teammates well on their season.

"He's huge in the community," Vite said. "He did a little youth camp in the community [in May], came out and showed his face, watched a little alumni football game. The kids loved it.

"We all believe in him. Not a lot of guys are going to go to UM and take No. 26 and really fill that number and the pressures that go along with that number. But he has and he will."


> Senior Tyler Horn was named to the preseason watch list for the Rimington Trophy, given annually to the most outstanding center. Horn had 39 pancake blocks and seven lumberjacks, both third-best on the team in 2010 and started all 13 games. He was named Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Offensive Lineman of the Week following the Hurricanes' win over North Carolina on Oct. 23.

> Season Ticket sales representatives will be at Sun Life Stadium from today through Saturday for Select-A-Seat Week. You can purchase your tickets or schedule an appointment by calling 1-800-GO-CANES or by emailing canestix@miami.edu.

Club Level prices have been reduced across all sections. 400 Level seats start at $110. 100 Level seats start at $215. Season Ticket benefits include: Payment plans, discount season parking passes, opportunity to purchase individual home game tickets prior to general public, priority access to away game tickets and Hurricane Club membership (included with purchase of select tickets).


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With a BIG season Ray Ray will be a first round pick. GO CANES!

Wow. Ray Ray has been good but he hasn't been great. Matter of fact, Telemaque might have been better but Ray Ray is getting all the love.

Hey la verdad: Had Telemaque stepped things up earlier in the season, the defense might have had a little better year. Trust me: Ray Ray is the real deal. He is not a pre-season over-hype. RS really hit big when he got Ray Ray.

Now, if J12 comes on strong...

Now, if Fortson and Spence can anchor defense.

Now, if Benjamin, Streeter can do better than OK at WR...

When those things happen, U are back in National hunt....

The big question mark? The OL....

Cool Cat!! i usually agree with a lot of your posts but i disagree with this one. The OL is one of our strongest areas. Its the QB and corners you need to be concerned with. Also the receivers need to stop playing like theyre scared/terrified!!! I hate that Storm transfered (I would've prefered it been Jacory)!!

Lots of love for Ray Ray but I saw him miss some tackles that turned into big gains and touchdowns. Get that fixed and he will live up to the hype! Go Canes!

Hey Michael: U do not have a standard-bearer on the OL. I think it's safe to say J12 is the starting QB. He needs some help up font, seriously.

Yea, the Storm thing I can't figure out.

i think j12 is going to surprise some people this yr. he did something he should have done his 1 yr GONE TO A QB CAMP that is where he is now, watch how it makes a difference did for the wr and he worked with Duper.

ray ray is gone we need landon collins in this class

Totally agree with everyone except cool cat

Jacorry flat out suuuuuks BUT, if hardy is right, we'll see.

Morris was asked by wipple and Shannon to bail him out when it was basically too little too late

Ray ray id miss multiple tackles see nd, osu, vtech

Sean Taylor, Ed reed neither he nor telemaque ain't!

Ray Ray has been all hype and no results, like the rest of the team. Good luck with J12 picks or more at QB, another mediocre season coming up. But wait til next year.............

10 and counting....The U won the NC 10 years ago... Thats mediocrity??? We played in it the next year... Thats mediocrity??? Then we spanked the gators the year after that , so when you look up the definition , check the spelling too . You will see you are wrong on both counts.

Why is Ray Ray getting so much hype? I don't see it. He might be good, but he has been great at all. Taylor was blasting fools at this point in his career.

QB and CB...those are the holes.

Please start Morris....enough with Jacory already.

if we are miami fans shouldnt we be excited they want a kid who has underperformed? yeah third leading tackler on the team started how many games? Sean taylor wasnt a unquestioned beast till his junior year anyway. alot of the same problems taylor had as a sophmore ray ray has. so i think he breaks out. so just take the damn complement about your team and stop griping about how bad he is.

Let's see 10 yrsprobably a turd? It took UF about 110 yrs before their first, then another 10

Miami has the most ncs and has played for the most ncs in the last 30 yrs. Brutha needs to check his math. Miami took about 60 yrs for it's first

.a nole? ...a hokie? A lukeye? No comparison. No argument

But I can't disagree too vigorously about the hype on ray squared and Vaughn. These Two should let their play speak for itself they need to step up their games

Typical summer for the canes.......lots of hype,lots of trash talk. This will lead to a typical fall season, 4 or 5 losses, more mediocrity, same old, same old. Ray Ray may excel in the NFL, lots of good that did for the canes. There is always next year...........

@ 'Cool Cat'
Look at interviews with Al Golden he says the OL is the anchor of the team. Also they return 4 out of 5 starters on the offensive line. 9 out of 10 with playing time. Holes are on the other side of the ball. Mike linebacker, corners, and depth issues on interior defensive linemen that's why they moved freshmen Olsen over from DE to DT. Those are the three realistic holes that they are worried about. Qb isn't a hole, because you only have 2 options (this year) so you just have to hope whoever starts makes better reads and decisions!!!

As far as Ray Ray, I agree with a bunch of you didn't know where all this hype came from. I think he did good, but not breath taking. I guess it shows you the lack of depth at safety in the JR class.

Typical summer for the Gator's...the elusive undefeated season remains...elusive...

110+ years of futility...

Thank you sir may I have another...

Go 'canes!

The Pros know. Ray Ray is the real deal. He is an impact player. He is a presence in the middle of the field, and believe me, coaches have to account for him or get their receivers beheaded. 3 picks and 1 for TD as a second year sophmore is solid as well. As a junior, I think he will come into his own. The pros see the talent and the NFL ready body. Ok, he's not Sean Taylor or Ed Reed. But who is? Not many. Ed Reed was a 2 Time All American at the U, a perenial All NFL First Teamer, and a first ballot Hall of Famer. And Sean Taylor was a ball hawker who could also rule the middle of the field with intimidation. He had a shot at Canton too if the tragedy would not have occurred. One last thing, no worries when Ray Ray leaves after this year. There is a senior at Norland this year called "Duke" Johnson who is a UM firm commit. Actually, he's the guy we LOVE... a UM lifer who cannot imagine playing anywhere but at the U. Like Sean Taylor, he has dominated at RB and FS for Norland. And although everyone thinks he's coming in to run the ball, I say no way. He is simply a BEAST at free safety. Incredible range, ball skills and a mean streak. This kid is a winner as well. He's going to look great with that U on his helmet. I think the free safety position at the U will be a force for the next 4 years. Things are looking good my UM friends. Sounds like the new culture and the charisma of Coach Golden is getting recruits excited. Boy it would be so mucvh fun to see them perenially in the top 10 again. I think we're on the way.

The turds are an after thought.

gator fans trolling because nothing is happening with their pathetic team and no one wants to writ a blog about a team that will finish 6-6 and is a raging dumpster fire spiriling out of control.

Like I've been saying, Telemaque and Ray Ray complement each other perfectly.

Telemaque's ball skills might actually make him more valuable in the NFL but Ray Ray will sell jerseys.

Oh and Seantrel Henderson, sophomore that he may be, is the definition of "standard bearer" at OL.

the big ? mark the Ol???? are you nuts!?!?! Henderson, B Washington, Gunn...oh man yeah ur nuts

Eudo, it's getting better on here. Seven messages of Canes stuff before the first attack. And even that was tame compared to his usual garbage.

I think the OLine is a strength, and is such even despite Henderson. He struggled to keep his starting position in spring camp, and is rumored to he on that list of suspensions. Lombardi candidate Brandon Washington would be my choice as standard bearer of the OL.

Still, having more than one to choose from is good news, right?

Manny went to FIU.

Enough with Jackory already - he sucks. How many times do we have to prove this?? Like a broken record.......start Morris...l

Only reason to start Jackory would be to see if he can break the altime D1 interceptions record.

The holes are unquestionably QB, CB, WR & LB. OL should be pretty solid

Cool Cat has never wavered in showing the love for Jacory and RS. What does it take for reality to sink in?

Message to Jacory! If U are reading this; please, for the sake of your team, if U really love the U do whats best for the U! TRANSFER!!!! Go CANES!!

Poor saps, Jacory is your best QB, and yes he will break the all time INT record. That is the only record you fools will have. Enjoy.

John Brantely:

5 stars;
28 interceptions;
14-10 record;
100K toothless 'billies left crying in their moonshine.

LOL to have a turd come in here and diss Jacorry.

I dont think Jacorry should transfer, but I do fel that a clear opportunity should be given to Morris, NOT as a clean-up QB, but as a starter. NOT like Genius did with Jacorry and Marve (in and out, in and out), but he should decide early on who the starter should be and it should be from game to game. Whoever practices best, whoever seems best prepared. And unless we are getting blown out, or like vs Notre Dame, one has thrown 3 ints, then the starter should finish games.

Congratulations UF for having the ESPY for best mens college sports.

Sad, though, that UF is still Miami's beeotch in fotball and baseball. 9 NCs versus 3. Throw in basketball, and it is still, 9>5. No comparison. Throw in all the otehr sports you want, men's lacrosse, volleyball, basket weaving, cow chip tossing, gator tail eating, or swamp buggy races. Nobody effen cares.

Posted by: Best cfb program the last 32 years

Couldn't have said is any better. And when the lady gators on the world cup team choke on Saturday as well a know they will - the gaytors will be the laughing stock of the world once more. Team USA can not win with gaytors.

Yea, Brandon Washington is a beast, Seantrel is a man child who's still more child than man.

Not that I'd say that to his face...

I still think Jacory is salvageable. Don't get me wrong i don't expect any pink-suited heisman ceremonies, but if the play calling cuts WAY down on the long throws and lets him focus on moving the chains and supporting the run game with the deep ball coming only after we've drawn the safeties out of a cover 2, theres no reason he can't have a year like TJ Yates did last season. Jacory's numbers are better than Yates's were through 3 years, the big question mark (and I mean BIG ?) is whether he will dedicate himself to watching film and learning the playbook like he didn't last offseason.

I''m down with Morris though too if he can learn the playbook. Stronger arm and better scrambler anyway

Ray Ray is 6'4 220lbs Safety that runs a 4.5 40yard dash. He is a punishing tackler. That's why he's getting so many looks from the NFL. Duh.

People kill me with the oh he missed tackles. hell everyone done missed some tackles if you played football. Hell. Damn Troy P missed like four in the Superbowl and he was the Defense MVP of the league last year.

Von T. will be a solid safety in the NFL too. He's more of the Ed Reed type good ball skills.
Ray Ray is the Sean Taylor type the big hitter, with decent range.
Hopefully we can keep both of them around for another year so we can win the national championship in 2012.

As Far as Jacory he just needs to make better decisions with the ball he's not that Horrible and will start for majority of the teams D1 schools in College football. I think Golden will use him like Harbaraugh used Andrew Luck intermediate passing game. Miami takes to many chances with the deep balls. The Damn receivers need to catch the damn ball as well a lot of interceptions were due to receievers being soft and not attacking the football in the Air. The Only one who Did was Hank, and look where he is now the NFL. Morris has a good chance of better out Harris though. But from the spring game Morris did a horrible job reading coverages. Jacory did a little better, but holds on to the ball a little to long.

I like the Lee Chambers and JoJO at corner they were bring the wood in the spring game and they have good speed to cover. With Von T and Ray Ray we will be ok with them two.

The O Line is by far the best unit for the hurricanes. Cool Cat your talking crazy with that comment.

sounds like he did good against ohio state and florida state because the front 7 couldn't tackle anyone.

i think our qbs will have a better year because fisch will make use of the tight ends this year. there will be formations where you have 1 tight end in the backfield and 1 on the line of scrimmage

Only time will tell if Ray can reach his true potential. Considering he got beaten out for the starting safety job by Jo Jo last year, he will have to prove that he can take the full reigns at safety. Jo Jo should be a lock at one corner and that move will make our overall secondary better.

I think Jacory wins the Heisman and takes us to the promise land.

Hey, MarkA: That's exactly what I've been saying all along and I've been ridiculed for it. I think U did not try that approach under Whipple. Whipple has a good offensive mind, but a lot of plays he called did not make sense. J12 can throw the long ball, he just does so at inopportune times. That tells me there is a problem within the bigger scheme. The run game has to be effectively established and has to be a threat, otherwise U have problems, irrespective of who the QB is.

MarkA: It looks like they'll take that truth from U, but not me.....

Turnovers, penalties, and fatigue (mental and physical) can/will be fixed...

I don't see how Morris loses the starting job to Jacory Harris. There's enough film on Harris to see he doesn't have the goods. How much better can Jacory get in the offseason?

Canesrule you epitomize the typical delusional cane. The US women's soccer team has bee winning in large part because of former Gator Abby Wambach. To root against the US team because their best player is a Gator shows how pathetic and hateful you morons are, very sad. To top it off you predict Joke-ory will win the Heismann and give you a NC, that is again, the definition of delusional. Enjoy your pathetic life in la la land.

Best program, you are right to congrat the Gators not only for winning the Capital One Cup but for being all over the ESPYs, from Tebow as a presenter,the Erin Andrews interviews, Brad Beal named the Gatorade national player of the year, and even in the commercials for Gatorade. The night was full of Gators. I did see one Miami player nominated for hockey........he was from Miami of Ohio. Oh well, maybe next year.

10 yrs: nobody since 2009 predicted that Jacorry Harris would win the heisman but many of your fellow dooshbaggs such as yourself,did in fact come on here to smack talk about the second coming of teblow, aka Brantley.

Congrats on your espys. The consistency of the UF program is outstanding!

Consistently lame. Consistently not at miami's level.consistently miami's beeotch, consistently choking in the final, consistently Not with a cws championship(110 yrs and no cws, but Miami has 4).consistently jealous

Erin Andrews is a no butt, flat butt wanna be. Our girl Jill was way hotter.

Sure. Espn's love affair with genome continues. They practically got him drafted, even though he has to be The biggest qb bust since Ryan leaf. Why was he there again?

Maybe next yr, you'll be able to .... Nah!


It took me a little while to find this song, but it was worth it. Its ALL ABOUT THE U!!!
I always see gators on our blogs. Why do they waste their time? We don't care what they think or the hate they write. We know what we have, and they can't match it. Our commitment to the U has no comparison to that school. They had a couple of good years, but we have had many dynasty years. We have a tradition like no other. We will continue to move forward and be dominant.


Can't wait for the season to start!!!!!

As mad as I am with Jacory and hope they start the better upside in Morris. 90% of the blame is sorry ass Shannon. Most of our players underachevied under him. We still havent seen the true potential of our UM team. Ray Ray will be a beast now thats theres better coaching even Sean Spence will be better and how much better can he get. But with better coaching we will see the tru potential of the Hurricanes. If these guys were able to do what they did with no coaching. Just imagine what their gonna do with good. Everything before was pure instinct and ability, they still played like they were in highschool. Now we will see a team whos ability along with the fundamentals of college football, and the smarts, now we will see true tacticians of the Game. Trust me this will be a Greater year and more greater things ahead...

Ray Ray was a true sophomore registering 80 tackles and 3 picks... Yet he's over-hyped... Get real people... I laugh when I read posts stating, "ST was like... Ed Reed was like..."... It took Ed Reed 4 years to become who he was... He was a rs-senior when he left... Ray Ray did his thing... RS messed up but come on he brought in some talent... Jacory will start and ball and this team will win... I'm not even mad at the Gator, he should troll on our boards... I mean all Canes fans do is whine and bash their own... We're balling this year... So Sick of the fake fans!!!

Cane's fans don't bash their own, they do however speak the truth about their own. Shannon did bring in some talent but the talent he brought in was just like Coker's in that it was never coached well.

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