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Norland duo helps Canes pick up commitments from Homestead's Waters, Burgess

A pair of future Canes landed verbal commitments from another pair of future Canes Sunday. 

James Burgess Essentially, that's what Miami Norland running back Duke Johnson and linebacker Keith Brown pulled off when they convinced Homestead linebacker James Burgess Jr. (6-1, 208) and receiver Herb Waters (6-0, 177) to call UM coaches and pledge to Al Golden's 2012 recruiting class.

The four players spent the past five days together in Beaverton, Oregon as part of Nike's newest training competition, The Opening. According to Johnson, who along with Brown committed to UM as a junior, the Homestead duo might just be the first of several players they recruited during the trip out West to commit to UM over the next couple days. 

"We got two so far, but we ain't done yet," said Johnson, a 5-9, 175-pound scatback considered one of the country's Top 150 high school seniors according to ESPN. "We're very close to getting tight end [and USF commitment] Sean Price [North Marion, Fla]. [Miami Columbus safety and ESPN Top 150 recruit] Deon [Bush] too. We spent a lot of time working it, talking to [Miami Beach safety] Ricardo Louis. [Miramar cornerback] Tracy Howard. [Tampa Berkley Prep athlete] Nelson Agholor.

"Guys see what's going on at Miami and they want to be a part of it. They're excited by the fact of all the guys who are committed and they look at the talent coming in this year. If we all go together and we all keep our talent and go together we have a chance of doing something special. Herb and James saw that."

The Hurricanes now have 22 non-binding, verbal commitments as part of their 2012 signing class. Most experts expect UM to sign upwards of 30 to 35 recruits. ESPN currently ranks UM's class ninth best in the country.

"Herb always knew inside UM is where he always wanted to be," Johnson said. "It was just the fact of doing it. Herb said he didn't want to go unless his linebacker went with him. James father graduated from UM, it was just a plus. Once James decided to go ahead and commit, so did Herb."

Homestead coach Bobby McCray said he still hasn't had a chance to speak with either of his players about their commitments, but confirmed with their families that the players had pledged to UM. James' mother, Lakeisha, said her son was "happy to be a Hurricane."

Last season, Burgess finished with 132 tackles, two forced fumbles and an interception for the Broncos. ESPN rates Burgess as a 4-star recruit. McCray said Burgess had offers from Alabama, Georgia, Florida, USF and North Carolina among others.

Herb Waters "We had Micheal and James' father down here before," McCray said. "He has more potential than both of 'em. He can play all positions, will, mike or sam. He's athletic enough in passing situations to not have to come out of the game. I'll put it to you this way, I've put him at free safety sometimes."

Waters, considered the 49th-best receiver in the country by Rivals, has been plagued by injuries his sophomore (separated shoulder) and junior (knee sprain) seasons. But he's an all-around gifted athlete, who has played quarterback, receiver and running back in high school. McCray said Waters had offers from Oregon, Alabama, UCF and FSU.

"He's a very good technician," McCray said. "He can also be a return man. He might be rated even higher if he hadn't been hurt. He just hasn't finished the last two seasons because of injuries. We were 5-0 in '09 when he got hurt and we ended up going 6-3. Last year we were 4-1 when he was hurt and finished 5-4. The coach from Oregon saw him said he hadn't seen many kids his age run a route like that before. He showed out in the 7-on-7 game and the jamboree against American [High]. He's shown big explosiveness."

The best news about both commitments for UM is that they're already academically eligible. According to McCray, Waters has a 2.7 GPA and scored a 19 on his ACT. Burgess has a 2.6 GPA and scored a 23 on the ACT.

"We have a nice little history now of sending guys to Miami," said McCray, who coached current Canes Jojo Nicolas, Marcus Robinson and incoming freshman defensive end Ricardo Williams at Homestead.

"That's how Butch Davis built the program. He took care of Dade County, then added to it from elsewhere. It seems like that's what Coach Golden is doing. His building a champion."


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Welcome to the [].

Welcome to The U.

Welcome to The U - now can we PLEASE talk about the Florida Gators???

Welcome to the U. Now hopefully Duke was able to get the other top Fl guys there to come on board and help bulid a Championship team at the U!!!

Eudo...flatline best describes the Gayturds right about now.

speaking of the turds...i sure wouldnt wanna be them come 2013

Golden is roping off the state of Miami. Great job Golden and Duke and welcome to the U.

Note to Duke and Keith ... Thanks for holding up and representing the HOME TEAM ... This is your town .... our town ... PROTECT THIS HOUSE!

You sound like one of them turd trolls

22 commits-2 nd most thus far
6 espn top150 whatever that means
So far 9th rated class for '12... Well on our way to a top 3 class.

I see a NC in 2-3 yrs with these coaches

Oh baby I can't wait!

Says the guy whose screen name is "Sec? lol".

No need to talk about U Gainesville. We are adding top recruits while their top recruits are transferring.

It's great, to be, a Miami Hurricane.

i think burgess might be athletic enough to play s.saftey, he runs about 4.5

Says the guy whose screen name is "Insecurity in the trailerpark".

One of the things Al Golden talked about on that radio day last week was how important the camps are for getting kids familiar with UM early - looks like it's a double benefit if the early commits start recruiting on their own!

I have known Agholor since he was in elementary. My son and his older brother are very close friends. He used to sleep over. We are working on Nelson to become a Cane, but he's surrounded by Noles and Gaytors. Plus he's not familiar with our Tradition, funny I say our since I grad USF, but USF didn't have a team in my day.

If we can add Bush, Louis and Howard, That would truly be locking S Fla down! What's Amari Cooper gonna do? Add that big OL from Palm Beach Avery Young and a couple of stud DT's and we're back! We can't let Young get away to those N Fla outposts. The coup would be getting Eddie Goldman. If we can pull that one off its a wrap. If ya'll are as anxious as I am then it hurts bad. The U Baby!

The maryland game will tell us all we need to know about the new U.... a loss... dowb to the wire win/loss... or blow out? We'll see...

The Maryland game tells me nothing...regardless of blowout or close win/loss. First game, new regime!

Welcome to the []_[]!!!

Lucas Thompson will be next to commit i fnot wes brown but noth will commit and if we get brown we will get the package of stefon diggs we have good chances at earl moore and leonard williams the DTs we need since we are getting a huge class in numbers we need to focus on some OL prospects

Abby Wambach ... A GATOR !!!

best news ive heard in a long time. thanks manny!

wishlist(* = must get IMO):

*tracy howard
*deon bush
*avery johnson
*evan goodman
*kelvin rainey
jarontay jones
*amari cooper
*patrick miller
*donaldven manning
dj singleton
*jordan watkins
jessamen dunker
leonard williams
*stefon diggs
*sean price
bryan cox jr
arik armstead

(i know, im a dreamer)

best news ive heard in a long time. thanks manny!

wishlist(* = must get IMO):

*tracy howard
*deon bush
*avery johnson
*evan goodman
*kelvin rainey
jarontay jones
*amari cooper
*patrick miller
*donaldven manning
dj singleton
*jordan watkins
jessamen dunker
leonard williams
*stefon diggs
*sean price
bryan cox jr
arik armstead

(i know, im a dreamer)

Posted by: IIIUMINATI | July 11, 2011 at 03:26 AM

Goldman, Bush, Diggs (includes Wes Brown), one of the Watkins, Amari, Kent Taylor (since he is still uncommited) and we are all set!

Everyone else on that list are just a reach or we don't really need.

Gentlement welcome to the U, building the State of Miami.

Welcome to the U

One the top recruits in fl and the nation is flying under the radar and would be a huge grab if Golden can get him to sign. WR Malcolm Lewis from Miramar. Great hands, diseptional speed this kid caught a 67 yard bomb (the game winning touchdown against central to take miramar to state Golden says he is a high priority. This kid is the real deal.

Great news about abby wambach...now if we can just find a news reporter that gives chit.

Gaturds getting smoked on the recruiting trail

lol @ambushed...I hear Charlie Weiss ate 2 dozen double cheeseburgers watching world cup action

Golden and his crew are doing a amazing job.

Abby Wambach a gator weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Good for you.

trouble is, that's all you have left to celebrate about over yonder in trayler ville. Especially after t he girls softball team and the mens baseball team choked the big shwazoo

Man, come mid-October when Gatard football is wallowing in stink and mediocrity, this Abby Wambach story is going to make me feel so good.

I am a fat loser. I am the blog Pig.

Over signing. Anticipate 30 - 35 recruits. Besides showing how unfocused he is and the inability to identify talent, Golden is just throwing out offfers to anyone. What a joke. Then the piper will have to be paid. How many kids will be run off, or forced out and their scholly revoked because of this practice. Can't wait till that message gets out. Miami doesn't live up to their commitments. This will cripple Miami for more years into the future. That is why the SEC stopped this practice.

Note to fellow Gators: Forget trying to brag about what Abby did for the USA, most Miami fans hate the USA and were probably cheering for Brazil.

What a difference in this program already with this new group. This is what happens when you hire proven commodities. If you've ever run a business, and hired key employees, you know the value of experience.

Golden is a CEO, and has put together a nice staff. He has a plan and knows what he wants: From himself, from his coaching staff, and from his players. Don't make the mistake of worrying about Temple, or the # of stars for recruits. Read your history books. Miami teams, all of the great ones, were built by 5 star leaders, not 5 star recruits.

Golden was a superior hire, and we will enjoy the fruits of that decision for years to come. As for the Penn St. issue, if Golden gets UM going like we all know it can, he won't leave the U unless its for the League. Just my opinion, but Happy Valley? Really?

Gatorsam, we have surplus scholarships to give out this year since we only signed 16 last year, had some guys transfer out when Golden came in and have 19 seniors on the 2-deep.

Are the gators crippled for years since they signed 28 last year? The SEC stopped that practice because guys like Houston Nutt were abusing it and it was becoming a PR issue.

this kid can be the next U commit JUCO prospect DB WENDELL STOKES 5'10 185 4.4 Miami, FL Currently attending Santa Barbara City College check highlights out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyRXA8XS8Vg

Just a comment towards gatorsam's post about over signing. EVERYONE over offers and over signs. Not everyone will qualify and we are going to have a big number available. As for the comment about running guys off...... They will run themselves off just like Storm Johnson. The guys that want to be here and work, will be here and be part of the new U.

and the other not-so-veiled xenophobic comment by GatardTrashSam about the women's USA, what is your basis that "most Miami fans hate the USA."

If you had an education OTHER than from UGainesville, you would realize how much of a commoner you are. In once instance, if an partucular Miami fan is from Miami, that means they were born in the USA and would have no reason to hate this country.

If a particular Miami fan is foreign-born, then they made a conscientous decision to move to the USA so your statement is contradictory.

And finally, GomerSam, if the particular Miami fan happens to be from Brazil, they would not necessarily hate the USA even if they were rooting for Brazil.

Now, many 'necks and inbreds in this country, such as a Gatard fan like yourself, hate that this country is a melting pot and has continued to allow immigrants. It is these 'necks, GatardTrashSam, that hate what the USA has become. They would be the ones rooting for Brazil.

I have just broken down your sophomoric statement, GatardTrash, and exposed you for the child you are. It is all too easy. Of course, Gatard grads have never been known for intelligence. The public diploma mill does not provide that.

"Go Gatah." - Corinne Brown.

I agree with you Mephistopheles look at Va-tech they pick up 4 or so 5 star recruits and they win 10 games a season.

Also it has helped Miami staff is fairly young and can relate to these recruits. I think Barrows and Terry Rischardson are doing a great instate job. I think Carroll is also doing a great job.

I think Jo Paterno will be out of there and one of his long term assistants will be picked up at the Head Coach. But maybe if Al turns this program and around and starts winning and starts to winning early then I am sure they'll be all over him.

Just curious though, Miami has signed 4 linebackers last class and if they sign the 6 verbals they have in the 2012 class that means they'll have 10 linebackers in 2 classes.

Just curious do you all think they are switching to the 3-4 in the future?

Wonder where the Nevin Shapiro book is. Wasn't there a slob Pig on this blog claiming it would be out last December?

Seems the Pig is wrong again. I know, a real shocker to all that the village idiot is wrong. Seems that living in mommy's basement does not allow you to be well-informed.

They are not over signing dumb arsa. They only signed 15 or so last year and they have a huge class graduating so they actually have the scholarships for 30+. The SEC was over signing and didn't have the room for the players. Thats why it was over signing.

Golden and staff have been preaching that they're staying in the 4-3, but those words never leave their lips without the word 'multiple' following close behind. I would suggest that they plan on playing at least as much 3-4 as they do 4-3, but for some reason recruits are scared off by that formation so they're preaching their base 4-3 a lot. Next year, after the defense becomes great again (knock on wood), they can openly sell the 3-4 and kids won't shy away. For now, I think there's some gamesmanship going on.


thanks for responding. I like the "multiple" idea so your able to deal with different styles of offense.

What is your take on the opener versus Maryland? I think the game is "super key" sets the tone for the OSU game. Just nervous to see what damage is done to the starting lineup with these suspensions. Also worried about the offense, first time breaking it in a real game.

LOL, this is like your 2008 class, or 2010 class, which were both failures. Watch and learn from how the noles play and recruit. We are totally owning you on the trail, even witch half your commitmenets.

I wouldn't be too worried about the offense against Maryland. I think the gameplan will be simple. This is going to be a run first team behind the huge offensive line. The line should be bigger, stronger and faster than Maryland's defensive line. Expect at least 200 yards rushing. I also expect a lot of short passes, letting the althetes make plays. The biggest problem with last year's team was Whipple's stubborn play calling in my opinion.

WHipple had some very bad playcalling. Agreed that we just need to run it down their throats. Lamar Miller is a beast and so is Mike James. Storm transferring ou tkinda sucks, but if he doesnt want to be there and work hard to win the number one spot then he can get out.

Somebody been watching ESPN 30/30. I like what I'm seeing in recruiting, not only coaches but players are recruiting players. A NC will be coming back to DA U Very Soon

Miami should have a great season, they only play 3 pre-season top 25 teams and only one of those (FSU) is projected to be in the top 5. The other 2, Ohio State and VT are projected 15th or lower and Ohio State is in a shambles. UF on the other hand plays 5 pre-season top 25 teams with 3 of the 5 projected to be in the top 5 (FSU, Alababma and LSU).

Hey seminole WTF u doin on a UM chat go back semi holes chat u guys jus got lucky that there were a lot of good kids in northern florida

Just nervous to see what damage is done to the starting lineup with these suspensions.

Of the rumored players suspended only one is left on the roster (Seantrel), the others have since transfered. Nothing to worry about.

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