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Single-game UM football tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. Monday

Canes fans, get out your wallets.

If you're not a season-ticket holder, Monday is the day to buy some of those coveted tickets.

UM announced Sunday night that single-game tickets for home games would go on sale at 10 a.m. Monday.

From UM:

Fans can purchase tickets online through HurricaneSports.com, by calling 1-800-GoCanes or by visiting the Hurricane Ticket Office at 5821 San Amaro Drive in Coral Gables (Google Map).

Sales are anticipated to be brisk, especially for the home opener against Big Ten powerhouse Ohio State.

Tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to availability.

Single game ticket prices begin at $19 for all games, except Ohio State, which starts at $40.

The Canes kick off the 2011 season on the road at Maryland on Labor Day (Sept. 5). UM fans that don't make the trip can watch the game live on ESPN and ESPN HD at 8 p.m. Eastern. The Golden era will make its first appearance at Sun Life Stadium on Sept. 17 when the Hurricanes and Buckeyes renew their rivalry on national television at either 7:30 or 8 p.m.


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I will be there on 9/17. GAME ON!!

U scroll waaaayyy down ... Down around to the Real Miami ... of Ohio.

7 SEC Teams in the Top - 25

2 ACC Teams in the Top - 25

'nuff said.

2011 College Football
Top 25 Preview

1. Oklahoma
2. Alabama
3. Louisiana State
4. Oregon
5. Stanford
6. Boise State
7. Ohio State
8. Oklahoma State
9. Texas A&M
10. Florida State
11. Auburn
12. Michigan State
13. TCU
14. Wisconsin
15. Arkansas
16. Mississippi State
17. South Carolina
18. Virginia Tech
19. Nebraska
20. Notre Dame
21. Missouri
22. Florida
23. Arizona State
24. Texas
25. Tulsa
26. North Carolina State
27. Maryland
28. Georgia
29. Utah
30. Penn State
31. West Virginia
32. Connecticut
33. Michigan
34. Miami FL
35. Pittsburgh
36. Miami OH
37. Southern California
38. Air Force
39. Tennessee
40. SMU
41. Northwestern
42. Brigham Young
43. San Diego State
44. Baylor
45. UCF
46. Navy
47. North Carolina
48. South Florida
49. Texas Tech
50. Iowa


Auburn 11? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. We saw what happened to Gator trash once Timmy left.

Auburn will be 7-5.

Gator trash will be 5-7 in the SEC Least.

You can always put this list under your pillow, Pig.

Guess that's why the blog Pig doesn't post between 11 PM and 9 AM.


I rather take my $19 bucks to FIU and watch a program on the rise instead of a bunch of fruitcakes running around at Dolphin stadium. HA, you guys don't even have your own stadium.


Chomp Chomp, yes, go do that, watch FIU football all you want while in denial, coz' we all know you're going to watch it because the Gators are in for some reality check after your saviors Timmy left for the nfl, and your coach bolting outta there coz' we all know the turds are going nowhere but south!

Chomp Chomp is all Charlie Weis does! goodluck with your 5-7 season Turds!

How quickly will the Turds fire their overpaid, overhyped and overrated coach!?!?

Muschump chompin' it up with Charlie Weis at Trailerhash restaurant!

Schedule us!

Yes RichCane, but will you be there when the Bethune Cookman Wildcats come calling?

19 hahaha.

Gators were preseason #3 last year. how did that work out for them?

So much for preseason hype for the Gators.

BTW, I figured out why the Gator blogs are all dead. Their bandwagon broke, and their fans are all posting here instead.

Gator Bytes? Dead.
Gator Clause? Dead.
Sun Sentinel Gator Blog? Shut down.

Miami fans are here, and that includes the Gator trolls trying to prop up the SEC since their 7-5 team is off the radar.

As for the claim that Miami played nobody in their five title wins:

1983 - Beat #2 Nebraska. Beat #3 Auburn in the first game the next year.
1987 - Beat #2 Florida State and #3 Oklahoma.
1989 - Beat #2 Florida State and #3 Notre Dame.
1991 - Beat #4 Florida State. #2 Washington chickened out of a chance to face Miami, leading to the creation of the Bowl Alliance to prevent such cowardice in the future.
2001 - Beat #2 Nebraska.

Remember folks, the Gators are better than last year. They replaced Urban with Muschamp. Muschamp is a better coach than Urban, remember?

But Miami cannot be better, they replaced Shannon with Golden. Shannon is better than Golden, right?

Wrong. These trolls don't want to admit it, but

Golden > Shannon.
Muschamp < Urban.

Miami is heading for better times, the Gators are not, so they are here trying to get their last shots in before they cancel the 2013 game.

U fans shouldn't be so concerned with UF. Our school is much larger and vastly superior both academically and athletically than scUM. Additionally, our alumni are ALL AROUND THE WORLD. UM is in Coral Gables, and Alumni are only a handful. Try finding a scUMbag in Tokyo... lol! Was there last week and ran into THREE people wearing UF gear. THREE!

You should be concerned about FIU and UCF. These are larger schools that very soon will pull a UF and squash UM both in size, academics and athletics. Its inevitable, and has already started to happen. In fact, by 2013 it is expected that FIU will surpass UM's alumni base and double the difference by 2020. HA!

Miami has alumini and followers everywhere. Why do you think three of Espn's five highest rated games ever involved UM? And how are you vastly supierior athleticly or acadmically? We are very close in academics and had pretty much the same record last year in football. And if you want to bring up the past....wait...nah, you don't want to do that. I don't blame you. Just having trouble seeing how you are "vastly superior"

Whoa whoa whoa.. Does that retard know that UM is ranked #1 in Florida academically and ranked #1 in the country as the most culturally diverse? What a loser man.

Since scUMbags are so stuck on bringing up the past, how about you bring up that 48-0 POUNDING lowly Virginia handed over to "DUH U" in your last game ever at the Orange Bowl in front of a NATIONALLY TELEVISED AUDIENCE.


No clemson or GT in the top 50. That poll is not even close. The ACC may not be top heavy but they are better than that.

fcapo90, says who... Dona Shalalalalala?!?!

lolol please, culturally diverse? only rich white kids from the northeast go there. maybe you're confused with FIU?

The funny part is I didn't even bring up the past. But okay yeah, Virigina beat us bad in the worst season of Miami Hurricane football in the last 30 years. I can list times that your Gators got beat down as well but no need. Our past kills yours, our present is about the same, and our future is looking brighter.

Someone please tell me what UF or any small college town southern or otherwise has to do with religious fanatics, haters or people not associated with the school. The thugs that shot up the little league football practice in Little River or any given night when some 85 year gets assulted some hard working restaurant worker is killed in Miami is that a reflection on the University of Miami? Do you watch the local news?

Gator sam... They dance with rattlesnakes ,therefor they are crazy , just like gator fans. that is the only connection I see.

Gator scam: What about that gainseville favorite who burnt the Quran? I bet you ask him and he is a gator fan.

By the way, I'd like to add to "Five Titles" post that in 1987 the U beat 4 SEC teams on their way to an undefeated year. Along with FSU, Notre Dame, and Oklahoma.

fcapo90, says who... Dona Shalalalalala?!?!

lolol please, culturally diverse? only rich white kids from the northeast go there. maybe you're confused with FIU?

Posted by: Chomp Chomp, Beeeeyotch! | August 01, 2011 at 11:16 AM

Says US News and World report. Far better source of objective info than some namechanging obsessed Gator troll.

The idiot hater religious piece of garbage in Gainesville couldn't find the UF campus if you gave him a map. If he even went near an educational building he would be afraid that knowledge or science would actually creep into his narrow mind.

Ahhh, Gatard Sam. The apologist comes out.

Compare apples to apples, would you? Miami is a large international city with all of the problems that come with that. The U is located in Coral Gables, about as far from Little River as Turdville is from the town of Micanopy.

More importantly, to hear some Gatards talk, you would think Gainesville was Princeton, NJ or Ithaca, NY.

Puuuuuhlease. While all three are small college towns, Princeton and Ithaca are beautiful. Gainesville is a dump akin to Starkville or Knoxville.

So, yeah, the "church on every corner" mystique of Gainesville, while certainly charming (YAAAAAHHHHHHHHH RIIIIIGHT) is relevant to the discussion of its lack of beauty and loads of ignorance.

Follow? Now get your Koran and let's cook some oppossum.

Newsflash UM fans... UF Alumni don't live their post graduate lives in Gainesville. Once they have that powerful and prestigious UF degree, they conquer the world.

Most UM fans can't relate as they're bandwagon fans (hence the less than twenty thousand who showed up at the USF games wearing mostly Bulls colors) who grew up in Hialeah and don't have degrees. And not spew that "official" attendance crap either. FIU says they've sold out most games this year, "officially".

And not spew that "official" attendance crap either. FIU says they've sold out most games this year, "officially".

Shadow's Shadow.....What a great use of grammar. Do you have one of those powerful and prestigious UF degrees? If you do, perhaps you should send it back and try again.

Most alumni who attend colleges in small college towns don't end of living there because they are small college towns. That's where most state universities are located. Yes, not much work in Lincoln, Athens, State College. You're a real genius. So what's Miami's excuse? I've heard for years, no one goes to the games because all the alumni are from Chicago, NY and up north and just wanted to go to school in the sun. Why didn't they stay here? Why did they go home? What about all the local commuters who attend Miami and do stay here? Why don't they attend. All the Hispanics that have to stay close to poppi and can't go away to college. They could care less about Miami football. So the only people who go to the games are the few local alumni and the non affiliated locals who can't afford Dolphin tix. That's why when the team goes bad they stop showing. Great fans. What a joke.

Gatard trash,

your post is so full of non-sequiters, pre-suppositions and twisted logic I don't even know where to begin. Even IF I knew where to begin, you are a worthless diploma-carrying member of the mythical Gatard Nation so you wouldn't understand anyway.

"Canes don't fill their stadium.". And the point is?
Neither do any teams in large cities. Neither do schools whose undergraduate population is less than 13K but the stadium they play in holds 75K.

Gatard trash thinks it's an accomplishment to fill a 90K seat stadium when your undergrad population is 50k. That is no real accomplishment. You are supposed to do that. Throw in 40k 'necks and 'billies and, presto, full stadium.

Of course, not sure what the recreational alternatives are in Alachua County.

Paint churches?

Read scripture?

Plan Koran barbecues?

They are all appealing.

Judging by the number of Canes stalkers on this blog, things must be looking REALLY BLEAK for the swamp lizards this year. Not to worry though, they'll always have their top 10 douchiest status to fall back on...

gatorsam, are you really gonna go with the Hispanic attack?

I was hoping you were above the other Gator fan that attacks on here.

So, there are no Hispanics in North Florida? I seem to recall a few when I went through there....

Here are some stats. Only about 21,000 students get tix at UF. Alumni and supporters come in from all over the State and country for each game estimated at around 30-40,000 and the rest are likely locals. And the last I checked the Jewish population in Gainesville doesn't paint churches or burn holy books of any kind.

The point stands. Each year, UFElony graduates 17K (unqualified for any non-menial work). That is more than the entire student population of Miami.

Again, selling out a 90K stadium when you are dumping 17K into the population at large is not a great feat. It is supposed to be that way.

And better check your facts because there is a lot of bible-thumping and ignorance spewing going on in that cesspool.

Esas. Da Canes will win it all again for the sies tiempo.

Yes no bible thumping, animal sacrificing, vodoo worshipping, wacko Islamics sending money to terrorists ignorance spewing going on in the cesspool known as the City of Miami. Just a good ole great hometown. Just don't let your kids play little league football in the park, to avoid they get shot at practice.

Why do you live here then, GatardSam?

On a per capita basis, there are far more churches in Gainesville than in Miami. It's not even close.

Never been anyone in Miami organizing a Koran barbecue.

Never seen one report of any "Islamics" (is that a new term coined during your time in Trailverille?) sending money to terrorists.

You are obviously a UFelony grad. No one else could be that ignorant or have to make-up facts to support his argument (whatever your argument may be).

Point of distinction, gentlemen:

In Gainesville, the criminals are student athletes on the football team.

In Miami, criminals are just criminals like everywhere else.

*************************** About Eye on the U ***************************

Ur place for all things GATORS !!!

Check the Herald May 14, 2011: Feds arrest Miami Imam; Hafiz Sher Ali Kahn. You can't be that ignorant. Do you just read the sports section?

the numbers story doesnt change if only 21k students get tickets. If you graduate 12.5K students a year and we graduate 3K students a year, then after 2 years you have 25K alum and we have 6, after 3 years you have 37.5 and we have 9.Of course you get better attendance. More students means exponentially more alumni to be fans.

I'm at every canes game, but just because we have fewer alums and some bandwagon fans hasnt stopped us from being a more successful program than most others (including UF) with bigger fan bases. All our weak fanbase ever did for us was set the stage for the longest home winning streak in history.

I hope that trophy UF got for attendance and that ring of all its past players wear for attendance makes you feel better about having exponentially more resources yet winning fewer national titles than us

Miami fans are here, and that includes the Gator trolls trying to prop up the SEC since their 7-5 team is off the radar.


2010 Records...

Gators 8-5 (Bowl Win) in the SEC with 6 Teams ranked in the Top 25 and 5 straight BCS Championships and 2011 preseason Top 25 in multiple Polls.

Miami 7-6 (Bowl LOSS again, 3 straight L's to end the year) in the ACC with 2 teams ranked in the Top 25 and ZERO BCS Championships since the 90's and NADA 2011 preseason Top 25 in ALL Polls.

U are what U are, going on 10 years now... Irrelevant.

Yo Canesfool, what are those muliple Magazines projecting 10 Win Seasons again ?

I read the Journal. You watch Deco Drive. It is all your feeble UFelony-educated mind allows you.

Unfortunately for you, the story you cite was not carried by the Journal. The Koran barbecue sponsored by the Gainesville pastor was huge news and carried by the Journal. The country laughed at the ignorance coming from the cesspool. Combine that with Corinne Brown and, wow, you sure have a lot to be proud of Gatardtrash. Fly the ugly blue and orange proudly.

Would Gatard trash post obsessively on an "irrelevant" team's board? I doooooooon't thiiiiiiink so.

Damn, that Gatard is dumb. You did not play all 13 of your games in the SEC dope. You did not go 8-5 in the SEC. Discount all of the patsies you played.

Besides, last year is over. You will go 5-7 this year. Then, the blog Pig will be history like the coward he is.

Will Corinne Brown attend this year's Koran barbecue? I would like to listen to her speak again. She is so eloquent. Makes Daniel Webster proud.

Makes me want to puke how a Gatard grad sullied the hall that Mr. Webster made great. Only a Gatard grad could do that.

Top 10 douchiest schools. YOu made another top-10 list, Gatards.

At least she's not in jail. How many games will Nevin Shapiro be attending this year? Did you boys take his name down from that building yet, or are you waiting for a new cash donor to pay to replace it?

I'm sorry, is Nevin Shapiro an alum?

Did he disgrace Congress with her illiterate mindless monologue? And all you cam come up with is, "at least she's not in jail?"

You can say that about her but at any point in time, you cannot say that about Gatard athletes. They are always in jail. The student managers too.

But I digress. Why Gatard trash is so concerned with the Canes when you should be terrified ofnthe bearing Bama, LSU and FSU are going to put on you is not clear.

Hello, Gatards? Meet Mr. 5-7. Get to know each other. You will be friends for a long time.

Top 10 Douchiest colleges. Fits perfectly Gatards.

Wow, "gatorsam" is losing it.

Miami has no BCS titles since the 1990s?

I guess beating Nebraska in the Rose Bowl occurred during one of your fugue states, troll.

Corrine Brown

Wiki - Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Brown earned a bachelor of science from Florida A&M University in 1969 .

U were saying ?

Miami has no BCS titles since the 1990s?

I guess beating Nebraska in the Rose Bowl occurred during one of your fugue states, troll.

Posted by: Five Titles | August 01, 2011 at 05:17 PM

U really that stUpid ? NO ACC National Championships since the 90's , 20th Century U dope...

Maybe U outta get back into the big least .

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